Will Illinois Become The 19th State To Allow For The Medical Use of Marijuana?

Illinois state lawmakers are expected in the coming days to once again consider legislation that seeks to allow for the limited use of cannabis by authorized patients.

During a special ‘veto session’ to be held later this month, House members are expected to vote on House Bill 30, which seeks to establish a pilot program to allow for the state-authorized distribution of cannabis to patients with qualifying medical conditions. Previous roll calls have demonstrated legislative support in the House to be just shy of a majority. That said, today’s political landscape is far different now than it was in 2011 — the last time Illinois House members debated this issue. If you reside in Illinois, you can view the 2011 roll call on HB 30 via the Marijuana Policy Project here. If your House member is among those voting ‘no’ on HB 30, then it is vital that you write or call him/her today and urge him/her to vote ‘yes’ on HB 30. House contact information, along with a prewritten letter in support of HB 30, is available from NORML here.

Eighteen states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington and the District of Columbia — have enacted laws qualified protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution. Seriously ill citizens in Illinois are only a handful of votes away from gaining this same protection.

NORML will continue to update you on the progress of HB 30 in Illinois. To receive legislative alerts regarding pending cannabis law reform measures in your state, sign up for NORML News Alerts here.

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  1. Times are changing, pretty soon before you know it, that special 20th State that allows the use for Medical Marijuana will become 40% of America.

    40 percent of America that allows Medical Marijuana… just imagine if you were living in the 80s or even the 90s or even a decade ago with this kind of amazing vision.

    Just remarkable! Well if you excuse me, time to light my bong ^_^ ~Cheers.

  2. I am for legalizing medical cannabis in in the Great State of Illinois. Studies have shown it can be a cure for certain cancers. Its also a natural substance. Not all bodies react well to chemical treatments. I’m very Pro-Industrial Hemp. Product produced in paper, and insulation for homes alone is economically profitable. If the state grew this product, to keep control, as a state business, the profits would be enough to solve the states financial crisis. Bio-fuel, fabrics, etc. The product also needs little chemicals for insect control which would be ecofriendly. Thank you for allowing a voice.

  3. In FLorida you are somewhat protected from state prosecution if you have a physicians recommendation and you can prove that no alternative medicine would best suite your needs, with a couple thousand dollars you could be legal. (after the first time they would be wasting the judges time if you already proved you need cannabis, but you would probably have to get cool with a few cops and just hand whatever asshole cop is giving you a hard time his buddies card and say here call your coworker, they’ll tell you im legit.)

  4. Fine medical… but stop just medical freaking peeps. LEGALIZE! Alcohol is some awful stuff and a hell of a lot worse.

  5. The main issue I have is when there is new law added that makes a previous one inane then who is Right ?
    The Doctor or The People
    The Government or The People
    Are we all correct ?? Is any one correct with a good reason ? Where does it end ?? I love Lwas and Order. We need it !

    …. for so long the fight has been to justify the MEDICAL benifits from Cannabis…… and NOW with a new vote, it’s LEGAL like beer. Anybody can enjoy the same benifits any time and no doctor visits!?? Ok cool I get it … I agree! We should be free to do what we want as long as we hurt no one. i do love the idea !!! But now we have Medical patients and anyone over a certain age can acquire the same product( or medical patients not getting quality medicine)

    I believe that along with the wording the attitude will follow. Should the controlled substance, afore mentioned, merely be classified in a different way ?

    Legalization verses decriminalize.
    I remember when Michigan was voting on decriminalizing ordinates and it passed. I think the attitude changed and the culture did not. I am interested to see how a state would react with the new laws in regards to the overall attitude?
    The General Publics view?
    Corperate Americas view ?
    The Media (government)

    i am also interested in how the government plays this out.

    Obama has clearly and openly warranted the war on drugs (cannabis) he will NOT help those in the Cannabis World (unlike Paul Ryan). The major factor will be when colleges and large government operations (road crews, city officials, etc..) in each one of theses states lose federal funding. The states will quickly make adjustments (amendments) and change the wording. Unless the “people” in these states change taxing laws as well as other economic structures I.e Public Works to now finance what Uncle Sam once did. We will need new services because of what may or may not pass as law in Colorado and Washington State. New changes will include
    : – training local law enforcement in proper procedures in drug busts
    – informing the public on limitations, drugged driving laws.
    – new employment structure and relations

    I am very glad overall to see such a bold and appropriate expression of Freedom in a country considered to be “Free” !!!
    I am also proud to live in the moment. But should we decriminalize this harmful plant nationwide, we could witness an arrival of ease to legalize it entirely with out seeming out of sorts.

    We should sedate our Government first and then ease in for the finale !!

    …but that is just my opinion. I hope that we can legalize Cannabis in its entierty nationwide. This plant has been
    helpful to our civilization for a long time.

  6. “Fine medical… but stop just medical freaking peeps. LEGALIZE! Alcohol is some awful stuff and a hell of a lot worse.”

    This is NORML, not your high school cafeteria. Simple statements like this may get attention when yelled in a public school hallway but greater measures are needed to insure that sick people have their medicine. Don’t put down sick people because you want recreational pot legalized.

  7. All i can say is its about time . I wish we could vote on it , here in the great state of Illinois.we need something good here beside corrupt politicial leaders.ITS TIME TO LEAGLIZE !!!!! Alcohol is way more dangerous!!! Yet its legal.But its accepted,to be a drunk. But even if you smoke pot and are a productive working member of socitety ,its illegal. Total horse crap!!!!

  8. Thank you norml for breaking this story!!! Only medical marijuana news source i use!!!!
    I myself Support NORML IN ILLINOIS!!! YOU guys ROCK!!!! Keep up the good works !!!! SOUTHERN ILLINOIS SUPPORTS YOU!!!!

  9. Take a good look around to the other states the have made medical marijuana legal , Guess what ? The SKY did not fall! We need it here in Illinois ! Just think of potential of the sick people that could and will benefit from this !! And it will help just take that much more profit from drug cartels and give it to the people that need it ! we do ,the funds generated will boost ILLINOISIANS economy!!

  10. To one and all PLEASEEE read a book expressing the latest findings from valid research. Research has been made extremely difficult in the USA because the DEA has forced rules to prevent federal funding of legitimate research unless one address to only find negative results of marijuana use. However “MARIJUANA GATEWAYGATEWAY TO HEALTH” is full of healthy results of marijuana use. Read it. Give copies to you legislators.Good luck to our efforts. Wee all must get of our collectives asses & take action. Write, call our political reps everyday until they’re tired of hearing from us and do their jobs.

  11. I truly hope Illinois does legalize it, no offense but that state has suffered too much corruption and the police has had their eyes on Marijuana because they get paid more to bring non threatening people to jail, rather than the serial killers and serious offenders who walk the streets.

  12. I hope Pennsylvania decides it wants to be the 20th state or 21st .. Who knows but one can hope and dream I guess

  13. If marijuana was legal in Texas, my wife could do away with her constant need for hydrocodone to help with the never ending chronic pain she is in. My wife, 26 years old, has lupus, and has suffered kidney failure caused by the lupus. Being on dialysis 3x a week takes a major toll on her body giving her nothing but excruciating pain. Docs wont give her the meds she needs because shes at the point now where 2x a day isnt enough. The pills are going to kill her before the lupus does. Please legalize marijuana so my wife can get through her days naturally while she finds a kidney donor. And those of yall reading, please pray for her as well. She needs to be the mother she needs to be and needs to be there to watch our 3 1/2 year old grow up.

  14. Yes go Illinois. I sure hope they do legalize it I need a job and some green meds.
    Bad arthritis for a few years now…go HB 30!

  15. Educate yourself & your law makers & read real research, NOT propaganda. The crap the US govt puts out isnt worth the ink to print it, let alone the paper. Read independent current data.

  16. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about 10 yrs ago. Ive been on zoloft, wellbutrin, xanax, ativan, etc etc etc and some of tjem have worked but with many side affex…when I started smoking marijuana, my appetite came back, I felt more relaxed, and I can be myself. Everyone around me said id become much more fun n good to be around. I smoked for about 4 years. Now I back to IL, and have not been smoking…back on my meds but I feel like im going in circles….so hopefully marijuana is legalized here. I am not addicted to it. Not by far. But, there is a difference in my life without it.

    What I dont understand is how people can pop pills all day…but a natural herb like marijuana is a ‘drug’….hm *ponders*

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