Minnesota: Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Compromise Measure

Minnesota House and Senate lawmakers, along with Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton, agreed late last week to legislation that seeks to provide access to limited preparations of cannabis to qualified patients.

The finalized language represents a compromise between dueling House (House File 1818) and Senate bills (Senate File 1641), both of which had passed their respective chambers. On Friday afternoon, House lawmakers approved the compromised bill by a vote of 89 to 40. Members of the Senate voted 46 to 16 for the amended measure, sending it to the Governor’s desk. 

Under the plan, state regulators intend to license two producers of cannabis and up to eight distribution centers. To be eligible to participate in the state’s program, patients need to possess a physician’s recommendation and be diagnosed with one of eight qualifying conditions (cancer/cachexia, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Tourette’s Syndrome, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, seizures — including those characteristic of epilepsy, severe and persistent muscle spasms — including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis, and/or Crohn’s Disease) and/or a terminal illness, and be registered with the state Department of Health.

Unlike other state medical cannabis programs, the Minnesota plan does not permit qualified patients to possess or obtain whole-plant cannabis. Instead, the forthcoming law mandates that state-licensed distribution centers provide oils, pills, and/or extracts prepared from the plant. Such products would be subject to laboratory testing for purity and potency. Patients’ health care provider must compile ongoing reports in regards to their patients’ progress.

Cannabis-based preparations are expected to be available to qualified patients by no later than July 1, 2015. Additional details on the forthcoming program are available here.

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  1. no, don’t like this one bit. first of all, it’s when we pick and choose what ingredients we want to take from a plant that it becomes dangerous. second of all, smoking allows you to adjust the dosage to exactly what you need (and there’s something about smoking that’s just darned soothing) and thirdly, when pot becomes legalized over the whole country, this will all be a moot point.

  2. Andy Cuckold Cuomo doesn’t have a heart. He is the Tin Man, with No Compassion . Shame on him if he doesn’t do the Right Thing! call him
    @ (518) 474-8390 & tell him New York State needs some compassion from its Politicans.

  3. This is a phony compromise. To pick one component so that few people will qualify so that the arrest can continue. Once the voters demand legalization you can not stop these jerks from restrictive regulations that allow them to keep their cash register justice system up and running and the battle continues .MINNESOTA IS A TEA PARTY STRONGHOLD STATE ! VOTE THEM OUT!

  4. So they are going to make sick people in horrible pain wait over a year to get their meds? Creating oils , pills, extracts along with testing will cost lots of $ making them more expensive then the plant. Where is the compassion Minnesota? Let them just smoke it now!

  5. Very half arsed, If you respect the patient’s rights, give them access to the raw medecine, hope you guys up there get this fixed soon.

  6. What in the world is this “compromise”? What a bunch of BS. If you smoke for pain you are going to jail? Who are these politicians that keep jacking up and screwing over the ill and sick?

    The the requirement that a physician has to fill out volumes of paperwork even after they give a MM recommendation. This is just a ruse to keep throwing people in jail and prison and choking off any and all medical use.

    These politicians can go to Hell…………..

  7. What a crock. The only aid this action will give will be in continued profits for big pharma. Remember the names of those who voted this injustice into law.

  8. Even though there are a lot of boundaries with this approval, it’s still a step in the right direction. It may be a small step, but it’s a step. Hopefully, this will grow and improve. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Here is the simple truth.

    They learn EVERYTHING FROM TV.

    They saw dr Sanjay say that oil helps with seizers and because the tv man said so it was ok but pot is still BAD! Lol

    No research at all was done by them. I’m pretty sure that just smoking an unprocessed plant can be just as medicinal if not more so than extracts. Furthermore with extracts you run into more quality control issues. If anything I would expect the smokable product to be legalized first but whatever. If they have to slowly back down from their ignorant ways so that their pride isn’t hurt to bad then what the hell it’s probably worth the few thousand criminals we will make and unknown violence.

    All for politicians’ pride.

    Just pride.

    Tar and feathers anybody?

  10. Yeah, we’ve kinda been over this guys. Just allowing extracts and shit doesn’t work well, if it did we probably wouldn’t even be having this entire medical marijuana discussion. If people wanted it all in pill form they would’ve just settled for marinol (which we all know full well sucked for a lot of reasons).

    I mean, I don’t live in the state and it’s only one state which, with the way things are going, is going to have to wind up converting in not all that long (so long as everyone can keep the push up legalization is within smelling distance. Possibly literally. The smell of the masses of blazing ganj may be traveling through time and wafting into my nostrils), but my primary concern is just that other state officials will see this stupid BS, say “Hey, that’s a good idea!” and try to emulate it, since full out legalization is the worst possible outcome for the status quo.

    Also, I’m not sure what they mean by “oils and extracts”, but to me that sounds like it’s basically describing hash oil…I don’t know about others, but I know if I was in that situation I would like to be able to smoke just a bit for mild effect rather than being forced to get cosmically high every time I use even a dab of oil. That would be like telling everyone beer’s illegal (Let’s assume alcohol is used medically in this hypothetical universe. It was at one time, but in that case benzodiazepines and even barbiturates are definitely medically superior) and that if they want to drink they have to drink grain alcohol. It would be the same process of trying to measure out some tiny little micro dose in order to try to reach some moderate level of effect without totally incapacitating yourself.

  11. What a joke…. I have been dealing with drs. And pain for 15 yrs. And have met several drs. In this state that supports us not them. Hopefully we can gain some momentum and help everyone to smoke legally to relieve there pain. Its gun wrenching that they are making everyone wait and continue to suffer. What’s going on with mankind.its embarrassing to be a resident of this state, thank god my heritage is founded in new england where people have hearts.

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