Study: Cannabinoid Could Potentially Cut Down On NSAID-Induced Hospitalizations

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofren) are among the most widely used analgesic substances in the world. However, the consumption of these products is associated with various adverse and life-threatening side-effects such as heart-attack, stroke, and internal bleeding. In fact, according to a 2001 analysis, in the United States alone, “gastrointestinal complications induced by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) cause more than 100,000 hospitalizations and an estimated 16,500 deaths annually.”

Could these adverse gastrointestinal effects be offset by cannabis? A just published study in the European Journal of Pharmacology indicates that the most likely answer is ‘yes.’

Researchers at West Virginia University assessed the impact of THC administration in an animal model of NSAID-induced gastric inflammation. Investigators reported that low doses of THC provided gastroprotective effects, significantly attenuating gastric hemorrhages and lesions.

They concluded: “The results of the present study suggest that delta-9-THC … may also possess gastroprotective effects in NSAID using patients. … As current antacid regimens may be associated with undesirable effects, such as reduced bone density, increased risk of bacterial infection, and vitamin deficiencies, other approaches to prevent NSAID-induced gastric ulcers are needed. In addition to their gastroprotective effects, cannabinoids produce other beneficial effects, including pain reduction. … Thus, cannabinoids may have the added benefit of reducing the effective analgesic dose of NSAIDs, as well as reducing the incidence of NSAID-induced gastric ulcers.”

Full text of the study, “Acute delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol blocks gastric hemorrhages induced by the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac sodium in mice,” appears online in the European Journal of Pharmacology.

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  1. Yeah I’m living proof that medical marijuana works for GI problems. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD and IBS… being investigated if I have Celiac’s or Crohn’s right now. Cannabis, ESPECIALLY properly made cannabis edibles, are the #1 medicine for my stomach problems. Nothing else will pick up my appetite and reduce the pain and inflammation like cannabis does. I can barely tolerate other medicines. I was a lot better off when medical marijuana was more available here in California and there was more lab testing and open transparency. Now the dispensaries are shut down here and my supply of edibles goes up and down. Sometimes I have to settle with product that isn’t so good, or no product at all. Then I have to live with pain and weight loss. What’s happening in this state is not fair! I am very weak… I do not always have the energy to run around and be an activist. Please realize there are many others like myself who do suffer greatly from these prohibition policies and do not have the energy to deal with drug dealers, unreliable medicine, jails, etc. I support what Colorado has done all the way! Safe, regulated medicine and they legalized it for everybody 21+. Recreational legalization is improved access for patients, too, and I hope everyone in the medical marijuana community supports 100% legalization.

  2. The scientific evidence demonstrating cannabis as a multifaceted tool keep piling up.

    Also, according to the article,
    “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) cause… an estimated 16,500 deaths annually.”, which is more than all the bullshit and supposed dangers of cannabis which they have dramatized combined.

  3. You fools keep coming with all kinds of science and proof of medical use but don’t seem to realize that we don’t care and don’t listen! We hate potheads and will continue to do everything in our power, and we have major federal funding, to lock you up in our prisons.

  4. Maybe all these studies showing the health benefits of marijuana are part of some top secret, international conspiracy of scientists. LOL

  5. @DEA

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

    Sorry that what little is left of our democracy won’t allow your ilk to turn the U.S into a POLICE STATE.

    The numbers and truth is on our side and the fact that you know it is reflected in your need to comment.

    On a human level, cheering for iatrogenic death from Big Pharma when cannabinoid therapy is superior in safety shows that you’re truly pathetic.

  6. I approve it,only, if they could add some Tylenol or Ibuprofen-to the mix.

    You can’t have pure Cannabinoids because, it would be too” righteous’

    It’s for you’re own good baby,,,,sorry!

  7. I was injured in 1984 and have been confined to a wheelchair since. I’m very lucky to live in a Med. approved state. I can list many positives of useage of Medical MJ with the G.I. tract being one of the worst nasties on the list for persons with a spinalcord injury.

  8. There’s a study from Vanderbilt University that shows increased cannabinoids in the brains of people who take NSAID s. I spoke with the doctor that did the study. I would be nice to avoid the side effects of NSAIDs altogether.

  9. In combination with NSAIDs, it appears as if Delta9 might prove highly beneficial to human patients afflicted with gastrointestinal issues. Thanks for the research. The world appreciates it.

  10. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and just finished chemo and radiation for the Difuse Large B Cell Lymphoma I got due to the medication (Methotrexate) I was on for the RA. Now I hear about Raw Juicing Cannabis and can’t find where or if there are any test trials going on. Isn’t it our generation (I was born in 1951) now who’s sitting in our governmental seats? What the hell happened to them all? Cannabis has been used for thousands and thousands of years. It’s benefits are numerous and astounding. Not to mention that legalizing it could be a financial lucrative busines bringing in enough moneis to maybe get us out of this “recession”. Legal or otherwise . . . it’s going to be here long after those in the seats banning it are long dead. For their sakes, I hope they never have to experience pain and body degeneration and know that smoking or drinking the “devil weed” would have spared them pain and an early death.

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