NORML PAC Endorses Wes Neuman for Congress in Florida’s 7th District

NORML PAC is endorsing Wes Neuman in his campaign against incumbent John Mica to become the next Congressman for Florida’s 7th Congressional District.

“NORML PAC is pleased to announce our endorsement of Wes Neuman for Congress in Florida’s 7th district. Florida needs new, bold leadership and we believe Wes will be a great champion for the cause of marijuana law reform in Washington, DC,” said NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “A vote for Wes Neuman is a vote to end our failed federal prohibition and to begin to move our country towards new, sensible marijuana policies. NORML PAC is delighted to support him in this campaign.”

“Current federal marijuana policies waste taxpayer dollars. It is unacceptable to continue allowing harsh, unrealistic, and unfair laws to squander billions of dollars and ruin thousands of lives,” stated Wes Neuman, “That’s why, as a Member of Congress, I will advance policies to fully legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana, which will reduce government spending and increase tax revenues. Legalizing marijuana will more efficiently allocate and save $17.4 billion annually. In Florida, that’s as much as $440 million per year, which is nearly 100% of what the Florida Department of Education allocated for Student Financial Aid for 2013-2014. This is an easy policy decision.”

You can view an interactive map of the 7th district here and see if Wes will be on your ballot in the upcoming election.

You can learn more about Wes’ campaign on his website, Facebook, or Twitter. You can learn more about NORML PAC and contribute to help marijuana law reform candidates here.

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  1. Good luck in your bid for congress ! Failed federal prohibition of marijuana laws since 1937,it is time for a change. I agree with you 100% now we have to get the rest of people running for office in our state thinking like you.Those who think that that there re-election is a sure bid had better start thinking about doing what is best for Florida.Those suffering now should be first thing on your( list of things to do list) for medical marijuana to those who need it.Then moving along like Colorado seems to be the best solution.Again good luck in congress Wess!!

  2. Legalization is up to you Florida! If you know someone who is pro legalization and needs help and encouragement to vote this November, please help them get registered. Placing Florida on the list of medicinal marijuana states alone is enough to get more than half of the United States with pro marijuana representation. This is the tipping point for Congress, the Supreme Court, and our freedom.

    Beyond medicinal, Florida has another, very serious reason to immediately legalize cannabis;
    Hemp coastal buffer zones.
    In order to restore coastal marshes to prepare for hurricanes and rising ocean levels we need to start growing hemp on islands and estuaries now. The recent U.S. climate change report explains that the West Atlantic Ice shelf disintegration is irreversible. The total dissolve of this ancient glacier that took tens of thousands of years to build could take as little as 200 years and raise ocean levels up to 14 ft. Look at the ocean level maps on websites at NASA and NOAA; that means Florida will be gone in as little as 200 years from now.
    Preparations need to start now. With the increasing rain in Florida due to climate change, sustainable hemp buffer zones can be grown along the coasts to help prevent erosion and to slow storm surges from moving inland. Over the next 50 years, these hemp estuaries and wetlands can be built up and out around the coast and keys to retain and build soil. Sadly, there will be a time for our great-grandchildren to leave Florida permanently. But until then, we dont have to live in denial. And we dont have to lose everything in a single storm. Hemp is a resource that can help America’s coasts prepare for a vast migration that will require an adaptable, mobile, sturdy coastal barrier that can help the world adapt to rising, disappearing coastlines.
    Its either this or we train an army of beavers to build our storm walls. I know, I had you at beavers. Until then, lets legalize cannabis.
    Google Abt-Coastal-Restoration-Benefits.pdf
    Read the recently published Abt Report Estimating the Change in Ecosystem Service Values From Coastal Restoration, from Abt Associates, Inc. There is a new program they have called the Habitat Evolution Monitoring Project, or HEMP.

  3. West Antarctic Ice Shelf. Sorry. I think the West Atlantic Ice Shelf already melted.

  4. If I were president, now that I miraculously survived cancer, I would be researching the shit out of pot. Only my research would be looking for cures not harms. Everything from the common cold to AIDS, from cancer to the superbugs we have today,from acne to ulcers, from MS to osteoporosis.

    North Dakota farmers are salivating while Canada is reaping huge profits from growing hemp. Let’s see farming or fracking? Which one sounds better?

    Kentucky farmers just had their hemp seed seized by the DEA. Kentucky used to be America’s largest grower of hemp. Watching the DEA show is like watching a mad dog eat itself from his ass to his head.

    Jobs, jobs, jobs, medicine, hemp cars, how about a hemp truck that runs on Hemp bio fuel.

  5. Sorry to rant on Wes Newman’s post. I’ll send NORML PAC some money to spend on him and I hope Wes wins. Go Wes!

  6. Congratulations Ray, on surviving cancer. The only people ive ever met who have done that consumed cannabis.

  7. Do You know what the FIRST Us Flag was made of???????

    HEMP Oh how far we come……..

  8. Here’s a photo of John Mica (R., FL) advertising $igarettes:

    Oh yes, he said it was a “FAKE JOINT”. Forget that John, every joint, every picture of a joint is $igarette advertising. Kids who haven’t learned to read yet see that picture and think you’re ADVERTISING $IGARETTES.

    Mr. Mica further said that each joint contains a gram of marijuana– wrong again, and perniciously wrong!! Most joints contain a half gram– you can see that from the slight difference in size from a “standard” commercial $igarette (700 mg). Kids smart enough to read the articles about Mr. Mica”s fake-joint “joke” may be uninformed enough (parents were advised to keep them ignorant about herb, right?) to take his advice and roll a gram joint– burns hotter, more combustion monoxide, lower cannabinoid yield etc.

    Best of luck to Wes retiring that kluck, thanks for the truly conservative words about saving tax money now squandered on persecuting users (of alternatives to tobacco). Will his candidacy also be the means to introduce into discussion the SUBSTITUTION of (a) vaporizing for smoking and (b) 25-mg-serving-size utensils for gram or half-gram H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide? I recognize that any candidate who goes into any detail on such issues risks being accused of “knowing too much”, “must be a stoner, heh heh” etc. and Koch Bros. Hidden Money will sling attack ads at him you bet.

    “So I guess we’ll have to do it while we’re here (at the Norml Blog).”

  9. @Julian, good point about the Ice Shelf and I’m sure you’re right about the buffer plantings of hemp in coastal zones.

    Is the meltdown and sea rise irreversible? Not if we massively increase the amount of forest (trees eat CO2, store water above ground etc.). AND Hemp is the recognized best PRECURSOR CROP FOR TREE PLANTING!

    1. This means plant HEMP everywhere we can, starting in tall mounds of clipped and gathered dry deadwood litter and weedstalks, stacked in and along gullies, ravines, dry creekbeds etc. Fill every linear mile (among millions of miles) with such material to hold back stormwater runoff, and use HEMP with its fast growing roots to hold the material in place. After several seasons of hemp which deposits rich litter, seed with fast-growing invasive eucalyptus, cottonwood, willow etc. depending on climate. After a couple of decades of that starter-forest, seed with mature forest species– pines, hardwoods etc.

    2. I read somewhere that some strains of cannabis are perennial– can survive and keep growing more than one year. Hey, GMO scientists, here’s something for you to work on. Can you develop strains of cannabis that will keep growing– into huge trees 10, 20, 100 years? Possible shortcut to reforesting planet? We may need mature forest on 95% of all land surfaces in the next century. Permanently conquer all deserts– axcept for a few small ones (“sand traps”) for golf aficionados.

    3. “Agriculture” as we have known it could be moved offshore to make room for mainland forestry. Old scrap pallets (billions now wasted, burned every day) and other old lumber and deadwood (and HEMPSTALKS) could be used to hitch together stable dock/islands extending out many miles from shore into open seas (especially in the Caribbean where they could serve to reduce hurricane formation).

    The human race needs to rediscover its love and respect for handwork, especially woodwork, to replace status, rules, bureaucracy and prisons. Form an International Brigade of hundreds of millions of workers (A) harvesting deadwood everywhere to prevent wildfires, (B) building these climate protection projects(Rieferforestation).

  10. @Mexweed,
    I wish I could tell you hemp alone could reverse rising sea levels… But at the current time we could stop every fossil fuel from burning on earth, switch every vehicle to tesla or hydrogen electrolysis and grow our own energy from our own hemp gardens, rain-water collection and solar power… And all we could do is slow the melting down.
    We just passed a solar climax in the 4,550-year solar cycle a couple of years ago. Make no mistake, we are in a heat cycle. Place on top of that an exploding global population and surge in demand for energy we need to have implemented hemp into our food, shelter, energy, fuel, medicine and building materials about when the drug war began to prevent the total West Antarctic ice melt. There is also the southern half of Greenland to worry about, which is pouring into the North Atlantic, distrupting ocean currents as we write.
    The good news is, growing hemp coastal barriers can help us retain living soil and so our humanity as we progressively adapt to rising sea levels. We can prevent massive loss of life from inevitable hurricanes. But we need to plant the hemp seeds NOW to make the migration to higher land reasonable and cost-effective.

  11. mexweed says:

    2.I read somewhere that some strains of cannabis are perennial– can survive and keep growing more than one year. Hey, GMO scientists, here’s something for you to work on. Can you develop strains of cannabis that will keep growing– into huge trees 10, 20, 100 years? Possible shortcut to reforesting planet? We may need mature forest on 95% of all land surfaces in the next century. Permanently conquer all deserts– axcept for a few small ones (“sand traps”) for golf aficionados’

    The only cannabis that is a perennial, are strains that are acclimated to being close to the equator, where there are no seasons,and the days and nights are the same year round, so their is no photoperiod reaction to induce flowering.The plants can grow for years and usually end up pollinating themselves and become(hermaphrodites).Like certain Thai and Colombian strains.

    And what are GMO scientist going to do? are you kidding? splice some weird dna combination together so they can own all patents and copyrights?there good at terminating not sustaining.

    just grow a normal cannabis plant into a tree!… oh thats right,forget about it, you will get prison time and you’re property seised.

  12. Will stores in Fl. include the Daytona area of Fl. Seems like we’re getting left. I can’t afford to drive two hours to Orlando and then two hours back. My back cpouldn’t take it. Our current Gov. Rick Scott (R) wants there to CBD cannibus only, no THC. This will not help my condition one bit. When you VOTE in NOVEMBER vote this idiot out of office and vote yes for legalization of marijuana.

  13. @Bob,
    Your time is gonna come, brother. November is coming, just please make sure everyone you know is registered!
    @Mr. Negative, regardless of possible satire or your cynical demeanor, the key word is “diversification.” Perennials may not work everywhere, but hemp that dies off creates a valuable supply of soil that brings nutrients back into the ground, even after much of the hemp is harvested.
    The idea of coastal buffer zones, for example, is to supply an area of harvest that can benefit from some agricultural monoculture since the hemp fields will retain soil more effectively, reducing the rate at which land will all be underwater.
    Our farm-zoned lands will have to rotate and diversify crops. Such as planting corn before hemp, then hemp before cotton or soy then repeat the process.
    There will need to be zoning for the use of hemp. Prime farm lands can be reserved for hemp used in food or medicinal consumption; less arable soils zoned to produce better soil and supply for commercial production, and then vast supplies near coastal areas to supply industries, leaving a large coastal buffer zone to lose their leaves and create soil for wetlands to build up instead of washing out to sea during the next tropical storm or hurricane. The coastal zone can be used to grow more perennial species of any kind in the wake of a hemp harvest, and to protect a migrating industrial zone to accomodate sea level rise.
    Florida has quite a bit of construction along coastal areas. All I can recommend there are stainless steel screws and fastners, brace for the worst, and start investing inland behind the coastal hemp barriers.
    Any hemp, perennial or not, is good hemp.

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