Pot Possession Decriminalized In US Virgin Islands

Legislation decriminalizing the possession of one ounce or less of cannabis in the United States Virgin Islands became law this weekend.

On Friday, Senate lawmakers voted to override Gov. John P. DeJongh’s line-item veto of the decriminalization provision, which had been included in territory’s 2015 fiscal year budget.

The depenalization measure eliminates jail time for minor marijuana offenses. Under the new law, cannabis possession for those age 18 and older is classified as a civil offense, punishable by a fine between $100 and $200. Those under the age of 18 will also be required to complete a drug awareness program.

(Under the previous law, minor marijuana possession offenses were punishable by up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.)

The enactment of the new law “will go a long way in easing cost on the judicial system and judicial process,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Terrance Nelson. Senators voted 14-0 to override the President’s veto.

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  1. Makes sense to me. It is not rational for the ignorant and intollerant to accept the truth. They are blissfull in their selfish endeavors to restrict and prohibit instead of accept and embrace.

  2. Not awesome!

    100 to 200 dollar TAX!

    How much is the tax increased upon non-payment/failure to pay the stealth tax???

    What happens to unfortunate victims of these illegal taxes disguised as “fines” when they can not pay the fine?

    That case would be transferred to criminal court and could lead to the Cannabis “offender” being jailed in a cage.

    I believe you censor my comments due to the fact that your organization and your attorneys can not dispute my logic based legal criticism?…scared of an old man with a G.E.D. Diploma?…HA!

  3. @”Eric” – awesome!! this is great!

    The name Eric means Kingly or King like…don’t you wish it were your real name?

  4. Time: Christmas Eve

    Place: Anywhere, U.S.A…. where bridges or tent cities exist…and where illegal taxes on cannabis may be used to punish poor Americans

    Somewhere, right now, a poor American is being illegally persecuted by being “fined” 100 to 200 dollars for a cannabis offense.

    Upon finding her Christmas Stocking empty and unable to pay the fine (stealth black market tax), this Civil Offender’s case will be transferred to a Criminal Court… where she may be arrested and jailed for non-payment of the “civil fine”…MERRY CHRISTMAS!…EVERY ONE!…especially to those poor victims who may spend Christmas behind bars.

    Stealth taxes disguised as “fines” are illegal/invalid…and morally wrong.


    If it isn’t signed Eric K. Johnson, it ain’t me…Ye shall know me by my dots!

  5. At one time decriminalization would have made me rejoice but with four states and the District having legalized possession — and with legal sales in those same four states — this news falls a little flat. Still, although a baby step, it is at least in the right direction so yay.

  6. This is a good step… about the fines, someone should set up crowd funding or whatever you call it to pay the MJ fines all across the USA and these islands.. then no one goes to jail..

  7. …or whatever you call it to pay the MJ fines all across the USA and these islands… – J

    The payment of the Stealth Tax placed on the cannabis Black Market…is not a fine…is not a fine… is not a fine…I’m not nearly out of breath.

    Convoluted laws lead to convoluted legal battles that will go ’round and ’round like a Merry Go Round that actually goes nowhere?…until Cannabis Prohibition is abolished…The inevitable is inevitable…inevitably.

  8. While this is a step in the right direction, decriminalization is a means to an end, not the end in itself. Decriminalization still means you get fined. Decriminalization means no consumer protection unless you resort to vigilantism for protection against rip off artists. Even project SAM supports decriminalization. Decriminalization, which is still prohibition, fully protects criminals, black marketers and con artists.

  9. Decriminalization is better than nothing. The prohibition profiteers will still get a cut and fear mongering conservatives will still not be satisfied. Fck them. They’ll no longer make their children and grandchildren criminals when they need pot to treat their cancers.

  10. I am happy for the local folk US Virgin Islands; in many ways; the War on Weed is a War against youth who listen to loud music !!!

  11. Considering the noble weed’s affect on libido, it’s doubtful there will be any virgins left in a year.

  12. Galileo, I’m not sure that pot has an effect on libido, but if it helps conservatives think so and legalize it, it does.

  13. @Fat Freddy,

    Actually it does…Its a vasodilator and has a long history as an Aphrodisiac in ancient Ayurvedic medicine as well as in other cultures.

    Pay attention,aging politicians!

  14. Fed-up:

    The problem is that pot prohibitionists are usually old unattractive conservative people who lost their libido or don’t want it back if it means having sex with each other.

  15. Fat Freddy,have you ever seen the old footage of Woodstock,or The Monterey Pop Festival ? Im sure you have,but all those stoned hippies are now in their late sixties, early seventies.Thats why where winning, because all these generational demographics are converging over this issue.
    Thats why you have this propaganda coming out about ”this isn’t the weed you smoked in college” bullshit,witch it is, because all these modern strains are descended from the imported -tropical landrace seeds from the past,from “the bags you’re parents smoked”just more consistent in potency.

  16. Fed-up:
    I am a proud old hippie. But chicken hawks and the money-power pushed hard with criminal COINTELPRO tactics, practically destroying the movement.

    Like I mentioned in an earlier post, smoking can’t be the best thing for you. Better pot requires less smoking to get the same results. The bogus “pot is stronger today” argument is just another one narcs use to control the 99% and continue to profit from prohibition.

  17. Eric K:
    Why won’t conservatives that are not profiting from pot prohibition ask themselves those same basic questions? Because the “freedom” these anals want is the freedom to control you.

    Conservatism always stinks of authoritarianism, dictatorship, plutocracy, hegemony and theocracy.

  18. Because the “freedom” these anals want is the freedom to control you. – Fat Freddy

    They are afraid of their own shadows…and fearful of their own desires…It’s easier to “control” others rather than themselves?

  19. Eric K. Who profits? The private prison industry, Kevin Sabet, the drug testing companies…the list goes on.

    Who pays? You do (as well as all taxpayers in monetary fashion), cannabis users (by arrest and incarceration and property confiscation)…again the list goes on.

    Of course you may already know all this and your questions(?) may have been tongue in cheek in which case I would apologize.

  20. Eric K wrote:

    “They are afraid of their own shadows…and fearful of their own desires…It’s easier to “control” others rather than themselves?”

    That’s what the Arie Kruglanski study on conservatism concludes.

    Rich conservatives are afraid of losing their loot and becoming one of the “little people”. They keep poorer conservatives in fear of others and in profitable wars and drug wars sparked by their incessant jingoist media and their puppet politicians.

    Theocrats stay in power by keeping their flocks ignorant, being the sole interpreters and enforcers of the laws in old books written by superstitious old men dominating by fear.

    And they all vote.

  21. “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” – John Steinbeck

    Brainwashing propaganda works…until it is exposed as brainwashing propaganda…and then the door to change swings wide open!

    The actual problem is Capitalism itself.

    A system which relies on a Poor UnderClass in order for there to exist a RichRulingClass is not a fair or balanced system…in point of fact, Capitalism is a destructive economic strategy continually laying waste upon our Mother Earth.

    Now the Frackers want to rapaciously penetrate Mother Earth for profit…they want to pimp Mother Earth!


  22. “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” – John Steinbeck

  23. your questions(?) may have been tongue in cheek in which case I would apologize. – erin

    They were… but no apology necessary!

    It’s almost impossible to insult me…I’ve been married for 32 years…and if my Wife reads this , I may well end up a victim of “The Burning Bed Syndrome”!

  24. The Only sure way to force the Federal Government to FIX the Wrongful scheduling of marijuana is to have a petition that states: ” if Marijuana has not been removed from scheduling ( as was alcohol and tobacco in 1970 )before the 2016 election, all persons signing guarantees he or she will hold their Congressman and Senators responsible, and will make every effort to impede their re-election.

  25. They need to fully legalize because its not hurting anyone and then it helps u in many diffrent ways and it keeps yu out of trouble

  26. Awesome!! Now make it legal!! Fix the roads and schools the infrastructure of the island!! It’s doing great things in Colorado, look for yourself!! Smoke up!!!

  27. It was a matter of time. Great if Big Pot doesn’t bribe politicians to maintain a monopoly like Big Pharma does.

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