This Week in Weed: February 12th-18th

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The first new installment of “This Week in Weed” of 2012 is now streaming on NORMLtv.

This week, Delaware’s Governor slams the brakes on his state’s medical marijuana program, marijuana decriminalization may go before Detroit voters this year, and NORML announces the dates for our annual Aspen Legal Seminar.

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14 thoughts

  1. Great idea. It needs to be demystified. It’s not your hippie momma’s stuff anymore. – a hippie momma

  2. Yeah, it’s about time to get me a crop in the ground,,,

    People should not be afraid of the government, Government should be afraid of the people!

    How come we can’t view the embedded videos?

    Only YOU can vote out the bad apples and vote in the good apples!

  3. I guess obama doesn’t want to do a second term. To be honest, I’d rather not see him finish this one. I’ve lost any respect I had left for him. He’s just wasting our time, money, and freedom.

    I thought he said he wouldn’t attack state medicinal laws with federal power… Now he is even threatening to bring charges against state employees and elected officials? What a bunch of crap!

    Why are we so concerned about the terrorists from overseas when the biggest terrorist threats are right here in our own government? The DEA, ATF, drug czar, and a bunch of others. I use to work closely with them until I just couldn’t stomach it any longer. Kicking doors in on old ladies and laughing about it. Shooting pets and laughing about it. Destroying cash crops of sovreign American Indian Nations. Imprisoning harmless comedians… Now they want to imprison our elected officials. What a bunch of sick fucks! This is INCORRECT!!!!!

    This would make a great movie…. I just wish it were fiction.

    These people have destroyed this country by destroying our faith in humanity. Well over 50 percent of the 50 states have moved toward some form of legalization and the federal government is STILL fighting it all the way! Why? Any educated person knows it isn’t the dangerous drug they say it is. They know they are lying.

    Only legal for Federal Research? Seems to me they are researching in all the wrong places because there has been no benefit from their research for the people of this country. For at least 12,000 years The People have done the research and know the benefits. I’m convinced that 12,000 years of experience beats the hell out of way less than 40 years of Federal Research. I personally don’t give a damn if the federal research labs just close down. They are apparently worthless on this matter anyway. We could probably save a lot of money there. Sure, some people would be out of a job, but not nearly as many people who have their lives ruined by the illegal laws. We could easily give degrees in botany for the study of this plant in our universities without the freaking laws.

    Why did Bill Clinton get so much flack about a blow job when these guys go around destroying peoples lives and lying to everyone in the United States on a daily basis and congress doesn’t even give a shit?

    Something is seriously wrong when the government doesn’t listen to over fifty percent of the people. The Constitution was designed to correct this type of situation. These jerks knew it was designed to correct this situation so they made preparations for revolt to make it nothing more than a justifiable slaughter of the people when we did revolt. We would become the terrorists. They would be guiltless defenders.

    I no longer have a sense that the whole thing is about money. It has to do with reducing the population or something. They desire us to rise up so they can legally kill us in the streets. So many people want to be king or something. Okay, legalize pot and *PING* your are king. Works for me.

    Paranoia? Then you tell me why they would fight this with such intense attacks upon The Constitution that it actually becomes our duty to pick up arms? This has become serious stuff. The Federal Government is crushing the United States. America is falling. Please help.

    These laws are WRONG! They are so wrong it makes the lawmakers criminals. Look at this crap. The Federal powers have just entered a serious war with the State powers. This is no joke folks. They’ve threatened to arrest elected officials if those officials do the things they were elected to do. This is a coup… It is a very serious offense. The Federal Government is out of control. It is dysfunctional. It must be corrected. Why can’t Congress see this? That is what they are there for. Get off your ass!

    This goes beyond the laws against cannabis and the drug war. This has entered another level of evil that goes beyond anything I’ve ever learned about in school. Except for maybe a Catholic school I went to until 4th grade…

    I was gonna stop ranting, but then I moved to another thought. Maybe the federal research programs found something that they aren’t willing to share and they don’t want anyone else finding it because of its immense power 🙂 There’s another movie!

    Now I’ve moved on to another point of view. I think I deserve disability benefits because my mind has been twisted in so many different directions by the lies of this government that I can’t function in a rational manner. Lies have become legal truth. This is obviated by my obsession with the legalization of cannabis as a beneficial plant and it ain’t happening.

    These visions show me that the federal government is an enemy to the people. They aren’t protecting anything but their own assets. They have absolutely nothing to do with protecting our freedoms.

    Okay, federal government – protect our country – but leave the country to the people. We want cannabis to be legal. That should be obvious. Go fight your wars – but stop fighting them in this country because it was founded on freedom. When you start to threaten our elected officials you have become a traitor and a terrorist. Your actions are going to totally disrupt this entire country if you continue on this path. Disband the DEA! They are criminals!

    What the hell is wrong with you, Obama? Can’t you see how wrong it is to do what you have done? You’ve made yourself into a dictator by blocking popular vote with force. The people have every right to do what they can to stop you. I would like to put you in jail for a stunt like that. Don’t even run for a second term – you will be wasting our money and more of our time.

    What an incredibly stupid move that shows you are nothing but a store bought trinket for the federal reserve.

    Cannabis must be legalized. Well, what else can I say? It’s true…

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