NORML PAC Endorses Heather Mizeur for Maryland Governor

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.33.03 AMToday, NORML PAC has announced its endorsement of Delegate Heather Mizeur and her running mate Delman Coates for Governor and Lt. Governor of Maryland.

Delegate Mizeur has made marijuana legalization a central plank in her campaign platform. Under her proposed plan, the state would generate $158 million for early-childhood education, enough to cover 23,600 children annually from revenue produced from regulated marijuana sales.

This reform is desperately needed in Maryland. According to a 2013 ACLU report, Maryland possesses one of the highest rates of marijuana possession arrests of any state in the country. Maryland arrests over 23,000 individuals for simple marijuana possession every year, at the cost over of 100 million dollars. Despite only constituting 30% of the state’s population and having similar use rates to their white counterparts, African Americans account for 58% of the state’s marijuana possession arrests.

“Maryland’s marijuana laws have ruined lives, been enforced with racial bias, and keep law enforcement from focusing their time and resources on more violent crime,” Mizeur stated, “We’re proud to have NORML PAC’s support in the effort to make Maryland the next state to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.”

Heather is currently the only Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Maryland to support marijuana legalization.

“NORML PAC is pleased to endorse Delegate Heather Mizeur in her campaign to become the next governor of Maryland,” said Erik Altieri, NORML PAC Manager. “We believe Del. Mizeur and her running mate Delman Coates will provide the leadership required to help Maryland move towards a new, smarter approach to marijuana.”

You can learn more about Mizeur’s campaign here.

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  1. The ONLY candidate with any common sense. She gets my vote. We need to get out of office some of these longtime, narrow-minded geezers, like House Speaker Mike Busch. These people have caused this state more trouble and costs than their worth, i.e. O’Malley’s gas tax, rain tax, bay sewer tax, utility rate hikes every year, wind turbine tax, etc. Time to clean house in Annapolis! I do like Senate President ‘Mike’ Miller, Jr., he’s a smart guy, but can’t do it all by himself.

  2. Heather Mizuer has my vote. Even if she’s not the Dem’s candidate, I’ll write her name in. Guess I better switch from Independent to Democrat, too. I believe Maryland requires I be a Democrat to vote in the primary.

  3. This is what we need to see. Change not wasting our tax money. And also some of that money can go to police officers raises as well helping them keep their car. Most of my family are cops they may cut this due to no funding to help them keep there personal police car at their house. Not sure about the rest I love seeing police cars in my area makes me feel safe.

  4. Until 1986, I grew up around Silver Spring and Wheaton. We moved to the hill country in Texas and I missed the years when crack hit the streets (darn!) but returned briefly for high school both in Bethesda Maryland and a public school in D.C., 1994 to see my schoolmates transformed. I couldnt find any of my black friends in Bethesda, and I was a white minority in D.C. When I hung out with black and Latinos we were harrassed by police and ushered away from gathering after school by school authorities. When I was with white friends, we skipped all our classes except AP courses. Cops didnt look at us. School authorities ushered us into honors programs.
    I decided to move back to Texas after high school. Not that the laws were any better, but there was less enforcement in the country. I returned once more to Rockville, Maryland where my godmother was near her death bed from some sort of abdominal cancer. To this day it pains me to my soul I didnt bring her some weed to stop the chemo-symptoms. She told me before she died that she knew about “la hierba”‘s medicinal powers in her native El Salvador, but it would upset her daughter so much to put her 18 year-old grandson at risk of posessions, she said “mejor que no, mijo.” or, “Better not, son.”
    She died after her last chemo, losing more than half her weight those last few months. If you cant stop the vomit, cant keep the weight on. As too many other Americans, my godmother did not have to die this way. I know her daughter will be voting for Mizeur.
    Today, here in Texas, I scoffed to hear the gubernatorial Republican front runner, Greg Abbot, deny medicinal value of marijuana during the Republican primaries. If this is the guy the GOP is backing, then Wendy Davis has already won governorship of the state of Texas.

  5. Didn’t mean to forget Jamie Raskin(D-Mont. Co.) He’s been a real crusader for our cause. He has introduced bills every year, only to have them rejected in committees every time. Give this man lots of support, he deserves it!

  6. With support for reform over 50% it means that politicians need not fear siding with reform.
    As support continues to grow it will become essential for politicians to support reform to have any real chance of election.
    These are very exciting times.
    We are watching history in the making.

  7. how do get to emailHeather Mizeur what is happening to my family at this moment with marijuana charges,, so they see how they are ruining people lives when they can be chansing real criminals

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