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If you haven’t taken a moment to check out The NORML Network, you’re missing out on the internet’s only source of 24-hour live streaming news, education, and entertainment for the cannabis community.  Visit our Audio/Video department or click the graphic above to see the complete schedule.

Our network is anchored by NORML SHOW LIVE, weekdays at 7pm Eastern, the official podcast of NORML.  You’ll get today’s headlines from Cannabis Karri, a new Daily Toker Tune from a different genre every day, an interview with one of the top names in marijuana, and opinion and analysis from “Radical” Russ in the Radical Rant.  We follow that up with Toker Talk Radio, our live call-in hour and roundtable discussion.

In the afternoon, weekdays from 1pm-6pm Eastern, you’ll catch our Afternoon Video Block, featuring cultivation instruction from Jorge Cervantes TV, international activism with Cannabis Cure TV, videos from NORML and NORML Chapters in NORML’s Video Lunch, a replay of yesterday’s NORML SHOW LIVE, and clips from LEAP, SSDP, and Jodie Emery in our Marijuana Activism Show.

At night, weekdays at 9pm and 10pm Eastern, we bring you the best activist podcasts from all around the world.  Mondays feature Drug Truth Network and CannaTruth’s Reefer Rhetoric, two podcasts originating from Texas.  Tuesdays we present Marijuana Compassion & Common Sense from Inland Empire, California, and Cannabis Cure UK Podcast from England.  Wednesdays we premiere the latest HIGH TIMES Presents: Free Weed from Danny Danko out of Brooklyn, New York, and The Libra Lounge from Iowa.  Thursdays include Hot Box Podcast from Kalispell, Montana, and Hollywood Hemptress Hour from Hollywood, California.  Fridays conclude the week with Hemp Radio from Orange County, California, and THC The High Cast from Chicago, Illinois.

Late night, weekdays at 11pm Eastern, we present more live shows.  On Mondays, A Different View features a women’s roundtable on marijuana issues.  Tuesdays we get more grow tips from Weed Nerd with Subcool.  Wednesdays we jam to The Irie Island Hour‘s mix of reggae tunes.  Thursdays we turn off all the filters on The Ganja Jon Show.  We finish up Friday with NORML Rocks! with Urb Thrasher for two hours of hard-hitting rock.

You can always catch music at the top and bottom of the clock – at 6am, Noon, 6pm, and Midnight Eastern we present Daily Toker Tunes, a one-hour random mix of our best music.  These include Roots Monday (blues, jazz, folk, country), Electric Tuesday (electronic, disco, pop, new age), Irie Wednesday (reggae, ska, Latin, world), Groovin’ Thursday (rap, hip-hop, soul, funk), and Rockin’ Friday (metal, punk, jam, alt-country).

Lineups repeat overnight and into the morning.  Weekends feature replays of all the weekday’s previous shows.  For more information, check out our schedule online.  Click any show for more information, including website, downloads, and podcast subscription information.

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  1. I wonder what would happen if they put THC in alcohol like they do presription drugs? would violence stop while drinking? tobacco? possibilities await because we are in need of many things- REVENUE) but they’re slow about it, why?

  2. It’s all about the wording… instead of saying, “Let’s Legalize Marijuana,” we should say, “Let’s End Marijuana Prohibition.”

  3. I believe all prohibitions should be ended and the people of the united states should be able to make their own choices if they want to use a product or service or not. The Government at all levels should stay our of the business of making decisions for the citizens thay we are capable of making for ourselves. Governments at all levels should be prohibited from writing or enacting prohibition laws of any kind. We do not need to be protected from ourselves by the government at any level. We The People should be free to make our own decisions be them good or bad decisions and make them on our own.

  4. I think cannabis will be legalized sometime after its legal pharmaceutical alternatives, which are on track to be available around 2014. Certainly within 30 years cannabis will be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol. Sativex will be a viable, and generally great alternative for some, maybe most, individuals.

  5. The President did say something in his state of the union which was a lie. He did say,with great enthusiasm,that ALL green energy alternatives were on the table. You would think that Hemp,with all of it’s potential to create jobs,help farmers,provide large amounts of raw material for both manufacturing and energy would make it the #1 choice to help solve some of this country’s problems when it comes to renewable and clean energy. I just don’t believe he thinks that us people outside the bubble know what we are talking about,or probably he just doesn’t really care. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for personnel Liberty.

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