URGENT: Marijuana Legalization Needs Your Help!

In just a few weeks, voters in nine states will go to the polls to vote on crucial marijuana policy reforms at a time when national polling shows that the public’s support for legalization has never been greater. I’m pleased to say that NORML is playing a key role in moving public sentiment toward marijuana sanity.


From day one, NORML’s chief mission has been to move public and political opinion sufficiently so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer criminalized and stigmatized. We do so by presenting credible, evidence-based information about marijuana and marijuana policy reform to the general public, the mainstream media, pundits, and policymakers. And nobody does it better than we do.

NORML remains the most well-known and most trusted source of cannabis-centric information in the United States. Nearly 30 percent of the entire American public is familiar with NORML and its mission, according to a 2016 YouGov poll, and the overwhelming majority of those who identify as marijuana consumers say that they possess a favorable impression of our organization.


The messaging put forward by NORML, its 100+ affiliates, and its staff is prominently featured almost daily in the mainstream media and in opinion-shaping publications like the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Hill – outlets that reach millions of readers and policy makers in the highest levels of government. Meanwhile, NORML reports, such as its new 2016 Congressional Report Card and its newly updated handbook, Clinical Applications for Cannabis, continue to inform the public about the latest scientific and political developments surrounding the cannabis plant. It is your donations and support that permit us to continue to do this important work and engagement.


Today, it is clear that NORML’s efforts are paying dividends. The 2016 state election season was the busiest on record with lawmakers in 25 US states enacting legislation to reform their marijuana laws – the most ever in a single year. On Election Day we anticipate even more victories, but we can’t slow down now!

There is little doubt that we are on the precipice of seismic changes in both public opinion and public policy. Help us make these changes a reality. Please consider making a contribution to NORML today of $25, $50, $100. We could not have gotten this far without your help and with your continued support we are confident that we will achieve historic victories on Election Day and beyond.

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  1. To the voters in these states , Remember you are not only voting for your state but voting for States without voting initiatives.

      1. Then Akansas and Florida aren’t the only places for Texas to watch; If Deleware becomes the first state to legalize legislatively next year it will be a bellweather state for federal legalization!

  2. Pennsylvania might as well just go ahead and legalize adult recreational after California and other states legalize it this election. As a cancer patient, it’s going to take till 2018, and knowing how prohibitionist the state is, the Republicans will drag it out as long as possible–get my drift–so it will be even longer than projected. With adult recreational people can just grow their own and dont’ have to jump through all the fiery hoops for medical. It’s too damn expensive, and like I bitched to Rob Kampia in Philly about it Pennsylvania sold out to Big Weed because little fish can’t get a foot into the legal market because the state wants too much damn money for the application and permits.


    Look at this shit! This Pennsylvania woman is claiming that marijuana caused her to sleep on her baby and suffocate it. The Lancaster County district attorney, prohibitionist par excellent, is all too willing to blame marijuana and push that old Reefer Madness propaganda.



    1. One hears “official expert” warnings not to sleep with the baby– don’t do as billions of primitive ancestors did etc. What the ancestors didn’t have is these hugely deep thick thousand-dollar beds where you could be suffocating the baby and hardly know it.
      Cannabis to the rescue– I learned to sleep just fine on a carpet or maybe cardboard. Less fluff to lure you into sleeping overlong in one posture, there are at least five you should try each of for a segment of each night, etc., cannabinoid entourage protoconsciousness lets you know when to wake just enough to move advantageously.
      Well guess what, the makers of luxury Big Furniture are just another hypervested interest along with Alc, Bacco, pHARMa etc. that don’t want you to discover the Entourage Encouragement.

      1. Yeah, but “Big Furniture” is not the phrase I would have chosen. Sounds a little like a conspiracy theory! But still, I believe I may understand what you mean.

        Truthfully, we don’t need most of the crap that Corporate America spews out.

        Yes, I’m for science and progress, and so forth… I’m glad for antibiotics and advances in medicine; I’m grateful for all kinds of appropriate technologies.

        But we’re so soft in the head, we humans, and so easily manipulated as consumers — so eager to believe the pitch, even when we know it’s not true. All kinds of scientific psychological studies have confirmed just how malleable we are, mentally. Look up “The Lucifer Effect” by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.

        And we’re bombarded with marketing lies on a perpetual basis! You get accustomed to it, but still, it can fuck with your head just as bad as any drug! In fact, I believe marijuana can enhance one’s lucidity, and thus, help one gain some much-needed perspective on this continual, non-stop mind-fuck operation.

        I too like sleeping on just a blanket or a rug. Very comfortable once you understand what you’re doing. Maybe that’s because we’re much the same animal as our early ancestors, who were not evolved for life in the deepest, darkest suburbia!

      2. I’m for God, forget government an rest. God planted marijuana an God makes no mistakes.

  3. I would and want to donate but I can not support the commercialization of Marijuana due to the potency of the medical marijuana strain.It will only create another black market and will undermined the legalization movement given time.

    1. Donna, if you read the Oracle’s post over the Marijuana Policy Project’s agenda in Pennsylvania that creates industry prioritized legislation and consider the horrible monopoly-creating failures of the MPP like what happened in Ohio, then compare that to the legislation NORML helped write for Colorado, I think you’ll see NORML’s main focus is consumer advocacy to keep commercialized marijuana in check. You are rejecting support for the one organization that has placed marijuana consumers as priority for more than 44 years now. The only other organization that comes close to educating and writing consumer-friendly marijuana reform legislation like NORML is the Drug Policy Alliance which formed in 2000, and they often rely on NORML for much needed legal council and policy strategy. Please make an effort to conduct more research before passing judgement.

    2. Hey Donna don’t worry about Big Potency, just replace the 500-mg H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide P-aperpuffin joint with a 25-mg Single Toke utensil.

  4. Done.
    …”Act Blue?”
    I guess the NORML scorecard doesnt lie; we need more progressive Democrats in Congress to pass federal marijuana policy reform. Bold; I like it! Strike the hammer while the iron is hot.
    I can’t help but feel amazed and yet frustrated that the biggest boost to get more marijuana friendly congressman elected to office came from an orange dumb@$$ with a hot mike. Women are finally firmly in majority support of marijuana reform. Even here in Texas, more young people were registered to vote than ever before. Im celebrating after elections with a trip to Massachusetts.

  5. Candy Bars, Drinks, Butter, Lollypops and other edibles; how potential assessable. Amazingly overpower strains of marijuana compared to what mother nature purposed. All these things will undermine legalization once they become mainstream and WILL create a black market just like in the pharm sector; yes even with tight regulation. The answer here is to move forward with legalization WITHOUT commercialization. Common sense here people.

    Thanks for reading, Donna

    1. Donna, edible marijuana IS mainstream for quite some time across the kitchens of college roomates and has been in a legalized “commercial” firm in Colorado for two years now.
      No one died. The industry evolved its packaging. Last I checked, edibles did not collapse the small business friendly model of Colorado’s competitive supply of well licensed marijuana industries.
      What are you from “Smart Colorado?” …Better get smarter…

    2. Donna, come on. We have come a long way. Please take a long bong hit.. sit for a couple of miñutes.then think of all the good that has come so far! Highroller

  6. In a recently leaked Clinton campaign email we find that if she is questioned about using banks for marijuana businesses she should answer by saying:

    • I do think these businesses – if they are operating in according with state law, and with federal guidelines – should be able to access banking services. I know that the Obama Administration has taken steps in this direction, and I think those steps are smart.

    • Not having access to banking services can force legal and licensed businesses to deal in cash, making their stores a target for theft. Cash-only operations also are more difficult to audit. I will continue to evaluate the steps the Administration had taken, to determine if we should go further.

    “While YOU should avoid saying marijuana accounts for a signification portion of the U.S. correctional population, or a significant portion of those behind bars for drug offenses,” states one of the e-mails, “it IS correct that there are hundreds of thousands of arrests for marijuana crimes, and that there are thousands of people serving (some) time for marijuana crimes – many of whom would likely be better off in their communities.”


    What this shows is that they (The Democrats in this case) would very much like to hide, or at least not mention, the fact that the anti-marijuana laws have caused a great deal of harm and continues to do so. I think we all know by now that Hillary Clinton is very anti-marijuana.

    Still, stinky Hillary gets my vote over Trump. I have hope she will eventually get educated properly on this subject and do the right thing; obviously to legalize it at the Federal level and remove it from the bogus Controlled Substances List.

  7. That’s crazy! NORML founder & legal council Keith Stroup had to take down his blog that began with exercising his 1st amendment privilege of criticizing Trump’s horrible policies. He switched the title to “This election is too important to sit out,” a couple of people posted “I won’t donate anymore” like the Whiny Little B!+€h Choir and then before my post gets published the entire blog gets removed! Followed by a personal message from Keith to donate?
    Before I state the facts on Trump and marijuana policy, let me just ask; Did donations to NORML from Trump supporters really add up to remove that post? I know were hanging on the precipice of the most pivitol election for marijuana policy ever, but…
    Trump is so unpredictable the markets would crash the day after his election. Yet theres about %40 of Americans ready to follow him like baskets of lemmings off the abyssmal cliff of deplorables. “I’ll hire the best prosecutors”? “Mexicans” are “rapists” right out of the playbook of Harry Anslinger who STARTED marijuana prohibition? He pretends to donate to veterans, doesnt, then says their “not strong enough” to fight PTSD? Can we not see the orange tiger from the trees? Look, coming from Texas, I have to work with Libertarians! Sometimes I have to put on the tin hat, crawl under a desk, smoke a bowl and rock back and forth until the crazy ones stop talking about abolishing the departments of education and commerce!
    So when I post about Koch brothers donating to legalization on one hand while the lion’s share goes to cover up “white collar” crimes so companies like Insys and Academi can get caught bribing doctors and congress with kickbacks while literally creating the opioid-zombie-apocalypse, and still escape unscathed from litigation… it makes me wonder if these partisan posts aren’t necessary? Doesnt the Congressional scorecard make it pretty clear that adding some yellow disinfecting sunlight to the Blue team is the way to green?

    1. The old, racist, orange washing machine is breaking down and he just revealed that laundering tax evasion and drug money was more important than conceding the election.
      The only thing predictable about Trump is that he’ll take donations and spend it on himself, so his supporters are donating directly to prohibition;
      When he blames Mexicans for made up violence or even real violence caused by his rants or failed US drug policy, he plays right out of the playbook of Harry Anslinger who started marijuana prohibition 90 years ago.
      With 9 states looking at marijuana initiatives on the ballot, Trump supporters like Sheldon Addelson and the owner of Discount Tire just threw $1million each on campaigns against legalization in Massachusetts and Arizona. Discount Tire already had a boycott going from immigration advocates when he placed “elect Sherriff Arapaio” posters up in the windows, conjuring up images of the old commercial where the old lady throws a tire through the window;

      It was all about washing and laundering dirty money folks. Hope the IRS was paying attention

  8. Calm down donna.smoke a bowl.relax for a minute. And then think of all the good things that have happened already, norml is the leader as far as legalization is concerned, and I will gladly donate to help the cause. If not for norml I don’t believe we would be so close to legalization, ,

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