New Hampshire Lawmakers Send Medical Marijuana Legalization Measure To Governor’s Desk

Less than one week after Connecticut became the 17th state to legalize the therapeutic use of cannabis, lawmakers in the New Hampshire House and Senate late today affirmed their support for legislation to allow for the personal possession, cultivation, and use of the plant for medicinal purposes.

This afternoon, House lawmakers on a voice vote reaffirmed their prior support for Senate Bill 409, which they had previously approved last month by a veto-proof super-majority. Members of the Senate then approved the measure by a vote of 13-9 — a gain of two ‘yes’ votes since the Senate had previously acted on the bill in March. (A cosponsor of the bill, Senator John Gallus, R-Berlin, was not present for today’s vote.)

The bill now goes to Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, who has previously voiced his opposition to the measure. In 2009, Gov. Lynch vetoed a separate medical marijuana measure. An effort to override Lynch’s veto that year was successful in the House but fell just shy in the Senate of the necessary two-thirds majority support.

If Gov. Lynch vetoes this year’s legislation, proponents will need at least two additional ‘yes’ votes in the Senate to pass SB 409 into law.

In a press release issued by the Marijuana Policy Project, Senator Jim Forsythe (R-Strafford), the bill’s prime sponsor, vowed to continue working to gain the two additional Senate votes necessary if a veto override is needed. “Most senators now agree we have a moral obligation to protect seriously ill patients from being arrested in our state,” he stated.

If you reside in New Hampshire, you can contact Gov. Lynch on behalf of the measure here.

NORML will continue to update you on the progress of SB 409 via our ‘Take Action Center’ here.

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  1. It’s great we’re moving forward with legalization. But the fed’s have now adopted the policy of asset seizure of any real property associated with the distrbution or sale of marijuana. That makes it impossible for any lawful facility exist, if they have the power to take the land.

  2. With the snowball effect, the federal government is also realizing that they are getting stretched way to thin as it is. If they look at these state laws, and believe that they can still push prohibition politics and get reelected, they are finding out that they jumped on the wrong side of the fence.

    Recently an EIGHT (8) TERM INCUMBENT getting removed from office because he thought he could simply run an ad protecting kids by using the current laws.

    Not only did he never read any of the science that was posted to him I am sure numerous times, but he also doesn’t understand the idea of how the black market works.

    Certain people with an older appearance forget the importance of what the WeID or equiv. program can have on underage abuse of tobacco, alcohol, etc. I think this is something that NORML could team up with some vendors for some good results.

    While I don’t know much about New Hampshire politics, it is still a step in the right direction regardless. We down in Alabama had legislation that was stalled in committee this past year. The BIPARTISAN BILL is already prefiled, so regardless of where you live… DO NOT think that my state will be last.

  3. A Republican doing the right thing. WOW!!! There may be hope yet!!! Vote this douche bag Democrat out of office next term. Put an X on his forehead and remember him standing against common sense. Someone who stands against common sense, has no sense. No matter what party they represent—–if they stand against medical marijuana—-vote them out of office at every level, from State to City and County.

  4. The Domino effect has begun!!!!! GOOOOOOO New Hampshire and God Bless Republican Senator Jim Forsythe for leading this fight. When Praise is due, then let it be given. My hats off to Jim.

  5. It funny how The ( R ) Hates the feds but love them for there law’s they want pass

  6. Fingers crossed for Massachusetts medical marijuana bill to pass in November! – All these states complain about not having enough money – Marijuana Tax, if it is legal, it will be cheaper for the public, who is going to get it regardless – so tax it!

  7. People keep calling in, this is important, and keep showing support to you’re senators New Hampshire, you’re state is part of the missing key in our shift of perception.

  8. Way to go, Conn. and meanwhile back in California we find a guy who makes his living off of selling fertilizer and soil used exclusively for growing marijuna easily sweeping to victory .Way to go, Rex !

    Rex Bohn, a raw materials locator for FoxFarm Soil and Fertilizer Company, appeared to have swept the race for the 1st District Humboldt County supervisor seat Tuesday night, garnering 63.82 percent of the vote in preliminary results, with former Wiyot Tribe Chairwoman Cheryl Seidner following at 28.73 percent and retired teacher Annette De Modena coming in third at 7.08 percent.

  9. Vote for those who support us…that means Gary Johnson for President.
    I support Ron Paul too but Gary Johnson will already be on the ballot in all 50 states and there will be resistance over write in candidates, so stick with the dependable option.

  10. Skunky is right about the domino effect now the pressure is on once we hit 25 states it will be a huge breaking point.

  11. I had sent emails, signed petitions, etc for the last few years here in N.C. and to the president. I just can’t get my hopes up for the south. We have had bills to legalize for years now and they never voted on them. Maybe after the election in November something will give.

  12. Just think 20 years ago we did not think anny of this was posable we are doing it keep the faith

  13. A growing body of science is revealing how marijuana acts in the body to offer a broad area of relief for a variety of different diseases. The plant cannabinoids in marijuana match up almost perfectly with endocannabinoids that we make in our bodies to prevent and discourage the rise of disease states and the more cannabinoids we take in from marijuana, the less likely we are to get cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. Read the book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

  14. It’s up to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to decide whether an operational permit for a Myrtletown medical marijuana dispensary should be revoked.
    The issue has been forwarded to the board after the Humboldt County Planning Commission voted 6-1 in favor of the revocation Thursday. Commissioner Mel Kreb provided the dissenting vote.

    Marijuna bad . Alcohol – Liquor stores – Pharmaceutical dispensaries – are just fine .

  15. NH sucks. Plain and simple. good luck with your quarter oz of bull. Oh and as for medical papers. WTF is this nazi germany? Show me your papers! Live Free and Die. No its Live Freeze and Die. NH sucks plain and simple.

  16. I am suffering from brain cancer, the medication sucks and makes me ill, its hard to get through the day, i reap the benefits of a medication i can regulate in my own body, my doctors support me. It is a miracle in the difference i feel. Come on law maker’s in NH help us that are sick to have a better quality of life and show mercy on us. To all who oppose the use of medical marijuana, i hope you never have to deal with an illness that would benefit from the use of a safe drug to increase the quality of your life, you are in my prayers. The people of the great Granite State want it, we that are sick want it and need it. We have a live free or die motto, we need a quality of life motto before we die. Come on and use some common sense. You may or may not be sick but show compassion for us that are and stop prosecuting us for wanting to just feel better

  17. How can we get our policymakers at the federal level to engage in productive dialogue about marijuana law reform? They seem adept at ignoring the growing number of people who support a safer and pragmatic approach to cannabis regulation, and federal regulatory agencies quash the efforts of states who’s citizens have made it clear that they want a safe, legal way of obtaining marijuana for medical purpose. It’s a frustrating and seemingly-unanswerable question, but for how much longer can the growing plurality of us be ignored in this country of ours?

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