NORML PAC Candidates Sweep US House Races

All seven of NORML PAC’s publicly endorsed candidates for the US House of Representatives won decisively in yesterday’s midterm election.

These include:

Rep. Alan Grayson for Congress (FL-09)
Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman for Congress (NJ-12)
Rep. Earl Blumenauer for Congress (OR-03)
Rep. Steve Cohen for Congress (TN-9)
Rep. Beto O’Rourke for Congress (TX-16)
Rep. Denny Heck for Congress (WA-10)
Rep. Jared Polis for Congress (CO-02)

These candidates all endorsed the full legalization of marijuana and are dedicated to championing reform at the federal level in the 114th Congress. We fully expect these individuals to be instrumental in introducing and advancing important legislation when they begin their new session in January.

“What is really worth noting,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “Is that all of our endorsements for the US House of Representatives happened to be Democrats and all won by large margins in a year where others in their party were getting handily defeated nationwide. Perhaps this, coupled with solid wins for legalization in Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia, will send a message to Democratic Party members across the country that it is not only good policy to support marijuana legalization, but good politics.”

Also winning their elections were NORML PAC endorsed New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker and Maine State Representative Diane Russell.

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  1. Maybe the next election will feature more Democrats openly running on a pro-reform agenda. Maybe the one after that will include pro-reform Republican candidates.

    Make it happen NORML fans. Don’t vote for anyone who is not pro-reform.

  2. It’s fitting to have this war criminal, McCarthyite and lying “crook” who abandoned the White House in disgrace, as the figurehead for the modern War on Drugs, the holocaust of the modern age. Tens of thousands of lives were ruined, psychologically damaged (including mine), and plain murdered to keep the nightmare going—all so that many professions could feed off the mayhem like sea gulls circling a countless school of surface-feeding sardines. Not only drug dealers themselves but cops, DEA agents, lawyers, bankers, prison guards, parole officers, bond bailsmen, corrupt politicians, judges and district attorneys, (I almost forgot bounty hunters)—perhaps worst of all the Corrections Corporation of America which kicks back money into the corrupt system to continue Draconian prison sentences so the corporation can continue to grow. The irony is that these “professionals” are also hooked on drugs of an even worse kind: their drug is money and they’ll do anything to get more of it, such that they’re not humans with feelings anymore. At least pot heads know when they’ve had enough; these greedy sociopaths never “had enough.”

    Let’s face it, criminalization of cannabis is a form of mind control. In a dictatorship leaders seek to control behavior. But in totalitarian regimes, such as present day North Korea, the government seeks to control thought. In 1984, the model totalitarian state could arrest the perpetrator for throughtcrime and the victims just disappear, as if they never existed. People who live in a mental cage are much easier to control. The organized religions are forms of totalitarianism in that even the most private thoughts are subject to “divine invigilation,” as Hitchens calls it, and God takes it very seriously when you as much as “covet” your neighbors wife or goods. In a free country should not citizens have the right to control their own consciousness? The government say no, because what you might think might be bad for the state and non-productive for the economy.

    Corporate plutocrats can’t have people feeling human, thinking freely and enjoying being alive. How would you like to be a fashion consultant in the middle of the Woodstock Nation with Jimi Hendricks’ electric guitar blaring away? Law makers can’t have people who reject being wrapped in plastic and edited for TV. Pot heads reject the frills and frippery that signal success and they reject the obsolescent products that wind up in the garbage dump but keep the economy going. Watch prime time TV some night to see what I’m saying. It’s a steady bombardment of idiotic “messages” every fifteen minutes to condition people to be mindless consumers. Kids will droll over a fast food hamburger or stupid toy; housewives will have an organism over a brand new electric rotisserie. When you’re high on some good smoke you’re on a different level of consciousness and see this Orwellian duckspeak (a mindless rant about the beneficence of Big Brother) for what it is. I always liked the depiction of the leader’s photo everywhere you looked. As you walked by the picture the eyes seemed to follow your every move. Then you read the caption: Big Brother is watching you! I wonder if they have an equivalent in Pyongyang (not a good place to get high.)

    The criminalization of cannabis makes us a nation of used car salespersons. An ad during the 1968 campaign showed a poster of a sneering Nixon with the question, “Would you buy a used car off this guy?” Now with over 2.2 million souls languishing in prison, it looks like the nation certainly did.
    Even worse than Nixon was the real founder of the prohibition movement, both booze and drugs. Harry Angslinger makes Tricky Dick look hip. In my Pot Stories and Humanist Essays I detail the early history of the War on Drugs and how it came to be. The director of the former Bureau of Narcotics (the DEA) is documented telling a newspaper: “The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” It makes them feel equal to whites. Is that it?
    If I were one of the people making a living off the War on Drugs I’d feel so duped, so disillusioned. They must feel like the foot soldiers of the Wehrmacht at the Battle of Stalingrad when they realized they were following a fanatical madman.

    To support what I’m saying about human feelings: I often listen to the right-wing William Bennett Show on the radio. With all the thousands of lives the man destroyed as Drug Czar under President Regan, all Dr. Bennett could say is, “Increased availability will result in increased consumption.” How about a simple, “I’m sorry. To me, it was a trade-off. Your lives had to be sacrificed to advance my power-hungry career.”

  3. VERY well said Erik.
    This is EXCELLENT and encouraging news. Congratulations to everyone at NORML PAC for a job well done!
    My how the tables have turned.
    With this Congress i don’t expect much but decrim. And possibly some hemp legislation. But who knows? Perhaps President Obama will deschedule now just to see the look on Speaker Boehner, Majority leader McConnel and Joe Biden’s face! Lord knows there isn’t any compromise for immigration with this Congress. Theres really nothing to hold out for… Unless Obama plans to use descheduling as a 2016 bargaining chip… I cant wait to see who NORML PAC will endorse then. Meanwhile, i believe i need to plan a trip to see the Washington Monument… They need to light that thing green all the way down to the Jefferson Memorial!

  4. This is absolutely incredible! Just a few years ago, any public support of marijuana reform was political suicide. But now it is not only acceptable for politicians to embrace, it is actually highly beneficial for them. I am positive that we will see more and more candidates on the side of reason in the near future.

  5. pay attention Washington because I VOTE and so do a lot of other like minded people. We have elected officials from president on down. lets see if the 114th congress can get this job done. End prohabition

  6. @Rich

    Well said.

    “‘The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.’ It makes them feel equal to whites. Is that it?”

    AJ Anslinger himself answered your question when he went on to say, ‘When a darkie smokes marijuana, he thinks he’s just as good as a white man.’ The bald-faced, keep-’em-down-racism staggers me. Today, blacks are arrested for drugs at rates far above those of whites even though the same percentages of both races use them, but we’re continually assured that the Drug War is not racist. Talk about Orwellian!

    It may be time to apply the ‘duck test’.

    William Bennett may be the biggest hypocrite of all time. In addition to being a nicotine addict, he also had a gambling problem, and somebody keeps shoving food in his fat face. He saw fit to wage his damn culture war on the rest of us though.

    Nicotine kills at least 300,000 a year. Alcohol kills another 50,000. Deaths from all other drugs combined total 10,000.

    300,000 + 10,000 = 350,000 deaths a year.
    10,000 / 350,000 = 0.0285, about 3 percent.

    Even total victory in the Drug War would only result in about a 3 percent decline in the carnage. You could not consciously design a more inept, ineffective strategy. You’ve gotta ask yourself, “What were these guys smoking?”

  7. Im almost 60 yrs old and im very tired of this corrupt gov.,big pharma ,tabbaco companys,alcohol,dea,etc.etc,they are the ones that control this country, they should be the ones convicted of war crimes against there own people,,just look at the oregan prisons they are almost empty no more pot busts except for the feds ,,, look at all of the people in prison for cannabis ,,,god put the seeds here for us to use for food, medicines, clothing, etc people have used herbs for 1,000,s of years for many cures ,and goods ,,it is time for all of the b.s. to stop thank god for norml.mpp.and anybody else for supporting this movement ,,congrats norml and a job well done .. we need to work on country wide decriminalization no more schedule one bull chit let the people decide whats best ,,,happy holidays everybody

  8. I voted Libertarian here in VA since both the Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor are both prohibitionists.

    Politicians beware, if you are a prohibitionist, your days as a so-called public servant will soon be over! We Americans are tired of the damage that the idiotic war on drugs has caused and we’re not going to take your ignorance and lies any more!

    A personal message for Kevin Sabet – Die in Hell!

  9. Galileo, how’s this for hypocrisy? Did you know Harry was a good friend of Joe McCarthy? After three years as head of the House Un-American Activities Committee, the man was a total wreak. With chronic late-stage ulcers and colitis due to alcoholism (it’s legal) he called on his friend Harry to get him morphine to endure the pain. Anslinger got him all he asked for.

  10. This is great news! And, a big thanks for your support and confidence in my work for rational, responsible legalization. 🙂

  11. Well said, Rich Gocsicicki. Norml this is what we need in Idaho. Now I have something to say and get off of my chest.
    I’ve never said this to anyone before publicly or privately. They were not a majority, and they were NOT moral!

  12. This NORML site provided Beto Orourke’s website donation link from El Paso, Texas. I paid $50.00. Beto won!
    The End.

  13. I just have to say @ Rep. Diane Russel, how just and how charming that we have a representative from Congress that WE helped vote and donate in commenting on this web page. Thank you Diane, not only for the work you have done but the work you will do! Keep it up!
    I was watching the News Hour preview Saturday’s Weekend Edition covering the cause of the recent wave of child refugees. The question is answered over how U.S. Drug and Immigration policy caused this mass exodus of child refugees; Not only did our DOJ sell guns to both sides if a contrived drug war from drugs we as Americans consume, and not only have U.S. Corporations used the DOJ to overturn latin american democracies for the exploitation of land and labor, but now we discover that U.S. Immigration policy (U.S.C.I.S.) has deported… Or shall i say exported… Lethal drug lords and gang members produced and manufactured from our prohibition and drug policies here in the U.S…. Then RELEASED THESE THIEVES AND MURDERERS BACK INTO EL SALVADOR and HONDURAS WITHOUT TELLING THESE COUNTRIES THE IMMIGRANT’S CRIMINAL RECORD!!! And we have Americans wondering WHY we don’t have a SECURE BORDER?
    I feel obligated to bring this up on the NORML blog where we have representatives listening, because immigration and drug policy is a front and center issue between Congress and the president right now, and I’m tired of the bull$#!+ rhetoric coming from Republicans about “secure our borders first.” I feel like saying “Bitch! Secure our drug policy first! Foolish Pharisees! Clean the inside of the cup first; Then the outside will be clean!”
    It never ceases to amaze me how representatives like mine here in Texas, Lamar Smith, can wrap themselves in plastic and smile while they sign the orders to sell weapons to both foreign militaries and the cartels our DOJ arms and creates.
    When we stop to contemplate what we’re up against and what we have achieved over the last few years, it’s truly astonishing. What we are doing is just plain good to the bone, and I am so proud of what the NORML community is achieving. May we continue to bring hope to the hopeless and light where there is darkness. There are innocent children whose lives we are saving with our humble bid to end prohibition. And together, we are actually DOING it. God Bless NORML, and GOD Bless the U.S.A.

  14. They lock up pot “criminals” and release illegal gang members, murderers, thieves, sex criminals, and repeat offenders..way to go Obutthead!

  15. @Ronald McDonald,
    Get off your blame game with Obama… The Department of Justice and the Department of State are responsible for informing other nations AND OuR OwN over criminal records. Congress cannot do that while the Controlled Substance Act or other bad laws that exist, like allowing the ATF to be the only agency in the DOJ that disclose the serial tracking numbers of U.S. sold weapons. Its the laws thst are bad… And those that dont vote and blame The President? Even worse.

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