Even More Science Suggesting That Cannabinoids May Halt Diabetes

Preclinical study data published online in the scientific journal Nutrition & Diabetes reports that tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) — a naturally occurring analogue of THC — possesses positive metabolic effects in animal models of obesity.

British researchers assessed the effects of THCV administration on dietary-induced and genetically modified obese mice. Authors reported that although THCV administration did not significantly affect food intake or body weight gain in any of the models, it did produce several metabolically beneficial effects, including reduced glucose intolerance, improved glucose tolerance, improved liver triglyceride levels, and increased insulin sensitivity.

Researchers concluded: “Based on these data, it can be suggested that THCV may be useful for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome and/or type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes), either alone or in combination with existing treatments. Given the reported benefits of another non-THC cannabinoid, CBD in type 1 diabetes, a CBD/THCV combination may be beneficial for different types of diabetes mellitus.”

Last month, Harvard Medical School researchers published observational data in The American Journal of Medicine reporting that subjects who regularly consume cannabis possess favorable indices related to diabetic control as compared to occasional consumers or non-users of the substance. Writing in an accompanying commentary, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief stated: “These are indeed remarkable observations that are supported, as the authors note, by basic science experiments that came to similar conclusions. … I would like to call on the NIH and the DEA to collaborate in developing policies to implement solid scientific investigations that would lead to information assisting physicians in the proper use and prescription of THC in its synthetic or herbal form.”

Observational trial data published in 2012 in the British Medical Journal previously reported that adults with a history of marijuana use had a lower prevalence of type 2 diabetes and possess a lower risk of contracting the disease than did those with no history of cannabis consumption, even after researchers adjusted for social variables such as subjects’ ethnicity and levels of physical activity.

Previously published preclinical data also indicates that the administration of cannabidiol (CBD) halts the development of type 1 (juvenile) diabetes in mice genetically predisposed to the condition.

Full text of the study, “The cannabinoid ?9-tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) ameliorates insulin sensitivity in two mouse models of obesity,” is available online here.

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  1. I remember 10 years ago, the marijuana movement was just picking up steam, and now we have several very credible and professional sources of calm, rational thought on why people deserve to know the truth about a natural plant with so many benefits. Very glad to be alive in these exciting times 🙂

  2. Well DUH.. We have been trying to tell you for years that Cannabis does help with many things. You see we were laughed at and frown upon all for using Cannabis ever since 1937. Let me ask you (the government) something, do you honestly believe that we still have the same mindset as in 1937? This is 2013 and we already put a man on the moon. I really think we should be asking our government which mindset are they on, is it 1937 or 2013 ?

    1. What you are not understanding is their plan. They don’t want people to survive and so they established organizations (DEA, ATF, FDA, etc) where the heads are not responsible to anyone but the ones who hired them. These heads are convinced or threatened into believing in depopululation and the machine starts to grind forward. The System is working fine, but they have broken society into zombieism.

  3. If this is true; I am so thankful. I am in 13 years of diabetes type 2; and being a marijuana smoker; I can honestly say, that smoking it does alleviate my pain from this disease. My son, who was 49 and died from diabetes, did not smoke marijuana. I do, and I am still here; with none of the horrifying side effects that diabetes is capable of. Maybe diabetes should be considered as a legit reason, to smoke marijuana? It is also a very harmless drug, with many good side effects. No wonder it is being accepted by the people; they are tired of lies associated with its use. It is less harmful then alcohol or tobacco, as we all know. Is it possible that those large companies (alcohol and tobacco) are the biggest lobbyists, trying to stop its legalization; fearing their own products of death, may be endangered?

  4. … and the beat goes on and on .. more and more science proving that this flower does more good than anything else … yet these so called political leaders are as OBTUSE as ever … the change we’re hoping for sometimes seems so, so slow! Here in PA … they layoff teachers, take those savings to free funds to build prisons … that’s the OBTUSE I’m talking about.

  5. One really has to wonder just how much longer the Feds are going to ignore the medical utility of cannabis and decide to change it’s schedule 1 drug status. My guess is it will be when they have somehow managed to ensure that they will profit greatly once they allow it to happen.

  6. Type 1 diabetic here, although much different than type 2 diabetes(cause of why the immune system attacks the Islet cells in the pancreas) if this actually works for humans this would be amazing for the young people who would potentially be diagnosed with this curse would save so much heart ache and pain it would be awesome if this could potentially find a cure for type 1 diabetes although I’m not holding my breath on that.

  7. Schedule I substances are those that have the following findings:

    • The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
    • The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
    • There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

    This new medical evidence pretty much nullifies these conditions as related to the cannabis plant.

    RESCHEDULE or remove schedule status entirely and treat this plant as we view other botanicals (i.e. Ginseng, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Echinacea, etc.)

    Let’s swap, the illegal status of, cannabis for another herb in the plant kingdom that truly is harmful to our health such as POISON IVY!


  8. “Our” Government has Patents on processes using THC for medicinal purposes (some since the 90’s). So,they know about the medicinal properties of cannabis (for Decades)Look up US Patent # 6630507. One of the patents has to do with diabetes,and a process to help control or eliminate the use of insulin in certin cases. Its all just a big “PUPPET SHOW” people and were all paying for it!

  9. What can I say? The special interests have a lot to lose financially if cannabis is legalized. They are the most greedy bunch of people on the planet Earth. For them, judgement day cannot come soon enough. They have caused UN-necessary
    suffering for so many people. Lord help us.

  10. I’m just happy to be in a State that allows cannabis for my arthritis. The NSAIDS that I’m prescribed would have killed my liver by now and I don’t want opiates. There’s a reason God created this plant and so many who needlessly suffer at the hands of big Pharma.

  11. This isn’t a surprise for me. Three years ago my diabetes was completely out of control despite strict diet and medications. Today I am off all meds and my doctor said I didn’t have diabetes anymore. The only two things I have changed in that time was I started smoking and I quit eating or drinking anything with artificial sweeteners. I started smoking to help the pain from some nerve damage and ended up curing my diabetes too! What an awesome plant!

  12. Look at the work of Dr. William Courtney who is trying to open the global view of cannabis as a food instead of just a medicine.

    Cannabis International – Dr. Courtney’s Website –

    A very famous quote comes to mind from the famous father of medicine:

    “Let food be thy medicine”

    • Hemp Seeds= Excellent protein source/GLA/Omega 6 fatty acids
    • Hemp leaf= Excellent source of healing chlorophyll

    The seeds are great in smoothies, salads, or trail mixes. The raw leaf (not the flower) can be juiced for it’s chlorophyll content or the dried leaf can be used to make a tea.

    528 Hz,

    All you need is love.

  13. This helps explain why my Type 1 diabetic son, 37 of his 40 yrs with it, is OK despite lack of self-care. Based on all I once taught JDRFI parents, he is a miracle. I am a Type 2, with liver & kidneys that won’t allow even metformin. I don’t care for smoking the stuff; but I now can hope for pot in a form I can take more easily. And I just may get my CA card & share my kid’s butter! (I never drank alcohol, but my liver looks like an alcoholics!)

  14. How is it that in Washington state marijuana is legal to possess and smoke as long as it is under one ounce,but still illegall to buy,sell or grow?It kinda makes the new. It kinda makes the voters voice is worthless, a law was passed by the voters but the state will still not respect that. Must be they just can’t seem to work out some way to control it so they get their unfair share. I’m tired of paying for politicans vacations.

  15. Im 09′ I was diagnosed with a Phoechromocytoma in Colorado . I had a bunch of symptoms but docs said i had type 2 diabetes. After surgery i smoked marijuana daily for 4 years. Recently i moved to Texas dor family reasons. I quit smoking to get a decent job here ana guess what happened… Got sick, now im on metfornin and onglyna for being clean for 4 months. Texas sucks.

  16. the studies look promising, but smoking this stuff will leave you unable to function due to being high. Then you have to deal with work. Random drug testing will hurt you. You are not protected by law even though you have a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

  17. I have been a heavy pot smoker for about 30 years. Circumstances have forced me to abate my use at times, such as now, which is why I came to this site. I have been off pot for about 2 weeks. Everyone in my family has type 2 diabetes except me. Though now, since stopping smoking, I am certain that I have symptoms of diabetes and I feel like crap. And to comment on Mark’s statement above mine here, I function just fine if not better when high, though I know that it affects folks differently and different strains have different affects. Sativa seems to work best for me. Since I just moved to Portland I am searching for a new source. Hope to find it soon cause I feel pretty funky.

  18. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 19 out of twenty years and my bloodsugars were always crazy (a1c 11+) until I started smoking and now that I smoke daily my bloodsugars have never been better!! My a1c is at a seven and some days if I smoke every time I eat I don’t even have to take any humalog!! (Humalog = Short acting insulin -for when you eat and to correct if your bloodsugar is too high.) As long as I take my Lantus (lantus= long acting insulin to get you through the day) on time I can pretty much manage the disease using pot. It’s pretty cool.

  19. I smoked for over 20 years ! Gave up 7 month ago and today been told I have diabetes 🙁 my mother was and 2 of my sisters are diabetic, none of them ever smoked mj !! Doctor has said it’s not type 1 or type 2 apparently I’m to old for 1 and wrong description for the other ????
    Doctor (£7.85 per item later) “gave” me Gliclazide 40 mg tablets and I really do not want to start putting their shit in my system but I’ll lose the wife if I return to my darling Mary. Hmmmmmmm what to do ????????

  20. Just curious. when i got some, im smoking it all day. im also eating everything (esp. sugary sweets) that i can get my hands on. this is why i dont buy the stuff anymore because if i get a sack, then im 10lbs heavier within a week. doesnt anyone else here have the same problem?

  21. What kind of pot would work the best for a type 1 diabetic that hust wants to lower their blood sugar levels but not increase hunger?

  22. hi lydia, hoped we could maybe have a chat about pot and your type1. my son (14) was diagnosed with T1 4 months ago and of course i’ve not stopped researching since. hope to hear from you, Tony.

  23. Lydia. ..I am also very interested in what strand u are using. Hope you can elaborate and share with those of us desperately seeking answers!

  24. GW Pharma thinks that marijuana may benefit those with diabetes. The pharmaceutical company completed a pre-clinical trial already on the GWP42004, a cannabis-based drug. In the animal study, THC in low doses was given to the mice. They gained less weight and were more active. When the THC and CBD were combined, the good cholesterol levels in the mice rose and the bad cholesterol fell. GW Pharma then conducted a test on humans that showed the drug may help people with type II diabetes by improving fasting glucose levels and improving pancreatic cell function. It may also help to lower blood pressure. The pharmaceutical company may not market marijuana as a diabetes medication anytime soon, but they will be conducting a phase 2 trial next year.



  25. I’m not interested in being high but would like to try anything else to lower my blood sugar besides pharmaceuticals. Is there another form ie: eating the seeds or oil that is not $200 a month? Also how do you know how much oil to ingest? CBD is all I can find and it’s super expensive.
    Thank you for any help,


    I have suffered from type 2 diabetes from the past few years and i am 64 years but no cure until when i heard about cannabis oil and its fast curing effectiveness for diabetes, cancer, seizures and many more.I was directed by a friend of my sister who have used the cannabis oil to cure her type 1 diabetes and she got the cannabis oil from the UK and she gave me an email contact ukcancerresearchcentre@gmail.com and i was desperately in need of medication for treatment and i bought the cannabis oil from the centre with instruction on how to use it,I started the medication oil immediately and after taking the oil as prescribed, it really worked like a magic and i was surprise with the fast effectiveness and i was totally cured of diabetes. I so happy now that i am free from diabetes

  27. I was taking THC orally, at night only, for back problems and after about 3-4 wks I started feeling really crummy. It continued for about 2 months when it dawned on me to take my blood sugar. I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for about 3 years and have been on Metformin 2 times a day. After testing my blood I found that it was extremely low so I cut my Metformin down to 1/2 a day, and now I take no Metformin and my blood sugars are 130 on waking and around 102 during the day, as long as I don’t skip meals. It drops really low if I don’t eat. I haven’t felt this good in 3 years. My energy is back, i’m not depressed and I’m starting to lose weight. All from only taking a small amount of oral THC in the evenings. I don’t know if vaping or smoking it has the same effect but the oral has made a huge difference in my life. Wish the docs would listen!! I’m going to try the CBD oil instead of the THC to see if it will continue as the THC has.

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