National Cancer Institute scrubs "anti-tumoral effect" of cannabinoids from website

You may recall last Wednesday when we pointed out this incredible paragraph on the website of the National Cancer Institute at, on their general information about medical cannabis, touting its antitumoral effects:

The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect.

NCI apparently got a talking to from someone, because now that page has been scrubbed of any reference to the direct antitumoral effects of cannabis:

The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. Though no relevant surveys of practice patterns exist, it appears that physicians caring for cancer patients who prescribe medicinal Cannabis predominantly do so for symptom management.

See for yourself:

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  1. 90. Galileo Galilei
    The reason docotors don’t prescribe cannabis – period – is because they can’t write a script on a schedule I substance – so – they recommend it. The Board of Medical Quality Assurance is their DEA. It’s like the cop’s Internal Affairs. They are all dangerous as hell.

  2. With the Japenese nuclear disaster we NEED marijuana used as medicine now! If there is even the remote possibility that it helps in the fight of cancer or preventing cancer we need to be able to use it without any hinderance whatsover.

  3. I just gotta say that when i joined NORML about a year and a half ago there were only about 150,000 fans now were pushing 300,000!!!!! Keep up the good work and we shall provaile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. To be fair, in order to get the anti-tumor effects you would have to consume it in a specific way for it to work, smoking or vaporizing likely would do nothing.

  5. Can you say population control. What does not giving up the truth mean with what’s needed now for humanity’s sake. I 2nd shenannigans.

  6. Soo…if it has shown to reverse cancer in a lab but not humans….and its proven nontoxic with minimal negative effects…why cant i try it if i have a terminal condition?????? It might work and it wont hurt me….hmmm wtf?

  7. Prohibition doesn`t work. Who`s the boss that pays public servants wages? It`s past time to fire those supporting the “War on People”.

  8. Let’s be [as] realistic about this [as] reality can be. Anyone who “prevents the use” of a substance that has efficacy [for any medical condition] is a quote/unquote “criminal.” If we simply “follow the lead” of prohibs, the Justice Dept, and law-enforcement – We the People should indict them for crimes against humanity, bust their asses, and throw their asses in jail with those who have committed a lesser crime. If you try to tell me that there is not one single attorney out there [representing the People of the United States of America] that isn’t as capable as the best that Executive, Legislative or Judicial has to offer – well! – God help us all. Look! if government doesn’t want to listen [pay attention] to us – give me “just one good reason – just one” – why we should listen to them. Even more so – why we should obey their unjust, unconscionable, and corrupt law.
    4-20 @ 4:20 will tell the tale. The tail will not wag the dog anymore.

  9. Who are we to ban a PLANT that has been around for at least 500 million years? Why would something that comes from the earth ever be considered evil? Should we ban fruits and vegs next? Kaneh Bos should ban us.

  10. So when do we free thinking Americans TAKE TO THE STREETS like in Egypt and Libya? Seriously, I don’t for one second, think our plight is as bad as Libya’s. I DO think however that we have lost our way as Americans and I also think there are too many sheep (mostly conservatives) running around crying foul at everything they don’t understand and they are the ones who’s interests are served. I for one can’t wait to leave the good’ol United States of Hypocrisy and Lies. Way to go Obama, you spineless pussy.

  11. Glory To GOD
    My only soul prepares
    Eternity is a very lonely place
    Is some narcotic officer important
    The Path To The LIGHT
    The Journey is paved with so many forgotten
    Gather close the fires have been Lighted
    Where do you stand+

  12. GENESIS THE FAITH v. PROHIBITIONISTS and their agents.
    Fabrication of false information is a felony.
    I don’t understand – why – they -“My Evil Brother” – insists on updating us with their bullshit story. If they have evidence in support of their disgraceful behavior – “Lets have it” – otherwise – cease and desist fabricating and disseminating false information. In short – take your little bullshit act down the road. You have yet to meet “My Good Brother” – down the road – and – the Genesist Faith has no boundaries. Maybe you can convince them of your sanity – because – you sure haven’t convinced 3141 Genesist Colonies [united colonies]in the U.S.A [united states}.
    All we ask for is the truth put upon the table to be presented to a candid audience – but then – “Oh what tangled webs we weave – when we conspire to deceive.”

  13. Wow, I hadn’t imagined that my cynicism could be honed to a finer point after the recent sentencing of Molly Fry and her husband, but this does it. It seems to me that we have choices here. We can grumble off into our respective corners to nurture our bad feelings or we can opt to engage the war that’s been successfully foisted upon us for seventy-seven years. I never saw myself as a warrior before, but I do now. My weapon is my pen.
    My blog site sports commentary on cannabis news and a link to Norml. Twitter and Facebook pages have other links that tie back to the blog, so I can link posts like this to a wider audience. At first the response was slow, but gradually, it’s picking up.
    People will listen if enough of us are willing to speak coherently. It’s scary, but not as much as facing the Karma of doing nothing while people of Molly’s character, and countless others, are being picked off. Try it. You might find yourself oddly empowered.
    in peace, …

  14. Quell surprise!
    It looks like someone at the National Cancer Institute got “spanked” for publishing anything pro-cannabis regarding it’s effect on shrinking cancerous tumors. No doubt that either the Obama regime’s White House staff, the DEA, or those Big Pharma companies themselves called the NCI out “on the carpet” for That mistake.
    Big Pharma’s share of the anti-cancer regimen that the Medical Industrial Complex promulgates must amount to at least $10 Billion USD per year. Anything published that offers a non-toxic alternative to Big Pharma’s poisonous witches brew of anti-cancer “treatments” must be squashed. How else can Bug Pharma reap the financial benefit of yet another cancer survivor who must remain on a daily prescription or 10 to boost their now-destroyed immune system?
    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, thanks to USA medical care that I cannot afford, and Big Pharma’s patent prescription “medications” that I can neither afford nor dare risk my current poor health with their deadly concoctions. Their “black label” warnings should be enough to scare just about any thinking person away from their “snake oil” poisons.
    The Federal government, in close collusion with crony corporate special interests, are busy killing off a significant portion of the American people, all in the name of bigger and better private profits. Those citizens that they are not killing outright, they are stripping of all financial resources in a mostly vain effort at maintaining good health. It’s difficult to attribute the Federal government’s role in the persecution and suppression of medical marijuana as anything other than an overt conscious effort to kill off a large segment of their “constituents”.
    It’s not as if such a mentality hasn’t emerged repeatedly in the past — forced sterilization of “undesirables”, covert testing of deadly diseases on unsuspecting patients, psychiatrists involved in forced lobotomies, uninformed trials of psychedelic drugs, and deeply involved in war crimes like torture. Both NeoCon and NeoLiberal politicians are busy targeting senior citizens for their “death panels” — by slashing Medicare and Social Security instead of the Military Industrial Complex’s $1.4 Trillion USD per year expenditure. Just as both groups of politicians are busy targeting the unemployed by slashing the social safety net — tax cuts for businesses and the top 2% of filthy rich have to come from somewhere.
    Entire new industries, with 100,000’s of new jobs, could be created by “our” politicians by simply re-legalizing both cannabis and hemp (legal like beer or wine, or even better legal like tomatoes). These are new “green” industries that could pull themselves up by the bootstraps, without the need for Federal government largesse in the form of tax incentives or taxpayer-funded grants. Something a significant portion of “our” crony corporate special interests cannot claim to this day.
    Follow the money! “Our” politicians don’t work for We the People, they work for their own private financial interests, including fat checks for re-election campaigns. Let’s throw them all out of office, every last corporate shill among them.

  15. many martyrs for the sake of science – just ask copernicus, but science will always win. what arrogance we must endure as we are persecuted for the truth by those who count their own erroneous opinions as infallible. how painful to relinquish our basic human rights to people so freaking stupid. i am so sick of this brainless walmart culture – from “Jersey Shore” to cannabis prohibition – God save us!

  16. The thing is, a few of us who read this stuff will know the truth but the vast majority have never heard of the real medical properties of an illegal plant. Most just dismiss it out of hand and go on with their lives. The propaganda has been around for too long. The average person just won’t accept the magnitude of how much we have been deceived in so many areas of everyday life.

  17. I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen when the government is predominantly made up of those of us who have grown up with the internet and already understand that a 12 year old can verify your statements with the web browser on their phone before you even finish making them. Soon there will no longer be any politicians who believe that their constituents will blindly believe every word they say and not try to verify their credibility. There will soon be no more politicians that still think they can get away with lying through their teeth in the age of information and transparency.

  18. This goverment needs ” lab rats” to study the effects on cannabis.I am sure there would be alot of people volunteer for this. But, no this goverment is afraid that this just might be a good thing for people. Every one of these politicians, are afraid to say anything ,because they will be soft on drugs, what a joke they are.They want their money to keep flowing and cannabis is the one, that makes the most money!!! Greedy ,Greedy, Greedy politicians, shame on you saying cannabis can’t help cancer . I guess we have to wait till all the politicians die, that was in office in the 1930’s. Then, maybe we will be free to choice!

  19. The fda is only good for one thing,and that is for kissing my ass hard enough to leave welts and they probably can’ get that right either.

  20. 128. Jeanne
    This government needs non-prohib politicos, – because – the prohibs that are in power now are lab rats. No offense to lab rats.

  21. I was recently approached by the American Cancer Society asking if I would share my survivorship story in a natioal campaign. Amazing, Incradible, Unbelievable, and even Lucky are all words attached to my file. Unfortunately, the most important word is still being left off. PROOF! I am proof of the direct anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids.
    Traditional chemotherapy medicines destroy both healthy and mutated cells. It’s the killing of healthy cells that causes the side effects associated with chemotherapy. The research on cannabinoids being published in the UK gives hope for the future. Tumor specefic medicines with out the hairloss, nausea, vomiting, body aches, tingling in the hands and feet, loss of finger and toe nails, and other painfull, unpleasent side effects are in the very near future.
    Many will argue the best cancer hospital in the world is in the USA. Why is it the best cancer hospital in the world is unable to apply the latest research on cannabinoids to their studies? The ACS, NCI, and other national cancer websites, recognize the medicinal properties of cannabis for relieving the side effects brought on by current cancer treatments. The best cancer hospital in the world can not even offer this suggestion to their patients. How is it the best cancer hospital in the world is in a non-medicinal state? Wake up America!! If it were your loved one going through treatment wouldn’t you want not only the best doctors but the best current and future medicines too?
    No, American Cancer Society, I will not let you twist my story to suit your needs. When you agree to tell the truth about my success, I will send you as many happy, smiling, bald pictures as you would like!
    Cancer survivor/ Cannabis smoker #8675309

  22. #131, To Squeeky; Thank you for sharing your story and having the courage to speak out in support for cannabis for medical purposes.

  23. They don’t control nothing they are just puppets they want us sick so we have to buy there so-called medicine. the drug companies have them by the balls so they can go to their offices and snort their free donations from the ones they protect.

  24. 133 Marine rebel leader
    They believe that that control “everything” – but – they don’t control me – and – they never will. Semper Fi!

  25. The noid is complex and enhancing not on our side. The noid is into destroying the right to stay hired in this country. Defacto decriminalizing marijuana in large amounts outside or inside in this country is still the better way it must be based on a non democrat win election but, would not have enough support withhout democratic charity back then to ever turn in to something worthwhile. This is the dirty dirty we won’t medicalize it and have it for us the right way in our lifetimes. Antifederalizt laws in Vermont could not have a marijuuna bust without a breaking and entering violation at one time as long as if it would had stayed that way now I no longer know why growing up to twenty plants inside is a misdemeanor or higher any more. FLIR can see in but, they don’t catch the dirty rotten haters. Joseph why are’nt you running as an anti federalist Republican Governors right to call back the North American Hunters Union non lobbyist?

  26. The problem with GOP meeting attenders like me is that Republican politicians such as Joseph talk from the private old school was how you were suppose to tell me where you were going and now you make me know only friendly old ladies and are’nt a fellow that will talk across the state line.

  27. Read farther in to the page. They scrubbed it clean on the first couple of sections, but if you read the whole thing, the anti-tumor effects of THC are still discussed in great detail. Yes, the truth has been buried, but it cannot be erased.

  28. I can’t believe a science-based health organization would fold under political pressure like they did. The NCI should stand behind their research. It could save lives, or at least ease the pain of those at the end of life.

  29. Marijuana is the prohibited drug in our society and most commonly used in many developed countries. Medical studies have shown that the active ingredient in marijuana delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can bring health benefits to some patients. The impression that these benefits were significant, voters in California, Arizona and other 13 states approved initiative allowing the use of medical marijuana for patients in certain conditions.

  30. Stephen said something about government working hard to keep the cures for cancer outlawed. They’ve already done it. Apricot pits were used to assist in preventing and possible cure for cancer. The Gov.’t worked hard to bash that abolish. Bitter almonds is the same, but Gov.’t outlawed those in 95. Gov.’t is also trying to pass FDA laws that will make it impossible for health companies to make/distribute their products–homeopathy has cures/treatments for many diseases. My 18y/o son would have DIED of heartdisease Prednisone caused if it weren’t for homeopathy. In two years what worked for him you may not be able to get!! SCARY…

  31. ill never trust the gov agen .lies its SCARY… who do you trust now that our government is lying to us is this all they lie a bought to us is it . youll never know will u suckers we are ginypigs for the government whats enxt??????????????

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