'Stoner Stupid' Myth Goes Up In Smoke

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media alerts and legislative advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up here.] The consumption of cannabis, even long-term, poses few adverse effects on cognitive performance, according to clinical trial data to be published in the scientific journal Addiction.
Investigators at the University of Melbourne and the Australian National University, Center for Mental Health Research assessed the impact of cannabis use on various measures of memory and intelligence in over 2,000 self-identified marijuana consumers and non-users over an eight-year period. Among cannabis consumers, subjects were grouped into the following categories: ‘heavy’ (once a week or more) users, ‘light’ users, ‘former heavy’ users, ‘former light’ users, and ‘always former’ — a category that consisted of respondents who had ceased using marijuana prior to their entry into the study.
Researchers reported: “Only with respect to the immediate recall measure was there evidence of an improved performance associated with sustained abstinence from cannabis, with outcomes similar to those who had never used cannabis at the end point. On the remaining cognitive measures, after controlling for education and other characteristics, there were no significant differences associated with cannabis consumption.”
They concluded, “Therefore, the adverse impacts of cannabis use on cognitive functions either appear to be related to pre-existing factors or are reversible in this community cohort even after potentially extended periods of use.”
Separate studies have previously reported that long-term marijuana use is not associated with residual deficits in neurocognitive function. Specifically, a 2001 study published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry found that chronic cannabis consumers who abstained from the drug for one week “showed virtually no significant differences from control subjects (those who had smoked marijuana less than 50 times in their lives) on a battery of 10 neuropsychological tests. … Former heavy users, who had consumed little or no cannabis in the three months before testing, [also] showed no significant differences from control subjects on any of these tests on any of the testing days.”
Additionally, studies have also implied that cannabis may be neuroprotective against alcohol-induced cognitive deficits. A 2009 study by investigators at the University of California and San Diego reported that binge drinkers who also used cannabis experienced significantly less white matter damage to the brain as compared to subjects who consumed alcohol alone.
For more information regarding the impact of cannabis on brain function, see NORML’s factsheet ‘Cannabis and the Brain: A User’s Guide,’ here.

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  1. When will they wake up and relize the divide they are creating amoung us? People still believe the bullshit yellow journalism from the 30’s and reffer madness, federal manipulation,unless they have actually tried the substance a couple times and know the ramifications themselves like me and millions of other smokers. The ramifications are not within the plant its self other its has to do with it being prohibited.
    For example America’s first marijuana law was enacted at Jamestown Colony, Virginia in 1619. It was a law “ordering” all farmers to grow Indian hempseed. There were several other “must grow” laws over the next 200 years (you could be jailed for not growing hemp during times of shortage in Virginia between 1763 and 1767), and during most of that time, hemp was legal tender (you could even pay your taxes with hemp — try that today!) Hemp was such a critical crop for a number of purposes (including essential war requirements – rope, etc.) that the government went out of its way to encourage growth.The United States Census of 1850 counted 8,327 hemp “plantations” (minimum 2,000-acre farm) growing cannabis hemp for cloth, canvas and even the cordage used for baling cotton. I found this info at DRUGWARRANT.com under Why is marijuana illegal? Find out more if you want its on there it talks about how a congressmen flat out lied saying the American Medical Association Backed the bill 100% when Dr. Woodward for the AMA was against the bill. Crazy that a lie and a bill written in secret for two years was how they manipulated us into giving up cannabis federally.

  2. This is all already known by the Feds and local authorities alike. It’s NOT about public safety.
    The real truth is that local governments simply could not afford to pay for their bloated expenses without the income they derive from the cannabis laws. Take a look at the local police blotters. It’s a real cash cow. The drug cartels don’t want cannabis legalized either so it’s a political “catch 22”.
    That’s the real crime.

  3. This unjust, unconstitutional law doesn’t do much good – and – cannabis doesn’t do much harm [none] – with no dilatorius effect on human beings – but – the forces of repression does more harm than than humanly imagined. If the DEA doesn’t make a big deal of enforcing the law – they truly believe people will think that they’re not doing their job – and – of course by doing their job require funding – lots and lots of funding. If it’s purely and simply a matter of law enforcement – that’s one thing – but – if it’s a matter of government conspiracy – that’s a whole different matter. What they don’t get is – “they only strengthen their ignorance in the eyes of a knowledgeable public.” The bottom line is – “They will never legalize what they can’t control.” So then – we are faced with the inevitable – and – we should never over-look the obvious – rebellion. At the same time – we should be very careful that we don’t play right into their hands – it will only add to their distraction – and – there are so many distractions going on right now. We must keep our eye on the real deal going down – the whole puzzle – not just a piece of the puzzle.

  4. When we ment marijuana revenue – we ment just that. Cutting military is not the right greenery to be cutting on. Who in their right mind would sell homeland security that protects us then sell cannibis ” which has helped in our America in times past.”

  5. As the Tea-Party Republicans believe and took an oath to enforce: “No New Sources of Tax Revenue…”, that means “No End to the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy”, as well as No Legalization of Cannabis as New Tax Revenue”.
    “Read Their Lips” – No New Taxes!!!
    D-Day is Midnight Monday… don’t you think it’s time to ask? If Alcohol Prohibition ended not because of the violence or safety/morality of the issue, but rather because the Federal Gov’t badly needed the tax revenue, then why, given the safety and numerous scientific studies showing that cannabis is therapeutic; why not legalize it and provide a critically needed new revenue source???
    Why, because while many social programs are currently on the cutting block, the DEA is not. It got several billion dollars in increased funding. Think that’ll be cut??? But who pays for that funding? WE DO.
    I think it’s time as a nation to accept the truth… a federal agency with a BIG RUBBER STAMP that for the past 40 years has ZERO data on the medical use, safety and benefits/negatives of cannabis, is not a functional agency within our government. It is time we write to our representatives and tell them the DEA is not working out. The DEA is a lead foot on the gas pedal, driving our country deeper into a tar pit. The director, Michelle Leonhart, based on her management practices, her decision making abilities and her obvious bias against science, is not qualified to be in the position of power she currently has. It’s no different for thousands of teachers these days…
    It’s time to cut the DEA, merge what can be legitimate science into the other federal agencies – FDA, ICE, ATF. The DEA is a waste of tax-payer money and if the CRISIS in Washington is to be resolved, the DEA needs to go.
    The fact is, as another commenter put it, the only real purpose of the DEA is to stifle and interfere with any progress towards ending cannabis prohibition, for the purpose of protecting Big pharma so they can develop synthetic drugs based on the plant. Once those drugs are in the market, the DEA can then ban the cannabis plant as a controlled substance with too many commercial patents to permit distribution or use of the actual plant. Too many medical uses. The purpose of the DEA is to isolate cannabis as long as possible so Big pharma can monopolize on it’s existence. Since alcohol and tobacco have no medical value, they needed worry about them. Let the people use them and die. But cannabis… now that has great potential, and they have to know it. If they don’t, how stupid can a federal agency be???

  6. Cannabis use amplifies reality; it allows its user to slow down in time so he/she can be a better observer. That is why food tastes better, music sounds better, etc., because you are experiencing things through your senses as they really are (amplified) and you are meditative enough to observe a wider spectrum of what is going on in reality.
    In the future cannabis may be better known as an intelligence or experience builder rather than something that turns you into a dope. It is only the inexperienced user who can become disorientated with the experience and appear to be ‘stupid’ or inebriated. Once a user becomes familiar with cannabis, then they can perform any task or mental function with amplified results.

  7. Footnote:
    When Obama starts doin’ what he’s supposed to be doin’ – we will all be drinkin’ free bubble up , and eatin’ rainbow stew. Right! What’s the chances of that happening?

  8. There’s a secret here to gaining respect, “REVOLUTION!” Or take the easy way out, STAY IN THEIR FACES WITH TRUTH, MIND ALTERING TRUTH.” I think that it’s so cool that we all have some hard cases to crack, those people that have never believed pot would be legalized and my Mom is one of the hardest one to convince. She told me just the other day that her friend at the Employment Department said she’s been wrong all these years claiming pot was bad and now she knows better. YOUR VIEWED AS BEING HIGHLY INTELLIGENT IF YOU KNOW THE FACTS, POT IS USEFUL AND ADVANTAGEOUS TO ALL OF US. So what are we waiting for? Legalize it already boys and girls. People are waiting for their medicine cures and someday bigger groups will finally open their eyes and know that all this time since 1937 we’ve been cheated out of the best of health cures and all this time your families have been dyeing and for what? Greed of money. They who support MJ Prohibition are murderers. Please wake up and do something. Save the American way of life now before it’s gone, please.

  9. Cannabis prohibition has been a masterpiece in the art of brainwashing. Prohibitionists are ignorant and should be treated as such. Think about it. Wouldn’t you correct or even repremand someone who says something ignorant, like “only homosexuals get AIDS”? Next time someone says pot is dangerous, open up a can of whupass on their ignorant ass. Show some guts. Just do it!

  10. Redponygary,
    As a well known visable figure in horse racing myself, I can relate to your experience. I wish that horse racing wasn’t so much like “slavery” so that people like you and me could openly talk about and encourage legalization without fear of being banished from racing forever. After all, the rich owners and breeders mostly drink whiskey.

  11. The ink wasn’t dry on the Constitution when government left that job description.
    I really wonder how NORML and others have stood in any courtroom and heard treason. I’d be behind bars.

  12. Please..Please..Please anyone who belongs to lamar smiths district in texas write that piece of shit a letter a nasty one..and whatever you do DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM !! Everyone get involved..vote !! email your rep and tell them how you feel..just dont expect someone else to do it..dont get stoned and zone out..WE need to pressure up our cause !! I read norml everyday and see the disgust with the status quo..let rip on them fuckers..get all your friends to do the same..get a voting party going..get a voting buddy PLEASE..i want our freedom to be realized in my lifetime

  13. When the mind, of another or your own, leads you astray follow your heart and it will lead/guide you home.
    Cold, heartless. This is what we want in our elected officials? Say it’s not so in so’s fault all you want, fighting factions(division by deception) but they enable it to go on and on and on. I for one see the strings being pulled. Maybe it’s because they figure people are incapable or unwilling to stand up and actually fight/die for what they believe and that’s why no one listens to us. Look at our military, and I honor and respect those men and women that paid the cost but even it can’t decide what should and shouldn’t be allowed due to the enormous power grab taking place, being set forth. Their scared of something, but what? Follow the tracks. Tracks can be found no matter the medium. I choose to believe, as (wo)man always has, that absolute money=absolute power= absolute control. Am I wrong in expressing this to you all? No. Does this sit well with the extremely powerful and resourceful who lobby for, and obtained, complete control of the peoples house? No. Am I afraid? No. I’m not. Am I scared for those who are unaware of my intent? Yes. But if they’re harmed then I will seek retribution to the extent in which it was so willfully given. The question is. Do I really need to feel like this in order to gain or change with this world in order to better our race as a whole? I shouldn’t but I do and that in itself leaves me puzzled as to why. Is it because they want me to feel this way or is it the feeling that in order for anything good to happen for our society I have to feel this way? Call me crazy, I know some will. All I ask is that you think about it………
    “It’s a mystery in a riddle wrapped up in an enigma.” For now. You cannot hide forever. Slowly but surely the cloak of deception is being lifted.
    “You reap what you sow.”

  14. It’s all about money control and the fact that if pot were legal we would see more clearly that our leaders are a total fraud.
    Kennedy assassination, two blatant fraudulent presidential elections, corporations writing legislation and the media controlling elections with biased misinformation.
    A President that gets his marijuana information from the law enforcement leadership who has no other goal but expanding their organizations.
    Like marijuana, I see the propaganda machine pushing for thier next addition to thier war on drugs, Tobbaco.
    If you pay attention you’ll see it quite clearly.
    Free country my ass!

  15. Hope they don’t raise the dept ceiling. We’d get to see if Obama starves grama or cuts special interests and failed programs. Hear them say Here’s the hemp plant. Make the most of it.

  16. I’m think that there are two likely responses by the DEA. The first is that they will hire their own scientists to dispute the findings in this study. Or second, they will just ignore it altogether. Either way, they have proven beyond any doubt that they don’t care about the truth and have no intention of changing their ways. The only THC that they are going to approve of is if Big Pharma makes it in their laboratories and profits from it. We have absolutely no reason to trust them.
    As for the results of this study, I’m sure that many of us have already known for years that our minds work just fine in spite of cannabis use; maybe even better!

  17. Nothing could be further from the truth.There are very many highly succesful people in the buisness world,political world,educational world,financial world,medical world and the list go’s on and on.This kill brain cells myth that was started back in the late 70’s early 80’s was just that.Tests done proved that what appeared to be dead brain cells showed that in fact they were merely sloed down to the point where they appeared to be dead but after a couple of day’s of not using pot those same cells were up and running just fine.All it is,is government propoganda and nothing more.People were also tested using the SAt test,those that were tested were first tested without using marijuana,they results were extremely low scores.Then they were teasted after a few days of using marijuana and guess what?yeppers,they all came extremely close to maxing out the SAt tests.So all in all using marijuana has no effect on ones intelligent or cognative skill at all.In fact it actually enhances ones perception as to whats happening around them etc.

  18. It’s all about power! – who controls it – how they choose to use it. Politics makes strange “bed fellows” – and – there’s a good reason why. Politics brings out the worst in people. “All the world is a stage, and we are but players on it.” Unfortunately – there’s a great many second rate actors. We must face reality. Government will not empower the people. Let’s understand what’s being said – adapt or die. So! as a Genesist – I only have one question – “What the hell is the First Amendment for – if we don’t use it?

  19. The thing is, is that if marijuana is regulated we need to put a cap on corporations that will try to turn it into a large cash cow like they have with tobacco and alcohol. If we do allow them to monopolize and take the ma n pa pot shops out then maybe 50 years down the road we as a country will be in the same boat. They will see the benefits of regulation for a while but it wont help if we dont stop large corporations with the start up money to completely take over the industry. If we allow them to take over marijuana then what do we have recreationally safe? nothing! Can you walk down to the store and buy a tobacco plant of your choosing? no! Big corporations will take it over its a matter to do with start up money and lawyers. Tobacco isnt the same as it used to be. They add way more additives now for flavor and filler and i dont want that to happen with cannabis. Pre rolled joints with fire safe papers will be the first time we hear of people dying from marijuana. Fire safe papers are manditory in certain states and have unsafe additives that i find actually harder to put out. We will be left with unsafe unorganic, pestified filled garbage if large farms take this over. No way can they give the care to the plants and the time they need indiviually pruning unless they had a huge employment list. I dont know whats going to happen but i hope it positivly improves the economy, and a better outlook towards americans from other countries.

  20. @69 self_defense_tips – I couldn’t have said this much better myself!
    Please see my Post, #31 to see for yourself…
    How Original!

  21. The Luciferians are so oblivious to their own bullshit – they don’t even recognize the will of the American people rising up against them – and – “it is rising” – not just for cannabis – but for everything. If I were a Luciferian – I’d be very careful what I said out loud in a crowed of Americans. The banks are repossessing your house and “Home.” Their party is recovering the land. “Buy land – they ain’t makin’ anymore of it.” It’s a matter of land – and – how one “behaves” on it. Luciferians are killing our rights “guaranteed” us in the Constitution – which is starting to look like Swiss cheese on a “Dead Man’s Sandwhich.” The Bible has always been on a Luciferian’s “ Hit List” – right there on top – “#1.” “You have to be carefully taught” – and – our children have been “carefully taught” by the Luciferian Party to believe as they believe. “It’s that God damned apple trick again.” Here child – “believe this” – and I will take care of you [because you’re not bright enough to take care of yourself]. I think I can feel and understand what Eve felt – “He beguiled me.” So to him I say – “You fucked/rapped my innocence with your lie.” “You beguiled me mutha fucka” – and – now we’re getting evicted – what the fuck are you gonna do about that you dumb ass – bull shitin’ – forked tongued mutha fucka? Now – or – then [in the Garden]– there’s no difference. “Genesists ain’t buyin’ it this time.” Go dangle your apple someplace else – take your little act down the road.

  22. The Obama regime would like to crush the various States’ The Obama regime would like to crush the various States’ experi-mentation with Medical Marijuana and re-legalization of cannabis under the steel-toed jack-boots of Federal prosecutors and the DEA, relying upon Section VI Clause 2 (Supremacy Clause) of the US Constitution. Forget the US Constitution’s 9th and 10th Amendments. Ignore the fact that the Federal CSA law of 1971 upon which the ‘War of Drugs’ was based had to be passed by each State in turn, in order to go into effect. We’re not talking about a Constitutional Amendment, which requires the very same legislation be passed by 3/4 of the States within a 7 year period — instead, we are talking about normal State legislation. Was that like joining the Mafia (or CIA) — you can get in, but you can never leave (some unjust laws behind)?
    Leave it to modern day politicians from Ronald Reagan onward to Obama to cherry-pick bits and pieces of the Constitution that they have had a direct hand in shredding to support their agendas, not so dissimilar to the perennial accusation made by the Vatican over American ‘cafeteria catholics’ regarding Church dogma. Torture of prisoners of war is both a USA war crime, as well as an international war crime — and failure to prosecute such war crimes is criminal in itself, under US and UN statutes (Geneva Conventions). Likewise, successive USA governments have aided and abetted numerous war crimes committed by the Zionist Israeli government, making the US culpable to the same criminal charges. The Obama regime expressed no particular reservations about embracing, adopting, and extending VP Cheney’s International Murder Incorporated — now expanded beyond declared war zones and now targeting American citizen non-combatants, without formal charges, trial in absentia, or a jury returning either a guilty verdict nor a sentence of death. In fact, such circumstances fall neatly into the definition of ‘terrorism’ — the USA can today be classified as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, subjecting our government to the very same illegal tactics we use against others.
    In related Obama regime DOJ tactics is the use of the BATF in an on-going operation “Fast & Furious” that violates Federal and international law, and which directly places USA-origin civilian firearms into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists, aka the drug cartels. Never mind that the largest percentage of weapons falling into the hands of the drug cartels are US-origin military grade weapons: grenades, full-auto assault rifles, rocket launchers, and heavy machine guns. Tracking of serial numbers indicate that most of these weapons are black market with sources in the Mexican, Honduran, Guatemalan, and El Salvadoran militaries — not of US civilian origin.
    But like Bush-43’s non-existent Iraqi WMDs, fabricating evidence to support a particular agenda has become the norm, rather than the rare exception in US government. The readily discernible goal is to furnish a legal rationale to severely curtail American citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights as a precursor to US Senate ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty — itself designed to disarm citizens of UN member states and consolidate the current global corporatist kleptocracy status quo. That this operation continues in spite of widespread adverse publicity and several Congressional investigations is testament to the resolve of the Obama regime to this agenda. The blood of nearly 40,000 Mexicans slain in the ‘War of Drugs’ is now on the Obama regime’s hands.
    The Obama regime is guilty of war crimes, guilty of treason against the People and Constitution of the USA, guilty of committing acts of terrorism, no less than the previous USA regime. Our foreign wars of Imperialism drag on, the ‘War of Terror’ widens, and the pace of the ‘War of Drugs / War on People’ quickens at the same rate as the rise of the national security surveillance police state. All this provides empirical proof that a firmly entrenched crony corporate kleptocracy, aka corporate socialism, aka fascism rules this country, with Obama as Chief Operating Officer.
    A properly structured legal challenge to the Obama regime’s reliance upon the ‘Supremacy Clause’ as their justification for the continued ‘War of Drugs’ against MMJ-legal States should find just as much success before the SCOTUS as the ‘Citizens United’ case. We have a long sordid historical record of the Obama regime’s disdain for both the Rule of Law and the Constitution as evidence, as well as the 9th and 10th Amendments on our side. If that isn’t sufficient ‘traction’ for a SCOTUS ‘win’, I don’t know what is. Anyway, there’s always a case that can be made at this juncture for Impeachment — one or the other, or both, and more, are called for at this point.

  23. @David762:
    Many of your claims I already know to be true, others I’m not been aware of. You’re passionate, and that’s good… but why target Obama? You say yourself: “Leave it to modern day politicians from Ronald Reagan onward to Obama to cherry-pick bits and pieces of the Constitution that they have had a direct hand in shredding to support their agendas…” it’s an ongoing injustice, with one exception; Pres. Jimmy Carter legalized Cannabis, Home-Brew Beer and Wine, hitherto illegal. Look back and tell me why the last two became legal and cannabis didn’t? It wasn’t Obama.
    The recent embarrassing Congressional stand-off and tantrum over raising the debt ceiling, is evidence of a dysfunctional government – the trouble is, many of us have already rationalized the circus as done with and in the past.
    The trouble is… this is the actions of the leaders of our country that WE apparently elected.
    I don’t point my finger at Obama, but rather, the whole foundation of Governance. Thank God, WE have a Constitution that at least gets to raise an eyebrow or two… but WE need to do more as a people to make ourselves heard.
    As a Republic we elect our representatives to our government. In a true Democracy we, well, let’s just say we would call the shots. But we’re a republic, so our elected officials call the shots. I, along with many others understand they’re not playing with a full deck, or their deck is packed. Either way… it’s not just Obama that needs to be held accountable, but all our elected officials.
    Hey, I work, and I’m expected to do my job, and if I don’t!?
    Patent#6,630, 507 says it all to me. The federal gov’t does indeed have a patent on cannabis THC… a medicinal patent they acquired in 2003. They’re not alone… almost 20 patents are held under various names… and we can expect that list to grow.
    With the cuts to spending how much do you think the DEA lost? Also, if you read the decision made by the DEA in denying the petition to reclassify cannabis, you’ll see they submitted the request to the DHHS (Dept of Health and Human Services). One would hope the DHHS would see things scientifically, apparently not. Why not???
    I cover all of the above on my blog: http://bobkatlair.blogspot.com/
    Stop The Hurt…

  24. Cannabis smokers are not stupid!!!The goverment is stupid for letting this go on for so long and at taxpayers expense. Stop this madness!!!!

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  26. I heard some high up dea official on cable news the other day talking about pot, the ususall crap, and the last question the reporter asked if it would ever be legalized and he said no, reporter asked why, he said ” that would mean the government was wrong, and thats not gonna happen” That explains alot. In other words, science dosent matter in this regard, its all about the pride of the people who think they know whats best for us.

  27. @jeff: 64
    As one of lamar smith’s constituents I have emailed him many times expressing my views. So far his replies have been the same old, tired propaganda.
    ” .. strains our prison system .. does not have a proven legitimate medical use .. destorying our childrens lives .. funding drug cartels distribution of heroin and cocaine .. we should strengthen enforcement of federal drug laws to protect Americans ..”
    We must ALL contact our reps and vote for those who say they will represent our will or when mr. smith is not reelected we will have some other braindead moron (multinational corporate pawn) fill his place and the will of informed people will continue to be ignored.

  28. There may be a lot of reasons why one likes another – but – it only takes one reason why one doesn’t like another – and – Well! one used to get my favor – but – this one thing is greater than my freedom allows me to tolerate.

  29. 78. BobKat: “Many of your claims I already know to be true, others I’m not been aware of. You’re passionate, and that’s good… but why target Obama?”
    To answer that question fully would take many pages, so I’ll keep it short: if I had wanted a continuation of the status quo (or worse) in the 2008 election, I would have voted for a Republican, and I have never ever voted for any Republican. What can I say — I voted for Reverend Al Sharpton, and Geraldine Ferraro, back in those days.
    Well, Obama took the ‘status quo’ and cranked up the Bush-43 Right Wing Authoritarianism factor from an “8” to an “11” on the FASCISM meter. I and many many others were expecting a more Liberal drop to perhaps a “4” or “5” on That meter.
    Look at how Obama ‘groomed’ his CV: a black northern Democrat with a background as both a community activist and a Constitutional Law Scholar, as well as a long time parishioner of Reverend Wright (liberation theology) — on paper he looks like the perfect foil to the NeoConservative agenda and candidate. If Obama had actually started politics by running as a black conservative Republican in Chicago, would he have ever advanced beyond perhaps Precinct Captain or Alderman? I think not!
    Obama is the crony corporatist ‘Tweedle-Dee’ in (groomed) sheep’s clothing, compared to the crony corporatist overtly NeoCon McCain/Palin ‘Tweedle-Dumb’.
    If you took each and every Bush-43 domestic and foreign policy and assigned a 5 point scale from ‘-2’ to ‘0’ to ‘+2’, with ‘0’ being the status quo, ‘-2’ being ‘Most Fascist’, and ‘+2’ being ‘Most Liberal’, Obama’s Average has been ‘-1.5’, with a Mean of ‘-1.2’, and a Standard Deviation of about ‘1.0’.
    78. BobKat: “The recent embarrassing Congressional stand-off and tantrum over raising the debt ceiling, is evidence of a dysfunctional government … “
    Both the Congress AND the taxpayers should be up in arms, never mind a mere temper tantrum, over the corruption / collusion / conspiracy to commit the most egregious financial crimes by the cabal of the Federal Reserve, the TBTF Banksters, and the Wall Street Mobsters of which the events leading up to the Economic Meltdown of September 2008 was only the beginning of the contrived crisis. In testimony before Congress (by way of a cursory audit), the Federal Reserve revealed that they independently (of the Treasury or Congress) and secretly distributed over $16 Trillion to domestic and foreign banks and corporations, far in excess of the TARP fund and Obama ‘bail-outs’. This is all new USA taxpayer debt and highly inflationary, without any known benefit to the USA economy, and far exceeding the legal charter of the Federal Reserve.
    The legal function is [1] Congress gives Treasury the authority to borrow from the Fed, [2] Treasury issues Bonds for sale, [3] individuals, corporations, banks, and foreign central banks buy these Bonds, [4] these funds go to the Fed which, through the magic of fractional reserve banking, then releases Federal Reserve Notes (fiat paper money) into the USA economy, plus makes a tidy profit for itself.
    Lately, the Fed itself has been buying these Treasury Bonds, due to a lack of other investors — that is, until the IMF began putting extreme pressure on the EU Euro through their allies among the Rating Agencies Cabal attacks on Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland (shades of Naomi Klein’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ documented forced privatization of African and Latin American countries’ economies).
    78. BobKat: “Either way… it’s not just Obama that needs to be held accountable, but all our elected officials.”
    Agreed. All of our elected officials need to be constrained by the same term limits as the President, as well as all our Federal Judges including the Supreme Court. There also needs to be a uniform method for voters to initiate a recall referendum and vote to remove any elected official. We also need Instant Run-Off Voting, at the Federal and universally at the State level — a paradigm shift away from the political power of the Electoral College, which stifles 3rd party competition.
    Obama is yet another ‘War President’, who has assumed / inherited the same illegal unconstitutional powers that Bush-43 seized from Congress which became known as the ‘Unitary Executive’, and then embraced and extended those dictatorial powers far in excess of Bush-43. With this vast power, Obama could direct the DOJ to pursue the financial terrorists on Wall Street, or order the DOD to exit Iraq and AFghanistan within 6 months, or order the HHS to direct the DEA to remove Cannabis sativa entirely out of the CSA Schedule of drugs, effectively ending Prohibition 2.0 and most of the ‘War of Drugs’ with just one Executive Order.
    Obama will do none of these things, because he is the groomed crony corporatist cabal place-holder for the next NeoLiberal / NeoConservative President in succession, in order to maintain the status quo of the cabal’s steel-toed jack-boot on the throat of the USA economy. And in 2012, the voters will be offered the false choice between another set of Tweedle-Dee / Tweedle-Dum, Democrat / Republican tools of the crony corporatist kleptocracy — that, or vote 3rd party. And any anti-prohibition voter who votes Democrat / Republican instead of 3rd party is voting against their own self-interest in re-legalizing Cannabis sativa — that’s the bottom line.

  30. If the debt ceiling is raised – you can wipe your ass with the dollar bill – or – any denomination. Confederate money is already worth more than the green back dollar.

  31. If I may.. On/off pot smoker all my life, never a “pot head” or “stoner”. Those who do smoke it and lay around doing nothing would be lazy bums in any case. They already had a pre-existing condition for laziness. Pot does nothing to you that you don’t do to yourself. I’m a college educated professional software engineer, married 17 years, 3 kids, successful business, debt free and a big house. Yet I love to smoke the weed, responsibly, in moderation, and at home when and where I can relax. Sure beats alcohol and tobacco; I ain’t stupid you know.

  32. Yep! That’s what NEEDS to be done!!! Take ALL Congressmen out behind the barn……..and STONE ‘EM!!!!!

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