NORML PAC Endorses Representative Steve Cohen for Congress

NORML PAC is endorsing Representative Steve Cohen for re-election to the US Congress representing Tennessee’s 9th congressional district.

“Rep. Cohen is one of the most outspoken and effective supporters of marijuana legalization we currently have in Washington,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “From introducing legislation such as the National Commission on Marijuana Policy Act, co-sponsoring every single federal marijuana law reform measure, to grilling drug war proponents in committee hearings, Cohen has been unrelenting in his fight to end our nation’s war on marijuana consumers and it is crucial we keep him in Congress to continue the fight. Marijuana reform supporters in his Memphis district have no clearer choice this November than to keep goin’ with Cohen.”

Representative Cohen has been a relentless attack dog in the fight to end marijuana prohibition. In just the past year, he has made national headlines taking drug war stalwarts to task, including DEA administrator Michele Leonhart, Attorney General Eric Holder, and acting Drug Czar Michael Botticelli (click links for video).

Speaking to Attorney General Holder in one such hearing, Cohen stated:

“One of the greatest threats to liberty has been the government taking people’s liberty for things that people are in favor of. The Pew Research Group shows that 52 percent of people do not think marijuana should be illegal. And yet there are people in jail, and your Justice Department is continuing to put people in jail, for sale, and use, on occasion, of marijuana. That’s something the American public has finally caught up with. It was a cultural lag. And it’s been an injustice for 40 years in this country to take people’s liberty for something that was similar to alcohol. You have continued what is allowing the Mexican cartels power, and the power to make money, ruin Mexico, hurt our country by having a Prohibition in the late 20th and 21st century. We saw it didn’t work in this country in the 20s. We remedied it. This is the time to remedy this Prohibition.”

To learn more about Rep. Cohen’s campaign, including information on how to volunteer and donate, you can visit his Facebook page or website.

To donate to NORML PAC to help elect cannabis friendly politicians, click here.

8 thoughts

  1. Nice to see a politician with that type of courage in Tennessee. Here’s hoping Cohen can win in November.

  2. Representative Cohen, you are a true American hero. I don’t know what happened to that bill cutting funds to the DEA, but passing that amendment you wrote to cut and allocate $5 million dollars from the DEA budget and use it for rape kit backlogs was just plain, good-hearted VICTORY of GENIUS.
    You are the reason why more people need to vote Democratic this election season.
    Today was the last day of voter registration in Texas and I made sure all my family and friends were registered and ready for Wendy Davis. To my surprise, they were all way ahead of me and in the game.
    The longer the battle, the sweeter the victory.

  3. Whether Mr. Cohen wins or loses, he is a hero for having the strength and courage to fight the deeply ignorant politicians that are ruining our country.

    Mr. Cohen – Salute! Best of luck Sir.

  4. If the higher courts are going to force each state to recognize gay marriage license that are issued by different states,then couldn’t the argument be made that each state should be forced to recognize a medial license to use Marijuana.

  5. I’ve seen Representative Cohen on CSPAN talking to Michele Leonhart and acting Drug Czar Michael Botticelli. He’s an effective spokesman for the NORML cause.

    We need more like him in Congress.

  6. Connie – The answer to your question is YES. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment makes something that is criminal in one state and legal in another a Supreme Court question just like Gay marriages. The feds who still criminalize marijuana in all states cannot stop the courts from declaring such laws unconstitutional on the same basis.

  7. I have recently come across the youtube videos of Mr. Cohen fighting for our rights as citizens. There needs to be more people who fight like Mr. Cohen does. It is true that there are good people who live a normal life an occasionally smoke but, if they are caught are deeply penalized especially parents. This needs to be changed. Thank-you sir for bringing it to peoples attentions that this is not as bad as alcohol.

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