NORML PAC Endorses Troy Jackson in Maine 2nd CD Primary

NORML PAC is endorsing state Senator Troy Jackson in his campaign to represent the 2nd Congressional District of Maine.

“Troy Jackson is a man of the people and puts the concerns of the average American above special interests and petty politics,” NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri commented. “We believe he will be an incredible advocate for the majority of Mainers and Americans nationwide who want to see an end to our wasteful and destructive prohibition on marijuana.”

“It’s clear that medical marijuana is helping countless patients. While we do need to protect the safety of our citizens, too many families have had their lives torn apart by prohibition laws,” states Troy Jackson. “States should have the right to craft a more rational approach if they choose, just as they have the right to do with alcohol.”

Troy Jackson is set to face off against state Senator Emily Cain on June 10th in the 2nd District Democratic Primary. This is notable because Emily Cain has a long record of opposing marijuana law reform and marijuana legalization efforts in the state. In addition to publicly opposing legalization in the press during this campaign, she has voted in opposition to all of the recent attempts to reform Maine’s marijuana laws. Senator Troy Jackson, however, has supported these reforms when they came before him for a vote and will continue to support reform at the federal level in Washington, DC.

Troy has been making a lot of waves in the campaign’s final stretch, with the speech he recently delivered at the Maine Democratic Convention which has gone viral. Commentators have called it a “convention speech for the ages” and “the best speech I’ve ever heard anyone give in Maine.”

We encourage you to check it out to learn more about Troy’s platform here.

More information on the Troy Jackson campaign can be found on his website here.

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  1. Great news…Maine is near my neighborhood…if Conn. does not “come through” then Maine will be my other MJ option

    I would so prefer to grow the weed for Tea etc

  2. Q: “You mean there is a drug out there that makes you feel happy, causes no hangover, no withdrawal, no permanent brain damage if overdosed, won’t kill you if overdosed, is not addictive, can possibly cure brain injuries and some cancers, and it’s non psychoactive cousin hemp may bring billions of dollars of new industry back into the United States? And is necessary for the protection of the United States of America?” Where do I sign up?

    A: Vote for Troy Jackson

    Q: Why is marijuana illegal in the good ol’ USA?

    A: It’s because the DEA headed by Anslinger, he solved two 1930s problems with one prohibition. First he very sneakily merged both hemp and cannabis under the name marijuana (completely ignoring the Laguardia report). Then he outlawed marijuana to help the growth of the timber and oil industry and to keep the “darkies and Mexicans” incarcerated (this includes American Indians), and sub servant.

    If you ask me, Anslinger did the same for our minority population as Hitler did for his minority population. The only difference is we stopped Hitler. As long as we have marijuana prohibition and Michelle Leonhart in office there will always be incarceration for non violent drug use and an unhealthy racist attitude in our country.

    @Anne – one day we will pick up our hemp seeds from Home Depot or Walmart, we just need to be patient.

  3. Wow, I can’t find anything on the internet about Emily Cain and why she doesn’t support marijuana reform. Anyone that supports these illegal laws is a shithead and should go live in Cuba. I don’t know anything about you Emily other than you should fuck off. Please explain how you think we have enough money to pay for fixing even some of the environment and maintain this vile, corrupt War on Drugs (i.e. paying people to break the law and disorder society), huh bitch? Apparently we the people are just a source of taxes for games then played with our money in Cain’s World.

  4. Let us hope that the people of Maine are not so stupid as to vote for Emily Cain!!!

    Emily Cain, what a pain
    I’d like to flush you down the drain!

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