NORML Attorneys File Suit Against Federal Government

Today, three NORML Legal Committee attorneys will announce lawsuits against the federal government with hopes of ending the medical marijuana crackdown in California. Attorneys Matt Kumin, David Michael, and Alan Silber are coordinating the effort which aims to enjoin the federal government from this latest round of federal enforcement actions against the growers and dispensaries in the state.
The group plans on using a variety of legal theories including the 9th and 10th Amendments, equal protection and due process, and collateral estoppel in their case. NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano has also personally filed a declaration in this suit, which will be raised in each of the four federal districts in California.
NORML will have a more in-depth look at the suit later today when it is formally announced.

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  1. One could make the argument that Obama encouraged medical marijuana states to exercise their state laws, and then does a federal crack down as a “chilling effect”

  2. Remove the federal government’s power of cracking down by passing H.R. 2306 – The Ending Federal Prohibition of Marijuana Act of 2011. Let’s get it done! Concentrate our efforts!

  3. Why don’t they make a more serious case? Don’t just sue to allow medical patients to use, sure them to make marijuana legal overnight. This is supposed to be a free country. Period. Where any citizen can do with their own body whatever they so choose, provided they harm no one else.
    How is this still an issue? Half of us want it legalized, so why aren’t we making it happen? I guess we are slowly, but this is just tediously pathetic. Enough beating around the bush people, let’s get things done. Our leaders have shown they want to stifle progression to maintain power, it’s up to us to change that.
    [Russ responds: I get your complaint, but this is the step toward getting what you want. Once we establish that it is out of the realm of the feds to mess with medical marijuana, those states can flourish. Soon people will wonder why they can’t just have legal marijuana like that without the doctors. Kinda like how a pharmaceutical starts on prescription, but if its mild enough and safe enough, it eventually becomes over-the-counter.]

  4. Hello fellow tokers,
    So Happy for this good news. Thank you NORML like I always say, where would we be without NORML?
    Are you ready, this is going to sound crazy, but I think Obama already knew what he was doing; by pushing the envelope in California by using plausible deniability and forcing the issue it would bring about favorable changes.That way Obama could personally avoid congress and not be thrown under the bus. He would be forced to take action and decriminalize Marijuana. Maybe I am deluded, maybe wishful thinking,I just have this gnawing thought. Can someone convince me this thought is valid or not.

  5. Hi Nancy, I have wondered the same thing many times and always fall back on the same answer. Even if Obama planned this occurance there is just to much money tied to the prohibition of cannabis. With the current unemployment rate, legalization would cause more job loss than it with create. Think of all the good honest hard working folks like; police and dea and political faces and institutional staff and rehab assistance and drug company employees and court processors and bail bondsmen that would be unemployed. The recreational and medical consumers and supporters are still considered a plague or a paycheck.
    Until common sense overrides the greed and ignorance factors we are stuck in a wobbly statis-quo effect. I have family in Montanas med-can business and I was so proud. Now I am back to worrying about thier freedom. The wheel goes round and round but nobody ever wins.
    I have not given up, I just say it as I see it. *sigh*

  6. I did need to add to Russ and NORML,
    Thank you for all your effort over the years. I am a nobody in this fight but I do follow you all closely and write the letters to my elected officials and support you as I am able. Keep up the good work.

  7. A step in the right direction, yes albeit a small step. Someone(with power and influence) should compile the data on cannabinoid and cancer research being done at several universities around the world and sue the federal government for crimes against the American public(at least). They want us all to get cancer and will never legalize a plant that can wipe out that entire industry.

  8. ”To any who spew lies will be made to eat humble pies. Tread lightly you of heathen beliefs.”

  9. The federal governent wants to rule by law of decree. They cannot even recognize the facts of our constitutional rights as individuals and not by proxy of their own profitable desires and those who benefit financially of those decisions.It is a sinister and depraved collective mind that we are battling and they are certainly insidous as the devil!
    Remember, Necessity is Law !

  10. Good Job Norml,
    Maybe take a lesson from the Ron Paul Campaign and do some money bombs to pay the legal fess. I would donate!

  11. Obamas chance at re election is a done deal if he can sign the papers in favor of cannabis. Going to be an interesting 12 months
    In a few years cannabis will be the new wonder drug.

  12. Well now… this is very encouraging news! Should be interesting to see how this all pans out. Knowing that we have attorney’s willing to fight for our rights helps this patient breathe a little easier.
    Best of luck gents! Fight the good fight and never give up! 😀

  13. @hope for Gange. Are you kidding me? I probably smoke as much or more than about anybody here, but I have never gotten so high that I would vote for Obummer. Legalize it yes, never had any business messing with it to begin with. But how that has anything to do with electing the destroyer of our country I have no Idea. How can you trade your right to free speech, bear arms, peaceably assemble, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the right to smoke pot. You been smokin sumthin stronger than pot.

  14. I am so had to hear we are moving towards some type of reform. Thank you so much for pressing forward against the tyrant. They showed us in many ways that they will stomp all over us to get their way… You are making history with this movement…keep up the great work, and lets fight to be heard!

  15. NORML has been around so long that they are now beneficiaries of the drug war. What would happen to them and their lawyers if marijuana was outright legalized?
    If they are really working in our interests they should do something serious like suing the Federal Government under US Code 140.
    “Any person who—
    (1) aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition, supplies, money, or other things; or raises the price of a mere weed so the drug cartels can finance their terrorist activities and wage their war on citizens of the United States of America.
    [Editor’s note: Talk about “serious”….which you clearly must not be to make up federal laws that don’t exist and then accuse NORML of wanting to outlive Cannabis Prohibition for not suing the federal government for the non-existing law…
    Seriously…NORML is the principle organization in the world to advance responsible adult cannabis use, ending Cannabis Prohibition laws and coming up with logical (and Constitutional) policy alternatives.
    It is a free country, so go to your closest federal court and file a lawsuit with your made up law and let us all know how you do.]

  16. Long ago I thought pot would soon be legal back when the Allman Brothers were hanging out with Jimmy Carter. Over 40 years later, I realize that government bureaucracies will stop at NOTHING to maintain the status quo; citizens be damned! They continue to live the Reefer Madness lie for 70+ years,ruining countless lives. Call me a cynic, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for legalization because these are people with NO conscience and no desire to be confused by facts.

  17. I wish you guys luck on this. This attack on medical marijuana by the Obama administration is an outrage and a crime against humanity. I will continue to support your efforts on my website, Cheers Terry Winger

  18. Thank-you, I hope this helps stop the closing of safe places to obtain medication, while taking away jobs.

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