This Week in Weed: Oct. 9th – 15th (Government Crackdown Edition)

Now streaming on NORMLtv is the latest edition of “This Week in Weed.” This weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world.
This week in weed we have a triple dose of bad news: the Obama Administration cracks down on medical marijuana, RAND pulls their own study on crime and marijuana dispensaries, and the Netherlands attempts to ban high potency cannabis products. Not our best week.
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53 thoughts

  1. “Who wants to elect a 76-year-old guy to be president of the United States? Isn’t this simply too old to reasonably be considered for the most active and demanding job in the world?]”
    Honestly dude, how old ARE YOU? 20’ish? 30 something? My grandmother is 97 and still mows her own yard. Ron Paul is in excellent health and being president DOES NOT require you to be a runner-up in an Iron Man competition. It requires Brains. Ron Paul has this in abundance. I am in my 50’s and I support legalization. Does that make me “over the hill too?
    [Editor’s note: Beyond possessing no chance of becoming president after three previous drubbings, and polling well behind the current GOP leaders, Dr. Paul is too old to be an effective president…he’d be as old and likely as senile as Reagan was in his second term.]

  2. To Dbeall:
    “I did vote for the current lier and dictator believing in “yes we can”,, scratch that,, “”no I frickin will not because I am a corporate controlled ant-American puppet.”
    Me too. I regret it. While I really like Ron
    Paul, I will vote for whoever can get Obama out of office. I thought he might make things better because we all know he smoked weed years ago. The opposite is true, he is a hypocrite.
    On Ron Paul:
    Factoid 1: “America will NEVER elect a black man president”.
    Factoid 2: “An independent will NEVER beat out the 2 party system”.
    Times, They are-a-changing…You just never know.
    Ron Paul is becoming a popular guy these days. Look at our other choices.

  3. The higher the pot potency the less you have to inhale into your lungs! This is actually a health issue,and high potency meds are a better choice. The Dutch are going backwards!

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