NORML Legislative Fly-In Social Media Campaign


2015 NORML Legislative Fly-InFor those not able to attend NORML’s Legislative Fly-in, I have put together a list of marijuana-related bills currently pending in Congress as well as the names and Twitter accounts associated with members of specific committees that we plan to target during our social media campaign. By using social media, we will be able to add another layer to our lobbying efforts and will also provide each and every one of our members a chance to have their voice heard on these issues. I encourage all of you to start promoting our Twitter campaign to your networks as soon as possible.


Apply pressure on members of the House Subcommittee on Health, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations by engaging them through a coordinated social media campaign using specific messaging and hash tags to track our activity. Using the #NORML hash tag gives us the power to bring attention to and mobilize a larger and more diverse coalition of social media activists to support and/or join our efforts. Also, it’s important that we stay on message so please avoid altering the language provided. By maintaining a consistent message, we will be able to present a coordinated and disciplined effort.


Simply cut and paste the Twitter handle and language provided below into your Twitter account and hit send. Please make sure that you use the directory so that you contact each representative directly. I’ve provided an example of what each tweet should look like for each bill. I recommend coordinating specific times with your organization and its membership to maximize our efforts.


H.R. 1013: “[Insert Twitter  Handle] I urge you to support House Resolution 1013, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act. It’s time for a new approach! #NORML

S.683: “[Insert Twitter  Handle] I urge you to support the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act. America is ready! #NORML

H.R. 667: “[Insert Twitter  Handle] I urge you to support House Resolution 667, the Veterans Equal Access Act. America’s veterans deserve better! #NORML


1. H.R. 1013: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act                                       

Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations

Members & Twitter Accounts:

2. S. 683 – Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act

Committee on the Judiciary

Members & Twitter Accounts:


3. H.R. 667: Veterans Equal Access Act                                                                          

Subcommittee on Health

Members & Twitter Accounts:


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  1. End Marijuana prohibition. We are adults,not children that need the governments approval for something that has no effect on the public at large. Just like the alcohol commercials say “please use responsibly”, right?

  2. I’ve never tweeted. Doesn’t look like any of my reps are on any of the committees this time around anyway.

  3. The biker murders/chaos in Waco caused the authorities to cease alcohol sales for a week.

    Res ipsa loquitur

  4. I was just getting a knot in my stomach I thought incurable to see my prohibitionist Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz on the Carers Act when I read Beto O’Rourke’s name on HR667, the Veterans Equal Access Act…
    …Aaaaaaaah, bad feeling gone… Thank you Representative O’Rourke, for standing up for our veterans… And curing the knot in our stomach…

  5. Please stop the prohibition on cannabis! It’s a plant that helps people eat, helps PTSD ,epilepsy. Besides it is makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. Prohibition laws strike a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded! Abraham Lincoln 1840!

  6. BTW: when you add some of the representatives and senators addresses in the messages, they go over the amount of characters allowed to send in a tweet. I guess it IS time for a new approach. Just not this time.

  7. In addition to the Senators and Committee members, you can now also tweet to the President this tweetable definition of marijuana:

    The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L.


    This year is a good time to take action.

  8. Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. – Thomas Jefferson

    Beware simply means be aware.

    Big Cannabizness can’t be corrupted like Big Tobacco , Big Booze, Big Pharma?

    Shoulda and coulda been different.

    The cannabis market should have been owned and operated by Mom and Pop in a new cottage industry…and every one knows I’m right.

    “The love of money is the root of all evil”

    Won’t be long before packs of generic cannabis are sold at your local (Big Cannabizness owned) Big Box Super Center?

  9. @Eric K. Johnson, (And to Congress, if you’re listening…)

    Most of the 10+billion$ income that the MJBizDaily recently accounted for in the rapidly growing legal U.S. marijuana industry comes from locally owned and generated income that is pumping into local economies, creating the antithesis of the alleged “Big Marijuana” fading arguments from prohibitionist such as Kevin Sabet. You can click on the “News” link on this page to find MJBizDaily’s report.

    Legalized marijuana could be described as the greatest boost in the source of independent manufacturing, wealth, innovation and energy of this century as American farms and identities are sustained as well as additional socioeconomic benefits we receive as the smartphone of Information Age meets the smartmarijuana(tm) of the Green Revolution. We are experiencing, due to marijuana legalization, a rural revival of trade-based and community banked agrarian economies from across the nation that release hard-working Americans from the take-it-or-leave-it treachery of Too-Big-to-Fail bank loans and “investments.” Investment starts at home, where we can value and quantify the results. Legal cannabis provides this service.

    Smart Phone technology relies on prohibitively finite, dangerous sources of precious metals, centralized investment from places like silicone valley, and corporate intellectual property rights that centralize profit and impede access like cell phone towers to provide broadband to rural, indigenous communities… My argument is that marijuana legalization provides both rural and urban society with a catalyst for access and diversification, socioeconomic equality, productivity, infrastructural development and manufacturing jobs that increase access to internet and higher paying jobs that in return, invest in innovation and education; all of the common pillars of a sustainable, peaceful Democratic, capitalist economy that relies on exporting these qualities on a regular basis.

    Therefore marijuana legalization provides, if I may use the word, a synergy, or catalyzing health benefit to both the individual and the overall U.S. and world economy, by stimulating economic growth, diversification, innovation and education all while reducing the cost of health care, wars and the unsustainable financial bail out of over-centralized banking and insurance institutions. Colorado is but one growing example to model effective marijuana policy after, not to reject it as certain members of the Texas legislature continue to do.

    By diversifying our financial investments into smaller, more productive and stronger cannabis based banks and economies, and by investing in our local education, infrastructure, innovation (from increased cannabis tax revenue), and by growing jobs from a literally growing agricultural and energy supply we gain as a nation and as a quickly globalizing planet multiple environmental benefits, including drought resistance, small farm productivity, food and water sustainability and therefore sustainable majors and jobs for College graduates and careers. Indeed, if we are to go so far as to believe the President’s recent stance on Climate change, than legalizing hemp and marijuana is in the best interest of U.S. National Security.

    Besides, Big Pharma and the Department of Health and Human Services (i.e. U.S.Pat#6630507) has been trying for decades to patent, control and centralize the profit within the marijuana market one molecule at a time only resulting in the failure of marinol, et al. All this CBD “oil only” legislation is about to meet a similar fate of decentralization as the marijuana market continues to expand.

    Marijuana works synergistically, meaning that really low THC levels in all this “CBD only legislation” really don’t help patients with epilepsy compared with a more balanced recommendation of a strain of the marijuana herb which can contain more than 40 different cannabinoids that work together to relieve a variety of symptoms at once. In other words, the strain of marijuana we see on CNN’s Weed trilogy that helped treat children with seizures, named Charlottes Web, may have had less THC than CBD, but it certainly contains more than “%.05” as limited by recent legislation approved by the Texas legislature.

    Unfortunately for Big Pharma and the federal government herbal remedies are unpatentable, unless we would like to argue over who gets to patent the duck or the horse. (I get the horse, just to end that argument should it ever come up again).

    Yet even in the most hypocritical of circumstances, like here in Texas when we get a break through the other day from the State Congress for CBD only legislation with hardly any medically viable THC, there is a silver lining in our bucket of CBD oil;

    The Texas State legislature, whether Governor Abbott likes it or not, just ADMITTED CANNABIS IS MEDICINE!

    So it’s a pile of contrived, partisan garbage mangled by the Sheriff’s Association that makes it risky for Doctor’s to “prescribe” instead of “recommend” cannabis extract with minute, (less than %0.5), quantities of THC… yes, that much is true;

    But there is a caveat for prohibitionists seeking to pose to the cameras during elections as champions of the infirmed, all while using Republican Todd Hunter to kill real cannabis treatment in Calendar Committee;
    You guys just admitted through State law in one of the biggest states in the Union that cannabis is medicine, thereby tilting the balance of justice during ongoing Federal appeals and trials regarding the Constitutional basis of prohibition itself. This means we can count the population of Texas to weigh in during pending councils and debates meeting next year in the United Nations to challenge international drug policy and the medical efficacy of cannabis that defies prohibition.

    If I may say anything in this post in relevance to our Federal legislators listed above and the pending pro marijuana legislation committees they sit on, we now have a population majority precedence to pass Federal marijuana legalization in the United States of America.

    Ineffective treatment in application as HB892/ SB339 may be, the state legislature has spoken; Marijuana, including THC, IS medicine and you can smell the fear on prohibitionists through the camera lenses as their rhetoric of distinguishing recreational marijuana from its medical efficacy falls upon an argument as simple as taxing grape juice and wine. Check it out in the video above. Enjoy.

    Oh yeah; And what about that little line in the C.S.Act that reports that “marihuana has no accepted medical use” ? It’s election season, Congress. I think it might be time we do something about that, don’t you?

  10. @Eric K. Johnson, “Won’t be long before packs of generic cannabis are sold at your local(Big Cannabizness owned) Big Box Super Center? Eric as long as you don’t get arrested for buying it and having your world upended, isn’t that more important than who is making the big bucks. Plus here in Colorado you can grow up to 6 plants of your own with 3 at a time budding.

  11. Peter T,
    If you remove the hyperlink at the end
    and change the word “and” to an ampersand (&),
    You’ll have enough characters for all reps listed.
    Galileo G,
    They don’t have to be your rep for you to
    contact. Not only are these folks on committees that cross their constituency boundries, many also have higher, long term political ambitions.

  12. @Eric K., well I saw that about “packs of generic cannabis” and I thought “Does he mean rolled into $igarettes”? That a good message for our kids? By the way, I’ve never seen anything on a $igarette or on a pack identifying the net weight of tobacco in a pack or in a $igarette. I weighed a Winston and it was 700 mg, sorta logical because 20 of those is about an exact half ounce.

    I read somewhere the NIDA Marijuana Farm in Mi$$I$$ippi cowtows to “Industry” standards and rolls their cannabis for a few patients into 900-mg $igarettes. $neaky way to $upport big lie drug label for cannabis as the 4221 combustion toxins led by monoxide inflict “stoner” health and character damage attributed to the cannabis.

    Anyway if you have a 25-mg flexdrawtube one-hitter a Joint is usually 20 tokes, a $igarette 28, a NIDA marijuana $igarette is 36. Count the number of times you can tear a little bit off before using up the whole torchfurnace, do you have accurate pinchfingers?

  13. Here is a great follow up article from National Geographic of all places where the father of modern marijuana research, Dr. Mechoulam, describes the “synergy” of treatment from various cannabinoids to anandamide and the unpatentability of single molecules of marijuana as “the entourage effect.” We need more press like this! What a great article to place on the coffee tables of our Congressman!

    BTW, great work everyone getting the Veteran’s Amendment through Committee! Just one more push through Congress to the President’s desk!

  14. Eric as long as you don’t get arrested for buying it and having your world upended, isn’t that more important than who is making the big bucks. – Cat Cassie


  15. Plus here in Colorado you can grow up to 6 plants of your own with 3 at a time budding. – Cat Cassie

    I’m exceedingly pleased for you.

  16. @Eric K., well I saw that about “packs of generic cannabis” and I thought “Does he mean rolled into $igarettes”? That a good message for our kids? – mexweed

    Yes, just like cigarettes (or as the tobacco companies described “cigarettes” in their internal documents as “nicotine delivery devices”)…as for the kids?…They put them in Prison don’t They?

  17. @Julian

    It all sounds good to me…but don’t forget you are in Texas, Dystopian America 2015?

    Will big business sell GMO seeds?

    It took about three million bucks to get skin in the game in Illinois…sounds BigCannabizzy to me!

    Have you heard of Corporations savaging small profitable in leveraged buyouts or outright takeover?

    Time will tell if your utopian scenario will come to fruition ( I’m rooting for that outcome as well)…or…a Corporate controlled profit over product $Commodity$.

  18. Ways to outlast Big Cannibiz:]\

    1. Invent a quick fun way to make flexdrawtube one-hitters in your garage or attic, just you and your partners in the neighborhood.

    2. Contribute to EDUCATION campaigns (including out public like Mormons and Witnesses do) showing any $ig-$moker or Joint-$moker you run into:

    a. what a flexdrawtube one-hitter is
    b. how to Vape with a one-hitter
    c. how to make a one-hitter out of less than $1.29 worth of parts and some #40 screen
    d. contribute to, improve “12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects” article
    e. until every last hot burning overdose monoxide papers addict is converted to 25-mg single toke (1.2 billion to go).

    (Conventional corporations do the same thing it is known as hatefearteasing oops sorry ADVERTISING.)

    Don’t worry about a few corps selling most cannabis bud under govt supervision at first, I think year by year the limit how many plants each family can raise will be increased anyway as millions more families show quality production performance and passionate medical revolution proceeds.

    Within 18 months someone will announce a new strain of OREGANO that outperforms 86% of present-day cannabis anyway. Read and contribute to “Alternative Herbs” in the Wikiversity: “Smoking Cessation” article.

  19. @Eric:
    Pay it forward, my friend. We invest in what we purchase. And there are more ways to trade than currency. We are what we consume.

  20. @Julian

    I take your point and agree.

    Everyone is what they consume…but some are only what they repeat?…from someone else who heard it from someone else who was simply (but cunningly) “wrong”?…it gets so old…it’s time for sanity to take hold!

  21. @Erik,
    Once again, the beauty of marijuana and hemp is that it is such a highly evolved plant with such a large toolchest of medicine and industrial utility that works in multi-strain, multi-chemical unpatentable herbal variety to achieve so many benefits to humankind that repeats are bisect by the perpetual cultivation of variety;
    …variety of cannibis which is being recorded like never before in all recorded history. We are close to completing the entire genome of marijuana in sequence, leading to discoveries and remedies so varied and unimagined from the recipe of cannabinoids, pinenes and THC, and complex in dosage that the single-molecule-addiction-for-profit model of Big Pharma is getting left behind. We will soon be fighting over seeds, not pills.

  22. @Julian

    Isn’t it amazing to realize cannabis and humans have co-evolved since (and most likely before) the beginning of recorded History…and that same beneficial plant can be the cause of crime and punishment?

    Are Humans actually intelligent at all?…I often wonder.

  23. Thanks @Julian for that May 27 essay and you certainly do have permission to use the multi-utility word SYNERGY for the unpatentable herbal variety benefits described.

    The genomometers once finished with cannabis will move on to OREGANO (tons of terpenoids, two cents worth of that herb adds four dollahs to the price of a pizza), rosemary, sage, thyme etc. and undreamed-of synergidiversities will follow.

    (PS Yes, if I may insist, there are bad synergies, such as those combining cannabinoids with 4221 combustion toxins in a hot burning overdose monoxide paperjoint (careful, don’t bogart that torchfurnace).

  24. @Julian

    Michael Pollan ( Don’t eat anything that can’t rot) is food sane!

    Thanks for the informative symposium and Youtube video.

    As Michael Pollan states ,we all have the opportunity to change the world three times a day…by the foods we choose to eat.

    We all have more power than we recognize…and that makes the Rich Ruling Class ecstatic?

  25. I turned on the boobtoob last evening only to see Michael Pollan being interviewed!

    Nice Jungian synchronicity?

  26. @Eric,
    Thats how I felt when National Geographic published their article describing Dr. Mechaloum’s entourage effect when I used the word synergy. Its a shame and yet an exciting development that intelligent people have to come up with their own vocabulary to define 75 years of suppressed scientific analysis over cannibis and the endocannabinoid system. My spellcheck on my iPhone still won’t correct “cannabis” or “cannibis,” refusing to find a definition.

    Teaching and graduating doctors while threatening them from acknowledging the existence of the endocannabinoid system is like licensing auto mechanics while threatening them with prison if they so much as study the diagnostics of their vehicles.

    Prohibiting doctors from prescribing legislatively acknowledged medicine is a violation of human rights and unconstitutional. Its only going to get better from here…

  27. @Julian

    Hear! Hear!

    Sanity may be contagious?

    Change is the singular constant.

    All peoples opinions are subject to change some of the time.

    Some people will never change their opinion…even in the presence of science based facts.

    Those people become fossilized “Dinosaurs” nearing extinction…hopefully sooner rather than later.

  28. My spellcheck on my iPhone still won’t correct “cannabis” or “cannibis,” refusing to find a definition. – Julian

    Your iPhone Service Provider may be linked to Congress?

    They refuse to recognize the facts too!

    They refuse to obey the will of The People who elected them to our office!

    Their office belongs to us…they are merely temporary residents…and they need a constant reminder of that fact…or they may fall victim to the Aaron Schock Syndrome.

  29. “My spellcheck on my iPhone still won’t correct “cannabis” or “cannibis,” refusing to find a definition.”

    Maybe fix it? You should be able to…

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