2015 Congressional Letter Writing Campaign 

Beginning on Monday, October 26, 2015, NORML Affiliates and Chapters from across the country will begin contacting their representatives to urge them to support one of the seventeen marijuana-related bills introduced since the 114th Congress convened on January 3, 2015.

NORML Letter Writing Campaign and ContestOver the past few months, NORML Affiliates and Chapters have demonstrated their ability to mobilize thousands of marijuana advocates from around the country so we hope all of you will join us in making this a successful campaign!

Project: NORML Congressional Letter Writing Campaign and Contest

Who: NORML Affiliates and Chapters

When: Monday, October 26, 2015 through Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Summary: Letter campaign targeting members of the House and Senate requesting their immediate support of pending marijuana-related legislation. We encourage the use of handwritten letters and emails.

Target Legislation:


Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act

Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture Funding for Marijuana Suppression Act

Fair Access to Education Act

State Marijuana and Regulatory Tolerance Enforcement Act

Contest: We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with High Times to offer a pair of Cannabis Cup tickets to two lucky winners who participate in our campaign! By offering a contest, we hope to create some additional excitement around our 2015 Congressional Letter Writing Campaign, and in return, drive participation and engagement.

To enter, contact at least two of your three representatives using NORML’s Action Center by clicking one of the five bills listed above or simply use one of our templates that can be found here. Then, take a picture of your letter and post it to your Facebook or Twitter page using the #ActNORML hashtag so we know you’re participating in the campaign! Once the campaign comes to an end at 7PM MST on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, a random winner will be selected from Facebook and Twitter.

For more details about the contest, please click here for our Official Contest Rules!

18 thoughts

  1. Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act
    Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture Funding for Marijuana
    TO my Minnesota US Representatives;
    I have been following the about Bills introduced in Congress this year and believe the a good Bills.
    I would like to urge you to familiarize yourselves with the Bills and Support Them
    Roger Schaeffer

  2. Also, speak up and email/contact the people who are seeking to the presidency of America.

    Tell them that it is time to legalize
    and that they need to embrace the coming legalization movement- before the other candidates do!

    Let them know that their hopes of presidency are impacted by their stance on cannabis!

  3. Game on. And the reward of passing any of these bills is much greater than tickets to the cannabis cup. Besides, aint got time for facebook or twitter; im too busy writing my Congressman!

    Thanks NORML!

  4. Contacted my legislators about these already…

    Received generalized “form-letter” receipt acknowledgements
    from my senators, and support for “non-psychoactive”
    CBD only, from my purple congress-critter… Woo Hoo!!!
    BFD! 🙁

  5. We need to legalize marijuana in the worst way. It helps so many people! And it also has been proven to kill cancer cells. This is a no brainer, legalize it and make money to help our country and our people!

  6. We need total repeal of the cannabis laws and needs to be takin off as a Schedule 1drug…
    Regulate like tomatoes~

    [Editor’s note: Self evidently cannabis should be removed from Schedule I, and equally so it is politically/legally/economically naive to advocate that a herbal drug like cannabis be treated like non-psychoactive vegetables.

    Wild-eyed and disconnected-to-reality advocacy of treating cannabis legally the same way as a fruit or vegetable is not going to happen in anyone’s current lifetime as politicians and voters will almost certainly never favor such, nor should they.

    Cannabis is an herbal drug that can cause serious impairment, it’s not a tomato, and it is counter productive politically/waste of time in the US to advocate for such as the notion is without intellectual honesty or merit.

    Cannabis is a drug, drugs are taxed and regulated, not treated like tomatoes.]

  7. CPS is keeping my children because I am disabled and have used marijuana. I have been fighting for my rights to proper medication for the past four years. I am wondering what I need to do to call for investigation into the Mendocino County CPS and Juvenile Court keeping parents and children apart for medical marijuana rights?

    [Editor’s note: Contact your local NORML chapter in CA, the medical cannabis-only advocacy group Americans for Safe Access and the Civil Liberties Union of NoCal.]

  8. I’ve emailed my reps repeatedly, and get token responses every time. The only one that gave a better response was Rand Paul…he actually sent a letter to me via USPS. Mitch McConnell sucks the ducks…

    DISPENSER.? When REGULATED it has to labrator tested.

  10. Well I did a little extra and invite Houston NORML chapter members to join me in doing our part. The Cannabis Cup tickets would be a sweet bonus along with the reform.

  11. People, It’s time to make some NOISE!!! Do we really want to wait four more years. This is our time to get major results now. Candidates? If you don’t support and promise to act you are not getting elected. Plain and simple! There is millions of votes waiting to be cast. Your voice and vote has never counted more! GO AMERICA

  12. Mr Reilly is misinformed and wrong cannabis is not a drug and it is technically a vegetable. Cannabis should be regulated like other wines and herbal spices. Cannabis in it’s natural form is very beneficial as a good wine can be and should be consumed with discretion like being responsible when having wine with or after dinner!It should be regulated and watched like our food industry is regulated. Some issues with the right to grow and consume within adults age decisions like buying a bottle of winw and cannabis is same with it having different flavors and levels of CBD and THC should be at the individual each adult to make that decision. We need to help educate misinformed people and share the evidence and test proof of the benefits of this wonderful plant that has been lied about!

  13. Please legalize its my anti depressant for growing up in a trap house it makes me realize how precious life is !!!

  14. I just saw this, is the November 3rd deadline a hard deadline or may I submit my letter on the 4th and still be eligible for the contest?

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