NORML Update: Houston 4/20 Rally and March on the Capitol

NORMLtv is now streaming a new installment of NORML Update. This episode features the excellent efforts being put forth by our allies in the Lone Star State. NORML affiliates in Texas held a pro-marijuana rally on April 20th and several weeks later marched in protest to the capitol building, where Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson addressed the crowd.

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  1. Congratulations Texas Genesist Colonies – you made it happen. I knew you could. Gary Johnson said the magic words – “Keep it up!” Demand Scientific Conclusion. The truth is in the science. You’ve got 3141 Genesist Colonies [counties] backing your action.
    Have a great CDXX Communion

  2. I would like to make one thing clear.
    Not all Genesists are as forward as some – and – some don’t always share the same opinion as “reality active” Genesists do. Believing in God, and God’s Sacrament does not a anarchist make. The one thing that we do share is – “We don’t pull any punches.” This pisses a great deal of people off – but – the truth has no agenda – and – the truth hurts like a MF.

  3. Now Independent(formerly Democrat) voter from Texas here(I’ve voted for candidates on both sides of the aisle before). I would just like to say Thank You to Gary for being so outspoken and you have my vote. You also for the first time for any candidate have my donation as well. If you get the nomination, for the first I will be campaigning for a Presidential candidate. Republican/Democrat doesn’t matter to me, common sense does.
    I voted for Bush, didn’t like the results and voted for Obama. 99 out of 100 times, I vote for what I believe will be the lesser of two evils. This is the first time I’ve felt otherwise.
    My hopes? Gary for the nomination and Ron for your VP pick or vice-versa.
    Johnson/Paul for 2012!

  4. Vote in the Republican Presidential Primaries and weed out the bad guys.
    I do hope Ron Paul and Gary Johnson will get together on this.

  5. 1. Texas Genesist Colonies
    We need to get behind the Truth Enforcement Car. Let’s get a little “Qualified Immunity” on our side for a change. Let’s be witness to – and – document the procedures of law enforcement – and – also testify to this in court – as “Experts.” Quite frankly DOJ – as your employer – “We’ve had it with your G.I Joe theatrics for profit.” We do however thank you for proving to We the People – that “you will” fire on an American citizen – you will take scalps. Forewarned is forearmed. You have escalated the war on cannabis only to eliminate the competition to dominate the global market – but – you will never eliminate the Genesist Faith and it’s Sacrament. We’re looking at you!

  6. Tennessee and all of the States,should be able to choose. Medical it’s time. Personal use a small amount, it’s time.Stop the Madness. TEXAS Freedom

  7. You folks better get real .If you think these two guys will help our cause . You don’t have a clue. Remember the last one who told us he will stop D.E.A And now he is telling every one he will bust them. I know for alot of yall you do not under stand how politic works.Just be cause a person goes to a march and speak does not mean he is really going to help our cause.

  8. Remember, Rick Perry, Gov of Texas is a member of the Builderburg Group and he wouldn’t have signed it if it even passed. Even tho Obama hates Rick Perry and visa versa, they are both good friends after work.

  9. Million Marijuana March will be Downtown Dallas Deep Ellum March 4 2012!!! REPOST THIS DALLAS!!!! Like Share Repost !!! THANKS!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Birthday Is March 4th! Lets Throw Him a Party !!!! Deep Ellum To Dallas City Hall !! March 4th 2012 WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NORML!!!!

  10. Thanks NORML Blog for Allowing the post!
    We Need All the support you have to offer NORML!
    We have A huge Following On and Off Facebook and Twitter. With many people’s help we can get the Message to the Government ! Enough is Enough ! Please anyone in or around Dallas who is willing to help in any way shape of form E-Mail us at
    Like us on FaceBook
    Join/RSVP the Dallas Marijuana March on FaceBook!
    Follow us on Twitter TexansRML
    Dallas Marijuana March
    City Hall Down Town Dallas
    March 4th, 2012
    Gov Rick Perry’s Birthday!
    Say NO TO PERRY For President!
    Please Get the word out ! This Is not just for Marijuana and getting stoned ! Here in Texas We can grow hemp it would help the Farmers! And get some much needed Jobs That Gov.Rick Perry has Promised Texans! Jobs in Farming ,Textiles, Oil and Gas ! This is something We all can Use! Watch The Union On Net Flix ! This Prohibition of Marijuana is doing more harm than good! They know it and we know it!

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