Alaska Becomes the Fourth State to Legalize Marijuana

Alaska voters approved Measure 2, to legalize and regulate marijuana, with 52% voting in favor (94% of the total vote counted as of writing). The state now joins Oregon and the District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana this election.

“This victory in Alaska is the coda to a perfect evening for marijuana legalization supporters,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “In a year where Republicans swept many state and local races, marijuana reform brought voters of both parties together in their support for ending marijuana prohibition. Lawmakers in Congress should recognize that a majority of Americans are ready to see marijuana legalized and regulated and should move to make substantial changes to federal law to reflect that reality.”

We will be posting a more in-depth look at what tonight’s results mean throughout the day tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thank you to Norml and all the activists who helped.
    And a heartfelt thank you to the people of Alaska for holding the torch of liberty and leading the way.

  2. ALASKA….OREGON…COLORADO…WASHINGTON…AND WASHINGTON D.C….OUR NATION’S CAPITAL!!! Congrats to the voters and supporters who continue to make reality the goal of Marijuana legalization.

  3. The dirty police make so much money off of handing out tickets I’ll bet the poor pay about half of their total income to oppressive court system this law is a breath of fresh air, but the next step is decriminalization of drugs.

    Sad thing about our country if this was about Florida [whom passed by 1% higher ]it would be back to square one wile the man runes more lives and more importent with holds a natural medicine from thoes that need it
    I will not be retireind in that S##t hole after it cleat the MAN is not intrested in the will of the people

  5. Congrats to those involved in getting this passed, in particular to the voters of Alaska.

    As for FL…disappointing but it needed 60% which seems perfectly reasonable to me for state const. amendments. We’ll just have to try again next cycle, shouldn’t be too hard to get another percent or two, particularly if OR and AK and DC implement without disaster by then.

  6. Congrats alaska,,keep on keepin on ,,as for florida what a joke ..i thought in this country majority rules 58%%%% the people make the decisions,,or is it just crooked people rich basturds getting there way in government ,,,what has happened to our country ,,,somebody please tell me how do we cure this problem?????

  7. I jumped up for joy. I am an ommp. It’s been a long haul for our state to finally give up prohibition. The whole northwest pacific said yes. Colorado is drawing in more capital gains than it ever has had before.
    This has to be an example for the rest our country to follow.

  8. Why is everybody so suprised that Alaska passed.?

    You do understand that Alaska was the FIRST to allow growing and personal use since the 70’s (ravin vs. alaska).

  9. Arthur Mondeau I say all in favor of “legalization” needs to do it the right way. We should all turn our selves in for possession and push for jury nullification.

    What people don’t seem to understand is, if we are voting for an amendment to legalize where is the amendment we all voted on to make it illegal in the first place? As I always say, It took the 18th amendment to place a ban on alcohol and there is no amendment placing a ban on weed, there is no difference.

    Now for just a little history injection to clarify. The Federalist Papers were written mainly by Madison and Hamilton and printed in the New York Times for the purpose of convincing the state to join the new constitutional Union.

    Here is a quote from madison, to the best of my memory, in federalist paper #62 to help make my point as unambiguous as I can:

    “Another benefit accruing from the Senate is the additional impiedment it must prove against improper acts of legislation. No law can now be passed without first a concurrence of the majority of the people and then, the majority of the States.” – Federalist paper #62

    We have no king here, this land was never set up that way. This is a constitutional republic. A republic is, “a government wherein the supreme power lies in the body of citizens who are entitled to vote and whose representatives act according Law”. That Law is the Constitution, the only law that we the people agreed to be governed by.

    All laws had to be passed in forms of amendments that were first approved of and voted on by we the people. The only amendments that could be passed are those which were necessary for executing the forgoing powers that we granted them in article 1 section 8 of the constitution. This is a very short section, and no where in article 1 section 8 did we grant government power to prohibit us from possessing anything.

    We have an amendment process for a reason. However, using it to ask the government to grant us permission to do something that is already our God given inalienable right is not why Article V was set in place.

    The only way to truly legalize weed is for us as individuals to enforce our Constitution in the court of law. That means for us to all study it and teach it to one another and most importantly inform everyone of the power of the jury to nullify the law. If a jury finds somebody on trial for something they feel is unjust, or for any reason that appeals to their logic whatsoever, they have the power to enter a not guilty verdict even if it is contrary to the instructions given by the judge, and the Courts must abide by their decision. Google Supreme Court rulings on the power of the jury to nullify and TELL EVERYONE!.

    The Following quote is why I understand and know not to vote for such a ruse:

    “Here is the Golden Rule of sound citizenship, the first and greatest lesson in the study of politics: You get the same order of criminality from any State to which you give power to exercise it; and whatever power you give the State to do things FOR you carries with it the equivalent power to do things TO you. A citizenry which has learned this one short lesson, has but little left to learn” ~ Albert Jay Nock
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  10. Correct on Alaska since about 1975 I beleive ….. But the law keep getting challenged and had many setbacks and look at margin this time around, just a few percent – So Ya there were doubters …..

    Myself I thoguht it would be a shoe-in and win by something like 62% but I was way off ….

    Big one being passed was DC with 69.4% of vote, that is HUGE!

  11. so i live in kenai alaska and know a politician for my local area pretty good. he is going to try and ban ballot measure 2 which legalized growing possessing and transporting accessories and product of the marijuana nature. can some one point me in a good direction for finding credible statistics and studies so i can go and share my disapproval if it ends up happening.. plz and thanks…………we should have the right to make our own decisions

  12. I’m sorry to hear about Florida’s poor voting. It seems that either the absent minded people of Florida, or the crooked politicians are always having some kind of neck&neck voting that always seems to be in favor of the opposing faction and always tends to screw this country over for the worse. Take Bush Jr. for example :P. So for that I truly am sorry Florida. But what about the other 48 states??? At least Florida stands a chance to get this passed where as the grand amazing State that is Indiana will NEVER see that light at the end of it’s tunnel. I bet even if all 52 states decided to unanimously vote pro recreational, Indiana will retain it’s status it has now. Which is of course to keep it illegal under any regard, because Indiana, much like Florida, is filled with nothing but backwards ass corrupt politicians and crooked police that just have too many hard-ons and nipple clamps for busting the masses with possession charges. If the police here in Indiana can’t beat down or taze some poor bastard for lighting a spliff in their own backyard, they would go literally go irate and probably cause World War 3.

  13. In all truth I only voted to get that measure passed. I’ve little faith in politicians I have absolute bliss with Ganja. It is a gift from God and must be available to all for the expansion one can get in body, mind and spirit. Hey now all of the NW is legal! Plus Colorado and D.C. If that doesn’t say anything I don’t know what does. I hope it sticks with D.C.

  14. I forgot to congratulate the fine voters of Alaska on their incredibly intelligent decision a couple weeks ago.
    Well done folks. Just make certain to keep your eyes on those who would attempt to thwart efforts to finish the job [aka Amy Demboski and her nest of vipers trying to subvert the voters’s voice].

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