NORMLtv: Ziggy Marley and the NORML/HighTimes Awards

The annual NORML/High Times Activist Awards and Silent Auction was held the evening of Thursday, April 21st at the Denver Grand Hyatt. Attendees were treated to an evening of great entertainment while at the same time getting to honor those who showed exemplary work in our movement. This year, NORML had another special treat, an intimate acoustic performance by none other than Ziggy Marley. Watch the video for brief highlights of the evening and stay tuned to NORMLtv for continuing conference coverage from Colorado.

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21 thoughts

  1. CDXX Communion 04.22.11
    “The Reformation”
    “Problems corrected inevitably at the polls.”
    We can whole-heartedly believe in that – but – inevitably is down the road. We intend to plant our seeds today. The problem lies at the feet of prohibitionists – not Genesists. We stand, and defend our religious liberty guaranteed us in the “Establishment Clause” in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. We’ve been down that road – and – well! – “Been there – done that.”
    “We will have our Sacrament – make no mistake about that!”
    Genesists declare a “Conscience Clause” forbidding us from obeying any law that “prohibits our Sacrament.” And – although prohibs have already heard us say “prohibit our Sacrament” a million times – they’re going to hear it a million times again.

  2. I suggest that the awards should be for the fallen soldiers, the citizens who have lost their trusted rights.
    The Right of Freedom
    The men and women who fill this worlds prisons because they inhaled the smoke of the cannabis plant, next thing you wonder, catnip, lets lock up all the little pussy cats, lets lock up everybody, good business, build more prisons, build bigger prisons, wait a minute, who is going to pay for all these prisons?
    I refuse

  3. Consider my vote as a Jury Nullification.
    Unjust laws should be rejected, with every opportunity you the citizen has, if you can vote in your world, then vote those tired old out.
    Look around, what do you see?
    War upon war, expensive war, anger and wonder, when I lay head down to sleep, I dream in my dreams I say..
    Free Cannabis

  4. 18. Nic
    Jury Nullification – that’s the ticket. Relentlessly advertise the ticket until it becomes a household name.
    Genesists do reject this unjust law by declaring a “Conscience Clause. We are forbidden by our Faith to obey any law that denies us our Faith and Sacrament. Just that simple Nic. I look around and I see God in everything – except prohibitionists – they belong to the other guy. You know the evil doer. Cannabis is freeD to a Genesist. We just have a difference of opinion with prohibitionists. Oh well! They’re scratched off our ballot. Have a nice trip Porhib.

  5. On This Day
    I am a common slave
    I have breathed the common breath, I Have Inhaled The Breath From GOD, I have inhaled The Free Gift
    I Have Inhaled

  6. Do you wonder about our Eternal Place
    Some have found Freedom at the foot of The Cross
    The Buddhists and Hindus await another Circle
    The Hebrews are In Denial

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