California: Governor Signs Law Expanding Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights

Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation today, Assembly Bill 258, to allow medical marijuana patients to receive organ transplants.

Hospitals in California and elsewhere have denied patients from receiving organ transplants solely based on their status as medicinal marijuana consumers. Assembly Bill 258 reads, “A hospital, physician and surgeon, procurement organization, or other person shall not determine the ultimate recipient of an anatomical gift based solely upon a potential recipient’s status as a qualified patient, as defined in Section 711362.7, or based solely upon a positive test for the use of medical marijuana by a potential recipient who is a qualified patient.”

Passage of AB 258 ends these discriminatory practices in California.

The new law takes effect on January 1, 2016.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Transplantation, marijuana use by patients undergoing transplants does not adversely impact survival rates.

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  1. Oh lord, that is so scary that they could murder somebody by denying then an organ. We need a federal law that protects people from that crap. I never would have guessed that was going on. Who gets head of the line privies? Drunks? Catholics ?
    I’m sorry just disgusted with gvnment

  2. Governor Jerry Brown I commend you for signing This bill sometime,s people have cancer that has not spread and the marijuana help,s where pharmaceutical drug,s only make you sicker It,s way passed time. MANY MANY people have died by refusal,s especially through Stanford university And at the hand,s of Dr. Glen A. Lutchman, MD at Stanford university Hospital .

  3. Thank you, Governor Brown.

    If states would/could make laws that would mandate that employers MUST use tests for drugs that indicate a positive result for cannabis at the time of the test, that would be a great leap forward to protect MMJ patients.

    California NORML put together this chart about positive cannabis use test times for urine, blood, hair, and saliva.

    Saliva testing looks promising because people test positive for only up to 24 hours after use. If a state the size of California mandates saliva testing and disallows the other methods, drug testing companies will develop the tests or loose business, perhaps go out of business.

    Another avenue may be pupil dilation testing if as soon as you’re not high anymore your pupils are no dilated anymore. I couldn’t find anything online regarding pupil dilation and redeye as a way of telling is someone is under the influence at the time of such a test.

    In Pennsylvania it seems that Senate Bill 3 has been copied and pasted into House Bill 1432, according to I still fully expect the Pennsylvania prohibitionist politicians to amend the bill to death so that it’s pretty much shit. They should be working over their summer vacation to expand the ailments so that it is easier for people to get a medical marijuana card. They should allow patients and their caregivers to grow their own, to form their own collectives with a lot less red tape than some outfit producing cannabis for a dispensary, and they should legalize viable cannabis seeds so that people don’t have to wait for years and years to get their medicine. Parents or caregivers of kids with seizures could just take what they’ve grown to labs to have the custom-made tinctures produced. At present, no tinctures or Charlotte’s Web, or any other kind of cannabis products are allowed to be transported along state lines.

    Some patients, unfortunately, will probably be dead before Pennsylvania actually has quality usable product in dispensaries. If you need the medicine now, like your kid is having hundreds of seizures a week, nobody wants to wait until the politicians get their act together. They will never get their act together in time to save some patients. Virginia passed a law that deemed bringing in medical marijuana products not prosecutable so Pennsylvania could do the same thing.

    The state is hurting for money. The governor just vetoed the entire Republican-generated-and-passed budget. It’s such a damn dog and pony show for Pennsylvania politicians to pretend that they intend only to pass medical marijuana legislation and that a few years down the road that they’re not going to legalize adult recreational like other states have been doing. Pathetic situation in Pennsylvania. No MMJ law. No budget. Just bickering while people suffer needlessly.


    Representatives Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin), Mike Regan (R-York), and Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) have introduced House Bill 1432 as a compromise to Senate Bill 3, the medical marijuana bill that passed through the Senate in May, but stalled in committee. HB 1432 would allow medical cannabis to be administered through vaporization or oils/pills, but smoking and edibles would be banned, and the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs would oversee up to five medical marijuana organizations for the growing, processing and distribution of medical cannabis in a seed-to-sale tracking system. It would allow doctors to recommend cannabis for the following qualifying conditions: Cancer
    Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
    Parkinson’s disease
    Multiple sclerosis
    Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord
    Inflammatory bowel disease
    Huntington’s disease

  4. So many positive articles back-to-back. It definitely feels like we’re winning the good fight. Piece by piece the wall of prohibition finally seems to be coming down. Thanks, NORML, for all you’ve done. And thank you all for your support of our cause.

    We’ve had some bickers and scrapes on this site between posters through the years, but that may actually be a good sign, shows people’s passion for legalization. Arguments have rarely gotten out of hand, or too personal. We are, after all, brothers and sisters for the cause–and it appears we’re finally getting there. Perhaps one of these days, in the not-too-distant future, all of us can enjoy the freedom those in Colo, Wash, Ore, Alaska and DC have!

    Come on Cali, and Nev, NH, Maine and Mass, and any others trying for legalization in ’16, I’m rooting for you!

  5. In a very recent poll, Penna’s citizens are in favor of medical marijuana by a margin of 88 to 12 (!), and yet “our representatives” insist on playing politics with people’s suffering. I suppose Big Pharma does weigh in a bit heavier with their fat purses at election time. The latest roadblock for SB 3 was a committee chair whose largest campaign contributor was Big Pharma. and he wasn’t about to let that bill out. Slick finagling by friends did get it out though. I guess prayer does help.

  6. Careful, I believe the complicit medical community may be looking to harvest the healthy and natural parts of the cannabis consumers who have been keeping their world natural and petro-chemical free.

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