Maryland House Committee to Hear Decriminalization and Legalization Bills, Advocates to Rally in Support

Tomorrow, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee will be holding a public hearing to discuss House Bill 880 (legalization) and House Bill 879 (decriminalization) at 1:00pm in Annapolis.

Maryland residents can click here to contact their legislators in favor of decriminalization and here to contact them in favor of legalization. It only takes a few minutes, so please take a moment of your time to let your voice be heard.

Please also consider calling both House Judiciary Committee Chairman Delegate Vallario and Speaker of the House Delegate Busch to let them know that Marylanders support reforming the state’s marijuana policies. These two will be key in seeing these measures advance and have had prior history of opposing such efforts. Their contact information is below:

House Judiciary Committee Vallario
P: 301-858-3488

Speaker of the House Delegate Busch
P: 301-858-3800

Prior to the hearing, marijuana law reform advocates will be rallying at Lawyers Mall outside of the state house at 11:00am to show support for these important pieces of legislation. They will be joined by legalization and decriminalization bill sponsor, and NORML PAC endorsed candidate for Maryland Governor, Delegate Heather Mizeur. More information on the rally is available here.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to legalize marijuana in Maryland. Together, we can bring about great change in the state this legislative session!

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  1. Great, look at Colorado it made $3.5 million in pot tax in first month. That would help the state of Maryland do a lot, even half would help.

    Good Luck I wish I could be there, but I have a job

    Carl Sheerer

  2. I was going to go but I somehow managed to get a stinger in my upper back and neck. Can not move my right arm without shooting pains. Also it blows the temperature dropped so much on the day for the rally. I wish we could all get down there to show our support!

  3. @Carl-Not only did they make money, how much did they save by not locking up people for possession. Colorado is going to experience a boom similar to the gold rush. Amtrack is going to need more trains just to handle the increased passengers (can’t fly with it).

    @The people of Maryland-Use your police for good, protect your visitors and locals from real crime. Keep your prison population low and stop the nonsense. Free your courts to quickly deal with violent crimes.

    @Eric-phone numbers? Names? Actions we can do right this very second? You have mastered the state by state process in which we as a nation can remove this racist stupid prohibition from our lives. You are on the right side of history.

    For way to long our government has denied us this plant that historically has provided medicine and food for thousands of years. History will show what a total failure this war on marijuana is. Not one single death from the composition of the chemicals found in cannabis can be found. No addictive properties, no cancers, no violent rages.

    Violent people will do violent things, drugs or no drugs. After 80 years the scare tactics that Harry Anslinger used have always proven false when it comes to using cannabis. We still base our prohibition on 1930’s Harry, and our technology has advanced so much since then. We know he used his position of power to freak us out, use fear to keep us subordinate.

    He didn’t like people with dark skin, Rosa Parks didn’t get up from her seat until 1955, Harry outlawed marijuana in the late 1930s. Harry made sure that “Negro’s” or “coloreds” were the focus on his “Gore Files” which described violent crimes that were committed where marijuana was involved.

    We still lock up a disproportionate number of dark skinned minority people to white peeps. Maryland has a chance at changing history on the East Coast. Please call your politicians and tell them that it is time to call mercy, purge the prisons of non violent MJ users, and stop this endless cycle of crazy.

    Regulate it, educate our kids, give the terminally ill a break, give us a better option than alcohol or nicotine,tax it (it is so worth the cost for safe access), send our police after the bad guys, but stop scaring us from the marijuana boogeyman. We grew up and we know he’s not real anymore.

  4. I got busted in baltimore last week for possession of ONE gram. (asinine, right?)

    Lets see this sucker pass before I go to court!

    I dont want to have to piss in a god damn cup!!

  5. @anthem of the sun – first get a lawyer that advertises on this site. Second the Maryland law reads:
    (a) Except as otherwise provided in this title, a person may not:
    (1) possess or administer to another a controlled dangerous substance, unless obtained directly or by prescription or order from an authorized provider acting in the course of professional practice.

    Well marijuana is not a dangerous substance so you are off the hook. Have the court define dangerous them have them prove it. YOU are innocent until proven guilty.

  6. Simple math, I take in to my body some THC and therefore, I take in less of the prescribed opiate. These medicines are used to distract me from the neck, head, back,and shoulder pain for years. I suspect the pharmaceutical company looses money every-time I take in the THC.This being a real reason some don’t want it legal.

  7. Even South Carolina has a bill in the House..H-4879. That would have dispensaries and allow to home grow 3 mature plants. However you can not find anybody reporting this fact.

    [Paul Armentano responds: If you reside in South Carolina, you can use NORML’s ‘Take Action’ page to contact your elected state officials in support of this legislation — House Bill 4872, the “Put Patients First Act,” — here:

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