The NORML Nation Membership Drive is LIVE! Join Today!

NORML Nation Membership Drive Logo Launch
The NORML Nation Membership Drive went live this morning, and will run until August 12th!

Click HERE to go the the NORML Nation Membership Drive page, where you can join the NORML Nation and fight for legalization in 2016!

NORML has big things planned for the 2016 election season, and we need more grassroots volunteers to help us fight for cannabis legalization!

We’re working with multiple partners in the cannabis industry to build NORML’s ranks. The goal of this membership drive is to add 1,000 new members to NORML! We’re offering three ways to participate:

NORML Nation Membership Tiers 1

If you’re already NORML Chapter Leader or Member, you can earn money for your local NORML Chapter through the NORML Nation Chapter Contest! The top three chapters with the most referrals to the NORML Nation will earn $1,000, $500, and $250!

Thank you in advance for helping us make this a successful membership drive. You can help us reach our goal by encouraging others to become members of NORML and to donate to our work. You can also join the NORML Nation Membership Drive Facebook event, and invite your friends!

6 thoughts

  1. The largest option for NORML T shirts is XL? I’m a 2XL size man… any chance you could get 2XL t shirts available in your store as well as with the membership deal going on right now???
    Thanks for your time and consideration!
    Keep fighting the good fight to end the sad silly prohibition against cannabis!

    1. Sean, thanks for your interest in the NORML Nation! If you put that you would like a 2XL in the comments section, we’ll get a larger shirt for you. Thank you for supporting NORML!

  2. Is there some type of confirmation email that comes when you submit a donation?

    [Editor’s note: There is no email confirmation, but, after an online donation has been made a ‘receipt’ is generated for the donor’s records.]

  3. Hi guys, just joined Norml as a result of Chris’ Periscope outreach from Denver. Hire that young man! I am a 55 yr old retired entrepreneur who has stage 4 Lyme Disease. I use oil to treat seizures. If I were still running my businesses I would hire Chris in a heartbeat. Well done!

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