NBN Partner Profile: Spliffin

Another one of our great NORML Business Network Partners is Spliffin!

Spliffin manufacturers solvent-free concentrates and vaporizers. Spliffin products are engineered for discretion, convenience, and dependability. They provide consumers with a safe and clean alternative to smoking. Spliffin uses only locally grown California varieties of cannabis that are free of pesticides and herbicides. Spliffin concentrates are produced through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that extracts and condenses marijuana’s psychoactive and medicinally active elements into a concentrated form.

Beyond quality, sophistication, and exceptional craftsmanship, Spliffin is building community and cultivating a lifestyle movement. Spliffin is also a founding member of the NORML Business Network and a financial supporter of NORML’s legalization efforts!

Check out Spliffin.com for amazing vape products and to help support the NORML Business Network!

DISCLOSURE: This post is provided as a service of the NORML Business Network,  which works to create mutually beneficial partnerships with marijuana-related businesses that seek to use their enterprise as a positive example of corporate social responsibility. Spliffin is a proud member of the NORML Business Network. To learn more about our Network partners, or to become a member, please visit here.

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  1. Did anyone else just imagine a present-day Cheech and Chong Commercial with both of them shaven and dressed well on the way to some business meeting passing a vaporizer and Cheech says. “How’s my driving?” And Chong is like, “well its a helluva lot better than it was in ‘Up in Smoke’, that’s for damn sure!”

  2. Hey, looked at Spliffin products. Pieces of interest are in their cases, of no use here in a non-MMJ state, been that way forever. Not everybody can just up and move to where you can actually live in the Land of the Free.

    I don’t want cronyism in Pennsylvania when it comes to licensing cannabis. Look at what’s going on in NY state. You just need to be allowed to grow your own, patients, caregivers, responsible adults. The fees are far too high. Lawsuit City. The outfits that don’t get approved for MMJ should pretty much automatically get approved for adult recreational, like Right Now! The legislature needs to get right on it.


    The sooner DC moves forward with adult retail the better. See the High Times’ article excerpt:

    “In a showing of bipartisan support, the Senate Appropriations Committee put their seal of approval on a Financial Services bill earlier this week that removes the ban on retail pot shops in the District of Columbia, allowing the jurisdiction to move forward with legislation to establish a cannabis trade.”


    Man, if you think Interstate 95 is full of traffic now, just wait till DC legalizes! You know all the sick folks in nearby non-MMJ states or MMJ states with no smoking and/or oil only laws or MMJ states with state-manipulated monopolies on who gets to grow it growing shit weed are going to go to DC to get a better quality product or get the kind of cannabis product they as patients need. Of course, there’s the adult retail out-of-towners coming to DC to buy. Since there’s no place they’re allowed to consume it there, no cannabis koffieshop setup, they’re going to be stocking up and going right home, you know, no need to get a hotel room because they’re not spending a couple of hours at a koffieshop then going for some grub and then want to see some of DC and go back to the room or back home to relax. I mean, it’s clear the public is concerned about such establishments, and they want to keep it out of sight. There’s an ice cream shop right next to the Andersom koffieshop in Utrecht which has it’s cannabis lounge in the basement. It’s out of sight. There’s really nothing to see through the ground floor windows, so you just have to be in the know. You just see a person sitting there carding people who tells you that you have to go downstairs to the shop and lounge for everything. There are kids sitting with their parents and grandparents at the tables outside in front of the ice cream shop. Bluebird in Amsterdam has its shop upstairs although you can sit inside downstairs and people outside can see you in there. Amsterdam is a lot less provincial in that way.

    It certainly would be grand to go to a cannabis coffeeshop in the United Kingdom so you could try their cannabis rather that the skunk that’s smuggled in or what other crap makes it over the Channel. So goes for Berlin and Bremen, so you don’t have to buy whatever just happens to be available in Gorlitzer Park or the other places where people go to buy weed and hasj. Same goes for New York City, for tourists or folks without a connection so they don’t have to take whatever happens to be available in Washington Square Park.

    Ik moest dat effe kwijt.

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