Study: CBD Administration Associated With Improved Quality Of Life In Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

The administration of cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychotropic cannabinoid, is associated with improved quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease, according clinical trial data published online ahead of print in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

Investigators at the University of São Paulo in Brazil assessed the efficacy of CBD versus placebo in 21 subjects with Parkinson’s. Authors reported that the administration of 300 mg doses of CBD per day was associated with “significantly different mean total scores” in subjects’ well-being and quality of life compared to placebo.

Separate assessments of CBD versus placebo reported that the cannabinoid did not appear to mitigate general symptoms of the disease, nor was it shown to be neuroprotective.

“This study points to a possible effect of CBD in improving measures related to the quality of life of PD patients without psychiatric comorbidities,” investigators concluded. They added, “We found no statistically significant differences concerning the motor symptoms of PD; however, studies involving larger samples and with systematic assessment of specific symptoms of PD are necessary in order to provide stronger conclusions regarding the action of CBD in PD.”

Clinical reports have previously indicated that both CBD and/or whole-plant cannabis may address various symptom’s of Parkinson’s disease, including improvement in motor symptoms, pain reduction, improved sleep, and a reduction in the severity of psychotic episodes.

Survey data of patients with PD indicates that almost half of all subjects who try cannabis report experiencing subjective relief from the plant.

The abstract of the study, “Effects of cannabidiol in the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease: An exploratory double-blind trial,” appears online here.

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  1. At this point I can’t feel surprised when I see an article about the many benefits of Cannabinoids and THC in healthcare applications. I feel like we don’t have to resort to the dirty tactics the prohibitionists use, because we use the facts. I think we can directly credit organizations like NORML and the MPP with our recent gains in cannabis law reform.

  2. The range of maladies the noble weed proves effective against continues to amaze me. It’s great to have marijuana returned to humanity’s pharmacopoeia.

  3. because this substance acts on the body in a bidirectional homeostatic manner. which is why there is no lethal dosage. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is the underlying problem with maladies of aging. Which is why individuals like Willie Nelson can look so good and function so well at age 81. (Had to do a double take when I saw his age.)

  4. the obvious hypothesis then is that cannabis is good not only for these chronic inflammatory related diseases, but good for all of us. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  5. Maybe the federal government in the U.S. could do some tests with medical marijuana and Parkinson’s disease.

  6. Thank you NORML for bringing up the subject of quality of life. It astounds me every time I tell my own sisters that non psychoactive CBDs can help with their son’s epilepsy or chrone’s disease that I hear scared answers like, “yeah, but it won’t cure it.” Well who said anything about cure?
    I watched my Godmother puke her life away on Chemo, both of us knowing I could give her some weed and even with the psychoactive THC, make the nausea go away… But I didn’t give her any and she wouldn’t accept any because we both knew her daughter would be too angry about giving her an illegal substance and not following the doctor’s orders. But cancer patients just want to die with dignity and control their own pain and share their last moments on earth with the people they love. That’s pretty hard to do when you’re puking every bit of nutrient out of your body.
    My grandfather died of Parkinson’s disease. He went from a tall, strong doctor to be confined to a wheel chair. I think about how much he suffered unable to control his hands and head and the way my grandmother suffered when grandpa would go crawl up out of his wheel chair and fall out of a deer blind because he was determined to die the way he had lived.
    My grandfather had begun his medical career, graduating from Harvard medical school when discussion of cannabinoids was prohibited. He was a field medic in Normandy and became president of the lower Missouri medical society. Throughout his career, doctors would be threatened with losing their license if caught prescribing or even studying marijuana without a permit the DEA would scarcely issue. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I wonder if marijuana even crossed his mind? He died in 1995; the year before the truth about the human endocannabinoid system was finally allowed to be published by doctors inside the United States.
    Since the C.S.Act of 1970, the Office of Drug Control Policy uses our tax dollars to deny the medical benefits of marijuana so it cannot be descheduled for medical research. To put this into perspective in the cost of human life, imagine if your auto mechanic was prohibited from studying the wiring diagram or sensors to your brand new 2014 Chevy Cruze. A sudden recall determines your Chevy Cruze has Parkinson’s disease and will no longer deploy its airbags and occasionally, the ignition might shut you down right in the middle of traffic. So your mechanic prescribes an expensive array of dealership check ups, designed to check everything but the problem your car has, because he’s not aloud to use the wiring diagram without risking prosecution or sell you any sensors for risk of patent fraud loss of license and incarceration. That would be pretty stupid wouldn’t it? That is, unless you’re selling sensors on the dangerous black market… Where you could get mugged and hey, while you’re there they try to sell you some heroin and a stolen DVD player. Oh yeah, there are about 20 different “strains” of sensors and you need to find out which one cures your car. No textbooks. No mechanics. No diagrams. Good luck.
    That’s what our government has been prohibiting from human beings for three quarters of a century now; the human endocannabinoid system; the diagram of life and a vast network of vital human hormonal traffic has been prohibited from practice or study. And since my grandfathers death cannabinoids have even been patented by our own Department of Health and Human Services patent 6630507.
    It is nearly impossible to calculate the harm and suffering that prohibition continues to cause within American society and abroad. We can only be encouraged by the advance in quality and reduction in cost our medical care will achieve from the now inevitable descheduling of cannabis from the unconstitutional Controlled Substance Act, thanks to institutions like NORML and the increased access to the internet to working class American consumers and voters with less income or education.
    This is why it is more important than ever to donate to NORML PAC, write your Congressman , get educated about your candidate and vote this November, or in Octobers early elections. This is the opportunity we have to stop the suffering, and begin a new era of medical enlightenment; a Green Age of sustainability where real affordable education, energy and health care is tangible and possible, and decided by doctors, patients and representatives elected by commercially taxed marijuana.

    Tax and Regulate; Revenue to Educate. Let’s march NORML.

  7. CBD seems to cause no ill effects at all but aids in so many conditions. Will there come a time when it is seen as a popular daily supplement like vitamin tablets ?

  8. There was an idea to name THC “Vitamin H”, but it appears certain German researchers got there first and applied that name to Biotin in honor of Haar (hair) and Haut (hide, i.e. skin). (Fortunately Biotin is also known as “Vitamin B7”. Deficiencies in it can be induced by eating too much raw egg white (REW).)

    One way to campaign for pro-weed nomenclature might be to designate THC as “Vitamin H9” (in honor of “delta-9-tetra” etc.) and attach other numerals as warranted for CBD and other crucial cannabinoids and monoterpenes.

    Election approaching, those of us who can’t or won’t vote can at least do our due share of the propa & ganda work?

  9. NO MEDICINAL VALUE is the prohibitionists credo…the use of cannabis as medication is out of the pandoras box and into american’s medicine cabinet, bednight stand, garage workshop….

  10. Medicinal Herbs are so far reaching for Man’s Health. I must use more Herbs on a daily basis; I agree with all the excellent comments. Have a great day everyone ! Anne CT.

  11. mental health disorders with the advent of medical ganja may respect the rule of writ in saying the rule of habeus corpus in the thought of manna legal may be the rule of cannabis charter centers in esquire of harm reduction of cannabis . it is a refurbish in a way . PeacePot .

  12. @ Julian: A good story about your Grandfather; shows the will of decent people.
    thanks for posting…Anne’51 “Keep the Faith.”

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