What the End of Prohibition May Look Like: Preemption and the Legalization of Marijuana

“What the End of Prohibition May Look Like”
Authored By Justin Butler
NORML Legal Intern
J.D. Candidate, George Washington Law School, Spring 2013

This upcoming November, voters in Washington and Colorado will go to the polls to decide whether marijuana should be totally legal in their respective States.  But will it matter?  After all, cannabis consumers and retailers in the 17 states that have legalized medical marijuana are still subject to harassment and arrest from the federal government.  The threat of federal action has halted the implementation of recently passed medical marijuana programs in Delaware and Rhode Island, and has slowed the progress of other States’ efforts to ensure that sick patients have access to the medicine they need.  In the first three years of the Obama administration, the federal government has participated in over 100 raids on medical marijuana dispensaries within states where medical marijuana is legal, even after promising shortly after assuming office that he would end federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries that complied with state laws.   If voters in Washington and Colorado decide to take the leap and legalize marijuana, we have no reason to expect, based on prior actions, that the federal government will let these voters express and enforce their popular will unimpeded.

To fix the system, we must first understand the system.  This paper seeks to explain why the federal government has the power to ignore the democratic will of its citizens and to continue to enforce unjust laws on voters who have decided that the imprisonment of cannabis consumers is a waste of government resources and a threat to civil society.  While to government’s power to regulate the economy isn’t new, this power was only “recently” (by legal standards) expanded to give the government the power to ban non-lethal drugs.  After all, banning alcohol required an Amendment to the Constitution.  Yet, less than 50 years later, the Supreme Court changed its mind and allowed the federal government to ban marijuana without state approval, much less a Constitutional Amendment.

This apparently tyrannical power-grab stems, not solely from overzealous law makers, but from the inherent structure of our constitutional government.  There are certain explicit provisions in our Constitution, such as the http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Commerce+Clause”>Supremacy Clause, Commerce Clause, and Necessary and Proper Clause, that the Supreme Court has seized upon to allow the federal government to override the legislative wishes of individual states in the course of setting federal policy.  The first half of this paper provides a detailed overview of the powers provided to the federal government by the Constitution, and how these powers have been construed in recent times to allow the government to completely ban the possession, use, production, and sale of marijuana.

The federal government’s power in this arena is not unlimited, however, and there are certain actions marijuana reformers can take to help prevent this crackdown as they pen future marijuana legalization ballot initiatives.  The second half of this paper explains how, through proper legal drafting, reform activists can limit the ability of the federal government to strike down or limit the effectiveness of state marijuana initiatives.

If you would like to learn more on the subject of how the powers of the federal government operate to curtail your ability to consume cannabis, and how we can correct this injustice through the power of democracy, then this paper is for you.

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  1. First of all, it is not the Federal Government any more, it is the Federal Nazi SS, Just look at the recent raids in California among the other States that have passed laws Legalizing for Medical purposes.
    Second of all, They could care less about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, As Bush once said and I quote ” It`s just another Goddammed piece of paper”, That`s a Republican for you,
    Third, We the People NO longer decide what is best for ourselves through the Voting process, The Corporations decide and pad the pockets of our Government officials and FIX the elections, Just look at how biased the Mainstream Media is, Guess who owns them – Corporate interests, How long has Gary Johnson been running as a Libertarian candidate for President? When was the last time you heard Fox news or CNN mention him? If it were not for the Internet, Virtually NOBODY would even know he existed, You bet it is time for a change, How far down the rabbit hole do we have to go before something actually get`s done?

  2. All we have to do is continue as we are,,the price of prohibition is climbing at an astrological rate,,a 33% increase in budget in 1 year and that was before Guatemala and Uruguay raised the ante,,now states moving towards legalizing both recreational and medical,,,each action tacks millions on the ONDCP budget,,as congress argues over which social programs to cut funding for to cover the rapidly expanding prohibition enforcement costs.

    Our economy is in the ditch and now the war on drugs is driving it,,,,

  3. Good article. It’s the federal side we have to change. And it still amazes me that people think you just get a “slap on the hand for marijuana”. It’s just not true. Hundreds of thousands are imprisoned every year. Half are non violent. What a waste of resources.

  4. “If voters in Washington and Colorado decide to take the leap and legalize marijuana, we have no reason to expect, based on prior actions, that the federal government will let these voters express and enforce their popular will unimpeded.”

    SHUT UP! All this is going to do is encourage voters in those states to STAY HOME. “Well it won’t matter anyway” they’re saying.

  5. I think that if Washington and Colorado legalize, it may turn into something far too big to keep down. At this point, the law is not the point – legal strategies are not the way, it is a war of attrition. The feds may act against Washington and Colorado, but if the states resist, what are they gonna do? They can’t arrest everyone, especially if the state police don’t cooperate with them. Even in California, there are still tons of dispensaries, despite federal attacks. And public opinion as well has switched sides. At some point, they will give. The only question is just where that point is.

    Barring a huge cultural jump to the right, it is only a matter of time – and by that I mean “less than a decade”. Though I will echo what someone else said, we need a real victory this election and not something like Prop 19, or it may be never!

    A lot of this has to do with international drug treaties as well… In any case, at some point, one party or the other will support it, and at some point, some president will have to go up and sign a bill that changes the federal laws. Honestly, I think it could be a winner, if done with the right tone – there is a speech in there that could look really good.

  6. I just read the paper. And no, congress does not have such authority. There is no such thing as, “well the words of the consitution say one thing, but mean another” ’cause you’re too stupid to know when we have stopped following the law.’ The constitution places limits on Federal powers which directly means that, no, the Commerce Clause does not grant such power to the Federal government. It doesn’t. Does one have brain damage in order to qualify as a jurist?

    If anything, it directs congress to “regulate”, therefore they are breaking the law by banning, which is the opposite of “regulating”.

  7. Let’s hold off on the nazi comparisons until they reach a minimum of one million jew kills, ok?

  8. We can also help ourselves by supporting South Americas legalization progams as well. We should also promote marijuana legal or not vigorously all over the country. The Silver Tour is a perfect example of what we need to be doing all over the country for the over 50 age group. These people need to be educated with the truth and told how to keep it quiet and how to make it available to their other retired friends. Once the retired community is aware of what the benefits truly are and what it really can do for them, they’ll support it and that will definitley help drive legalization.

    Im not so sure that as far as a campaign is concerned in the USA that that is not the very best one. Older people vote and they get involved in their communities. It might be a bridge between the elderly and the young in this country to show and help each other how to take back out communities as well as our country. Support “The Silver Tour” and promote it everywhere, help raise money for it and push this cause in your local retirement communities and churches. Our retired comunity will learn that pain can be alleviated by something natural and organic instead of those life taking pills pharmaceutical companies keep pushing at them.

    They will also recognize that once they use marijuana and find they can still function normally what a great medicine it truly is for our age group. Please, lets all help our retired community with this, it will be far better for them and they will recognize it immediatley. They will also realize that they have been lied to for the last 50 years, and they may very well hold a grudge or two : ) ….

  9. Great article, I appreciated the reviews of Colorado and Washington’s referenda in Justin’s paper, and am looking forward to his views on Oregon’s measure 80. Having just read the measure, I foresee the federal government taking serious issue with the state of Oregon acting as a distributor of cannabis in the same way they act as a distributor of alcohol. Although, I did like that the last section that added severability also stated:

    “If any law or entity of any type whatsoever is held to impede this chapter’s full effect, unimpeded provisions shall remain in effect and the impeded provisions shall regain effect upon the impediments removal.”

    It implied to me that the author(s) realized some parts of this referendum would be in conflict with federal laws, and even so, wanted to plan for a future of federal deregulation of cannabis.

  10. Yeah the feds can only pick and choose who to go after. Some reps are even thinking about defunding the DEA. We are a republic not a dictatorship, though I wish we were a true democracy where all power lie with the people meaning the people come together to make decisions not representatives.

  11. The only thing holding up legalization is the inherant brainwashing that was perfected over the past 75 years.

  12. Blame Obama..will vote for the person most likely to remove him..Bush and the pubs sucked..but this guy is worse.

  13. We need a pro cannabis presidential candidate.Start representing the majority and not the people lining your pocket.

  14. This issue really shows you the reason that your founding fathers set up the USA the way it is – so that corruption of central government can be defeated by the individual states own will. The true spirit of America will prevail in this eventually – an example to the people of the world !

  15. The Federal laws must change. How did we let our Country get into this horrible condition? Totally at the mercy of a Government who has the ability to restrict Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

    Marijuana is not the dangerous and addictive drug it was portrayed to be by the Government. It does not belong in the category of a drug needing restriction by the Federal Government. The Country no longer wants marijuana prohibited based on this lie and misconception.

    The effect of this prohibition has been the source of tremendous destruction in the form of lives lost and lives ruined. It has bankrupt our country monetarily and divided the Nation.

    Washington needs to end this destructive and costly war on its own citizens.

  16. It is clear Obama could be the one who loosens up some of this absurdity in regards to state laws. We just need to stick by him because Mitt Romney is as anti marijuana as they come. I forsee Obama advocating legalization in his second term, as he doesn’t want to lose this election by coming out too early in support of legalization. Please vote Obama or Johnson, just don’t vote Romney to spite Obama for cracking down on dispensaries.

  17. Lol it confuses me how things can be legal in some US states but not others. If I lived in the US and I’d just smuggle tons of ‘legal’ cheap weed into the other states. Surely this is a massive problem? Its confusing over there atm they are in a tricky transitional phase.

  18. Is’nt there a way to collect signatures and putting cannabis on the legalization ballot in a presidential election? If that does’nt work then we need to arm ourselves and unfortunately wage a war against the government thats waging a war on us. We have the numbers. What’s it going to take for these idiots to listen? WE DONT WANT POT SCHEDULE 1 OR 2 OR 3!!! We want to feel good in our own homes without going bankrupt making the cartels rich and having to live secret lives and fear cops just to not feel depressed and feel good!!! We also need more people to openly smoke on camera and shit if they have nuts and want to show drugs specifically cannabis is not bad or evil. If all drugs are bad then marijuana is not a drug. =) Keep fighting- eventually they’ll give an inch- thats when you/we tighten your grip and after that relax then keep fighting. God Speed!

    [Paul Armentano responds: “Is’nt there a way to collect signatures and putting cannabis on the legalization ballot in a presidential election?” No. There is no such thing as a ‘national ballot.’ And only about one-half of states allow for state ballot drives.]

  19. Why is not jury nullification not talked about more? I know lawyers can’t mention it it court, but jurist should be better informed, better yet we as citizens should be better informed.

    Jury nullification is one of the ways we the people “the little people” have a say in the way laws are enforced. Problem is the consequences are so steep and the plea bargin so easy most cannabis convictions are done by the plea, understandably. We must do our civic duty and serve on jury duty. We must vote. Must be informed and spread that information. And more scary to say we must not plea, have your day in court, and the lawyers must make the jury see that cannabis laws are wrong and do more harm than good. Cannabis prohibition is a huge crime perpetrated against societies for too many years.

    Jury Nullification , please research it.

  20. It is too late for Obama to be coming out for legalization in a second term.

    “We’re not going to have legalized weed anytime soon,” he told late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

    A man does what he says he is going to do. Obama is tacitly allowing or directing the dismantling of the legal dispensaries in the States having legal medical marijuana.

    His second term promises increases in the forced treatment of marijuana users through the courts.

  21. Then how does the American public change the laws/country for the better? I heard somewhere that the constitution or the bill of rights says, “If the US citizens find a law to be unjust, they can rise up and change it for the better” or something like that. Do we have to wait for all these politicians and judges to die to get humane treatment? I wouldn’t want to but I’d even join a civil war type thing. But then it’s us against the US Army and Coast Guard. Well, at least Football season isn’t far…

  22. @Brandon “I forsee Obama advocating legalization in his second term”

    You sound delusional. You aren’t supposed to drink that used bong water, even if it is Obama Kool-Aid. Obama works for the same people that Romney does, the kleptocratic banksters – not We The People.

    The war OF drugs is not about eradication (its’ official goal), but about controlling the production & distribution of illicit drugs, and routing the monies generated through the banksters.

    Three illustrative examples from recent headlines follow: US Marines guarding Afghani poppy plantations; Obama’s “Fast & Furious” campaign supporting the Mexican Sinaloa cartel; and Wells Fargo / Wachovia fined $160 Million for laundering $274 Billion of Mexican drug cartel profits. A 00.6 percent fine is not even a slap on the wrist — merely a “cost of doing business”.

    No wonder that Obama’s Sec. of State Hillary Clinton stated that ” … there’s too much money in (cannabis) for it to ever to be made legal”. Please don’t be so naive to think that an illicit $500 Billion per year industry that has corrupted the Mexican government from top to bottom for decades hasn’t also negatively effected the USA government. Where do you think that much of Political Action Committees slush funds come from, thin air?

  23. The biggest problem the DEA has is how to continue to get its annual budget increases. The biggest problem the Drug Cartels have is what to do with all the money. Both organizations are mutually dependent, hand in hand business partners that could not even exist without each other. Trillions of dollars are involved. Who do you think pays for all this un-Godly, un-Constitutional, counter productive stupidity? In a world where I recently helped an old lady be able to afford a large can of Campbell’s soup, her only item in a Walgreen’s checkout line, I fear the citizenry of this country has not only lost its sanity and humanity, but also its way.

  24. I just wish that everyone in this movement, starting at the top (NORML) would use the term RE-legalize, since it is accurate and refutes our opponents’ position that the concept is way out o’ left field and totally bizarre.

  25. Notwithstanding how the SCOTUS manages its previous decisions regarding marijuana, this simple definition of marijuana satisfies the 3 clauses of the Constitution referred to in this paper. This definition is respectful of the document which is our Constitution.

    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced b the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    1. The Necessary and Proper Clause.
    This simple definition is more ‘proper’ than the current abstruse, racist, 104 word tautology which defines ‘marihuana’, and still allows the government to maintain the ‘necessary’ holding that marijuana be a scheduled and controlled substance.

    2. The Supremacy Clause.
    This definition does not change the Federal government’s supremacy in scheduling ‘marijuana’. It allows for a reasonable debate about rescheduling.

    3. The Commerce Clause.
    The removal of cannabis from the schedules allows the States to regulate cannabis in all of its
    varieties and forms. The commerce is in cannabis, not marijuana. How could there be any commerce of cannabis smoke? It becomes a health issue.

    In conclusion, we must demand this simple definition of marijuana which actually shows respect for our Constitution. For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  26. If the states pass laws that place police in prison for violating state law the cops will stop helping the Fed and with that the problem is solved.

    Without state help the Fed is powerless to enforce any laws. The Fed doesn’t have enough people to enforce prohibition without local support.

  27. I just noticed the Let’s not compare the Government to Nazi’s until 1 million Jews are killed comment. 1 million Jews had to be rounded up and contained before they could be killed.

    We are rapidly approaching 1 million people behind bars for a non-violent personal choice. The cost of feeding, clothing and warming all those bodies is extreme. While it is true the “criminals” are ultimately released their lives are done for as the conviction for a schedule 1 narcotic will kill your career, if you still have one.

    I think we can call the current government Nazis as that is how they behave. They beat people who disagree with them. They beat protesters in the street without a care to who sees it. They make it illegal to video tape their actions. They change the out come of legal votes to suit there desires. They outlaw food products in order to keep the price up so they can profit from them being illegal.

    Here is a question for the masses. If you are a Christian why did you turn you back on God and go with the False Profits and Dreamers?

    Genesis 1 29-30

     29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.
    30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

    So where is the exception for weed? Where is the except for the mistake I made on this one plant or two? GOD said EVERY GREEN PLANT. Could that be why hemp seeds are perfect nutrition?
    Here are two links that give the reasons why hemp seed are so nutrious.

    Genesis 9:3
    3 Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.
    What!! A second verse same as the first. The thought so nice GOD said it twice. Once again. “Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”
    Where is the except for my mistake on the weed, I admit I was wrong.

    The thought so nice God said it trice.

    They go against the will of God and make the less educated agree with them through simple mind games. Most people are just to stupid to be believed.

  28. I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that if they’ve managed thus far to completely ignore what people want that any civil form of action is going suddenly change that. One day it will change, but it won’t happen through purely legal means.

  29. Yeah, I agree. God gave us all green seed-bearing plants for OUR use. It’s a violation of our freedom of religion to keep pot illegal. Peyote use is allowed in the Native American Church. What the fuck?! I thought this was a FREE country. I guess that’s a stereotype.

  30. 1. Man has always dreamed of a tree that produces golden apples. Prohibition at the Federal , State , or local level realizes this dream, except in times of a Gold Bubble like now the price of a marijuana bud is ounce for ounce about the same as gold.
    2. Congress makes the law, not the president. President Obama, or President Gary Johnson, or President Willie Nelson or President St. Pierre cannot legalize anything unless Congress first passes a bill for him or her to sign.
    3. Votes matter, not letters, not e-mails, not polls, When pot smokers demonstrate some political muscle you’ll see change, not before. Your never going to achieve a political goal by being non political. The State Democratic parties of 3 red states recently endorsed some level of MJ reform, Texas, North Carolina and Iowa I believe. Flip those states and we’re on our way, wait for the Small Goverment Individual liberties Republicans to come around and well you better hope the Hindu’s are right about reincarnation, in other words, not in this lifetime. That’s what Obama meant by
    “not anytime soon”. If you lean left your just gonna have to get off your butt, If you lean right your gonna have to make a hard choice. Anyone agree.

  31. If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation, then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world’s paper and textiles; meeting all of the world’s transportation, industrial and home energy needs; simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time. That substance is the same one that did it all before, Cannabis Hemp … Marijuana!

  32. Hemp and cannabis needs to be legalized Across the entire USA. The economic benefits For the american entreprenuer And for job growth. Scientifically We are at it tipping point for our environment and for our world resources, This is our only recourse to switch this back. The people in control of this world Need to wake up and realize That the constant raping of the people and of our planet Need to stop and will not be tolerated any longer, We must unite as a people and stand strong together regardless of race religion creed, Not one of us are the same We are all individuals, but we can become. One united for this cause. Thank You, Denver

  33. The government knows there will be no way to impose a sin tax if everyone is growing in their yard.Governments and drug companies stand to loose trillions in combined taxes and revenue from the many classes of drugs marijuana replaces.I don’t see the foot on the neck of the people being lifted anytime soon.

  34. @ baby arms…no the government is not a facist nazi regime, but almost as bad its an oligarchy of the wealthiest 1% shitting ignorance over the rest of us to ensure that we all remain slaves. They don’t want us smoking weed because then slaves start to question the motives of their corporate masters who use their money and power to evicerate the very ideals this country was founded on. The self evident truths, born of rennaissance, and bred of revolution, have been chipped away 1 bought and paid-for politician at a time. 1 million stoners incarcerated, living in fear, forced to hide their true self, and their lives destroyed by prohibition of not just a plant but who they are as a person.

    I am a stoner and feel like when the gestapo comes for me because of who I am, I will have to hide in the attic so they don’t rip apart my family and ship us off to prison whilst confiscating all my property. So, they might not be nazis, but they are certainly evil. Only the most evil would ensure their people live in fear, while destroying the planet, hoarding all the resources at the expense of other people, send kids off to war for their own evil agendas, ensure the ignorance of the people while distracting them with bling bling so that they always have willing obedient slaves and soldiers.

    The industial revolution was all an illusion. The rapid advance of technology was written in civilizations destiny by the rennaissance pioneers of the 17th and 18th centuries. The 19th and 20th were actually a reinstallation of tyrants and kings by other means. What will the 21st be a true revolution and realization of those self evident truths, or another century of oppression?

    This is an example of what happens when you toke up and kick it with norml. Sorry for rambling lol. Toke and revolt, or be a nazi cock and prevent the evolution of human civilization.

  35. Prohibition doesn’t work for treating health care issues. “Just say no” federal and state funded attacks on medications has patients unwilling to take their perscribed and mostly needed assistance. Jury nullification takes control back into the people’s hands. Saving the world from deforestation and greenhouse affects through the use of cannibis and its many proven uses will be the choice of the producers of our nation’s wealth, not the choice of urban voters.

  36. Im pretty sure whoever v is, is a genius. If anyone was too grite a revolution speech lol. You should be on the list.

  37. Everything Allan has written here is how the majority see the legal view. HOWEVER– there are exemptions to the scheduling of drugs. One is the supreme court findings on Ayahuasca:


    Another variation can be found in the nation’s peyote laws. Did you know there’s an exemption for peyote for religious use?

    Many people BELIEVE this is only a matter of compassion for Native Americans, and that only they are exempt. THIS IS NOT TRUE. And here’s the real reason I bring this up– in regards to Peyote SEVERAL states have their own laws (including Colorado where only “authentic religious intent” needs to be shown). Not all states require membership in the Native American Church.

    If the federal government can take such a hands off approach with peyote, a much more powerful plant, why can’t they take a similar approach with marijuana?

    We all know the answer:

    Money & Corruption.

  38. First , i wont spout a lot of laws and regulations that should prohibit
    government from doing what they are doing. We all are familiar
    with those. Second, its not a liberal or conservative issue. Its a freedom
    Issue. Im conservative and love my country and my freedom, however
    too many politicians vote to keep our freedoms from us. There is no
    more liberal person than the president we now have . We have to keep
    making small strides and keep it in the discussions and keep it positive
    The tide is slowly turning. When i started smoking 30 years ago i would
    never have imagined legalized medicinal pot . Be optimistic. We are gonna get this.

  39. Some people think that legalizing marijuana would create a “social catastrophe.” I don’t think that cause marijuana’s already here. They must think if it was made legal everyone would go crazy and start murdering people. Hmmm… Even if that was true all people would need is more God, both Gods-Mother God and Father God. That could be easily taken care of even if it were true. Look, marijuana is already here right now. Let’s turn it into a good thing again like it’s been for thousands of years. Pot has SO many good uses and currently the worst thing about pot is the fact that it’s against the law. We have to be strong and take over. Peace out.

  40. I don’t know why greed has’nt been brought into legalization? It’s as valuable as gold and you can grow it. 1 lb. nugz pot goes for up to $10,000. Plus the gov. could tax it like 150%. $20 base for a pack of 20 sativa or indica strain joints costing a total with tax of $50. We could pay off the national debt. It would create MILLIONS of jobs: Weed need millions to grow, transport, and sell. More to make the glass bowls and bongs. Plus we’d need more to cook the brownies and lollipops. There would also need to be scientists to inspect it and security for the retail shops. I guess politicians are accepting cartel drug money to try and keep marijuana illegal and that’s where the greed is. Well, greed is the root of something. Maybe I shouldn’t say. Might get weird if I do.

  41. Oh no. If I talk about God, they won’t answer or post. Boo-hoo. I’m shakin’ in my boots.

  42. We could win if a lot of people started speaking up about it-but who wants to? Talking positively about cannabis on TV might trigger a search warrant raid at your house where the pot is. It’s kind of like we have freedom of speech but we don’t on matters such as this. They’re not invincible, they will die, and DAMMIT they will NOT beat us. We’re making the decision to not lose. We need people with nuts to trip this into a full-scale country debate. The US government isn’t invincible. Maybe to other countrys but not to itself. I’m going to post this on several other forums.

  43. Hello n Merry Meet All,
    A very interesting article, and I must say, some very interesting comments.
    Any time the topic of Pot comes up, it will bring out emotions on every side. It get’s frustrating and sometimes seems very pointless to keep trying. BUT, Don’t STOP TRYING!!!! We ARE winning….Really
    I’ve been a toker for 48yrs (as of this month…happy anniversary to me hehe) Teasing aside, You may ask how we are winning. Fair enough. I’ll use time frames within my own life to show examples. In July of 1965, every state had very harsh laws for pot, and fed law was harsh as well. You could easily get a year in prison for a seed. As the “Hippie” culture evolved, so did the general public’s view toward pot. ( Yes, I do understand the divide and such, that was driven mostly by politicians) I believe it was in 1970??, Timothy Leary challenged the marijuana tax stamp act, citing it forced self incrimination. He WON, the act was thrown out. Immediately Nixon declared his war on drugs and had pot placed as a schedule 1 drug. Opening the door for the laws we have now. BUT, on a brighter note, cities, then states started decriminalizing pot. Many states followed.(At each step feds did their best to muck things up) Every time the feds paid to find the evils of weed, they found the opposite. There was a federal med pot program for awhile. The results were very positive, but was shut down. But that opened the door for Calif. to place med pot on a ballot, along with Az. Both passed, but Az’s Gov. vetoed the vote.(We just over rode the veto in 2010) Since then, there are 14 other states and DC that approve Med Pot, with 10 states up for vote in nov. with a couple states going for full legal. IF, even a part of thoughs states pass their bills, the Feds will HAVE TO do something other than bust everyone. The simplest way would to have the feds decrim and let the people of the states vote. Another way would be to have the USA break the international ban on marijuana. Since the USA implemented it, we can abolish it. That would set the world free to do as they please as well.
    I do know there are still places where a pot bust will still f**k your life up bad. Most places really. Which gives truth to the saying: “Marijuana doesn’t destroy lives, The laws against marijuana destroys lives.”
    Don’t give up. I’ve been fighting all my life for this cause and will fight to my last breath if need be.
    Get out and VOTE!!!! Get out and be heard…
    We are WINNING… Honest. >:o):

    “When seeking the inner divine…She can open the eyes of the blind to the light of life… Open your ears to the words of truth… She will caress your soul with kindness and fill your heart with love.” (LP)

    Much Love n Blessings,
    Da Pup

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