8 States May Legalize Marijuana This Year – Did Yours Make the List?

2012 has only just begun and it is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting and active years for marijuana law reform in some time. More than a dozen state legislatures are currently considering reform measures in some respect and 8 states are attempting to put legalization initiatives before voters this November.

Many of these efforts are still in the signature gathering stage. Check out the list below to see if you might be able to vote ‘Yes’ on marijuana legalization in your state this year and how you can get involved to make that a reality. In addition to the legalization initiatives below several states, such as Ohio and Massachusetts, are  working to also put medical marijuana initiatives before voters this year. To stay up to date on all the efforts to reform marijuana laws you can follow our “Legalize It 2012” hub on Facebook and Twitter.


Regulate Marijuana Like Wine

Details: “The “Regulate Marijuana Like Wine” initiative intends to repeal prohibition of marijuana for adults, strictly regulate marijuana, just like the wine industry, allow for hemp agriculture and products while not changing laws regarding medical marijuana, impairment, work place drug laws, or laws regarding vehicle operation. This initiative would also provide specific personal possession exemptions, require dismissal of pending court cases for marijuana possession, and ban the advertising of non-medical marijuana.”

Learn More: www.regulatemarijuanalikewine.com

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act 2012

Details: “Aims to repeal current state criminal laws prohibiting the personal possession, use, transportation, and cultivation of cannabis by adults 19 years of age and older. During the first 180-days following the passage of the Act, the Legislature is authorized to create the California Cannabis Commission. This Commission will develop appropriate regulations for the commercial production and sales of cannabis, including licensing and taxation. Individuals are allowed to possess up to three pounds and grow a 100 sq. ft. canopy without being subject to regulations. It maintains penalties for possession by persons under 19, distribution to persons under 19, and driving while impaired.”

More Info: www.repealcannabisprohibition.org


Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act

Details: “The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012 makes the adult use of marijuana legal, establishes a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol, and allows for the cultivation of industrial hemp.”

More Info: www.regulatemarijuana.org


The 2012 Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Prohibition

Details: “Proposes a state constitutional amend that states: “For persons who are at least 21 years of age who are not incarcerated, marihuana acquisition, cultivation, manufacture, sale, delivery, transfer, transportation, possession, ingestion, presence in or on the body, religious, medical, industrial, agricultural, commercial or personal use, or possession or use of paraphernalia shall not be prohibited, abridged or penalized in any manner, nor subject to civil forfeiture; provided that no person shall be permitted to operate an aircraft, motor vehicle, motorboat, ORV, snowmobile, train, or other heavy or dangerous equipment or machinery while impaired by marihuana.”

More Info: www.help.repealtoday.org


Show-Me Cannabis Regulation

Details: “A constitutional measure which would regulate cannabis like alcohol, provide access to medicine for cannabis patients, and open a market for farming industrial hemp in Missouri.”

More Info:  www.show-mecannabis.com


Montana First: Ending Criminal Penalties for Marijuana

Details: “The new petition is for a proposed amendment to the state constitution. It would add just two sentences to a portion of the constitution concerning adult rights, which already contains a reference to the legal age for the consumption of alcohol. [Stating] Adults have the right to responsibly purchase, consume, produce, and possess marijuana, subject to reasonable limitations, regulations, and taxation.  Except for actions that endanger minors, children, or public safety, no criminal offense or penalty of this state shall apply to such activities.”

More Info: www.montanafirst2012.org


The Nebraska Cannabis Initiative

Details: “Add Proposition 19 to the Nebraska Constitution whose object is to regulate and tax all commercial uses of cannabis, also known as marijuana, and to remove all laws regulating the private, noncommercial use of cannabis.”

More Info: www.neprop19.org


Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2012

Details: “The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 is a citizen’s initiative campaign to regulate marijuana and restore hemp. Just as ending alcohol prohibition and regulating that market has protected society, regulating marijuana will help wipe out crime. Restoring hemp, made from the seeds and stems of the marijuana plant for fuel, fiber and food, will put Oregon on the cutting edge of exciting new sustainable green industries and create untold multitudes of new jobs.”

More Info: www.cannabistaxact.org

Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement: Initiative IP-24

Details: “Currently known as IP-24, the measure would allow adults over 21 to use marijuana for personal use without fear of criminal sanctions. The bill has substantial safeguards to protect children and public safety. With hundreds of signature gatherers on the streets every day, CSLE is confident the measure will appear on the November 2012 ballot.”

More Info: www.ompicampaign2012.org


Initiative 502

Details: “Washington State Initiative Measure No. 502 (I-502) would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over twenty-one; remove state-law criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes; tax marijuana sales; and earmark marijuana-related revenues.”

More Info: www.newapproachwa.org

Get up to the minute updates on all of the marijuana initiatives in play in 2012 by following Legalize It 2012 on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. we need help in northeast louisiana, they will lock you up for stems or seeds here, it’s insanity, on top of that you have to deal with very shady people who rip you off almost eveytime charging $400 oz. of bottom of the barrel c grade, we need some help here more than anywhere please someone step up for us

  2. With two states totally legal and the Feds didn’t sue those two states, this tells us prohabition is over. It isn’t like cannabis is something new. we all know about it and the world is ready to see a forward move for the remaining states to legalize.

    s- smoke
    m- marijuana
    i- it’s
    l- legal
    e- everywhere

  3. Jeff Holley I feel your pain and concern. It is time to move forward. Louisiana does need someone to step up and lessen the penalte. THIS WAR ON PEOPLE (not drugs)IS OVER. Yaaaa hoooooooooo…. UNITED STATES governmennnnnnt, CATCH UP! WE THE PEOPLE ARE WAITING. IT’ YOUR MOVE.

  4. The U.S. government leads the world in most all situations. When it come to being the leader to legalize cannabis they act like an ostrage and put their head in a hole.

  5. Wow Jeff! Your state really does need help. Georgia has harsh penalties but at least the price is reasonable. I can’t believe you pay $400 for something that would only be worth about $40 here!

  6. Although medical marijuana laws in GA have been around since the 80s they are buried under piles of bureaucracy. It seems hopeless. Mind you that Jimmy Carter is from here and had every intention of legalizing it as president but was unable to do so. It’s quite ironic that people serve years in prison for such small amounts of drugs with Georgia’s pro pot past. Thanks three strike rule!

  7. can the good people from norml help us in northeast louisiana? ask willie nelson about getting busted in louisiana for weed, ask snoop dog, it’s is the very worst in northeast louisiana, bastrop, monroe, farmerville, mer rouge and so on, we really seriously need someone to come in and change the way it is sold, $400 oz. of c- grade, we also need someone to come here and help give us change and free us from the baptist preacher controll, nobody will step up here, we need someone to come here to help us,,again someone please help us in northeast louisiana, jeff

  8. Its time to LEGALIZE in LOUISIANA!!! Why in the world Do we live in biased fear of being caught for smoking a blunt or a joint when we commit no crime or action against our neighbor other then offering them a hit to calm down and visit We are all human…We are all capable of seeing past the failed fear filled teachings and We are able to make the one final d

  9. (Continued) ecesion to make things that we want happen all we need is a 1 unbiased spontaneous change of mind …and thT truly defines a dream made into reality

  10. I think to many people are in jail in Louisiana over weed ,i am a grower and i am tired of looking over my shoulder out my window ,i have really bad arthritis and have had several surgeries ,i have been smoking 38 yrs and im 50 my mind is as sharp as it ever was,look how much money the feds are wasting on fighting a losing battle and could make on taxes

  11. We would for sure get out of this recession with the money the feds would make and it will create jobs at the same time,local governments could make very well off of it,we have 6 casino’s where i live and they promised the city the world money for the schools and better the roads well schools are still suffering and the roads are what i call hell holes but it would be nice to call them POT HOLES right where is all of the casino funds going i know lineing city’s politicians pockets,come on legalize it and move with the times this is the 2000’s right ,IT’S TIME TO LEGALIZE IT LOUISIANA,GAIN A BRAIN

  12. lets keep this conversation about Louisiana going so that someone might care and pay attention to the people of Louisiana,we need it to be legalized everywhere in Louisiana, not just new Orleans and baton rouge, i’m talking about all the small towns that people have to fear being caught in, like northeast Louisiana, im sick of people going to jail and being treated like a bank robber or a murderer because they had weed on them, enough is enough,now it is time for the good people of Louisiana to be able to purchase weed without getting ripped off or getting busted, please comment if you live in small town Louisiana!

  13. Its very odd on how what’s naturally healing to those, but what’s not good for is being exploited for world to be plagued by. Then there’s the judicial system in which they believe in wealth before health. Last but not least the deaths of children due to legal drugs, from prescription to alcohol to tobacco. The man made antidotes don’t work what is naturally created does. Think about it!!!!!!!!!

  14. the government and religious bigwigs have been fooling the vast majority of people with lies and deception and foolishness for so long, in reality there has been no deaths since it has been documented 6000 or more years ago, polititions have to have their booze even when it was in prohibition, the polititions freed up the booze that causes so many problems for the drinker and everyone around the boozer but they wont consider freeing up weed. why?????? it is time to stand up for Louisiana(the state with the worst laws against weed and most corrupt polititions and law enforcement)again if your from lousiana speak up now!!! they are not voting on any laws for weed this year and I can’t wait around till im 85 before it gets legalized, I cant wait another year to see if it even going to be on a voting ballot, someone do something now, enough is enough,,how about we quit voting period until they legalize marijuana, I swear that will do it, but we need all smokers to commit to not vote until the state legalizes marijuana, again someone please help us in Louisiana, jeff

  15. I’m just wondering if you are a resident of another state , like Louisiana can yiou place a order inlimevtonnfndioped . I heard they wd let folks buy a quarter oz if from out of state just wondering .

    [Editor’s note: Cannabis in America can’t yet be shipped from point A to point B. For those adults that want to experience legal cannabis consumption, they need to travel to the states of CO and WA. At the end of the trip, to be in accordance with the new laws, all cannabis needs to remain in the state.

    Ideally, in time, cannabis consumers should be able to order the product online or my mail, just like today’s consumers of coffee, pharmaceuticals, beer and wine products. However, for this major change in law to happen the federal prohibition will have to have ended.]

  16. @ Stephanie…

    I suspect your question was serious and sincere, however what the heck is “inlimevtonnfndioped”?

    The editor is correct however, due to federal regulations enacted to protect American citizens transportation of cannabis across state or country borders is controlled by the Interstate Commerce Act. It was enacted around the same time cannabis was prohibited to prevent the interstate sale of machine guns. Both automatic weapons and cannabis have a lot in common! Obviously WE all can see why, lol.

    Until machine guns were taxed excessively in the early 1930’s to prevent their sale, anyone could buy a machine gun, and that contributed to the violence experienced during alcohol prohibition. The federal government passed a machine gun tax and the Interstate commerce act to prevent the sale and transportation of machine guns. They did this as the US Constitution prevented prohibition of an individual to buy a machine gun. They passed an excessive tax on buying one, along with strict regulations in transportation across state lines due to states with less rigid firearms laws.

    Enter cannabis and Reefer Madness. The federal government could not ban cannabis. It was a plant commodity and medicine. Much like hay, broccoli and wheat. Due to the success the federal government found by excessive taxation of machine guns, and if not in compliance the ban on interstate transport, cannabis became as dangerous as a machine gun.

    So the next time you roll up that joint to smoke among friends or alone, just consider the “fact” that what the federal government is assuming, no, determining that what you are doing is you are wielding a Tommy gun…

    It’s any wonder to me why the federal government isn’t passing new regulations declaring cannabis a terrorist weapon similar to a dirty nuke! Since cannabis never was in reality a machine gun, what’s stopping them from considering it a tool of terrorism now?

    A smarter, more educated government? Hardly. If that were the case cannabis would have been rescheduled as non-scheduled given the FACT it is a benevolent plant, and not a weapon!

    Here’s to 2014, and sanity in governments around the world!

  17. We need help in St Tammany parish these sheriff’s and police are crazy locking people up for something that grows naturally but pills are legal with a prescription and that’s what I call a real drug

  18. The Government has locked up a whole generation. Giving millions of people police records, which kept many people from getting good jobs, forcing them to live substandard. Our children had to grow up with the curtains drawn, someone knocks on the door, it was instantly thought to be the police. Just because you smoke pot does not mean your a Piss brain or criminal! Murders, rapist, thieves,child molesters,drink alcohol,smoke cigarettes,take pills etc. and yes some of them smoke pot.Why isn’t alcohol illegal, why aren’t cigs, illegal? I have smoked pot for 47 years, and never ever have I ever smoked a joint and said, Hey you want to go kill somebody, do you want to go steal something, lets go abuse some child. Pot does not make anyone do these things. If you steal your a thief. If you rape your a rapist. If you kill your a murderer.lock up these people, not because they drink, smoke cigs., or smoke pot.Lock them up because they are piss brain criminals. We have been creating a criminal society for forty years. you cant lock up an 18 year old kid for weed and expect him or her to come out of prison a reformed pot smoker!You come out piss off at the world, beat up raped, taught by murderers, rapist rip offs, thieves to be criminals. Why have we put pot smokers in prison with violent crime people. a lot of people from my generation raised their children to hate the Gov.Legalize it!

  19. my wife has ms and refuses pain medicine because it constipates her so time to time we buy pot she does it for pain i lke it for recreational use.either way it should be legal in all staes.come on america get with the time gateway drug yea right.

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