Study: CBD Administration Enhances Skeletal Healing

The administration of the non-psychotropic cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) leads to improvement in bone fracture healing, according to preclinical data published online ahead of print in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Investigators at the Hebrew University Bone Laboratory in Israel assessed the ability of CBD administration to promote healing in rats with mid-femoral fractures. Researchers reported, “CBD markedly enhanced the biomechanical properties of the healing femora after 8 weeks.”

Authors also evaluated the administration of THC and CBD together, but reported that this combined preparation was “not advantageous” over CBD alone — indicating that the plant’s potential bone-stimulating properties are primarily specific to cannabidiol.

They concluded: “CBD alone is sufficiently effective in enhancing fracture healing. … Multiple experimental and clinical trials have portrayed CBD as a safe agent suggesting further studies in humans to assess its usefulness for improving fracture healing.”

Researchers have previously acknowledged that endogenous cannabinoids stimulate bone formation and inhibit bone loss, potentially paving the way for the future use of cannabinoid drugs for combating osteoporosis.

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  1. Noticed this a while back. Marijuana sure does help with bone healing and wound healing.

  2. Well that explains why the xrays couldnt find any fractures in my ribs when I fell two stories from a house 5 years ago. My workers rolled a big fatty and the adrenalin wore off just after I handed the keys to someone to drive me home. 2 days later my wife begged me for the x-rays. They came out clean. “Just a contusion.” All I did was put some ice on my ribs and smoke a joint.

  3. I hope we all don’t get too carried away with the medicinal properties of CBD and forget that THC and combinations of the two also have valuable properties. in fact they have complimentary properties that are part of why there has never been a death from overdose.

    1. The reason there has never been a lethal overdose is because there are no Endocannabinoid receptors in the areas of your brain that are responsible for the regulation of heart rate or breathing.

  4. Where’s the mainstream network media new reporting on positive stuff like this?

    They don’t miss a beat on scaremongering about cannabis such as butane shatter explosions and the seemingly never-ending pulse of people who STILL DO NOT HEED the labeling on the packages of cannabis edibles. I recall some tourist there in Colorado to ski ate way too many cannabis edibles. You can’t just fill up an empty stomach on a couple of slice so Space Cake or snack on a whole chocolate bar that’s cannabis infused like you can a Hershey’s Bar or something. He freaked out and committed suicide and they’re pointing the finger.

    Nope, the networks & Fox don’t pass up an opportunity to scaremonger about cannabis so now if they would no longer pass up any opportunity to show cannabis and legalization in positive ways!

  5. I wonder how much longer the powers that could remove cannabis from schedule 1 are going to continue to hold out in spite of overwhelming evidence of medical utility…

    Personally, I have come to believe that cannabis can help with weight loss!!! This in spite of giving many people the muchies.

    Chris Christie would probably benefit from it but he is way too stubborn (or should I say pathetically stupid) to ever try it.

  6. Forgive me for once again being off topic but I think this is important!

    Does anyone out there need more proof that the foolish laws against marijuana cause more harm than good? Probably not anyone reading this… But, here is yet another death because of the law, NOT the marijuana. After police chased a group of teens smoking marijuana, one of them died after falling off a rooftop. IF the damn police had simply let them be, I’m sure they would all be just fine now.

    Check it out:

    When is this stupidity finally going to end???

    President Obama – I hope you know that this is partly your fault. You could do much more to end this kind of tragedy.

  7. I should point out I was already stoned before I fell, and I fell not because I was stoned but because the cornice crew pulled the leg out from under my scaffold while I was working on it. A roof rafter to the front ribs broke my fall, but not even a fracture to my ribs. Then I flipped like a pancake and landed another 12 feet on my back ribs to the ground in some mud made by the well guys I had been cursing all morning. By the way, if anyone ever survives an impact like this to the ribs, (both sides or one), remember when you fall the last thing you do is inhale, so you dont get the wind “knocked out of you” you get the wind trapped in you. So you have to exhale first, which burns like Hell inside, and I sure am glad I was stoned when I did.

  8. Of course, marijuana may be treatment but its not Popeye’s spinach. The NYTimes reports that 17 year old Hakeem Kuta was killed after falling 6 stories from fleeing police after reportedly smoking marijuana in the lobby of an apartment building. A 14 year old also fleeing police grabbed Kuta’s vest but was unable to save him from his fall.
    We need to promote using vaporizers which produce less smell. As we legalize marijuana possession, especially young people are going to be more and more relaxed defining public and private sectors. Clearly, an apartment lobby is public, but marijuana consumers need lobbies where they can consume marijuana socially without the threat of arrest.
    What happened to Kuta, who had no criminal record, is an American tragedy that must end now.
    While the Holiday Inn is busy joining the suit against Colorado, sensible industries from hotels to residential apartments should be promoting legally available vaporizers in their lobbies to prevent incidents with law enforcement or the public while providing a healthier alternative to smoking weed that is hardly noticeable to the common American.
    How can we promote a vaporizer campaign? And create laws that permit vaporizer sale and use in public areas?

  9. I wonder if that is why my burrsitis has lessened in its severity since diagnosed? It hasn’t gone away, but it has lessened it its limitations.

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  11. What about those of us that do not indulge in the use of this smoking? What do we do when the smoke from your neighbors house comes in your house and your kids allergies flair up, and now your house smells of the stench, your clothes smells of the stench and your household air freshener can not combat the smell long enough before the BLAzing starts all over again!!!! So sick of this! We have kids!! The smoke is unbearable!!

  12. @ biggirlwow:
    April 8, 2015 at 8:19 am
    – – –

    Sounds like you might reside in a “legal” state / place…
    (i.e. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska)

    If that’s the case, I’d GLADLY trade places w/ you!!!

    I, OTOH, find the fragrance of burnt cannabis quite pleasant, soothing.
    BUT where I am,
    only nauseating, nasty @$$, tobacco $igarette smoke permeates the air here! 🙁

  13. @ biggirlwow:

    Have you talked to your neighbors about VAPORIZATION???
    [Vaporization gently heats the cannabis botanical just enough
    to volatilize the plant essences, far below the point of combustion / burning].

    Vaporizing produces much less odor than smoking,
    plus it’s a far more efficient / economical way for
    your neighbors to consume cannabis… a “Win-Win” 🙂

  14. @biggirl:
    Encourage your neighbors to use a vaporizer if the smell keeps going to your house. I highly doubt cannabis smoke is causing your child ‘s allergies. If it is, it would be the first case I ever heard of. If anything, the second hand cannabis smoke could help reduce allergy symptoms including inflammation, and can prevent dangerous asthmatic attacks and respiratory spasms.

  15. “I hope we all don’t get too carried away with the medicinal properties of CBD and forget that THC and combinations of the two also have valuable properties. in fact they have complimentary properties that are part of why there has never been a death from overdose.”

    And most medical dispensaries are moving high THC flowers and concentrates..I suspect its because actual medical use is about 10% of the volume of non-medical use…Unless you think a few beers after work is “medical”

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