Rhode Island: Governor Signs Legislation Authorizing State-Licensed Medical Marijuana ‘Compassion Centers’

Governor Lincoln Chafee signed legislation into law this week authorizing the creation of state-licensed ‘compassion centers’ to engage in the production and distribution of cannabis for authorized patients. It is the second time since 2009 that state lawmakers have approved legislation allowing for the state regulation of medical marijuana facilities.

Under the new law, Senate Bill 2555, health regulators will license three not-for-profit entities, known as ‘compassion centers,’ to operate within the state. Compassion centers will not be allowed to cultivate more than 150 cannabis plants on the premises at any one time, only 99 of which may be mature. Centers will also be restricted to possessing no more than 1,500 ounces of usable product at any one time.

Lawmakers have suggested that the imposed statutory limits will lower the likelihood of federal law enforcement officials interfering with the implementation of the law. At least one other state, New Mexico, imposes similar caps on authorized dispensaries.

State lawmakers initially enacted legislation allowing for the authorization of ‘compassion centers’ in 2009. However, Gov. Chafee suspended the law in 2011, stating, “[L]arge-scale commercial operations such as Rhode Island’s compassion centers (would) be potential targets of ‘vigorous’ criminal and civil enforcement efforts by the federal government.” Earlier this year, Gov. Chafee agreed to revisit the issue and to work with lawmakers to amend the law so that a limited number of small-scale distribution centers could apply for state licenses.

In response to the legislature’s actions, US Attorney Peter Neronha has said he will continue to oversee the enforcement federal drug laws. However, he has not specifically said whether ‘compassion centers’ will be targeted.

Three states – Colorado, Maine, and New Mexico – presently issue licenses to allow for the state-sanctioned production and distribution of cannabis. So far, dispensary facilities in those states have operated largely without federal interference.

Similar licensing legislation approved in recent years in Arizona, New Jersey, Vermont, and Washington, DC has yet to be implemented by local lawmakers.

In February, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell announced that he was suspending the implementation of a similar licensing program in that state.

Rhode Island lawmakers legalized the limited use and cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in 2006. Over 3,000 Rhode Islanders are presently authorized under state law to use cannabis.

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  1. Inactive going active. Other states and D.C. go active on patient distribution, too!

    This is the story of The Three Little Pigs.

    The Big Bad Wolf can’t blow down all their houses at the same time.

    A string of the MMJ programs on hold going active is a big brick wall that isn’t going to give way.

    Double Dip Recession to hit in January 2013 when Greece may leave the Eurozone, Bush tax cuts expire and the automatic budgetary cuts at the federal level kick in because too many federal politicians who know prohibition is a failure are afraid to do something, so they’ll just let it happen with the automatic cuts so no one gets the blame from the Americans they’ve been lying to all these years and have swallowed their lies hook, line and sinker.

    Cannabis, worldwide, is a great new revenue source and source of some jobs. It gives the U.S. a reason and a revenue stream to be in strategic countries around the world and actually help the nations in nation building themselves.

    Jump on the bandwagon!

    The Beat Goes On


    Sonny & Cher

  2. Yay Rhode Island! It’s a baby step in the right direction; that direction being legalization for adults who want to use it for whatever purpose…

    Now, if only the ignorant leaders in Virginia (Rep. Frank Wolf in particular) would get on board this train that is moving through our once great nation, the millions of us living here would be ever so much happier…

  3. it’s not “…a great new revenue source…” when it has been being utilized for thousands of years… i’d say it’s a great OLD revenue that many societies have successfully collected.

  4. When will we have our chance to vote on the issue in Illinois? I know it won’t be this year.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Rhode Island residents did not ‘vote’ on this issue. They successfully lobbied their state elected officials and the Governor to enact this reform via the legislative process. Illinois voters must do likewise.]

  5. Right, so in that sense it is an “old” revenue source, but since the feds have not used cannabis as a revenue source, it has yet to be tapped. The argument is framed in a way to make sense to a prohibitionist, not you.

  6. From: Steve Kroft Blog ~ CBS 60 Minutes®

    Don’t Vote this election or until the DEA re-classifies Cannabis from a Type-1 NARCOTIC to A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE.

    Why support anyone that doesn’t support you and feed the same circle that excludes your civil rights? Nothing else will work. The DEA won’t stop unless someone puts a stick in their spokes and votes and publicity will change the course. More and more news articles contain notable public figures, who are sick and tired of having their lives and health-comfort disrupted by the united efforts of the Alcohol Brewers of America and the DEA, in eliminating Safe Access of Cannabis (aka, marijuana) for which they make many claims (“mortal risk for Americans??”) without one shred of evidence.
    WHEN WILL 60 MINUTES INVADE THE OFFICES and IDEOLOGY of “SYRIAN-STYLE” authoritarian PERSECUTION of Cannabis Users. WHERE ARE OUR CIVIL RIGHTS protected by the DEA’s refusal to go on CAMERA and EXPLAIN to we their “paycheck writers” why MARIJUANA is viewed as So-Got-Dang-Evil that they can’t bare to talk about it ? Who does the DEA think they’re not talking to?

  7. It is a start and hopefully this continues to bring a better quality of life for those patients who need the medicine.
    Thanks Rhode Island.

  8. I simply can’t condone the “no vote” action being thrown out here. If we refuse to vote, they still win. voting is a privilege, not a right. if you dont think so, then look at felons who can no longer vote….it has been taken away. you can’t take away rights. when you dont vote, you have taken away your own ability to speak out on the issues.

  9. kirk,

    if you don’t vote at all, it’s one less vote that a prohibitionist has to worry about. it makes it easier for them to stay in office. say for instance that both parties are opposed to any form of legalization…well, choose the lesser of the two evils. say one canidate is hard nosed and unwilling to listen or compromise on the issue (like the a-holes i have in office here that won’t even return a letter). and the other canidate is opposed, but willing to hold audience and at least listen to the pro arguements. that’s a foot in the door. we need someone who will give our voice a public forum to be heard. it’s all about education. you, i, and everyone else on this site knows the facts…but the general population is still subject to all of the old propaganda that comes from those 3 letter agencies you speak of. not all will listen, we want to speak to those who will, or at least those capable of being objective.

    simply not voting is not the answer. in fact, it may serve to lengthen prohibition.

  10. Brian Bilbray – Congress
    “…Some of the concerns with using marijuana for medical use are that because of its organic nature it cannot be placed into a proper dosage for the patient and it must be smoked which is harmful to the patients lungs. As a result, I am working to encourage the Food and Drug Administration to approve a drug currently available in Europe and Canada that distributes a real cannabis extract through a spray which addresses the very real concerns that have been raised. To this end, I have introduced H.R. 5334 with Congresswoman Diana Degette (D-CO), which would expedite the development and review of new drugs which affect people with cancer and AIDS among other diseases…..”
    This has “wipe-out-weed, kif, hash” implications. What’s NORML’s view?

  11. Joe,
    This statement from 5-30-12 changes the game and because it’s a republican wagon (built better) everyone in Washington is going to jump on it and say they invented the idea, when 6 months ago you couldn’t get opinion-one from Bilbray on the positive for MMJ and his daughter Briana medicates and advocates.
    Not one leading candidate had expressed any positive opinion about MJ and while not a B.O supporter, if it weren’t for Obama, we wouldn’t have been able to have the MMJ network foundation established in California, before he had to flip on the issue. Thanks big-time for the former. 🙂
    Imo, having the MJ spray recognized by the republican hardliners sends a clear message to Ma & Pa in Burnt Stump, USA, who have no television or radio, that finally for sure, the Federal Government has attached it’s Seal of Approval of the organic ingredients within Marijuana, and it’s OK to ingest – and “By Golly…”I’m going to go out and get a “script” and try that MMJ out for my chronic constipation”.

    That’s a WIN.

    Let the free market begin !

  12. OK folks its time to make a stand. The only thing that can get things done is money and votes. Most of us have voting rights, some have money. Email this message to your elected officials and stand firm. Also send to like minded friends and family:
    To the President, Members of the US Congress, State and local elected officials:

    Criminal marijuana prohibition is a failure. Over 20 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses since 1965 with over 800,000 arrests in 2010. The problem is getting worse – not because of the benign plant, but because of the obsolete laws. The time has come to amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of legalization, taxation, regulation, and education.

    I can no longer vote for elected officials that support the the current laws. I have decided not to vote for any politician that does not publicly support the removal of all penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including cultivation for personal use, and casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts.



    USE OUR POWER WISELY NOW!!! and then hold our cards in Reserve until we garner their support.


  14. These are California Legislators, but the message is Federal and the needs are more “minds working for us”.
    Message from Congressman Brian Bilbray (50th Congressional District)
    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:16 PM

    Dear Mr. Perry :

    Thank you for contacting me with your thoughts regarding the Rohrabacher amendment to H.R. 5326, the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2013.

    As you may know, the Rohrabacher amendment to H.R. 5326 would prohibit the Department of Justice from using federal funds to prevent the implementation of state laws authorizing the use of medical marijuana. Currently, 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing the use of marijuana for the treatment of diseases from cancer to AIDS.

    Under current law, specifically the Controlled Substances Act (P.L. 91-513), marijuana is considered a Schedule I narcotic meaning that its cultivation, use, or possession is a federal crime.

    Marijuana, because of its organic nature, cannot be placed into a proper dosage for the patient and must be smoked – which is harmful to the patients lungs. As a result:

    “I am working to encourage the Food and Drug Administration to approve a drug currently available in Europe and Canada that distributes a real cannabis extract through a spray which addresses the very real concerns that have been raised. To this end, I have introduced H.R. 5334 with Congresswoman Diana Degette (D-CO), which would expedite the development and review of new drugs which affect people with cancer and AIDS among other diseases.”

    Considering the fact that the authority to regulate controlled substances such as Marijuana resides with the federal government and that there are other treatments available to treat cancer and AIDS,

    I voted against the Rohrabacher amendment when it came before me in the House of Representatives. The amendment failed by a margin of 84-335 and as a result was not included in the final bill when it passed the House on May 10, 2012.

    Please be assured that as we continue to discuss issues related to medical marijuana, I will keep your thoughts in mind.


    Brian Bilbray
    Member of Congress
    Folks, this is the same rubber-stamp “NO” issued by both Bilbray (R) and Feinstein (D) since 2010 and a dictionary example of what bi-partisan means.
    It doesn’t matter who gets elected…no body is going to be able to force the DEA to re-classify cannabis to a controlled substance and NOT a NARCOTIC.
    Forgetaboutit, unless the MMJ issue gets put to a vote in a federal election and the people vote the DEA DOWN.
    You will not find any Republican that supports anything but the inhaler and that will be strictly enforced for all but the terminally ill.
    If NORML is without direction, how about keeping status-quo on dispensaries in San Diego now, like SDDC (next to the strip joint) on Midway.
    How about standing up in both republican and democratic fund raisers and demanding some answers.
    Don’t let the politicians bully our unorganized masses. Make some noise or we won’t be heard well before November. The only thing we “can be assured of” is Mr. Bilbray and Ms. Feinstein are in lock-step because they party orders them so. Both are canned in D.C. and worthless to change. Barbara Boxer like Filner are sympathetic but what else?

    I would have scheduled an appointment with Ms. Feinstein as NORML requested, until I received Bilbrays email.
    Either one of those puppets would nod their heads, but they don’t care, unless there’s an opportunity to act like they’re “empty-sponsoring” just for votes.
    Bob Filner’s power to do anything is limited. No one person can get past the DEA and that will continue to be used as their excuse. Boo!
    NO VOTING and we’d better make a NATIONAL SLOGAN OF IT or create a unifying slogan that will keep people away from the polls in November. THREATEN NOW – to get the media jitterbugging about the “Voting Boycott” before July.
    Yes? or What then? Whatchagot?

  15. San Diego U~T – Editorial Center-Page Fri. 6/15
    “Uninformed citizens & low voter participation are silent threats to our democracy.” – June/7/12, Tony Young, S.D. City Council President

    “Voter participation for the previous 10 presidential primary elections (40 yrs.) is only about 50-percent.
    Final figures for June 5, 2012 are not yet in, but drew barely more than 29-percent of voters statewide.
    San Diego County turnout was somewhat better, at about 36-percent. The city of San Diego, where a mayor’s race and two contentious ballot initiatives, had only 38.4-percent.
    And more astounding because 67-percent of very hip voters, do so by mail, natch.
    Voters respond to stimulus and all the ballots and initiatives had an anti-stimulative effect.
    That’s the real threat to our economy” – (truncated text for brevity) Editor, San Diego U~T.

    So, the candidates are deathly afraid of low voter turn out.
    And this is why we need to organize cannabis users to NOT VOTE in NOVEMBER.
    Doing so is going to wreck the politicians vote forecast. If NORML gets a No Vote Campaign started, I will post the news on Cyril’s site, which is the Biker World’s “morning paper” (broadcast from Florida daily at 4:30 a.m. (EST).


    I need to be selective in what I say (Florida is controlled by the church), but when I find an “In” that blends with a topic, and I’ve been occasionally allowed to “bend” into a topic, in the past, then I will post it (them).

    So, NORML has the biker world in their pocket. Biker’s are a reliable world of people, who know the value and effectiveness of petitions. That would be biker’s from all the (17) states and D.C. on our side.
    Create a “No Vote” plan and count us in.

  16. Does anyone know? Is any one alive from the year 1937, that remembers why Marijuana was determined to be a Class-1 Narcotic?

    Cannabis was available everywhere between 1850-1936. Did the government find that people who used cannabis stayed home and refused to work a regular 40-hour week?
    Was reefer madness real? Did students smoke pot and then break the necks off of Pepsi bottles and jab the glass-shard necks into their faces as the film depicts?

    What happened to make cannabis OK during pre-1936 and not in 1937?

    Is everyone in America stupid to why we lost the right to use cannabis?

    We’re sure that’s why the DEA won’t allow hemp for commercial use. Too hard to spot the real thing from the fiber thing.

    Alcohol is the same chemical composition today that is was in the year 1.
    What made alcohol different that deterred the alcohol prohibitionist? Nothing, except the will of the people (over 50-percent we’d guess).

    I think NORML should “reverse engineer” the “Alcohol Prohibitionist Failed Attempt” at keeping poison out of dad’s reach and harming the family structure, and do the same with marijuana. Find out what worked with the “alcohol-fiends” that got them their liquor back and play it back on the cannabis prohib’s.
    Sounds like we need a lot of pro-cannabis voters.

    Clothing made of hemp is softer than cotton and lasts 3 times as long.

    I think we’re getting close to the reason(s)the alky controlled population have the country in a death-grip . It’s all about money and control.

    It’s always about money, so let’s roll out how much marijuana brought to the tax table in California. HOW MUCH TAX MONEY DID POT CONTRIBUTE TO THE “STATE POT” IN 2011 ?

    that’s why the DEA not only, cannot close-down ALL dispensaries in San Diego, they MUST provide the same highest commercial quality-meds at $50. maximum 1/8 price.
    THERE IS NO WAY THE DEA CAN CLOSE DOWN THE SDDC® DISPENSARY ON MIDWAY DR. (next to the strip joint). Period. If they do, then they have to open another one, before the SDDC closes.
    We don’t hear S.D. city attorney Jan (“I’ll close every dispensary in S.D.”) Goldsmith complaining do we? Not a peep from city hall.

    Another federal steam-release mechanism is the VA. The MMJ (civil) WAR can be won through the Armed Forces Veterans Administration.
    I personally made an in-road towards the VA’s accepting marijuana-use admissions from Vets, without disqualifying the Vets from federal medical treatment programs in 2010.
    My participation in the Veteran’s Hep-C program put me in the position to challenge the La Jolla branch of the VA, to accept marijuana as a (here’s the key folks, listen and plan) PROVEN ANTI-NAUSEA deterrent and remedy.
    Note: Currently in the the world at large, there is no pill for nausea that works without making the patient tired. Prilosec® [s.i.c.] is useless against the nausea of chemotherapy (weekly interferon injections). Marijuana use enables a patient to overcome nausea (and even the slightest trace of nausea will wreck your morning completely – from the start. Your “day” it’s over before it began).
    AND, because the V.A. accepted the NAUSEA REMEDY, they passed a VA-law that protected Vets from MMJ persecution. THAT WAS A FEDERAL WIN. Do you understand?
    Because the V.A. ACCEPTED MMJ for Nausea Relief, they HAD to prescribe me GUAIFENESIN (guaff-fin-nee-son) to thin-out the excess Phlegm cause by interferon, which helped with the phlegm caused by the expectorant marijuana.
    Do you see the connection?
    Well there is one. The VA now cannot disqualify MMJ users within the VA system. That’s federal. That’s an unlocked door that has been left cracked-open. “MMJ FOR NAUSEA” “MMJ FOR NAUSEA” “MMJ FOR NAUSEA” – a for real cure.
    Side note: Marijuana smoked is an expectorant. The body produces mucous non-stop daily, gallons of the it. In the morning, if you smoke, be SURE and first drink two full glasses of water. Reason? When expectorating, the mucous is only semi-soluble in water. There are other reason for that, but when it comes time to expectorate, if the mucous isn’t pre-thinned, you’ll spend valuable time trying to “hack one up”.
    Not so with proper water consumption – the mucous gets thinned and runs down the back of your throat like it should. Hep-C patients should drink one gallon (but no more) of water a day to “run-right”. Mass water intake daily makes you feel good and most of the good stuff in you is all slightly-soluble, so it takes alot of water to release those.
    Think outside the box we’ve been given. Tear that box down.

  18. June 19, 2012
    Thank you for taking time to contact my office and share your thoughts on Senate Bill 1182 (Leno). I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

    SB 1182 would guarantee that business entities operating within guidelines set by the Attorney General shall not be subject to prosecution for marijuana possession or commerce. This bill also provides that the employees, officers and members of business entities operating within the Attorney General’s guidelines shall not be subject to prosecution for marijuana commerce. This measure was approved by the Senate Committee on Public Safety by a vote of 5-2 and will next be heard on the Senate Floor however, no hearing dates have been scheduled at this time. Should this measure come before me, I will be sure to keep your concerns in mind.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Should you have another concern related to state government, please do not hesitate to contact me again in the future.


    MARK WYLAND (Republican)
    Senator, 38th District

  19. ~ HEMP ~
    Here’s how tight of a grip the USA Cotton Council has on American Garment Textiles:
    Just try (or don’t it’s a waste of time) to purchase even (3) yds. of 8.5 oz. 100% cotton twill (khaki or broadcloth) to make a pair of trousers.
    There is no where on the internet, for sale (3) yards or even bolts of 8.5 oz. 100% cotton twill. There are poly/cotton blends, but remnants get sold to independent fabric shops and beyond that outlet it is a closed shop.
    In order for HEMP to be re-introduced into America, Cotton must go. There’s not room for two.
    Extrapolate those facts on out – and you’ll find a conspiracy of Masons, Shriners, Zionist, and Knights of Columbus that put the kibosh on Cannabis in 1937. Harry J. Anslinger was of those, one might presume, even without checking – which is what they did in 1936, and found marijuana to prevalent to build an empire on.

  20. Attack the foundation of the 1937 Marijuana Narcotic designation Harrison Act.
    At exactly what point in time:
    What day, what hour, what minute, and WHO was in the room, on or before 1937, to make the decision that Marijuana was a (now in 2012) Mortal Threat to Society? We’re pretty sure Harrison signed-off on the “Act”.
    What else now 75 years later?
    What made Marijuana a narcotic?

    When will all of the “Human Behavior Statistics” (including a listing every violation of any kind), from all registered patients, garnered from the SDDC® MMJ dispensary be made available to NORML??

    NORML needs those stats to rail against “Dead Harrison Act of 1937” and it’s underpinnings which provided the “NARCOTIC” handle that Pot got.

  21. Here’s what we’re doing in San Diego:

    ~ Medical Marijuana Annual Parade ~
    Back to “As the Marijuana World Turns in San Diego County”: After being forced-out of my 4th MMJ Home at the SDDC, by using WeedMaps®, I found a local delivery service that provides $50. top shelf buds, locally grown, for a $45. one-eighth price. The Green Nectar is behind the beach cities petitions to operate MMJ storefronts.
    Iron Lung is deliver in SDNC. Both deliver to San Diego North County.
    Both have a portion of their menu’s devoted to “Tested Meds”.
    “Tested” $45. 1/8 meds are becoming the demand amongst patients. We don;t see that price in Orang COunty and L.A., many are still pricing meds at $60. and $65.
    As the DEA forces store front dispensary’s to close in S.D., more delivery operations are springing-up. And, the delivery services operate in farm practices, where one dispensary will buy from another grower, add $5.00 and sell for $50. just to keep their menu fully stocked for deliveries.

    The DEA’s plan now has morphed into propagation of delivery services, because they reach more people and more growers get legally established. It’s not illegal to be a grower if you play by the rules. Everyday, more people are growing.
    If everyone in California grew a couple of plants, it would be hard for the DEA to be Syrian about cannabis.

    What NORML lacks after 35 years of existence is a state-wide “Medical Marijuana Day Parade”.
    No one is really aware of Medical Marijuana because we do not have T.V. coverage.
    If we organize a state ” Medical Marijuana Awareness Parade” we will, because stations will compete, because we will educate the truth, that MARIJUANA IS NOT A CLASS-1 NARCOTIC.

    Floats in the parade will include one from the Veterans Administration. The floatees will stage an “operations” theme, where one vet at the front of the float is taking a once weekly injection of Interferon, the second-staged vet would be nauseous and throwing up into a bucket. The 3rd vet would be smoking a bong-load of weed, and the 4th vet on the float would be gorging on fresh fruit and smoothies packed with protein and smiling.

    Bob Filner can lead the parade.

    Does this make any sense at all?

  22. ~ Stop the DEA ~

    Don’t Vote in November

    “Last month, DEA director, Ms. Leonhart, BA (Criminology), testified as an unqualified medical spokesperson for the DEA before Congress, that she believed that heroin and marijuana posed similar threats to the public’s health because, in her opinion, “all illegal drugs are bad.”

    – NORML 7/2/12

    That’s it. Ms. Leonhart, who is not a medical doctor, and holds a 4-year degree in criminology, somehow has “channeled” every legal and health related issue, and every single crime status report from all over America, to arrive with an empty-handed conclusion, and without a shred of medical evidence, that:

    “Heroin and Marijuana pose similar threats (similar? What frickin’ threat?) and that all illegal drugs are bad.”
    Well….how are you going to argue with that? It’s a drug-lord dictatorship. The DEA won’t come clean about cannabis, so you KNOW they have something to hide, along with the ATF, who’s problems are forever buried from public scrutiny. Same old story, year after year after year.
    Ms. Leonhard is TOLD WHAT TO SAY, BY ANOTHER ENTITY. She has no real knowledge about cannabis, only the same old boilerplate of a Stonewaller, protecting the interest of alcohol producers.
    Here is what scares them deeply to the core of their existence, even NORML:



    Believe that then…… your “voice” will be heard loud and clear.


  23. In California today, but a plan for all states. Thanks NORML!

    Thank you for taking time to contact my office and share your thoughts on Assembly Bill 2312 (Ammiano). I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

    AB 2312 would create a nine-member Board of Medical Marijuana Enforcement to regulate the medical marijuana industry and to collect fees from medical marijuana businesses to be deposited into a new Medical Marijuana Fund. In addition, it would authorize local taxes on medical marijuana up to 5%. This measure was approved by the Assembly by a vote of 41-30 and will next be heard in the Senate. Should it come before me, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Should you have another concern related to state government, please do not hesitate to contact me again in the future.


    Senator, 38th District

  24. Where’s WeedMaps® online defense for L.A. pot shop closures? Are they with us the patients or for themselves again? Sitting and waiting for weed revenues to roll in until they get a letter of cease & desist from the DEA?

    What are the dispensaries plans to deal with the L.A. closures pending? Let all shops close but for a “steam release valve” few to stay open but serve many? Why are we waiting like refugees in a fenced compound, waiting to accept whatever the DEA hands-down?

    Don’t Vote in November, if the DEA does not have co-existing plan for L.A., announcing a list of permitted dispensaries that will operate in Los Angeles, just as they do In San Diego.
    As forewarned earlier this year, San Diego was the “testing ground” for the DEA’s weed management program.
    San Diegan’s listen up! Here’s the breakdown of my last MMJ sales ticket:
    7/26/12 • Dispensary transaction: # 17,3818
    (27) employees
    1/8 Mack-10 (2) @ $46.40 – Extended….. $92.81
    State & Local Tax….. 7.19
    (The dispensary paid the tax for us. We’re getting 23.3/.45/na/ meds for $46.40)

    You can see that I was transaction # 17,338. If those customers only donated for a 1/4 oz. then…let’s multiply by 7.19……and get..wow…$124,660.22 Really? Tax money that goes to San Diego? Any? None?
    We can change the direction of the tax flow dollars and the minds of the public, but we need a National Forum perch other than this site or WeedMaps®, which we’re thankful for, but aren’t they now a “ceiling” to representing California’s largest cash crop?

    Does NORML have a delegate(s) that will attend press conferences from now to November, and ASK Mitt R. and Barack O. what plan they have for ending the Civil Rights-War between MMJ patients and the DEA – face to face for all to hear? If no, why not?
    How much longer will the “Cat & Mouse” go on as a national distraction?
    Thanks to the DEA for removing the poisons

    “Bath Salts” and “Spice” from warehouses in

    North County, and helping sieve an un-filtered opinion of “Cannabis” FROM “Chemicals”, to a society kept in the dark for 75 years, still fearful and steeped in lies about the so-called “Killer Marihuana!”. Fight Back!

  25. Are we prepared for the Romney Administration?

    My most recent reply from Diane Feinstein (D) Calif., was that she was “concerned” about trace amounts of tHc in Industrial Hemp, which is old guard speak for “show me how IndyHemp can be genetically altered to have zero tHc and I’m on board”.

    Hemp is THE plant that will re-introduce cannabis to society. Once the public becomes saturated with how long clothing lasts, the blenda-bility with other fabrics, seed oil as fuel the world will turn. Note: The first Levi’s (antique picker’s are now pulling from NorCal mine shaft cubby-holes) were hemp.

    Hemp (even Gen-Hemp) should be a combined target with MMJ.

    Look out for the USA Cotton Council and the pesticide mfgrs. – and start looking for Hemp Support now, before November.
    The more you read about the benefits of hemp, the more it makes sense, and why was Industrial Hemp abandoned in 1938?

    Press the issue at press conferences.

  26. Okay, well it’s August 22, 2012 and unless the current administration slides us into aerial combat above Syria, B. Obama’s term is over. Thanks to him, imo, (and not G. Bush) we established a network of pesticide-tested 23.8+ % tHc medications that work for us.
    How will we be accepted by the Republican party GOP? By face to face.
    How are the Washington D.C. collectives preparing for the new Republican administration? Montel WIlliams is a principal in a prominent MMJ dispensary, according to CBS. He’s a public figure. How about him meeting with Mitt Romney today and ask those questions. Doesn’t even need to be televised, just “quoted” from transcript.
    Why should we not know what the Romney-Ryan’s administrations plans are for directing the DEA in the future? We’re being lured into status-quo complacency, imo. Once Romney wins, do we?
    How many years of investment do you have monitoring and participating in the fight for the truth about MMJ?
    Have we ever been told an exact reason for the federal law against marijuana?
    We’ll be in Washington D.C between October 20-27 as tourist. If I can help NORML in any way, let me know, as I am eager to ask the questions myself, and then report what I’ve learned.

  27. Steve Kroft Blog
    by Hydra-Glide August 29, 2012 2:57 PM EDT
    ~ The GOP hasn’t announced their position on Medical Marijuana. ~

    I’m a “permanent status” absentee voting Republican and ex-felon (hashish importer), and medical marijuana user. I do not drink alcohol.

    The Republican Party stands for two things (regardless of our individual opinions):
    1. Less government spending.
    2. A human moral “bottom of the barrel” code that must continually try and protect every fetus before conception.
    That’s it.
    Concerning #2, if there was no group that spoke for the unborn, then no one would. We as Republicans must stand firm on this foundation that protects even slightest possibility, that “life exist” at any time beyond that “instant” of conception (which in turn gives our group a foundation base to operate from, see? We can be “under-cut from our moral stance before that “instant”.) We fluff our pillows up at night with that security.
    The reality of everyday living for Republicans, is that we’re glad that a “moral foundation exists”, but 95% of us would be relieved to have that abortion-option open for unwanted pregnancies if a need arose, and in concert with the morals-thing, Do Not as a “group” want the federal government to subsidized abortion 100%, so we gotta say we’re against abortion. Does that make any sense? We hope so, because this also ties in to #1 of less government spending.
    What you’ve just read above represents the newest branch of the Grand Old Party, known collectively as the GNP (Grand NEW Party). We’re the group of disenfranchised Medical Marijuana patients and users, who have insight enough to “see through” the political-speak b.s. and we’re not going to be given the continued “run-a-round” that deprives us of our civil rights, and has since marijuana was demonized in 1937.

    What-Was-The-Reason-For-Outlawing-Marijuana-in America in 1937?

    What-Was-The-Reason-For-Outlawing-Marijuana-in America in 1937?

    Alcohol ruins lives. Marijuana does not.
    Alcohol causes fetal-damage syndrome. Marijuana does not.
    Alcohol makes people dangerous. Marijuana does not.
    Marijuana is reported to be destructive to pre-18 yr. old DAILY USERS.
    What does repeated ALCOHOL binge/ingestion cause in pre-18 yr. old brains? Sis-boom-ba…rah,rah,rah. Have another “kegger” nitwits. Get stupid. Who’s footing the bill for that line of thinking? Does it hurt?

    Marijuana has not been given a fair shake since 1937.

    What-Was-The-Reason-For-Outlawing-Marijuana-in America in 1937?

    Alcohol leads to Heroin use, not Marijuana. Think about it. Alcohol breaks down inhibition and sound judgement (i.e; vehicular accidents, not Marijuana).

    Marijuana, especially that of a 24+% tHc content provides insight and introspection, not meanness.

    What’s (Mr. TeaParty), PAUL RYAN GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT today at the convention?

    Here’s what I have to say to you.

    If I ever read another slant-article about Republican Mark Wyland in the Union Tribune, criticizing his lack of being present for a vote, for which he gave good reason, (by not being redundant in voting for a bill being covered in future amendments, where he will be present to vote, and or excluding him from the “loop”, for his supporting the “States Right to Choose Medical Marijuana Policy”, then you’ll be hearing from me, @ CBS, again.

  28. SteveKroftBlog:

    ~ Paul Ryan and Cannabis Strategy ~

    If the (my) Republican Party is WISE, they will allow Paul Ryan to

    convince Mitt Romney that “States Should Decide” on the Cannabis issue;

    follow Paul Ryan’s “early-lead on state’s choice” (before the Demo’s

    can comment) and convince the fence-sitting public (me included) to

    vote Republican in November and “move on” to the dire needs of the

    country (which aren’t going to be affected one way or another by

    cannabis… except for the tax revenue).

    The (17) free-states have already proven that they can handle the

    situation – don’t let the Federal Government continue to muddle-up

    the marijuana issue. The DEA cannot win the Marijuana War. Make the

    DEA use our tax money on eradicating hard drugs and precursor

    chemicals. The DEA Can DO That Job Well.

    We the people own the DEA.

    Do not let the DEA control our suburban living. CHANGE THINGS BEFORE

    NOVEMBER. Make them go away – or continue to suffer under the “deck

    shuffling” tactics… of the little predators. Wake Up!

  29. “Seventeen states – including Colorado – and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that allow for the limited legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

    Immediately following Ryan’s public remarks, however, campaign aids told reporters that Ryan “agrees” with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney views opposing any liberalization of cannabis prohibition. Romney has previously stated: “I would not legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. … I know there are some on the Democratic side of the aisle who will be happy to get in your campaign. But I’m opposed to it, and if you elect me president, you’re not going to see legalized marijuana. I’m going to fight it tooth and nail.”
    – Mitt Romney (prohibitionist)


    • Don’t Vote for Romney-Ryan.
    • Ryan is a party puppet.
    • Romney will destroy everything NORML people have worked for over the last 36 years.

    If Obama doesn’t support states rights to choose, and say so before November, then DON’T VOTE at all.
    NO Representation…NO VOTE AT ALL.

  30. The DEA estimates that 1,000 to 1,500 people use medical marijuana in San Diego County.

    Actually we believe the number of prescribed patients to be thousands higher.

    San Diego needs to create a Medical Marijuana Rally in a stadium. The attendance would rival that of a yearly Jehovah’s Witness gathering.

    The voting public needs to be aware of the support our organization has. We are a voting block. If NORML has a rally in San Diego, it will let the public know who we are and that we’re prepared to fight for our state voted right to smoke weed and have tested meds available 365 days of the year.
    And, we will keep fighting for our rights and vote or not vote at all accordingly as a “group”, so our support will have an impact.

    Other states should plan events as well. The more press we get, the more support we’ll garner.

  31. Please consider being a permanent status “Mail-In Ballot” voter.
    We’ve been mail-in’s for 27 years, and have never gotten in our car and burned gasoline to motor over to a voting station and stand in line and wait to vote.
    Many people do not become mail-in-voter’s because they feel they’re not worthy.
    You are. It’s your right and today, it’s a green thing to do.
    Vote in your pajamas – and this year cast your vote for whichever candidate has the courage to support medical cannabis, no matter which party they represent.
    If we don’t gain ground in November and be recognized as a united group, the next four years are going to be the same misery of periodic DEA deck-shuffling, cannabis supply delays, angst, stress, or worse.


  32. ~ H.R. 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act ~ At House Energy & Commerce

    9-24-12 Thank you for taking the time to contact me about H.R. 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

    As you know, HEMP is a variation of cannabis sativa with low-grade tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strains. Today, hemp is used for industrial purposes such as paper, clothing and bio-fuel. Earlier this Congress, Representative RON PAUL (Texas-R) introduced H.R. 1831, the INDUSTRIAL HEMP FARMING ACT.
    This piece of legislation AMENDS the (75 yr. old) CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT to EXCLUDE industrial hemp from the DEFINITION of “MARIJUANA”.

    H.R. 1831 also defines “industrial hemp” as any part of the Cannabis plant that meets the THC concentration limit of NO MORE than 0.3 PERCENT.
    If a person grows or processes it for purposes of making industrial hemp THIS WOULD BE in accordance with state law.

    H.R. 1831 has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    Please rest assured, should this or similar legislation comes to the House floor for a vote, I will keep your thoughts in mind. Thank you for contacting me. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or my office at (202) 225-0508. – Congressman Brian Bilbray (R), 50th district, California

    Please Americans!(and the world at the same time)..Hemp for Fuel/Clothing..Corn for Cattle.

  33. The hemp act is sending the DEA into a mad scramble this morning. It’s been 75 yrs. since the federal government made the (5) leaf plant an evil symbol.
    Hemp looks too much like marijuana, and the DEA does not want the serrated (5) leaf plant to become commonplace, much less an energy savior for the USA. That’s a big plate of CROW to swaller’.

    DEA jobs are on the line in November 2011. If even one (1) state like Colorado legalizes marijuana, other states will follow and the DEA is sweating over it. Big time.

    If you have a moment to send A.G. Eric Holder a message, we would all benefit from your effort in the future.
    Not since the Vietnam War has their been so much muted public upheaval about a social lie.
    Imagine, (9) retired DEA executives attempting to persuade Eric Holder to “cancel out” pro-voters ballot decision by federal decree.

    Help win the 37 year battle today, if you haven’t already, on this secure petition site:


  34. Sunday, Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7:00 p.m. PT

    Correspondent Steve Kroft starts us off Sunday with an eye-opening report on the status of medical marijuana in the U.S. He goes to Colorado’s “green rush” to see some of the state’s 537 medical marijuana dispensaries. Colorado is one of 17 states where it’s legal to grow and sell medical pot. But there’s one hitch: it’s still illegal in the eyes of the federal government.
    Finally, a voice! 🙂

  35. Well done! The public has all the facts they need to know to make a rational decision.

    Key statement from Colorado’s Pot Czar, Ex-Narc, turned positive thinking believer, when asked by Steve what the impact-outcome of Marijuana was on the State of Colorado?

    “Nothing!, replied the Ex-Narc.


    Thanx Steve Kroft and 60 Minutes.

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