Tremendous PBS Video Explains Why Medical Cannabis Works — And How Big Pharma Is Planning To Cash In On It

PBS is to be commended for producing this excellent video summarizing the science behind the use of cannabis as a medicine.
Want to know why cannabis is effective at treating multiple symptoms and conditions? Watch this video. Want to know how cannabinoids selectively target and kill cancer cells? Watch this video. Want to know how many patents Big Pharma has taken out on cannabis-derived synthetic drugs? Watch this video.
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Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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  1. I saw it last night. It was really show. There all ways going to be anti cannabis. I hope every one will skip a bag give that money to there local P.B.S station. Now if they would just show that show on the cbs / nbc / and abc. This show is going to help our cause Now i must fear for all those on the show who support this drug. The d.e.a cant let them speak so positive about cannabis

  2. Dr. Voth should read my book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.” when it comes out in about two weeks on Amazon. He clings to his ignorance like a security blanket.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Actually, anyone who cares about the issue of cannabis consumption and long-term health ought to read Clint’s excellent book. I highly recommend it.]

  3. A person I know is critically ill with cancer. When I mentioned the use of cannibis my idea was treated as though I suggested being bit by a rabid dog would be a cure.
    These people are mega wealthy and are very big in the pharmacy industry.
    Goes to show you that the pharma industy controlers are willing to die for what they believe in (their continued wealth accumulation).

  4. this is such propaganda demonizing the plant cuz it has a variety of active compounds in it…seriously…maybe its the fact that all of these working in concert makes cannabis the “wonder drug” many view it as today and throughout history….or like “the fda hasent approved it” as if the FDA has any credibility anymore…hmm maybe if they didnt support things like fluoride in the water and other such cheap garbage and medications that is literally killing people, we would care what they have to say…
    and as to how medicine does not work with committees and people voting on things…why does he tell that to his psychologist buddies…im pretty sure thats exactly what they do…they want to talk about credibility why dont they start with themselves, and let the real doctors who know what they are doing, practice medicine, and if they feel that cannabis will HELP their patient then they must prescribe it…either that or the patient must think for themself and if that means breaking the law (they are not infringing on the rights of others so in reality they are not committing a crime) to improve their quality of life then so be it…

  5. The federal whores are sleeping with big-pharma! This is news? When there’s money around, you will find whores. Have we forgotten whom the government works for? For the most part, we have. We hang our heads and say aw shucks, but comply like good little citizens.What do you expect when we forego our right to privacy? What I ingest is of no concern to my mother, much less the federal government. If you keep peeking into my private life, you’re going to get your eye poked out. (figuratively that is)

  6. I watched the long version of the video which really blew my mind. Finally here’s a spot on a mainstream channel that puts it all into perspective in regards to the medical debate surrounding cannabis. How can anybody who considers themself a human being watch this excellent documentary and not be appalled by the greed and lies that are presented about a gift placed on our beautiful planet for our benefit.
    You know it comes down to one thing that is destroying us as a race and the world we live in – ignorance. Yes, greed is also a factor as well as fear. But our refusal to open our eyes to the truth has taken such a toll that we are in deep shit if we don’t make an about face very soon. The movement to make pot available for those who need it commonly refers to the laws they present as “compassionate care laws” which pretty much sums it up. There is such a urgency for compassion right now. I just hope that we all are up for it. (BTW the “we” I keep refering to is all of us – enough already of the “us” vs. “them”)

  7. 106. Jman
    We actually saw the Fabian Society embrace Malthusian theory about over-population, which became part of the socialist movement at the turn of the 20th century. The Rockefellers, the Rosicrucians (Georgia Guide-stones), and certain left-of-center groups today have adopted a similar philosophy.
    Sadly, such a mentality seems to dovetail very nicely with how the Capitalists and their henchmen among the bourgeois view Their efforts at globalization, to the detriment of the working class everywhere. The prohibition of cannabis, a harmless plant of significant medical and industrial benefit, would seem to be part of Their agenda — what Big Pharma shovels out as ‘medicine’ is largely a bloody expensive toxic witches-brew of drugs. Factor in the private for-profit prison system, stripping of citizen rights once arrested, and the rise of the police state, and it would appear as if you are exactly correct — They (the PTB) ARE trying to kill We the People off … so far with little resistance.

  8. the papers mentioned in the video were pre-prohibition were they not?i am surprised that the gov’t doesnt hold patents for the diseases they created for the doctors to make you take poisons for.

  9. The DEA is so full of shit – their eyes are brown – and – if they say no they’re blue – that just means they’re a quart low. Some one stick a dip stick in them to check.

  10. Eric McLaughlin Says:Go Cannabis Science CBIS (OTC) Invest in CBIS
    Eric, I followed the link and really like the company & see a future for their work; the 3 cents a share is good & for only a few dollars could pay well in time.
    There is a link on the right side of their page about a lady with skin cancer & how after surgeries she treated herself with a cannabis salve & the pictures of her cancer clearing up is quite amazing but not surprising to me.
    The sad part is how many years and millions of dollars it would require to get something such as this through the FDA since few if any research is allowed.
    Have a nice day!

  11. The sad thing is that our Government is never going to legalize marijuana, until they can find a way too make money off of it. If they would look back marijuana was once of our biggest cash crops. They even import it when they could be growing and making money from it instead of spending money on Hemp.
    I think God knew what she was doing when is make the plant I would rather that the FDA would leave the plant alone and let it do what is does.Every time people mess with something that works they usually screw it up.

  12. I have to agree with the majority of posts here. I cannot for the life of me figure out why “our” government doesn’t endorse the use of medical marijuana other than to help the pharmaceutical companies make money. They would rather shove drugs down my throat(at great cost to the taxpayers as I am disabled) than let me grow my own. I live in a medical marijuana state but because of my disabilty I have to have help from the feds to keep a decent roof over my head I cannot get a med card, while my neighbor in the next apt could because he doesnt have to rely on federal aid to house him. So’ I have to make a choice that I loath which is keep a roof over my head and suffer from chronic pain all the while the meds they prescribe for me are a hell of a lot more expensive(and not that effective) than letting me grow some plants. For instance I take about 10 different prescription drugs that cost the American taxpayer about 1400 dollars a month,when I could grow my own and save taxpayers at least 1,000 or more a month. Where is the logic? There is none in Washington. I love my country but our polititions don’t seem to care about us as much they do about getting into every other country’s business. I have always beleived that prohibition does not work and we proved it almost a hundred years ago. I see ads on tv all the time about meds that cause everything hives to death, yet they keep shoving this absurd notion that a plant has no medical use. I have seen first hand many deaths caused by a lot of things but have never ever heard of even one death from marijuana. One last thought (here anyway) Want to bring the deficit down? How about stop ruining peoples lives with the war on drugs which will never be won and take that money (BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year) and help the people here in america instead of helping EVERY other country in the world solve the problems they created for them selves and let them work it out for themselves instead of us being the police force for the world and stop acting like the Gestapo to our people.

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