Oregon: Governor Signs Law Authorizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber today signed legislation, House Bill 3460, into law establishing regulations for the creation of state-licensed medical cannabis facilities.

The law tasks the Oregon Health Authority with crafting rules and regulations over the following nine months to govern the new statewide distribution system.

Oregon voters initially approved a statewide initiative in 1998 mandating state lawmakers to allow for physicians to authorize qualified patients to consume and grow cannabis. However, that law did not explicitly provide legal protections for outlets that wished to dispense the substance to authorized patients.

Presently, an estimated 200 unlicensed cannabis dispensing facilities are operating throughout the state. An estimated 57,000 Oregonians are registered with the state to consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, DC now have licensed medical cannabis dispensaries up and running. (California dispensaries are not licensed by the state.) Similar dispensary outlets are in the process of opening in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Nevada and New Hampshire.

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  1. Good, that’s one step closer for the death and destruction of the infamous and evil black market which is run by greedy and filthy people who will put glass in weed to weigh it down or lead particles.. or in my case, dipped in the toxic waste by-product of making meth! DIE BLACK MARKET AND BE REPLACED BY BIG MARIJUANA! THE BIG MARIJUANA INDUSTRY SHALL TRAMPLE THE FEW EVIL DEALERS!

  2. That is what needs to be done. If it is going to be legal then get it out of the hands of “joe the pusher”. You folks can’t have it both ways. If you want it legal then the states are gonna want their share like taxes on booze and cigarettes and it should be regulated and controlled. If it is truly going to be legalized and we must still push for the total package of legalization period, not just for medical reasons then we will have to tolerate control, regulation and taxes. We must prove the feds wrong and make it a legit profitable business for states and the people otherwise I’ll still be getting my weed from the corner pusher.

  3. Got to budtend the day of the signing … just blocks away …wow hope I can make a different economy… now how to you let the one that dont have cards gain access? Next steps…

  4. I’m so happy that Oregon can now have dispensaries! I work at a medical marijuana clinic in Oregon, and I can not describe how bad it felt to tell patients, when they asked about dispensaries, that I couldn’t give them any information about that. Due to it previously being a gray-area legally here in Oregon, our clinic didn’t disclose such information, since we try our hardest to follow the state laws as much as such a controversial type of medicine, that is federally illegal, can be.

    A lot of patients who I talk to will be delighted to hear this information. I’M delighted. Not everyone has someone who they are close to and are comfortable enough with to list as their grower, and now card holders have have an alternative safe, protected method to help them get their medicine!

  5. I am so relieve to see nature win….especially With all of the man made prescription drug recall….have you ever seen a commercial…MARIJUANNA BAD DRUG….CALL IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED GOOD SLEEP,APPITIE,AND EXTREME MELLOWNESS…? EXACTLY ????????WE FINALLY ARE ALL ON THE SAME WAVE LENGTH…..

  6. Go Oregon and go Gov. Kitzhaber! Nice to see Oregon moving forward with their medical program. Should be interesting to see what the Oregon Health Authority comes up with for rules and regulations.

  7. How sad. AFTER reading HB3460; clearly none of you have. Read it!! I see the standard knee-jerk reactions. Now watch as what was easy access at a fair price will now become 10-20 dollars per gram. Because YOU didn’t read the bill you are so happy to accept…with this passing the “State Seller” can charge for rent and mortgage along with well you didn’t care enough to read it..and this is better? (9)(a) A registry identification cardholder or the designated primary caregiver of a reg-
    istry identification cardholder may reimburse a medical marijuana facility registered under
    this section for the normal and customary costs of doing business, including costs related
    to transferring, handling, securing, insuring, testing, packaging and processing usable
    marijuana and immature marijuana plants and the cost of supplies, utilities and rent or
    (b) A medical marijuana facility may reimburse a person responsible for a marijuana
    grow site under this section for the normal and customary costs of doing business, including
    costs related to transferring, handling, securing, insuring, testing, packaging and processing
    usable marijuana and immature marijuana plants and the cost of supplies, utilities and rent
    or mortgage.
    Enrolled House Bill 3460 (HB 3460-B) Page 2

    Stupid humans….
    T. Craig

    [Editor’s note: Yah…no one read the bill but you. BTW, welcome to reality!]

  8. Runamuk1.. So sad that Rush Limbaugh set the standard for this type of scorched Earth nonsense diatribe about your fellow humans. Not much room there for insight, compassion, human error, telling us way more about you than you even suspect. Sorry for the loss of your humanity.

  9. freedom at last in oregon,xtra meds 503-8307788,wholesale u-cut program from 2500 each oregon card holders only.4-6 lbrs.
    and for the economy jobs,20.00 hr. p/t start in may,2014.souther oregon just saved its self from becoming a ghost town.

  10. T. You missed something… People still have home grow which should balance out how much places can charge. This law reads like idiot savant spouting the phone book from memory and they mention the transfer of immature plants.

    Now, really, how can you complain about Oregon carving out a legal framework so you can maintain your business the same exact way every other business owner has to–using their profits from sales to pay their rent and other costs. The way the law was before, doing so was considered a form of money laundering–just other stupid charge you could get stuck with for selling marijuana.

  11. Runamuk1/ T. Craig, should people work for free? Maybe you’d volunteer to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a business, sustain the overhead(do you know what overhead is? have you ever owned a business?), and then sit there all day and serve customers at no charge. I wouldn’t. And I do work; someone has to pay taxes so people can get their welfare checks.
    The law isn’t the greatest one ever imo, but it’s a start.
    As for people who don’t like the black market, I think you’re naiive. Getting herb is easy, just ask around; if you live in fear of being coming out of the closet as a weedsmoker, blame yourself (in part) for the current situation.
    Legalizing and taxing marijuana will happen, but I hope it happens slowly. Simple question: since when do taxes do anything good for our economy or communities? If you took away 28% of the income of a lot of people in, for example, Eugene, OR, that’s millions of dollars that stays out of local restaurants, shops, car dealers, etc, and goes into government hands to be pissed away into the black hole of bureaucracy. Bad for the economy. The money and jobs are already there, but the government doesn’t get much of it. That’s primarily what liberalizing policies do: Give government a piece of the action.

  12. Salute to the state of oregon and its governor for taking the steps toward legalization. With the estimate of 200 unlicensed facilities it only makes sense that lawmakers begin to explore this avenue. Recently I have seen a trend, when the conversation shifts towards regulation and laws of medical marijuana dispensary and patients the opposition of the medicine seems to slowly but surely fade out.
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  13. As someone who is implementing the registration website and who has intimate knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes, this is a bad law that OHA is hoping will be a revenue cash cow. My unit just now received the go ahead on developing the web application and there is still in fighting about how to go about doing so. The vendor for electronic payments (NICUSA) is being awarded a contract which has them doing final changes to the production system on March 3rd. The day of go live. Management is so embroiled in Cover Oregon and doesn’t want anymore ink on another subject that other projects are being put in peril to complete this one. It has come to my team because we have the experience doing registration type applications in short order, but I don’t even have ANY requirements as of late. As a human, not a government employee, in my opinion, more grass roots needs to be done to take this power away from Local/State/Federal government and given back to the people. It is a plant for Chrissake, and you should see the taxpayer dollars that are being wasted on this little project all so that the State can get what they expect to be “potentially 1000s of applicants on March 3rd” – which even if it is 1000 is $4,000,000 (yes, four million) dollars in the state coffers. I am going to do my best to make it happen, but I only give it about a 50% chance of success. Also, if you notice, there are subtle changes to OMMP in AR of 3460, as drafted. Wish us luck.

  14. There are several points which people think are not good for human being. Are everyone agree with US president Barack Obama? Are they want Weed to be legalize? What are the benefits of marijuana. How medical marijuana can help human being to fight against disease? To know more about store in United states, Visit http://www.weedlynx.com

  15. Wake up people we don’t need federal or state government telling us a native & naturally occurring plant is legal, illegal, or anything else!! Are your backyard tomatoes & radishes federally regulated or do you just grow them & consume them at will? Do you give children access to ANY harmful things regardless of what any government has to say about those harmful things? NO YOU DON’T!!! So all those idiots need to STOP hiding behind that weak-ass “Oh we don’t want the kids to do it” BULLSHIT. OF COURSE WE DON’T WANT KIDS DOING IT. Grow tobacco plants in your backyard garden and roll your own smokes that’s ok grow a cannabis sativa plant and roll your own smoke and you become a federal criminal.

  16. Well you people got what you wanted. Over regulated and over taxed product you could have grown yourselves for 1/10 the price.
    How about the lies you did before he vote? Lies about how Prop 91 would not change the medical side?
    These are not final I’m sure they will be much worse by the end of this whole scam. How on earth are you going to stop Black Market with a product that is well over twice the price? Just for your information. Nobody is poisoning anyone with the black market cannabis. Not one single person has died or been sick from it. Anyone who has was sick to begin with.
    Let that government rob your ass.https://www.osbar.org/public/legalinfo/1079_MarijuanaLaw.htm

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