POLL: Majority of Michigan Voters Want to Legalize Marijuana

cropsFrom Michigan NORML:

The attitude of Michigan voters is evolving toward acceptance of legalizing and taxing marijuana use for adults, per a recent EPIC-MRA survey commissioned by the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (MiNORML).

The poll shows 50% of Michigan adults would likely vote in favor of a system like those being utilized in Washington and Colorado, where marijuana is sold to adults and the proceeds are taxed by the state. 46% of respondents opposed the program. The results show a 3% increase in the acceptance of the tax and regulate legalization model from the previous survey, conducted in 2013 by the same firm.

The 2014 poll asked respondents if they would vote for a ballot proposal that would legalize marijuana use for adults 21 and over, create a system of licensed dispensaries to distribute the marijuana and tax its sale. 600 participants were surveyed on December 10 through 14, including 20% cell phone contact and the poll has a margin of error of ±4%.

“Michigan is a leader in the national trend toward reform of marijuana laws,” said Matthew Abel, attorney with Cannabis Counsel PLC in Detroit and the Executive Director of MiNORML. “This latest poll shows a major shift in attitude toward marijuana legalization over the last year. Legislators, take note: Michigan is ready for this.”

Support for legalized marijuana was greater among parents (52% likely YES) than among those voters without children (49%). Voters of all educational levels would approve a marijuana legalization ballot proposal; more than 50% of all the poll’s respondents (309) identify themselves as college-educated. 69% of those in the 18-34 age group responded as likely YES votes, as did 60% of all men age 18-49 and 70% of male Democrats. The largest demographic of opposition: Republican males (63% likely NO).

In conservative western Michigan the staunchest support for legalized marijuana was higher (40% definite YES), and opposition was lower (35% definite NO), than statewide averages (39% definite YES/36% definite NO). The statewide averages are skewed by numbers from the Bay Region that are significantly more negative toward legalization (38% likely YES/60% likely NO) than any other region surveyed.

Keith Stroup, national NORML founder and legal counsel, said “The latest Michigan polling results are in line with what we are seeing all across the country. Numerous polls have shown a majority of the public nationwide now support ending marijuana prohibition, and regulating and taxing the responsible use of marijuana by adults. It’s promising to see that voters in Michigan agree.”

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  1. Why do male Republicans fear the refer so much? Are they afraid it might somehow make them “liberal”? They’re definitely the dinosaurs in the room.

  2. “The largest demographic of opposition: Republican males (63% likely NO).”

    Sounds a lot like 2014. GOP social conservatives remain the last impediment to reform. One way to handle this — if you absolutely, positively have to vote Republican, do NORML a favor and be sure the candidate supports reform.

    Republicans will not change if they can win elections without doing so.

  3. adults with kids vote yes more than adults without kids. that’s because adults with kids are smoking pot instead of drinking

  4. Evening Bud, it is called “delusion”. Republicans have been telling each other that being a liberal is a mental disease and marijuana is well known to cause or induce mental diseases.

    Note, they use two different arguments to prove they can’t think straight.

    Like we should take notes on how to stay mentally healthly from people (control freaks and histrionics) that constantly lie in order to stay mentally healthly or the truth would make them breakdown.

  5. @ Dave Evans, good points, lol. I’ve seen that type of tortured logic before.

    Some people just cannot wrap their minds around the notion that legalization will actually reduce problems such as use, gangs, etc. Only with the continued legalization of MJ will they begin to see that proof for themselves.

  6. ironic that the biggest group opposing legalization is male republicans, who in any other context are vociferous about getting government out of people’s lives and eliminating unnecessary and job-killing government overreach. but when it comes to weed that notion goes right out the window, never mind we have now a year’s worth of evidence that this creates jobs without bringing down society as we know it. the truth bears itself out and these hypocrites will be left with no defense of themselves.

  7. so c’mon Michigan, here’s another competition with ohio, see which one of us legalizes it first! buckeyes smoke, wolverines choke!!!!

  8. @Dave, re. liberalism a mental disease, you may know the radio mouth who said that, Michael Savage, formerly Michael Weiner, was earlier in life an expert on herbs who had even included cannabis in his book on medicinal herbs without right wing warnings.

    But in 2010 I heard M. Savage say on radio, “Cannabis is the most dangerous of all drugs!”

    Difference is– after he got a spot on radio (p)reaching millions of listenerfanatics, he was in bed with SPONSORS who, even if they weren’t $igarette companies, were in partnership therewith (they call the system crapaholism, each crap sells some other crap, Marlboro sells Lipitor etc.).

    I’d like to just detail how much rebound-$$ one big advertiser harvests from the $igarette empire: the PROPA & GANDA Co.

    1. You need SECRET ($igarette, get it?) deodorant to get rid of yucky body odor caused by $igarette $moking.

    2. Wash your mouth out with $cope to get rid of unki$$able $igarette $tink.

    3. Use TIDE or other washday brands to get $igarette $tink out of your clothing.

    4. Use MR. CLEAN, SPIC N SPAN, COMET CLEANSER etc. to get nicotars off ashtrays, baseboards, furniture etc.

    5. $igarettes make you crave junk foods made with CRISCO and other high tech chemicals.

    6. P & G has bought many big pHARMa companies over the years and $ells lots of drugs you might not have heard of to “treat” (not prevent) “$moking-related illnesses”.

    The disappearance of $igarette $moking (and cannabis users can start with getting rid of the Joint) would greatly reduce sales of those and other P&G products and disappoint the Big Box $tores that sell the P&G stuff even if (like CVS) they get out of selling $igs them$elves.

    So I bet if you checked it out you would find some $pon$ors on Michael Savage’s $how that don’t want cannabis destroying that tobacco empire, and same goes for much of the “liberal?” media.

  9. What about a national poll asking if MJ should be removed from schedule 1 where it can be legally researched? Remember Steve Cohen?

  10. No Kidding! The people of Michigan are not that different than the people in the rest of the country. We all (75% +) want for it to be legal, decriminalized, or at least medical.

    The only thing stopping us from it are politicians and their rich lobbyists that do not serve our best interests and certainly not our will. It is shameful.

    I’m talking about people like Maryland’s Andy Harris and others that should be thrown into the street.

    I’m still not sure about President Obama since I know he could do a whole lot more than he has to further this cause. I’m about 99% positive that he does not believe users should be locked in jail or prison for years. I wish he would use his bully pulpit at a minimum to try to get prohibition abolished before his time as president is up.

  11. With Illinois being slow to roll out their medical marijuana program, it’s really great to see Michigan stepping up as a leader in cannabis law reform. I hope that the state’s efforts can spark up discussions about legalization in other midwestern states like Wisconsin, which has been very conservative when it comes to its cannabis policies. Thanks for the post, Erik! I’m excited to see what happens 😀

  12. Like we should take notes on how to stay mentally healthly from people (control freaks and histrionics) that constantly lie in order to stay mentally healthly or the truth would make them breakdown. – Dave Evans

    I think you have hit the nail directly on the head, Dave!… The “conservative delusion” is exposed by ingesting cannabis.

    Cannabis apparently enhances rational perception and frightens the juju out of these pitifully duped individuals when the “lies” they constantly support, collapse upon actual independent thought…Cannabis makes them feel weak…with tolerance,acceptance compassion, generosity and open-mindedness…the most fearful state of all!

    Sends ’em right back to the Bottle and every thing an alcohol fueled, male dominator, War loving, greed based “philosophy” represents!…more’s the pity!

  13. @ Eric K. Johnson,

    Lol, very true. Those who are the most frightened are of course those who’ve never tested the waters. It’s far easier to remain terrified of a bogeyman than to investigate whether or not that dark shadow in the closet is actually a creep or just a jacket draped upon the vacuum cleaner. (Apologies for the mixed metaphors.)

  14. For those of you who have tried but not achieved any success with Nicorette gum or the patch, if every time you feel like a tobacco cigarette, you were to toke some Cannabis(even if its seedy Shwag / Mexican weed)(1 puff only), and report your findings to NORML or High Times magazine, it would be very probable and eye strongly believe that what will happen is that your mind will become so distracted from the addiction to Nicotine, you will not crave any tobacco (or your cravings will be reduced to zero or near zero, and finally, you will be able to live past that point. Again try this only if the gum and the patch have not worked for you and you have double checked all the other factors that could be affecting your tobacco cessation “program”.

  15. If, you find that all else fails, be humble and try contacting your Primary Care Doctor or Psychiatrist, to see if they have an answer for your failed tobacco cessation program, if they are willing to spend a few minutes with you…..my dox always seem to rush through my treatment and almost never spend more than 1 or 2 mintues with me.

  16. now, about those darn republicans……they deservfe respect, but seriously folks…..they complain about weed meanwhnile they drink to frikin much….have you ever been to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, or Kansas? The drink like fish and rival the Southerners who could usually drink anyone under the table. It’s really Nothing much to be proud of as violence is a common thread associated with these regions of the country.
    They claim to follow scripture yet–for example–Texas has the highest capitol Punishment rate for the entire country….news flash –capitol punishment is not forgiveness–it sure feels good, but let’s be honest when we say it’s not Christian.

  17. And, the other issue of course is that the Repubs have a lot of money at stake in the stock market >>> $$$ chemical companies such as Dow Corning and the infamous Dupont and Big Pharma such as Merck, Pfizer, and Shering Plough. Think about it…the debate over pot is a no brainer….Just say no to the stock market? I don’t think so. So, what’s the bottom line? Balance your portfolio$.

  18. @Evening Bud

    Many of our very strange species seem to be born with an inordinate fear of “things that go bump in the night”…their actual fear is, of course, the fear of genuine self awareness that causes confusion and fearful conflict within themselves that seems most easily “resolved” by projection and self delusion/denial….once again…more’s the pity.

  19. @ Erik K. Johnson,

    Very well put. I know a few members of the species who would fit your description perfectly.

  20. Wake up & smell the coffee. Republicans own Rx stock and are noticing a decline in drug sales which equal less profits. Take notice of a media campaign propagandaing THC test, jail you and they make up the losses with drug/alcho classes and unjust FEES, yes fees so your double jeopardy doent apply. Also the standard “What about the kids”. Get realz, Parents or as I say aka “Rents” really don’t care about you. They will threaten, you,, my control and rule. Do as I say or leave or get no $. Some day thos that don’t agree will understand this saying, “when It all comes down.” CHALLANGE all opponent facts and their sorces. Remind them about the arrogant As_hole Doctors that are changing their opinion which in the first case is their fact studies are opinions in the first case. Peace in and may God’s Weed be with you. P.s. if you in the past you have been against 420 and now get MJ420Rx, Repent for that sin for I do pray when the 2nd coming happens that you are denied the right to “The tree of Life” aka God’s Weed.

  21. To Michigan Residents. Warning!! The legalization problems you face are thos mj420 Rx patience (baby boomer cr_p) are against legalization. A big problem when your opponents seek their support to oppose. The same type of people against smoking in bars etc. Since this country is in favor of suing Tobacco Company’s where as the cancer problem is from coal burning, should sue the electrical industry for cancer and birth of living defects. Neg or poss comments will be read.

  22. When in Michigan, always hide you MJ420 card and stash from the police. Take a Cab/Taxi when ever possible or ride with someone that does not partake (maybe, I don’t associate with them), What does it say when a MICHIGAN po po breaks your MJ420 card in half? Commits “Extreme False Witness” Sends you to jail with brain trama (split vision & headache beyond)? A judge that wont board up one window to prevent $50K in mj420 product from being burgalarized (my second proof that they don’t care about the kids. They would rather I be affected? Peace out on this planet.

  23. @Gilman, Adam 0116/10:34p, Absolutely right! As SUBSTITUTE for tobacckgo, toking any seedy Schwag cannabis will do– to which add, any alfalfa, basil, borage, buchu, catnip, chamomile etc. etc. When you get to the “one puff only” I would suggest, take extra time to specify “one 25-mg VapeToke” (using a flexdrawtube einzelhiefer).

    Re southernism in Texas etc. where they drink like fish and follow scripture– the Bible is to Blame! Joshua 6-8 tells the story of God visiting Joshua in his tent and expressly commanding that the Israelites kill 10,000 Jerichoan men, women, children, sheep and goats etc., which they did, also capture all silver and gold and hand it over to the Temple Committee (for the Temple Solomon was scheduled to build 300 years later).

    Next God ordered an expedition against neighboring town Ai, but something went wrong and 36 Israelis were killed. They played a divination (-orum) game similar to Spin-the-Bottle and it pointed at Achan who confessed stealing some of the gold and silver, for which Joshua had Achan, his wives, children, sheep, goats etc. all stoned to death and a stone monument erected, after which God said things were o.k. and they attacked Ai again and killed 10,000 Aians.

    Just a sample of the Buybull which shaped American psyches in the $lave Belt. @Julian has good ideas to fix Texas but it’s a horribly huge state and he needs help.

    Best of luck with the mission in Michigan, the Truth is in de Troit as they say. 10,000 vacant lots seeded with cannabis today, rich deep forest in a decade!

  24. Yeah Mexweed, isn’t it odd, how Southern Christians want to forgot the New Testament whenever it is their turn to turn the other cheek, they want to invoke the Old Testament Evil which Christians and Christ pretty much rejected.

  25. Don’t forget, Dave, the present evil Old Testament is the best anthology 70 Roman Empire Catholic Experts in 300 A.D. could vote to put in our Buybull.

  26. In 2016 I’m going to vote just like I did in 2008 – It’s inevitable in this state. We are next!

  27. Everyone making character judgments against republicans should remember that a huge number of republicans support legalization… If everyone joins up, quits attacking each other as liberal or conservative, legalization passes by a landslide.

  28. @travis

    The Republicans remain the last impediment to reform. The GOP has chosen to champion prohibition to its socially conservative base. If you want me to vote for them, then you need to change their opinion.

  29. when MJ is legalized in Michigan life will be better on all fronts. The hypocrisy of alcohol being legal and weed illegal will finally be over. A booming industry will come forth into our state on the books instead of off the books where most of it takes place now. Put this issue in the front instead of keeping it hidden in the shadows. Only then will logical policies be able to facilitate and proper education be supplied to all peoples; young and old. Public enemy number 1 isn’t the drug itself but the outdated demented laws that surround the issue. The benefits of hemp & marijuana are many more than the negatives that come from prohibition of the plant.

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