New Jersey: Governor Signs Legislation Amending Aspects Of State’s Medical Cannabis Program

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has signed legislation, Senate Bill 2842, into law modifying aspects of the state’s medical marijuana regulations.

Specifically, the law amends requirements that state-licensed medical cannabis producers and distributors be limited to providing patients with no more than three strains of the plant – a regulatory rule that has been in place since the program’s inception some three years ago. Proponents of the rule change argued that lifting the three-strain cap will foster the production and distribution of varieties of cannabis high in CBD (cannabidiol) content. Cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid that possesses a variety of therapeutic properties. However, it is typically present at relatively low levels in conventional strains of marijuana, which typically are bred to possess higher quantities of THC – the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Senate Bill 2842 also allows for cannabis distributors to produce marijuana-infused edible products. However, at the insistence of the Governor, consumption of such products will be limited to those age 18 and younger.

Governor Christie previously vetoed language that sought to streamline regulations so that qualified patients under the age of 18 could more readily access medicinal cannabis.

Under present New Jersey law, authorized patients may only obtain medical cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries. To date, however, few facilities are actively up and running. Earlier this month, the state’s Economic Developmental Authority approved a $375,000 loan to the Compassionate Care Foundation dispensary, which plans to open its doors in mid-October.

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  2. “Senate Bill 2842 also allows for cannabis distributors to produce marijuana-infused edible products. However, at the insistence of the Governor, consumption of such products will be limited to those age 18 and younger.’

    Is this correct? 18 and YOUNGER!! What could possibly the motivation?

    1. A lot of parents and even doctors dont wany to limit med. weed to something you smoke. Of course Christie is an ass. A lot of people at any age don’t want to inject weed by smoking. Oh and vaporizers are way overpriced. Besides eating a brownie or cookie is easier and probably less wasteful and costly than a vaporizer.

      Christie has cannabalized the entire intent if this law. He lies when he said he agreed with it. Once elected he erroneously claimed med weed a gateway drug. And being opposed to CBD is just stupid.

  3. Edible MJ products available to those 18 and younger? While I started at less than 18, I don’t think toddlers are what he had in mind.

  4. The article nails it, but fails to make the connection; by not allowing strain experimentation and preventing cbd varieties from being developed, the efficacy of the program suffers and critics can point to that as evidence cannabis doesn’t work as medicine. Also, keeping edibles out of the hands of over 18 seems like a backdoor attempt to keep people from using them and showing their effectiveness. Sneaky.

  5. Wait this can’t be right so if you’re 19 and older you are not allowed to eat edibles this makes no sense. Can someone check and see if this is right? I can understand patients under 18 being only allowed to eat edibles.

    [Paul Armentano replies: The statement is correct. The Governor insisted on the availability of cannabis oils/tinctures for adolescents as an alternative to smoking, but for reasons that were his and his alone, he insisted that no one over the age of 18 have access to nonsmoked forms of cannabis.]

  6. So apparently Christie is such a strong believer that smoked and/or vaporized marijuana is such effective medicine that adults should do that instead of being allowed to eat it. Sounds like he needs to go convince those who claim smoked cannabis isn’t medicine.

  7. Hello Paul, could maybe those reasons included having a bit of dyslexia? Seriously, banning adults from not smoking would seem the logical action of someone who literally gets various ideas completely backward inside their heads. The ideas work fine in reality, but once their brains start processing it, it all goes to shit.

    Here is a guy that want to run for president, but doesn’t want to do what the people want him to. But he still thinks he’ll make a good president. How Christie? You have to listen to your people. Not give them excuses about how you cannot follow their direction. We are done pretending marijuana is not medicine and we are done with pretending it is a reason to be arresting people.

    Meanwhile, Christie is still trying to figure out how to tie the state’s medical marijuana program in knots with endless regulations that do not make sense–the very thing Rebulicans say they hate. The whole party is becoming a dyslexic party–Everything we campaign for is something we fight against once in office.

  8. How would you like a nice cookie Chris? My cookies are baked not fried, with a crunchy texture, and flavor you can’t resist.

  9. Christie is a puppet of the establishment. The biggest pharma companies reside in his home state. That said he will never press the issue for the people, but will back his financial supporters…. My guess is that like most politicians, once the legalization parade really kicks off in his state, he will run to the front of it and claim himself a leader…. Really.???

  10. Gotta fix the typo “consumption of such products will be limited to those age 18 and younger.”

  11. Thanks for the useful information.I have learned a lot about drugs especially marijuana from this blog. My first encounter with these ideas was Adam Scorgie’s – The Union, he is on London Real this week talking about “The Culture High” have you heard of it!

  12. I am moving to NJ, near my folks. I want in on dispensary shop. How do I get the information I need to proceed?? I’m looking to move next year, spring/summer. Please let me know anything. Thanks in advance. .

  13. Why is it that you have to donate money to become an advocate for NORML? To me that alil ridiculous! I support and go to rallies all the time when im not working but dont make enough to hardly pay bills. I think you should be able to join and represent NORML without PAYING for it.

    [Editor’s note: Really? Um, there would not be NORML rallies to attend or even this webpage to post your naive remarks to without cannabis law reform supporters putting some skin in the game for the last 43 years.

    Oddly, NORML can’t pay the bandwidth costs of maintaining a popular webpage by you going to free rallies.]

  14. Growing 10 plants in NJ is mandatory sentence of 10 year. Although it coming to be fully legal. i’m insure what the difference is from legalization and decriminalization. My friends said legalization means you can still be charged with a crime but decriminalization you cant be charged with any crime. I thought it was the other way around. If it’s legal you can’t charged with a crime. Decriminlasin it you can get ticket but not criminal charge. Which is anyone know?

  15. I know this was written by you two weeks ago, but in case you are still wondering you are correct. Decriminalization means just that its not a crime, its an infraction, meaning you get a ticket. Legalization means its legal so you cant even get a ticket.

    You can also think of its this way: Its illegal to speed so you get a ticket, but its not a crime so you don’t go to jail, unless you are going insanely fast.

  16. I say, cut to the chase and make marijuana legal. It’s safer than booze, cigarettes and most prescription drugs, Good for environmentally sound paper (superior to trees) and used for making thousands of products worldwide (except here)so vote to stop the payoffs To the hypocrites fighting to keep it legal.

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