Marijuana Questions Passed Over During Obama Q&A

Last night, President Obama took to Google+ and responded to the questions submitted to him from the general public. Despite accounting for a majority of the top questions, the moderator never asked Obama about marijuana legalization and the president certainly didn’t volunteer any comment of his own volition.

It is immensely disappointing that, yet again, the administration has declined the opportunity to discuss the very serious issue of ending marijuana prohibition in this country. For the ninth time, the White House has solicited the American people for direct input on the issues they cared about, and then, when the resulting answers called overwhelmingly for marijuana law reform, President Obama ignored the will of the American. Over half of the country now supports regulating and taxing marijuana; we can only hope that during the general election the issue is addressed with the respect and urgency it demands. (Alternet)

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  1. From:

    24 yr old male from NJ with a Spinal cord injury

    Due to the current status of the law in New Jersey it is still not possible to receive a caregiver card or legally purchase mj. I medicate throughout the day for extreme nerve pain. I am a quadruple eject I should not even be able to walk right now.

    Bless God

  2. We are living in a police state and its not OK. Keep talking until our government listens to us and they quit pissing on our rights.

  3. I believe the key is to get one state -Washington or Colorado ? to legalize. It will then all come to a head as either Obama or Romney will try to negate states rights and there will be huge publicity and outcry on this issue.

  4. I agree with those who understand that it doesn’t matter how you vote ~ Did you notice how Janet Reno seemed so resolved to cool down Waco problem then suddenly caved in ~ In Mexico newly elected are approached even MORE directly by a group of men who then walk in the door and ask'”DO YOU WANT LEAD OR GOLD?” Carter, Clinton, Obama, all thought they could reform drug war til they were elected then Boda Bing Boda Boom! Perhaps intimidating Obama will force Republicans to go more States Rights so keep Obama and watch Conservatives help shift the paradigm ~

  5. Why isn’t norml attacking the deficit issue with hemp / cannabis legalization? Both are cash crops and would increase manufacturing, jobs, etc in this country! If they were really serious about doing something about the economy they would at least legalize industrial hemp. Norml should be using this angle to attack everything! People need to be aware of the benefits of the plant outside of just getting high. This could literally turn our country around!

    [Editor’s note: For over 40 years, NORML has agitated for law reforms based on economics, including advocating for industrial hemp.

    Politicians don’t only need to hear from NORML again…and again…and again. They well know NORML supports legalization. They now need to hear from YOU, your family, friends and co-workers that you do NOT support Cannabis Prohibition.]

  6. I read a lot of people saying we need to keep talking(typing) whatever until or rights are restored. Not going to happen. We need to get into the streets…everyone..not just a few and not just OWS movement. We need to get into the streets my the 1000’s and 1000’s. Stop working…stop buy…stop this country until our voice is hear. We need to organize and start a revolution….that is the only way we will take back our liberty. I would step up…but no one listens to me anyway. Not sure what i gotta do to get peoples fucking attention!!!!! Get into the streets…get everyone you know involved.

  7. “Up with Chris Hayes” gave some credibible coverage today on the retired cop who’s video was #1 and unanswered by Obama.

  8. That’s the director of LEAP isn’t it? Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.. another good organization to join.

    I say the whole deficit thing and spending problems are all problems manufactured by politicians and banks. They could easily wipe out this deficit by rolling back prohibition laws. Don’t be duped by politicians.

  9. I’m sort of hoping in these instances that maybe at least a few people will have seen the top questions being related to marijuana and maybe scratch their head at the fact that those in elected office who support the war on drugs are so very frightened to publicly defend their position.

    As usual though, while the president isn’t willing to talk about it, people have to realize and remember he is not the dictator of the country. In reality the president only has so much reach…even if he stepped up and said “I don’t support the war on drugs”, ultimately there would only be so much he could do about it. The war on drugs has been going on for quite some time, and is way bigger than just the president. On top of it, as I always say, these days there’s more to holding office than just making the people happy; there are hordes of people behind the scenes that the president has to please if he wishes to remain in politics…and keep getting money and having influence.

    Now, of course if he’s not willing to answer certain questions then he shouldn’t be doing this shit at all…but he has to pretend like he’s open to whatever the people care about. We know full well that if anyone but perhaps a select few in elected office really cared about what people wanted, the country, nay, the world would probably be pretty different.

  10. I think the federal government loses credibility by keeping marijuana in the same drug class as far more dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine. Most would agree that marijuana is not as harmful and far less harmful than many fda approved drugs. So that leaves people puzzled as to why the government continues to make illogical and false claims. It promotes distrust of the government. Congress and the president continue to complain about people not trusting the goverment, while at the same time the government lies to the people and deficates on the right to free choice.

  11. There is a candidate who is trying to legalize cannabis, Ron Paul. Though it is, sadly, unlikely the RNC will nominate him for their candidate, if we could get those who support him to show and vote by writing him in; that would shake up the establishment – electing a president not in the two parties that are owned by those corporations who would lose profit when it is legalized. Please, don’t bitch about it, rally your friends, family, acquaintances to write Ron Paul in on the general ballot in November, as he has already introduced bipartisan legislation to legalize cannabis. Time for peace, time to regroup.

  12. Obama is a straight dick, this is not the only lie he had to throw out to the American public in order for this election in 2008. He’s a manipulative basterd who has no solid ground to stand on when it comes to his own word, how does anyone expect him to be a good president when he lied to get into his position of authority in the first place?

  13. I am a marijuana paticent and have been for 2 years
    I live in washington but the problem I see is my card is only good in the
    State I live in if I spend 250.00 a year to get my card it should bee good in every state that is legal what if you travel I go to oregon every
    So often my family lives there I also take my kids there to visits dad
    On weekend but I am not legal in Oregon so if I want to be legal your telling me I have to buy a card in that state to bull shit

  14. King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
    And God said, Behold, I have given you every plant bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, which has seed in its fruit; to you it shall be for food.

  15. so i am user and i recently went to hell and back. i need sleep and the only thing that helps me sleep is marijuana.I attemped toquit and in doing so i didn’t sleep for 2 weeks i tryed everything but marijuana is a medicine for me cause i don’t wanna take no trazidon etc. so i went to the looneybin cause i couldn’t sleep and it costed a fortune, all i needed was the aprovel to smoke the thing is i live in minnesota so insted of putting me on weed they put me on an antipsychotic which for me does the samething as smoking except i feel like a freak. is there any way i can be proscibed marijuana in minnasota?

  16. I’m pissed, pot laws have no reason to them. Sadly that is the way with much of our government. Ron Paul is one of the only politicians that will openly and honestly talk about this issue. His message in this has been consistent, he is the man who can really make a difference, the other Rep. As well as Obama are afraid to step outside their party lines. State medical laws are also unreasonable, in that they are inconsistent. I could get it in some while others I don’t come close, and trust me I am screwed up. Please vote for Ron Paul he is the only one who is brave enough to take action for our cause..

  17. Guys, Ron Paul is only advocating getting the federal government out of drug regulation. He’s not advocating legalization. He wants to leave that up to the states. Which is exactly correct. He is also in favor of allowing HEMP (not pot) farming as an industrial crop.

    That leads me to my next comment.. everyone needs to educate their friends and family to make them realize that this whole deficit debate / problem is a FRAUD. It’s a problem created by politicians to manipulate the public, instate laws that favor corporations/banks/the rich, and drain the regular worker of their rights while destroying what they call ‘entitlements’. Everyone has forgotten that these ‘entitlements’ were put into place by legislators in response to rebellion against corporate ‘rule’ and how they treated workers.. anyway I digress… the reason it’s a FRAUD is because they could legalize HEMP farming and/or cannabis farming and have the billion dollar crop that Popular Mechanics wrote about in 1938, and that Henry Ford (and many others) touted as the next material revolution.

    We are currently the ONLY industrial nation who does not allow hemp farming! Remember, hemp != pot. My argument is only that everything going on in the news about deficits, financial problems, collapsing dollars, etc is all MANUFACTURED AND FAKE.. legalization of either/or plants would be a huge windfall for the government but they won’t do it.. which proves they are manipulating the economy to our detriment!!

    Educate your friends and family, join causes for industrial hemp.. no worries about getting arrested for that! I know it’s not the focus of Norml but I wanted to raise awareness to the fact that we’re being manipulated.. they want us to just work until we die with no benefits and not recourse to the corporate/bank rule.. (ogligarchy (sp?))

  18. If prohibition is overturned in his first term as President there would be no reason for Dems to show up at the voting booth this time. Very calculated move by the party. Keep us pissed off at the GOP and showing up to vote as hard and often as possible. They do need a way to ensure we don’t run out of patience and blow it by voting out of frustration next time!
    What will be the next dangling carrot? What will they do if a member of the opposition tries the old vote for me because I smoked before trick (worked for the last 3 elected Presidents)? Expect the next clown out of the car of hopefuls to try this one again, or claim they are for states rights as a way to sound like it. Untill they get in.

  19. one thing is for sure.. The Mexican Cannabis Corporation~istas just LOVE Obama, they are trying to give him his payola in the form of $Laundered $Campaign $Goodies,, pound for pound, Cannabis is Obama’s best contributor.

  20. Your hope for a president that understands the freedom associated with the reform of marijuana laws lies with Ron Paul. He has demonstrated his sensible belief in freedoms and protection of rights.

  21. I dream of a world where everyone walks around stoned freely…well that is happening today everyone is walking around baked but it is not as open as it should be….I can only hope one day….my body does too…

  22. Medical Marijuana Week

    The medical cannabis community is under attack, and we must be heard!

    More than 100 DEA raids, dozens of federal prosecutions, manipulation of the tax code, and threats to landlords and elected officials — the aggressive, anti-medical cannabis efforts of Obama?s Justice Department must stop!

    Join Americans for Safe Access Chapters and Affiliates across the country in celebrating Medical Marijuana Week by standing up for our right to safe access. Take time each day to participate in the week of action outlined below.

    During Medical Marijuana Week (Feb. 13-17), here are some other ways you can get involved and make a difference:

    1. Monday, February 13: Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and tell Pres. Obama to keep his promise to not use Justice Department resources to undermine state laws, stop putting politics before science, and act immediately to reclassify cannabis as medicine.

    2. Tuesday, February 14: Contact Congress, 202-224-3121, and urge your representative to sponsor legislation to reclassify cannabis, end federal interference in state programs, and provide licensed patients and provides a defense in court.

    3. Wednesday, February 15: Ask your Governor to sign the DEA Rescheduling Petition. Find your Governor’s contact information by clicking here.

    4. Thursday, February 16 @ Noon: Make your voice heard at a rally near you! Click here for a full list of rallies.

    5. Friday, February 17: Join the movement and help fund the fight for safe access. Find out how by clicking here.

  23. To me, our president picks low lying fruit and handles the tough issues without leadership. Medicinal is real medicine with science to back it. You are looking like an ignorant liar mr pres. I thought you were decriminalizing. At least thats what you said on the campaign trail. Now you are going to jail and harass advocates. F*&k Y*u Real people with serious problems benefit from this REAL medicine. You choose to hurt instead of help. My vote was useless. Thanks for the leadership (laughs). You can kill the worlds #1 terrorist but you do not have true compassion for your own citizens?

  24. listen ppl mj is probably never gonna b legal. its a shame of this “free country”. the drug companies run it all. im having neck surgery wed and the only thing i am supposed to take b4 the big day is the drugs they prescribed they say if i even take my natural vitamins that they may interfere with the drugs they r gonna put me on….wtf…im at a loss

  25. Wow. How can he be so two-faced? Somebody must be threatening his life and the lives of his family. I can’t imagine that he would be such a total fuckhead to screw everyone who voted for him. His current policies totally oppose rationality. Something is wrong here. I don’t think this is Obama’s fault. I think he has been set up and other people manipulate him with threats of violence. I’m convinced this kind of crap has been going on for a long time.

    This administration is breaking so many laws…

    The resistance against cannabis legalization is so great that I’m beginning to believe that the federal research programs have found that there are way more benefits than have already been revealed. It’s like they don’t want anyone else to discover these benefits. It rivals the UFO coverup… only we can prove that cannabis exists and that its promises are true. Why are we supporting the criminals who deny us these benefits?

    The Federal Government has proven itself to be an enemy to this country. We need to eject this body of consciousness in the same fashion that cannabinoids eject mutant cells from the body. The DEA is a cancerous tumor. Kill it. Throw it away. We don’t need politicians to tell us what is right. It’s just so obvious that this whole cannabis battle is wrong. I sometimes wish these people would go kill themselves like cancer cells do when exposed to cannabis compounds. The DEA is a terrorist organization that acts exactly like a cancer in society. Kill it before it is too late and we all die. The DEA provides absolutely no benefit to society.

    The Federal law requires that all research be left in the hands of Federal Research projects. What a bunch of SHIT! That means they have a monopoly on research and can eventually manufacture any funky molecules they want out of this wonderfull plant without allowing any outside scientists in on the discoveries.

    I can see a day when the Federal Government becomes a festered splinter that will either kill us with infection or be popped out like a zit on the face of America. I can only hope it is the latter. Either way it is not going to be pretty.

    The Federal Government is a corporation of money sources. It is not really a government entity but it controls government with cash flow. This method of government is corrupt. We’ve fought against this type of thing several times before, but now the infection is quite deep. I’m worried that civil unrest may cause great discomfort in our land.

    Why are these pricks keeping the solution to our problems away from us? Cannabis is nothing more than a vitamin. The laws against it are like posting laws against vitamin C. As long as we remain sick and feeble, we are a minor threat. How more obvious does corruption need to be before we take a stand?

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