Hawaii Joins Four Other States Considering Marijuana Legalization Measures

Representative Joseph Souki, Chair of the Hawaiian House Committee on Transportation and House Speaker Emeritus, has introduced legislation that would make Hawaii the third state to legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana.

House Bill 150 would legalize the possession of up to an ounce or less of marijuana by adults over the age of 21, in addition to allowing for the licensing and regulation of marijuana retail stores, as well as cultivation and manufacturing centers.

Polling conducted this month by the ACLU of Hawaii found that 57% of Hawaiians support taxing and regulating marijuana and only 39% were opposed.

Hawaii now joins Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont on the list of states with pending legislation to legalize the adult use of marijuana, with more expected to join them in the coming weeks. It is no longer a question of if these states will join Colorado and Washington in adopting new and sensible marijuana laws, but which one will do it first. Perhaps, in honor of the Choom Gang, President Obama’s birth state of Hawaii will lead the charge.

It is extremely important your elected officials hear from you in support of these measures. You can find out if your state is currently considering marijuana law reform legislation and easily send a pre-written letter of support to your elected officials by using NORML’s Take Action Center here. If you live in one of the five states (Hawaii, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont) considering the legalization of marijuana for all adults, you can click on the appropriate link below and go directly to your state’s action alert.

Tell Your Elected Officials to Support Marijuana Legalization!

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  1. I wish people would shut up about the One Ounce stuff. So F’n What, at least it allows carrying more then anyone really needs at once. There’s probably not really a limit for in home and in your own privacy. There’s actually a limit on how much alcohol you may posses, not like I know the limit. I am not much for alcohol anymore anyways, as I would rather just stay sober. Marijuana I usually enjoy more anyways.
    I am so so off subject. I do hope, that all States with these initiatives will pass, as it’s time to move past Marijuana Prohibition.
    It would have only been like, 5 years yet to go on 80 years. That is just too too long. It is time for a different approach to curving people’s want to used pot, and just let them.
    Tax, regulate, and then get onto more important things. The prison business will find enough inmates to stay in business without the Marijuana laws. Thing is, if they are going private, then the Government is running out of money to run them.

    Keep pushing everyone, we’re getting past Prohibition soon. 😉

  2. I fully support marijuana legalization, illegal or not im still gonna smoke it, people shouldn’t get in trouble for a plant god made and is far less troubling than alcohol, at least ppl don’t get high and run down a family like when drunk, go pot go pot

  3. I’m ready for Texas to legalize it. People are smoke laced potpourri as a substitute and its killing them. Marijuana is so much safer

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