Historic Number of States Debating Marijuana Law Reform Legislation — Is Your State One of Them?

A record number of statewide marijuana law reform measures are pending in 2013. Is your state one of them?

To find out — and to contact your state elected officials in favor of pending legislation — just click here, find the legislative alert applicable to your state, enter your name and zip code, and a pre-written letter of support will be electronically sent to your state House or Senate member. (To contact your member of Congress in support of federal legislative reforms, just follow these same steps.)

Here’s an overview of just some of these pending statewide measures:

Five states are considering legislation to legalize the adult consumption and sale of marijuana.
Nine states are considering legislation to decriminalize minor marijuana possession offenses.
Eight states are considering legislation to legalize the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

If your state is not listed, please continue to check back to the NORML website often as we update legislative alerts daily. Over the coming weeks, several additional measures are expected to be introduced.

If your state is listed, please be sure to use this page to contact your elected officials. They hear from our opponents; they also need to hear from you! Those who sign up to receive NORML’s electronic newsletter here will also receive time-sensitive legislative updates to let you know when hearings and votes are pending on these specific measures.

Get active; get NORML!

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  1. Jeez, looks like I won’t hear anything about ohio till next year then… But this year does look good for the rest of the country, still can’t believe how far it (legalization legislation) has come in like fifteen years. I just hope ohio legalizes soon, Obama knows our state could use the money.

  2. I hope Illinois Passes as many people could use the benefits of Marijuana for their safety and health.

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