Day One Conference Agenda

Thursday, April 21

Moderator: Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director, NORML & NORML Foundation

8:00-10:00am: Conference Registration Desk

9:00-9:45am: Marijuana Nation: The Science and Statistics on Cannabis and its Consumers
NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville

9:45-10:30am: NORML at Forty Years Old
NORML founder Keith Stroup, Esq.

10:30-10:45am: Break

10:45-12:30pm: Pot-n-Politics: 2011-2012 Marijuana Initiatives
Moderator: Ethan Nadelmann, Ph.D, Director of Drug Policy Alliance

  • Graham Boyd, Esq., Stanford Law School
  • Douglas Hiatt, Esq., Sensible Washington
  • Brian Vicente, Esq., CO Alliance For Marijuana Reform
  • Mauricio Garzon, Executive Director: Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform
  • Dale Jones, Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform and Oaksterdam University

12:30-2:00pm: Denver Mayoral Debate
Presented by NORML, moderated by Montel Williams

2:00-3:30pm: The Feds, Marijuana and You
Moderator: Keith Stroup, Esq, NORML Legal Counsel

  • Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director
  • Prof. Robert Mikos, Vanderbilt University Law
  • Aaron Houston, Executive Director: SSDP
  • Henry Wykowski, Esq., San Francisco, CA
  • Don Duncan, California Director: Americans for safe Access

3:30-3:50pm: Break

3:50-5:30pm: Cannabis Commerce: Coming of Age
Moderator: Richard Cowan

  • Justin Hartfield, WeedMaps
  • Dan Hartman, Director, Colorado State Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division
  • Steve DeAngelo, Harborside Health Center
  • Michael Aberle,
    National Director
    MMD Insurance
  • Debby Goldsberry, Director, United Cannabis Collective
  • Dan Rush, Statewide Special Operations and Cannabis Division Director, UFCW Local 5

7:00-10:00pm: High Times and NORML Activist Awards and Art Auction
Featuring a special acoustic set performed by Ziggy Marley
Performance by Cannabis Comedian Ngaio Bealum
Emceed by NORML director Allen St. Pierre and High Times’ Rick Cusick

25 thoughts

  1. When I’m dead I will not be concerned with matters of The state, my deeper concerns will be about my soul’s place.
    This citizen says Free Cannabis
    My prayers to the Chinese People
    My Prayers to Muslims

  2. Thank You Mr. Montel Williams
    Can you run for President of these United States?
    I know you are burdened with a disease
    But I I Love

  3. I like the online video feed that gives the impression that so many people are smoking weed. I’m sure plenty of people have tried it, but weed probably won’t ever be as popular as booze, because booze requires no imagination. Booze is easy. Booze feeds the animal nature. Booze makes people stupid, and some prefer that state of being. I think about that TV show, The Sopranos, and how the mafia is always drinking.
    Weed requires input from the user. Weed is a spiritual high that takes people closer to the light, the Goddess, goodness, the eternal truth. It’s no wonder that the forces of evil oppose weed. It is no coincidence that the most backward states are also the ones where people prefer drunkenness to getting high. The states with more intelligent and educated people are also the states where more people have tried cannabis. Go figure.

  4. I believe that with all the budget problems we have that all the revenue including from legalizing marijuana can work to get us out of debt. And everybody wins! Imagine not having anymore money problems. Think about it, everyone wins!

  5. I know this shouldn’t matter…but seeing Olive Garden sponsor Norml TV is really great to see. It’s great that a mainstream name like that isn’t afraid to attach itself to this anymore. 2012

  6. Happy happy! … whatever! this means. Yes I am drunk but after 30 years of wishing for something to happen this just seems trivial.

  7. Hey guys, just wanted to promote my site a little to help network, I’ve got a lot of ideas and am just looking to activism as a viable option in my life

  8. @Nic, It was good having him at the conference, but president? Nope
    why? He clearly stated that he is NOT for legalization. He just wants the medical people to have weed and leave the rest of the country in a war.
    unless, i am not seeing the whole picture or missed something.

  9. re: Montel Williams as President of these United States Of America
    I think He would be a better Leader than Obama

  10. Obama inhaled and has not delivered Eric Holder has said and yet the Nazi Police State controls every one here in The USA

  11. My Mind and Soul is a Gift from GOD as it has been written that every man is a Son Of GOD
    Cannabis is a gateway to THE Everlasting
    Getting back to financial realities this war on drugs, is too expensive, too many drug cops,

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