NORML PAC Endorses Shenna Bellows for US Senate

shennapacNORML PAC is pleased to announce that it has endorsed Shenna Bellows in her campaign to represent the state of Maine in the United States Senate.

“Shenna Bellows has been at the forefront of the fight for marijuana legalization even before beginning this campaign,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “During her tenure leading the Maine ACLU, Shenna has demonstrated she has the skill and determination to fight for sensible reforms and has proven to be a vocal and articulate leader in calling for the end of marijuana prohibition. We believe she will be invaluable in the United States Senate to help move the country away from our failed war on marijuana and towards a new, smarter approach.”

“We need to end the war on drugs and reform our criminal justice system, and we cannot afford to wait. The United States incarcerates more people in total and more people per capita than any other country in the world, and the racial disparities are alarming,” Shenna Bellows wrote in a recent op-ed, “Even in my home state of Maine, which is the whitest state in the union, blacks are 2.1 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession. Government spends billions of dollars each year enforcing counterproductive drug laws, which are truly the New Jim Crow. The economic and human rights costs are enormous.”

While we have long had support for marijuana law reform in the House of Representative, support in the Senate has long been harder to come by. In a recent interview with ThinkProgress, Ms. Bellows has made clear she looks to kickstart the movement for rational marijuana policy in the upper chamber of Congress.

“Right now on the Senate side, there doesn’t seem to be a leader who has the courage to move that forward,” Bellows said. “I would be that leader.”

You can learn more about Shenna Bellows campaign on her website or by visiting her Facebook page.

You can donate to the NORML PAC to help elect pro-reform candidates nationwide here.

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  1. what about drug testing? nicotine is tested for and perfectly legal. blood sugar testing could eliminate drinkers as well.

  2. It’s good to hear about bringing the reform movement to the staid Senate. Watch your back, Ms. Bellows, the cartels aren’t gonna like this development – bad for business.

  3. Nice. We need someone high up (no pun) with a clearheaded, up-standing image to spearhead this thing. I salute you Shenna Bellows.

  4. At Mr.Musick That what I say to. From Corpus Christi Our police chiff is spending alot of there time going after cannabis. He has say that many time. If u are found with 2 o/z they come to your home.

  5. Shenna Bellows for US President! She is exactly what this country needs! Not only is she smart and compassionate, she is very pretty. I only wish she was running for office here in Virginia…

  6. I’d vote for her for president.
    They just caught chapo Guzman. I’m sure it was planned this way so they can try to say the cartels are fighting more for control of the border and some government puppet will say that decriminalization and making cannabis legal is a the problem. So they need to violate more rights here and step up their patrol. Which we all know that’s crap! It’s the PROHIBITION that causes the violence. If it was legal all you would have is the same violence you’ll see at liquor stores, banks and etc. Stick ups ( robberies ) I’m so sick of all the excuses why it should still be illegal! They’re all lies and crap. Gov. Shouldn’t have the priveledge of telling American citizens they’ll be arrested for possessing, cultivating, and or distribution of a plant/ herb. It’s unconstitutional!

  7. Electing this woman for the job will save more than a few lives that otherwise would have perished due to smuggling.

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    Then Leave it Lay,it’s Not Crack.
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