Feds Seek To Increase Marijuana Production Quotas

For the second year in a row, federal officials are seeking to increase the supply of cannabis the government makes available for research protocols.

DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart filed paperwork today announcing that the agency is seeking to increase its marijuana production quota for the year 2015 by nearly three-fold.

Federal regulations permit a farm at the University of Mississippi to cultivate set quantities of cannabis for use in federally approved clinical trials. Regulators at the DEA, the US Food and Drug Administration, PHS (Public Health Service), and the US National Institute on Drug Abuse must approve any clinical protocol seeking to study the plant’s effects in human subjects.

The agency says that the increased production is necessary because “research and product development involving cannabidiol is increasing beyond that previously anticipated.” The agency further acknowledges having received increased requests from NIDA “to provide for ongoing and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana.”

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  1. “! Hurry, damnit! Judge Mueller is about to read her verdict! We need 50 more acres of weed to prove that marinol is better than herbal cannabis! And if that doesn’t work, release the Kraken!”

  2. I’m hoping this federal agency doesn’t fall weak to pharmaceutical America allowing them to insist on adding their poisons to this naturally beneficial substance

  3. I do not trust anything involving NIDA or the DEA! They need to go the way of the dinosaur. Those corrupt organizations have sucked billions of dollars from our economy and have done tremendous harm to our country.

    Am I Wrong???

    Personally, I equate Michelle Leonhart with Satan considering how many good lives she has played a part in destroying.

  4. I am definitely not alone in my utter distrust and contempt for the DEA and the war against good people who choose to use marijuana. Check this out:


    It is almost unbelievable that our Govt continues to allow these rogue agencies to exist let alone fund them with our tax money!

    I pray that President Obama does a whole lot more before he leaves office. This is a complete national disgrace!

  5. Marijuana has already been researched for thousands of years.

    The evidence clearly indicates it will make you want to be nice to people. Horrible stuff, very horrible.

  6. Meanwhile, under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 the Office of National Drug Control Policy is STILL ordered to use our tax dollars to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana. Who are they harvesting for? Pfizer? GW Pharmaceuticals? So they can make Marinol?
    An article like this is a gut-wrenching reminder to Americans that our own government, including but not limited to the Department of Justice, has been the world’s leading drug cartel. Congressman and Judges have taken too many “campaign contributions” so that we wouldn’t even be this far in our legalization movement without voter initiatives. It’s time to take our legalization movement to the United Nations. Legalizing marijuana alone in the United States is having powerful effects on world

    At this moment, Mexico’s government has recently been declared war on by the “New Generation Jalisco Cartel.” This is rare to declare war on the government, even for a powerful cartel in Mexico. But everyone knows Nieto’s Administration IS the principal cartel in Mexico.
    Reduced income from legalized Marijuana in the U.S. Is causing the Mexican government to shake down lesser cartels to answer the debt. It’s a shame Nieto doesn’t have the valor to open the discussion for legalization with the U.S. and the U.N.
    My feeling is things will get worse before they get much better. It’s a matter of time.

  7. Not a single penny of fed money for marijuana research should go to a prohibitionist state!

  8. Why can’t we take the thousands of studies done world wide and use that info that is already out there. Several countries have done extensive studies on marijuana. Just like engineers use foreign blueprints to design tons of things from cars to engines of all kinds, etc. They say they’ve been studying it for years, how long does it take? The FDA approves pills of all kinds that actually kill people daily all over this country. Alcohol, tobacco products, and prescription drugs kill and addict people daily and yet they’re still studying marijuana that has been here for thousands of years, I call bullcrap…

  9. I think if those guys (DEA) would have simply not destroyed the 13 million or so plants confiscated in 2012 & 13 they wouldn’t have to make such a request. I get it. Destroy everyone else’s safely produced medicine but ask for more from the monopolized government slight of hand 80 year bamboozle we dooped you crew.

    On top of that, as the NIDA has just done, quietly announce it’s benefits to fight aggressive cancer, have a patent for it as a neurological protectant, and help other pharmaceutical markets grow while still arresting those who have such medicine on them.

    I just read a great write up from a guy named Timothy Cuffman called “The 21st Amendment in the 21st Century Lessons for Cannabis Reform” Here’s some intelligent insight. http://www.centerforalcoholpolicy.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Timothy_Cuffman_Essay.pdf

  10. @thelatchkeykid – Thank you for the link! That is a very interesting and well written article.

  11. Unfortunately, I cannot find any truth in this story as the DEA already stated the cannabis has ZERO medical benefits.

    If this is true, then that would mean that they were lying, but that cannot be…

    hur hur…

  12. Feds asking permission to increase production of something they don’t recognize is similar to Iran requesting the end to sanctions without agreeing to the Israeli right to exist. Do the feds really believe the american voters are incapable of thinking for themselves? How much more justice needs to be disrespected to satiate the inhumanity of prisons over schools?

  13. I don’t trust the feds. I don’t care if they’re producing more of their own. They need to let other people grow cannabis in whatever potency and whatever strains of cannabis they want. This is just another prohibitionist ploy to stretch out legalization and to keep other people from using their own cannabis to do their own research. So Dr. Volkow got her hands on some of the cancer research being done with cannabis in Spain and elsewhere or something. We don’t have that kind of time for just a small group of people in the prohibitionists’ pocket to keep on giving MMJ patients and the cannabis community a fucking. No more! Legalize it! We’ve been putting up with this shit for decades. Legalize it!

  14. Maybe they can purchase cannabis from The State of Alabama?

    If I lived in Alabama, I would qualify for “Level 3″…but in Illinois ,I am excluded from receiving medical cannabis therapy because I was convicted of a cannabis crime that was committed in 1989…forcing me (and every MMJ patient/drug felon excluded from Illinois medical rights) to choose between (potentially addictive, Endocrine disrupting) opioids or being a “criminal”.

    Alabama VS. Illinois

    SB-326 is sponsored by Sen. Bobby Singleton, D- Greensboro, and a companion bill is expected to be filed Monday by Rep. John Rogers, D- Birmingham.

    “There are doctors that want to prescribe marijuana for their patients because it works,” Rogers said in a written statement last week. “It just makes sense to let them.”

    The bill would establish three classes of marijuana amounts a physician could recommend for patients after a full medical evaluation.

    Class 1 would allow a qualified patient or designated caregiver to buy a maximum of 2.5 ounces of cannabis per month, grow a maximum eight ounces and maintain up to eight plants.

    Class 2 would allow them to buy up to 5 ounces of cannabis per month, grow a maximum 12 ounces and maintain up to 12 plants.

    Class 3 would allow them to buy up to 16 ounces of cannabis per month, grow a maximum 16 ounces and maintain up to 16 plants.

  15. If the United States of America were to be given an enema, the tube would have to be placed dead center in Illinois?

  16. I live in Illinois…my co-defendant lives in Colorado.

    I am denied/excluded from receiving medical marijuana…due to a cannabis crime from 1989.

    I am legally disabled.

    My Physician(s) of thirty plus years believe I would benefit from medicinal cannabis therapy.

    My co-defendant may walk down the street to the Cannabis Store in his Colorado neighborhood and purchase marijuana legally and without restriction.

    The only difference is the location of our neighborhood in The United States of America?

    No patient in The State of Illinois has yet to receive any medical marijuana…after more than a year since the “Law” was “enacted”?

    The law “expires” in 2017…but seems to have already died on the vine?

    Patients in need of cannabis therapy have paid for fingerprinting, background checks and paid their fee for a “Medical Marijuana Patient Identification card”…but not one gram of cannabis available for any patient.

    The clock is running backwards in Illinois?

    Backwards is The Illinois Way?

    Stop the lies and legalize!

  17. smoke and mirrors,they act like there really interested,they just want to up the production,so they can up there budget,its just a rouse to keep folks on the payroll,the feds are never going to let the truth about this go anywhere,the liq folks,who kick a ton of money to the lobbyists ,are never ever going to let that happen,lets face it ,if pot was legal,how much money they woulkd lose,because of it…. its ashame,but until we get a president with some balls,i dont think were ever going to really see this happen

  18. U.S. Patent 6630705, filed 21st April, 1999, assigned to ‘The United States Of America As Represented By The Department Of Health And Human Services’

    “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.


    Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

    The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as **ALZHEIMER’S** disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.” – http://www.google.co.uk/patents/US6630507

    British company GW Pharmaceuticals, Patent filed 25th Dec, 2014. (While everyone’s eating Turkey, we’re being treated like turkeys!)


    [0053] Preferably the neurodegenerative disease is taken from the group: Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Huntington’s disease; frontotemporal dementia; prion disease; Lewy body dementia; progressive supranuclear palsy; vascular dementia; normal pressure hydrocephalus; traumatic spinal cord injury; HIV dementia; alcohol induced neurotoxicity; Down’s syndrome; epilepsy or any other related neurological or psychiatric neurodegenerative disease.

    [0054] The cannabinoid-containing plant extracts are used in the manufacture of a pharmaceutical formulation for use in the prevention or treatment of ischemic disease.

    [0055] Preferably the ischemic disease is taken from the group: stroke; cardiac ischemia; coronary artery disease; thromboembolism; myocardial infarction or any other ischemic related disease.

    [0056] The cannabinoid-containing plant extracts are used in the manufacture of a pharmaceutical formulation for use in the prevention or treatment of brain injury or damage.

    [0057] Preferably the brain injury or damage is a traumatic brain injury.

    [0058] A traumatic brain injury can include but is not limited to: diffuse axonal injury; concussion; contusion; whiplash or any other traumatic head or brain injury.

    [0059] More preferably the brain injury or damage is an acquired brain injury.

    [0060] An acquired brain injury can include but is not limited to: stroke; anoxic brain injury; hypoxic brain injury or any other acquired brain injury.

    [0061] More preferably the brain injury or damage is a closed head injury or an open head injury or any other head injury.

    [0062] The cannabinoid-containing plant extracts are used in the manufacture of a pharmaceutical formulation for use in the prevention or treatment of age related inflammatory or autoimmune disease.
    ” – http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20140377382

  19. This will help keep the medical users from being high all the time…as is proper for an actual medicine.

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