New Hampshire: House and Senate Agree to Compromised Medical Marijuana Measure

House and Senate negotiators on Tuesday agreed on a final version of House Bill 573, which allows for a regulated system of medical cannabis distribution in New Hampshire.

The amended bill calls for the creation of four state-sanctioned marijuana dispensing facilities to produce and distribute cannabis to state-qualified patients who possess a physician’s recommendation. Patients diagnosed with one of approximately twenty qualifying conditions — including cancer, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Crohn’s disease, or multiple sclerosis — would be permitted to legally possess up to than two-ounces of cannabis. Under the proposed law, patients must obtain cannabis only from a state-licensed facility. Qualified patients will not be provided with any legal protections to possess or use cannabis prior to the establishment of such facilities.

As originally passed by the House, the measure allowed for qualified patients to have the option to grow their own cannabis. The measure also allowed for physicians to recommend cannabis for the treatment of post-traumatic stress. Both provisions were stripped from the bill by the Senate at the request of newly-elected Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan.

Gov. Hassan is expected to approve the reconciled version of HB 573. A commission is expected to be put in place to oversee the implementation of the law as soon as the bill is passed.

New Hampshire will become the 19th state to allow for the limited, legal use of medical cannabis and the final New England state to do so.

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  1. LAME<LAME<LAME. My God they went out of their way not to allow PTSD sufferers access to cannabis.Why? Simple, they are owned by the big Pharms. They are the only group who will benefit from this exclusion.

  2. New Hampshire’s law is a joke. It’sstill being treated like it ws plutonium or something. This law has no teeth. As long as I can go to any ER around the country and grunt and groan long and loud enough, I can wal out with Percocet or Vicodin or and any host of “legal” drugs, most of which are addictive and all of them are toxic.

  3. WOWWW, Gov-na, didn’t realize you and your law enforcement advisors are smarter than MD’s! PTSD is NOT a disabling condition? Guess those suicides by some of our heroic war vets are just coincidence, having nothing to do with seeing their best buddies blown apart. Bet JAMA is anxious to read about your research. Maybe you’ll get published!! And since when is it law enforcements’ job to oversee LEGALLY approved actions, ie., registered patient home growers? The truly disabled are rarely able to maintain a steady job or income and home grows can help save them much needed money. Compassion for the ill is always noble.

  4. Q – What does former prohibitionist governor John Lynch look like in drag?

    A- Current prohibitionist governor Maggie Hassan

  5. ^^^ Vape Forest ,

    There is no “logic”. The rationalization is to keep cannabis from “the criminal element”.

    Maggie Hassan is a politician and wants to be able to say two things at once, her lackeys fell in line. Predictable.

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