Case Report: Patient With Life-Threatening Angioedema Responds Favorably To Inhaled Cannabis

Inhaling cannabis is associated with the remission of refractory idiopathic angioedema, according to a clinical report published in the journal Case Reports in Immunology. Angioedema is a condition characterized by rapid swelling under the skin in regions around the face and throat, which may result in airway obstruction or suffocation.

Investigators from the Soroka University Medical Center in Israel reported on the progress of a 27-year-old male patient with life-threatening, recurrent angioedema of unknown origin. Doctors placed the patient on a regiment of 20 grams of inhaled cannabis monthly after he failed to respond favorably to prescribed steroids and antihistamines.

Authors reported: “The use of inhaled cannabis resulted in a complete response, and he has been free of symptoms for 2 years. An attempt to withhold the inhaled cannabis led to a recurrent attack within a week, and resuming cannabis maintained the remission, suggesting a cause and effect relationship.”

They concluded: “This is the first report in which a cannabis product for the treatment of refractory idiopathic angioedema was associated with an excellent clinical response. … More research into the exact mechanism of action of cannabis products in cases of idiopathic angioedema and on the modulation of the immune response in general is indicated.”

The Israeli government has authorized the limited production and distribution of marijuana as a medical treatment since 2011, and preparations of the plant are expected to be available in pharmacies imminently.

Full text of the report, “Life threatening idiopathic recurrent angioedema responding to cannabis,” appears online here.

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  1. If Israeli cannabis, as I would expect from the above account, is of highest quality (at least compared to U Miss) there may be an opportunity here to promote world peace by exporting some of it to Iran! (Supposedly North Korea doesn’t need any?)

  2. One guy. That’s a pretty small sample size. We need to see if we can duplicate these results in others suffering from the disease.

  3. More good news this year!

    Did the patient destroy some cannabinoids by burning the cannabis, or did he merely heat it enough to inhale them?

    [Paul Armentano responds: According to the case report, the subject engaged in smoking, not vaporization: “In this case, the patient smoked medical grade marijuana.”]

  4. Oh, no, this cannot be!
    We all know that cannabis is a Schedule I narcotic substance with no medicinal value at all.
    Please stop printing all of this science and stick to the law !

  5. “Marijuana is a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act, meaning that it has a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision. ” pg.73 2015 DEA/Drug Fact Sheet.

    Someone is not being honest, and a whole lot of people went to prison because of this paragraph. Maybe it only works in Isreal?

  6. Wait…. what……you mean marijuana has positive effects…..medically. one might venture to conclude that contrary to the current schedule 1 status, marijuana does possess medical benefits when smoked…… I wonder what US congress, or The president himself should do with his “All Mighty” pen???

    Owww never mind the study was done outside the USA, rendering the results null and void. Man I almost got excited!

    All the bs aside this is great news for anyone suffering from this illness. One day I hope our government will be as progressed as ISRAEL!!!

  7. There is a youth group that is suing the federal government because of all the misinformation they dispensed about climate change and it appears they are going to move forward with it.

    Should the cannabis culture also file a lawsuit for all the damages of 80 years over cannabis prohibition? If this is so good for me (and I believe it is) why should I be subject to arrest, job loss, fines, and general social marginalization over what is nothing but a big racist elitist corporate lie? What about all the people who have actually suffered damages because of all this misinformation?

  8. It’s obvious the pharmaceutical industry has spent billions promoting the gov’t dogma. They make trillions yrly worldwide keeping people sick. Cannabis cannot be patented. Or sho they say. Yet the federal gov’t holds two parents on cannabis to treat disease. They’ve had proof that cannabis has medical benefit for decades. It’s all a huge lie. Time for Obama to take it off the DEA list. Congress has ruled he has the power, without their help.

  9. It’s obvious the pharmaceutical industry has spent billions promoting the gov’t dogma. They make trillions yrly worldwide keeping people sick. Cannabis cannot be patented. Or so they say. Yet the federal gov’t holds two patents on cannabis to treat disease. They’ve had proof that cannabis has medical benefit for decades. It’s all a huge lie. Time for Obama to take it off the DEA list. Congress has ruled he has the power, without their help. – See more at:

  10. Kudos to Little God’s Country,
    Mechoulam and his successors have brought that state to the top of the chart on cannabinoid/terpenoid research tolerance and achievements, and some of our guys are rightly enthused, “Maybe it only works in Isreal?” Answer, depends how you edit the newsreel.

    Let’s us publicly massively invite them in, Big God’s Country swallow up little Israel, make them the 51st State, they’ll have about as many Congresscritters as New Germany oops sorry Jewsy, and in honour of those newsreels it’ll be named “New Israel”. Location no problem, not much further away than Alaska or Hawaii– or our proposed 52nd State “PR” in honour of Public Relations achieved by cannabis advocates.

  11. This is great news. But they are about to be nuked off the face of the earth by the Iranians. America will still save face with this treatment of patients and their providers when the research disappears with the people of Israel.

  12. Some people, notably Polish Anthropologist Sula Benet, have posited that Jesus Christ healed people by anointing them with oil….kaneh bosm oil or what we call today… cannabis oil.

    That could explain the longish hair and the sandals.

  13. I am so disappointed with President Obama. I really thought he was the one to progress this whole issue of classification. I know he could probably do some kind of executive order but he wanted it passed by the states. This would give us some protection if we got a President like Governor Cristie who wants to wipe out the whole new industry by federal law. I still have a wait and see attitude. Obama is still in office for fifteen more months. Maybe he will do something at the last minute. His new head of the DEA seems alittle more open minded than the last one anyway. I’m living in Ca after leaving NC and I will never live in another state where it is not legal in some way. Next stop, Oregon and Washington to check things out next year. Happy smokin! Everyone.

  14. Wow, I can’t believe this study even came out. Of course our government already has it’s de-bunking “scientific reasons” why the study was mishandled , didn’t account for enough variables, or they might simply say “oh, those bad Arabs, they’re lying to the world!”. Who knows, they might even try to start another war over this, this is Israel we’re talking about. I only know 2 things for sure & UNQUESTINGABLY: That JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY hope for us, HE is the way, the truth, & the life force of us all. The second being that Canabis is TRULY A LIFE-GIVING MEDIiCINE FROM GOD HIMSELF! I lived my life in unmeasurable suffering simply because I was a good girl, I have never smoked tobacco, done ANY drugs that weren’t prescribed to me besides Cannabis( & only recently) & got drunk off half a wine cooler a handful of times; & ONLY AFTER I was grown & MARRIED! I nearly lost my life, & in a way, I actually did, All because I believed all the propaganda instead of doing my own research Which will never happen again. For the past 20 years I have had “The MOST severe case of Idiopathic Treatment-Resistant Crohn’s Disease. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s basically Chronic Wasting Syndrome, but so much worse. It comes in many different “strength levels”, but mine has me going WEEKS without eating a single bite of food, & only the tiniest bit of water to get my 52 pills a day down, which they don’t half the time. For the last 8 years, it really ramped up to where I have thrown up EVERY SINGLE DAY MULTIPLE TIMES. So much so, that last week I had to have half of my teeth removed due to Quote: “acidic erosion from stomach acid & bile”. Since the entire length of my intestines are mostly just scars now, I can no longer absorb most of what I put in, which is a third-world paltry amount of food in the first place. So a feeding tube is useless for me. Instead, they inject fluids & TPN( a thick milky looking stuff that is basically “food”) straight into my heart. That’s fun, let me tell you(sarcasm of course). I was so sick in fact, not only did I try EVERY therapy, alternative medicine included, I was always top of the list for FDA Trials. I even went through SEVERAL forms of chemo, before they were even approved! The Dr.’s finally gave up on me & sent me home from my weekly/monthly stay in the hospital for “Palliative End Care”. THEY SENT ME HOME TO DIE AT 26, with 3 children!!! I suffered from chronic dehydration, malnutrition , & pain so unbelievable, all I could think about was suicide, just to end the suffering, all because no one could find ANYTHING to stop the vomiting/nausea, the immense pain, or to give me an appetite, I had NONE. Food always felt foreign & gross in my month. My body didn’t want me to eat until the big, bleeding, open, ulcers in my intestines healed. Problem was, they NEVER healed, no remission AT ALL. Jesus wouldn’t let me kill myself,but He did put a random thought into my husband’s head while we were crying over the news, my will, everything, when he looked at me & said ” I’m going to find some cannabis-somehow-& I’m going to make you try it, you’re almost dead, you have NOTHING left to lose !”. I balked at first, but then realized he was right! IT SAVED MY LIFE! It ENDED the vomiting & most nause, it relieved so much pain, & gave me an appetite for the first time in 10 years!! ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!! I have developed 16 other diseases & deficiencies due to the CONSTANT malnutrition& dehydration. At my lowest, I weighed 79 lbs. At my highest amount of times to throw up in a 24 hour period, is a whopping 36 times. NO ONE had ever even hinted me about cannabis before that! Much of the damage to my body is now being repaired , but much is permanent. Although I do still get some relief from it, including: Osteoporosis , Arthritis, Scoliosis stage 4, Mini-Seizures,Neuropathy, & Fibromyalgia. There are others that may be fixed, such as anemia, hypo-glycemia, Musculoskeletal problems, & MANY vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I’m probably even forget a few, seeing as I have 23 health problems & I am currently 27 years old! And Cannabis either CURES OR HELPS ALL OF THEM!!! Catch is, once it’s out of my system, the remission is instantly over. Which I either go without it & die, or live, but risk everything else by breaking the law. I’ve tried many of my own control tests to make sure it was the cannabis & not something else, but came up with the same results as above: When you smoke it, you have remission of almost ALL health problems, When you don’t, you are just the same old sick self. You couldn’t possibly convince me of either Jesus not being our Savior, & you can’t convince me that Cannabis isn’t the perfect plant, as a whole it has many uses, but ESPECIALLY MEDICINE! Both are undeniable truth with too much truth. It’s a crime against humanity to
    keep this from us.
    The suffering myself, my children & my family had to go through alone is unmeasurable , now think of it on a mass scale, this is the HEART of the whole issue : an easy, affordable , COMPLETELY SAFE, perfect medicine is being withheld from us all for big pharma’s greed. Human suffering means NOTHING to them.

  15. Okay, I wasn’t going to do this; not since the First Church of Cannabis opened in Indiana in response to when their state relaxed their religious rights over something entirely different pertaining to serving marriage licenses to same sex couples, BUT… after watching the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,

    I feel compelled to test the limits of my Republican Democracy in the Great State of Texas; …The state where we have no voter initiatives to force our prohibitionist legislature to do their job, listen to the MAJORITY of voters and LEGALIZE cannabis…
    Oh, that’s right people… If our NORML lobbyist and executive director in Texas, Jax, is finally on the payroll after fighting for our rights all these years (I still can’t believe that… she wasn’t getting PAID? REALLY?)… then there is only ONE thing left to do…
    HIRE a TAX lawyer, unite Libertarian Representative David Simpson who introduced the bill to legalize marijuana in the state of Texas “because it’s a plant from GOD,” with Democratic representative Beto O’Rourke, (really… Because he’s all for legalization and I donated to him, pretty much…) and form a NEW TAX-FREE…;



    Wait… I feel the spirit… I feel the spell of Healing taking possession… (Wait, wrong choice of words…) …taking CHARGE of my soul up to the high stalk of a cannabis plant on the HIGHest mountain in the Himalayas… I feel my spirit overcome by the Message of the Herb… Which has summoned me to sing Songs of Freedom and Redemption Songs to the Weak, the unjustly incarcerated, the lost souls who have not yet discovered Weedmaps, the Lost Lambs who seek the Shepherd; Blessed is He who finds the acronym for an 800 number to start this Divine Church of Cannabis!
    And to all those sick or wrongfully imprisoned, or those fortunate enough to happen to have their credit card out while flipping channels watching TRUMP and Ted CRUZ bedevil our efforts to legalize marijuana in the Great State of Texas eating some tostitos and lighting up while they’re reading this post preaching a LEGAL source of legalization revenue stream, FEAR NOT! For I say to you my brothers and sisters we WILL Legalize cannabis in Texas! We WILL defeat the evil spirits that seek to violate our rights, our liberties and our creed! (And apparently a lot more in a public parking lot…) We will NOT be fooled by their propaganda from FOX news that attempts to blame Mexican Drug-War Refugees for our socioeconomic inequalities, rape and violence that are merely unholy SYMPTOMS of our own FAILED DRUG POLICIES here in our OWN nation! Foolish Pharisee! Clean the INSIDE of the CUP, and the OUTSIDE shall also be CLEAN! Praise God! Praise Cannabis! Halleluyah!
    (Somebody find me a good tax lawyer, we need to DO this NORML!)

  16. I am also in Texas, where our leaders act like Cannabis is the devil, yet when everyone asked me “Oh my God! HOW did you get better finally!?”, after telling many people , I found more than 50 I ALREADY KNEW did it too,, but either had no idea of its medicinal value, or were too scared to speak up! I have found even MORE of just strangers that also use it here. I guess we either change our laws or lock up the whole state of Texas, as it seems EVERYONE is using it! I don’t believe ANYTHING is higher than GOD Himself, but I do believe cannabis is His gift to us. When it first cured me of ALL my diseases, I actually wondered if this was the Manna that fell from Heaven. I know that sounds silly, but it’s not just medicine: it’s a nearly perfect food, amazing fuel alternative, & hemp has almost endless applications! TEXAS: STOP BANNING SOMETHING WE MAKE NATURALLY IN OUR BODIES & NATURALLY GROWS OUT OF THE GROUND!!! This is fucking ridiculous. If you really dive deep into cannabinoid research, you will find some AMAZING things that sound too good to ever be true: YET THEY ARE! It’s no longer a debate, the science & proof is all laid bare if you look for it. We have even found out our endocanabinoids perform a MULTITUDES of functions throughout the entire body, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to take to much as it does NO harm, AND we now know that if your endocanabinoids get too low, YOU DIE!!! It’s been proven, it’s done. We know now it is not only SAFE, but GOOD for EVERYONE, including CHILDREN! What will it take to make this madness end? Will we actually have to go to war within our own country just to get what our bodies need to sustain us? I seriously hope not, but Texas officials WILL NOT listen to their own people!

  17. @life-giving medicine.

    You say you and 50 people like you were using it too, but you all were to scared to share this information right. (The church had such fear instilled in you, brain washing you into thinking it’s a sin)

    And you don’t believe anything higher than God himself…. being that your from Texas I assume this is the same god that hates all gays and lesbians, abortion, planned parenthood, shit all scientific research or evidence for that matter, any and all other religions. …….. and the list can go on and on.

    Look your free to believe and practice any religion your little heart desires, but please don’t push your beliefs on the rest of us. Keep it to yourself!

    He may be the way for you, he may be the truth and life force for you.
    But not everyone, see there are WAY TO MANY religious wars going on all over the world for some of us to jump on board with the big JC.
    Some people think church and state should be separate unlike Texas. The crazy thing is 95% of every war on earth is due to 2 different groups of people worshipping 2 different gods, arguing about materialistic things like land.
    Eventually the “my dad can kick your dad’s ass” idealology kicks in and they start hurling sticks, stones, bullets and then missiles at each other because that’s what their God wants them to do.

    Can we as a nation please stop making justifications for every shity thing we do to people, or that has happened to you under the prefix of religion.

    I’m not perfect by anymeans. But I don’t go to church, I don’t follow any religion. I just try to be a good HUMAN BEING. I volunteer at the phx children’s hospital, and local cancer centers here in phx. I’m proud to live in place where men, women, gays and lesbians all have equal rights. It did not get this way because of any religion, it took people standing up for what’s right and fair in the face of tremendous amounts of adversity at any cost. I know people who have gave their lives to make this world a better place. It’s not religious beliefs that made this happen it’s HUMAN KINDNESS that did.

    So please save your religious rhetoric for church and/or the battle field which ever comes first

  18. @The apparent outsider

    Please,lets not turn this into a left versus right issue.
    Even though traditionally conservative christians have been against legalizing cannabis,viewpoints have been rapidly changing.There is less blind faith in the government and the corporate mainstream media that have been controlled by the elite,especially after the 911 fiasco,which was a wakeup call that opened up more questions than answers.

    And people are realizing regardless of religious leanings, that most wars have a corporate interest behind them,a financial benefit.If religious ideologies are used,they are used for manipulating the masses emotionally on a ground level,and usually have nothing to do with the real underlying motives,which is usually over property and “resources”.
    Like the Drug War for example,that is just another war that has been declared against American civilians and their families.

    So even though support of marijuana legalization has been traditionally a democratic&liberal agenda ,lets not alienate conservative christians or any other religious group that support cannabis legalization.WE need to unite for our shared beliefs,not bicker over the differences.The people, especially in the southern states have been repressed the most with draconian drug laws, and are the ones that are really adding the momentum to effect change for the cause and their personal freedoms.

  19. @Unite,
    With the exception of miracle-healing televangelists still looking for a good acronym for an 800 number, I’d say you’re right (JK… Not saying any names… Just acronyms… Like 1-800-G-O-D-W-E-E-D or something… Hey, you gotta appreciate the irony of a tax credit for weed donations for religious “congregation and worship.” …it’s legal and it actually DOES cure! Texas may not even RESPECT the CARERS Act, but by God they’ll respect a Christian televangelist peddling weed panacea!) 🙂
    I know plenty of so-called “Christian conservatives” who are helping their followers cut through all the political bull$#!+ and find out how to link to take action and pass the CARERS Act. Texas has over 750,000 people diagnosed with some form of seizures. That means even state Congressman probably know someone who struggles to support a son or daughter suffering from seizures and the horrible side effects of ineffective, disabling pharmaceuticals while marijuana consumption offers a safe, non-toxic %75 efficacy to reduce and treat severe seizures.
    Opening a tax-free Religious televangelist church that donated weed for monetary donations would be funnier tragic irony if , instead of peddling placebos and lies, the quantity of people needing life-saving marijuana weren’t so real that you probably KNOW someone who NEEDS weed in order to survive independently abled.

  20. Seriously, don’t call that number, I just made it up. I should call it though just to see who is going to get called by some poor blogger who can’t read through the satire 🙂

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