BREAKING: Attorney General Vote Delayed

jeff-sessions-f (1)Today, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee requested a delay on the vote to advance Jeff Sessions to the full Senate for confirmation to become the next Attorney General.

The delay comes at the request of California Senator Diane Feinstein, who justified the delay for the American public to learn more about Senator Sessions’ background and cited Saturday’s Women’s March as justification.

While this in no way means that Sessions will not merely be advanced and approved next week, it does buy us time to make our voices heard in regards to his stance on marijuana policy. One more week of the federal government not arresting responsible consumers in states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana. One more week for us to reach out to the Senate to apply more scrutiny to Sessions.

Email your Senators now to make sure that marijuana is front and center.

For weeks we have been calling upon NORML members to contact their Senators to oppose the Sessions if he would not clearly declare that he would not use federal resources to prosecute marijuana consumers.

To date Senator Sessions has made no such clarification.

Tens of thousands of people have participated by emailing their home state Senators – and we need to keep the pressure up.

Join us and thousands of other regular Americans who are voicing their anger about the continued prohibition of marijuana and engage in your democracy- email your Senators now.

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  1. Everyone share this video;

    Sessions is all about the asset forfeitures, which are a direct threat to US National security as evidenced through previous testimony to the Senate Judiciary on which Sen. Sessions presides. Law enforcement are seizing and prosecuting money, not the people who own it. Law enforcement and the DOJ are using our tax dollars and seized assets to lobby Sen. Sessions to reverse the Cole memos. These same Sherriffs Associations are ignoring murders and violence and other life threatening damages to the citzens of the US that they are sworn to protect. Asset forfeitures incentivize the existence of an unlawful, violent black market so more asset may be seized from nonviolent, productive, tax paying American citizens in small possessions of marijuana. Sessions is not “law and order” he IS the black market slush fund for corrupt organized crime within the DOJ. Sessions is against states rights, civil rights and the 4th, amendment which protects us from illegal search and seizures without due process. Our money is being taken to court instead of prosecuting the individual; this is a violation of our rights, and an intrusion by the federal government into ALL our personal lives and property, not just marijuana consumers. ANYONE can be targeted. Jeff Sessions has to be blocked and stopped from USAG.
    Through the Cole memos, states wish to protect their citizens from this federal robbery with marijuana legalization, and ANY Senator that votes for his confirmation to USAG will forever be remembered as a betrayal to their citizens.

    Lets CALL our Senators:


    Dont be afraid to state your name and block the nomination of Sessions; remember they work for US! But only if we voice our vote!! Call NOW!!!

    1. I am beginning to see it all now. Trump is going to squeeze the US for everything President Obama has held for the people. Take this pipeline deal. Sure it is great for business but at what cost to Native American lands, the environment? If he does not get Sessions he will get somebody just as bad if not worse. Personally Sessions is the best choice because he is the perfect stereo type southern white authoritarian, and a bigot, racist. Other USAG could easily hide their colors making them harder to expose. Based on what I see happening so far with Trump’s trump plan, it will hurt a lot of people who are likely to rise up in protest. I can see Trump’s presidency riddled with scandal from many, many groups; that raping and pillaging complying marijuana growers and dispensaries will make him further look like an evil dictator.

      1. If it’s America First why not fill those pipelines with American hemp oil and keep those farm jobs here in America. Besides when did America become Canada’s Mexico?

      2. The Koch Brothers own a variety of petroleum patents that would lose value competing in an open source domestic hemp market:

        Trump, of course is invested in big oil, from DAPL to Russia. Thats why he wont divest his emoluments or reveal his taxes.


      3. No doubt brother Ray. Our fearless leader is creating short term jobs, serving 20th century energy needs. Trump is a business moron or a con man, because the future IS in green technologies, renewable resources. Our fearless leader, ready to “give back to the people” like Batman villain Bane, could instead free hemp growing and get American farmers more jobs. Trump for business could be starting new hemp farming, and further industry derivative markets that could put thousands of people back to work. Imagine Ford finally being able to produce hemp bodies that are far more environmentally stable. Ray, you and I and the rest of this blog knows that made in the USA marijuana/hemp is a multi billion dollar industry ready to not only heal the nation, but also the environment. But no, our fearless leader goes with a cheap trick; and puts a few Americans to work for a couple of years building a pipeline that could pollute not only humans, but wildlife ecosystems with a major spill. All for a an outdated energy means that will be replaced in the not so distant future.

      4. I believe that everything Trump says or does, with the exception of his various misogynies and bigotries, is about financially enriching himself personally, as much as possible, period.

        America has just gone fascist. The recent, easily disprovable lies by Sean Spicer about inauguration size tells me only one thing: there will be no further information coming out of this new fascist, authoritarian regime. Any “information” will be propaganda, by definition.

        Across the country, Republican legislators are making a fascist power grab. Democrats are largely either clueless or complicit, as evidenced by the lack of lockstep opposition to what is clearly an illegitimate presidency with blatantly corrupt and illegitimate cabinet nominations. We hold out hope that patriotic Democrats and Republicans alike will defend the American people from Trump’s violent plundering of America herself.

        Trump shut down the EPA so that he can “privatize” (own) all the road and bridge reconstruction he’s bragging about right about now.

        He is trying to be the slumlord of America, and he intends to milk it for every last goddamn penny he can get out of it: civil rights be damned, environment be damned, international relationships be damned, world peace be damned.

        For money.

      5. The future – for at least the next 20 years is NOT Green Energy.

        It is intermittent and expensive. Hurting the poor the most. Look at the deaths in Germany caused by the high prices of Green Energy.

        Take solar – multiply the cost by at least 4 to account for the fact that solar only has good generating capacity for only part of the day and none at night.

        Batteries could fix some of that- and raise the costs.

        The only people benefiting from solar are the crony capitalist Green Mafia.

        Wind has similar problems. Again – without Government subsidy and regulations those folks will go broke.

        Trump will have to do very little to gut the Greens. Just eliminate Federal subsidies.

      6. MSimon,

        The solution is for the consumer to cut back on their energy needs, while at the same time replacing energy needs with cleaner choices. Certainly if you are profit over planet, then yes brown jobs over green ones are the immediate need. But this is not investing in the future or helping the consumer to taper their energy dependence. It is more of the same old, same old. The same old nonsense that created the Gulf oil spill and all the earth quakes and ground water pollution due to fracking.

      7. Jeedi says:
        January 26, 2017 at 5:47 pm

        You can cut back quite a lot. But when you turn on the light switch you want light.

        Industry becomes very wasteful with intermittent energy supplies. You have all that capital and workers idled until supplies become sufficient. “You can go home for the day. We have no energy. We will call you when there is enough to run the factory and office.” Or “Hello. This is the plant calling. It is 2AM. Come to work at once. The wind has picked up. It is expected to last until 10 AM.”

        To make Green Energy “work” you need fossil fuel plants on hot standby to make up the drop outs from intermittent green energy.

        Look at what has happened to the South Australia energy grid recently due to not enough hot backup.

        I have the good fortune to be a power engineer (aerospace). No amount of hope and belief will keep the grid functional. It needs reliable, dispatchable, energy supplies.

        And yes going off grid can work. But it is expensive. Poor people hurt the most.

        I was a big fan of wind and solar at one time. I wrote articles. And then I dug deeper. I read the industry magazines. And came to a different conclusion.

        I hate to tell you this but you are a victim of propaganda. As much as any Prohibitionist. To whose benefit? The Green Oligarchs.

        You decry the “crooks” behind your current energy supplies. The Green Oligarchs are worse. The current crooks provide reliable energy at tolerable prices. The Green crooks provide intermittent energy at intolerable prices. That is not an improvement.

      8. And Obama was much better? LoL… that’s laughable. They wanted the pipeline to go through, they were just buying time. That’s the only difference. Pipeline already follows a natural gas line that goes through the area that wasn’t contested years ago, not to mention you would be surprised how many pipelines populate the US, over and under water ways.

      9. Water is life. And we all live and die together, James: its just a matter of “buying time” isn’t it?

        Would you drink water where hemp oil was being piped from the fields where you work and live? Or would you drink the water in Chorpus Christi, next to the refineries owned by the Koch brothers?

      10. There is not enough land area in the US to supply the US with enough hemp oil to power the US. And what could be grown would raise costs considerably. Hurting the poor.

        Hemp oil is food. We should not be wasting it on powering motors. We already did a bit of that with corn. Food prices around the world went up. Hurting the poor.

        I’m still trying to figure out what Greens have against poor people.

        Without subsidies Green energy doesn’t work. I expect the current administration to cut those subsidies. Green Oligarchs will be hurt the worst.

        Look up – Tesla Edison Current Wars

        This is not the first time politics has been used to determine our energy supply methods. Fortunately for us – Tesla won.

      11. Well back to the subject at hand. Will Trump and Sessions and hundreds of other political appointees be good for MJ legalization or bad.
        Obama was the Lincoln of Legalization. The Empire is about to strike back.

      12. @ anonyomous: Another delay after the political theater of Yates being fired. The question is what do Libertarian Senators stand for if not to keep the Federal government out of our personal lives? I expect a betrayal from Senators Rand Paul and Jeff Flake. I do hope Im wrong.

        @M Simon;
        Grow your own garden. No one is saying one energy source should be the only. Nor should we rely on one source of food. The engineered moniculture of food and the lobby wars for useless corn subsidies are the downfall of our civilization. Variety has always been the sustenence of mankind.

      13. MSimon,

        You wrote: “I have the good fortune to be a power engineer (aerospace). No amount of hope and belief will keep the grid functional. It needs reliable, dispatchable, energy supplies.”

        So, you’re an aerospace engineer. So, that means you believe in climate change? Global warming? Or is it a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese?

    2. I heard some where on CSPAN that asset forfeitures took more money from Americans than all burglaries.

      Something’s wrong there somewhere. I sense a disturbance in the force.

    3. They’ll also withhold federal highway funds from states that refuse to recriminalize marijuana..

      1. Geez, MSimon,

        Why are you so beholden to the fossil fuel polluters? You own stock in oil or something? Your arguments sound like something right out of “Corporate Daily.” Same old palaver: Costs are too high, service is intermittent, etc etc.

        I tell you what, let’s give the non-polluting industries the same tax breaks we do the big polluters, and see how quickly that industry gets moving. The truth is, non-polluting methods are getting better and better as we speak, and will eventually overtake oil and gas and the others. Many other countries in the world have already figured this out.

        Here, our polluters have such control over our media (and polliticians), that it’s taking longer for that to sink in. But the polluters are fighting a losing battle. The sad thing is that they’re willing to keep polluting our skies and water, just in the name of corporate profits until they will be FORCED to finally change.

      2. Tesla has a new solar battery called a “powerwall” that can fully power the house all night:

        They even have affordable solar roof tiles.

        Our purchasing decisions have more power than the power we purchase.

      3. Evening Bud asks:

        Geez, MSimon,

        Why are you so beholden to the fossil fuel polluters?


        Well I know energy (I do that for aerospace) and I know the value of reliable energy. I know what it costs. I have more than a passing acquaintance with Sidi Carnot.

        And I can tell you that the pollution required to make “Green” energy is being covered up. Look up – wind turbines burning – for one example.

        Look at all the blocks of concrete required for a wind farm. Look at the environmental effects of making magnets for wind turbines. There is no pollution free energy source. NONE.

        So you then have to decide the least polluting method to get reliable energy sources. Once you add “reliable” to the mix it pretty much rules out solar and wind. Because to make those work today you need fossil fuel plants on hot standby. Or very large expensive batteries that have to be remanufactured every 5 years or so.

        I have the good fortune to be an engineer. It is more difficult to con me with promises of unicorns and Santa Claus. I can do the math.

        And i can tell you that belief – no matter how strong will not keep the grid up or airplanes in the air.

        I’m sorry. But Green Energy is as much propaganda (at this time) as Prohibition. There may come a day when it makes sense. That day is not today. Any money spent on rolling out this technology now is a payoff to the Green Oligarchs. Research projects? Good idea. We need to keep looking. Working on marginal improvements (they add up).

        But we are quite a ways from “Green” Energy making economic sense. When it costs less than current forms you can’t stop it. As long as it costs more it will be at the mercy of politics.

        There are all kinds of cons going on. Take dollars per watt. That number looks good for solar. But the dollars per kilowatt hour produced are terrible for solar. That number is never mentioned.

      4. MSimon,

        I posted a long reply to your post–too long it turned out, as I got the message that I’d exceeded the allotted number of words. When I attempted to hit the back arrow, it of course deleted my entire post.

        I don’t have the time and patience now to try to recall everything I wrote, but the gist is that, with deference to your knowledge as an engineer, we still MUST put all “energy” into switching from dirty energy to clean energy. Global warming is real, not a hoax, and our very survival on this planet, along with those of most other species of plant and animal, depends directly on our ability and willingness to send the dirty fuels into the dustbin of history.

  2. As a Christian and a believer in truth after reading the DEA’s Schedule One how do you justify the oppression by false legislation?

      1. While you certainly are better-mannered than Trump, you have been a consistent Trump apologist, and have never come clean about his blatant corruption. In this way, you have thoroughly undermined your own credibility, and are reduced to the status of propagandist.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s all about money. Where would all those DEA agents, prison guards, construction companies, and prison-industrial employees work and how would they support their families if we didn’t have hippies and pot-smoking communists to lock up.

  4. Brother John, no justification at all. The classification of marijuana only causes harm. The war against it has destroyed so many and effected my very own. Lord Jesus bless you.

  5. In full support of legalization, marijuana is medicine! The people have the right to choose what goes in their bodies!

  6. If most of you were as passionate in other forms of governing and social acceptance as you demonstrate here with regards to pot smoking the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately, there is a very high possibility that most of you that post (not all) here have a narrow point of view with regards to such endeavors and simply want to get high. That being said I do agree that marijuana should be legalized without any form of government or commercial evolvement to minimize the black market. In other words if you want to smoke it – grow it.

    1. Donna,
      You reposted your same lame post from another blig without answering my question: What business is it of yours if I enjoy smoking weed? And for the love of God stop presuming what other passions or interests anyone else you never met may or may not have. How very Trump of you.

      1. Donna is stuck on this “legalize the weed but not the dispensaries” trip. I’m anti-corporate myself, honestly, and might be sympathetic to some degree, if she were interested in dialogue, but she got this religious judgemental thing going on, which makes it difficult to “parlay.” But it’s cool — I do welcome free speech (moderated, of course, by NORML moderators, who have cut out some of my nastier comments, and probably done me a favor in the process!)

        Thing is, there’s no reason why our society should not have dispensaries, as well as cannabis clubs. These things are, or should be, NORML!

      2. Mark,

        I’ve been to Denver and can attest to the wonderful situation there with the recreational dispensaries. After Colo legalized recreationally, we were subjected to posts on this forum from the usual black-market advocates, assuring us that the pot in those dispensaries was sub-par, and that the costs were too high, etc etc.

        Those lame attacks on legalization have been easily disproved as more and more out-of-state people have visited Colorado. I look forward to my next visit there.

        (BTW, there is an earnest attempt here in NM to finally join the MJ freedom parade. The conservatives here of course are trying to stall things; but I believe the recent legalizations in California and Nevada are helping turn the tide here.)

    2. “…with regard to pot $moking…” This word “pot” is a marker for fearmongering intent, happens to be one of the top ten scariest words in a life of a young child.
      1. Don’t knock over the (chamber)pot, they’ll punish you.
      2. Better get to the potty soon enough or they’ll punish you.
      3. Don’t touch the pot (on stove) or pull it over on yourself, you’ll get scalded to death (hOT).
      4. Also rhymes with NOT, naughty, naughtsee etc.

    3. Donna, You seem to know little about cannabis. Do you think it is better for doctors to prescribe morphine, fentnyl, oxi and other true drugs? Our doctors agree, cannabis will not harm the organs as the other drugs do. Big pharm is what stopped cannabis in last century. Just as hemp rope was killed by the cotton industry. Not better rope, just more money for the greedy. Please do your research and learn the facts. Real facts, not alternative facts.

    4. Donna,

      Looks like Trump has got you by the p***y. We are environmentalists, spiritualists, and humanitarians. What have you done lately besides something for yourself?

    5. Your post has zero merit! You have no idea how many other things we are all involved in. That said, marijuana legalization is tied to just about everything that is wrong with our country. It is very important to anyone who believes in the American way of life; you know: Justice and Freedom, equal rights, and etc.

    6. Hey Donna, it’s funny, I just met someone named “Friend of Donna” on another post that had the same view you do! If you showed as much passion about feeding the poor as you do about telling people on a Cannabis legalization group website that legalization is wrong, there wouldn’t be a hungry person within 20 miles of you. Why don’t you go ahead and get on that.

  7. Oh, how wonderful, Herr Drumpenfuhrer is already trying to curtail free speech. (And he wanted a military parade at his coronation!) Let’s see, an anti-education billionaire for the Dept of Education; a global warming denier for the EPA; a Wall Street CEO in charge of the Treasury (Yep, really draining the swamp there); and a staunch prohibitionist as AG.

    Now, China is talking acts of war, due to Drumpenfuhrer’s threats about the artificial island.

    Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

    What the hell were you Drumpf voters thinking?

    1. Trump supporters got conned; just like German voters got conned by a madman like Hitler. Instead of jobs, Americans will get trade wars and environmental destruction. The public will eventually see thru Trump as a critical mass is reached due to “alternative facts.” This is what evil dictators do, an alternate reality that benefits the ruler. Right now his idiot supporters are high on the win like a football game. Greater America will eventually wake up to this madman; and when they do Trump supporters will look like brown shirt authoritarians who tried to hurt women, other marginalized people and the environment. I STAND WITH THE REST OF MY STONER BROS & SISTERS IN SUPPORT OF MOTHER EARTH AND HER CANNABIS FRUIT!

      1. I agree wholeheartedly. I use my mother-in-law as an indicator as to what is going on in right-wing world, as she is a devoted watcher of the Fox propaganda station.

        She is already showing concerns about her Medicare and Social Security. For years she was willfully blind as to the intentions of the GOP. She tries not to show it, but I can see the concern there now with Drumpf’s cabinet picks. I’ve always told her to be careful what she wishes for.

        I just hope der Trumpenfuhrer doesn’t screw us all on the MJ front. For years, I read posts on this website from libertarians and conservatives warning us about Obama’s jack-booted thugs. Now we’re getting a hint of what a jack-booted police state really looks like.

    2. According to Rachel Maddow reports of a whistle-blower leak within the EPA, Trump has already shut down the EPA. Frozen all funds and issued a gag order for all employees. The nomination to head the agency will be what we already know it to be: a charade.

    3. You know. The education establishment is at this point in time mostly a fraud.

      Once you learn to read the ‘net is the only education tool you need. I became an aerospace engineer sans degree. And that was before the ‘net. It would be much easier these days.

      1. A person is self-responsible for their success, not an education establishment. In other words, how useful a formal education is for a person depends on how much effort THEY themselves put into their learning. So yes, an education (or the net) for a lazy slacker would be a fraud; but that same education (or the internet) placed upon an individual with drive and a word ethic can produce success that can benefit all of mankind.

      2. Nice “alternative facts” there, MSimon. I became a “Custodial Engineer” without formal training, too! Years of experience scrubbing toilets and waxing floors has earned me that “degree.” Congratulations on yours!

  8. This guy will find himself allocating limited resources where they’ll do the most good, just like the guy before him. Marijuana prohibition is an obvious waste of resources. But Senator Sessions may rely on some trumped up set of ‘alternative facts’ to guide his judgement.

    One well placed anti-marijuana zealot could now set our cause back a decade or more.

    Vote NORML first.
    Stay thirsty my friends.

    1. I believe that the we the people are going to do just that–resist ideas that just don’t make good sense–

  9. The sky is fallling, The sky is falling! Jeff Sessions will allow the states to continue to call their own shots. Were ya’ll just in Washington marching with the ” pink”? How many of you are gonna stop smoking if the laws WOULD change? This has become a platform for Trump whiners to whine. Put the twist on a fatty and chill the hell out!

    1. @ johhnyd,
      Your statement “Jeff Sessions will allow the states to continue to call their own shots” flies in the face of the evidence, including things he himself has said recently and in the past. So, what do you think you know that the rest of us don’t know? Are you saying you have dirty pictures of him? Got Sessions blackmailed, do you? Interracial love? Mmmm! I’d like to see those!

      Yes, I marched with “the pink.” It doesn’t detract from my manhood, it affirms it. What’s your insecurity about women?

      Finally, I’ll “chill out” just as soon as Trump, Pence, and Sessions all line up to kiss my ass!

    2. johnnyd,

      Your post reveals two things about you. Your reference to the recent demonstrations against Drumpf as “pink” betrays your hatred of women, and your penchant for guilt-tripping with labels. And your comment asking how many of us would stop smoking, just because the laws might change, reveals your selfish side. Like many black marketeers, you actually don’t care about fellow Americans being imprisoned for pot, but only the fact that you have access to the black market. johnnyd’s credo: what’s in it for ME? (fuck everybody else).

  10. @MSimon
    I was gonna respond to little Johhny but he has some catching up to do in basic civics and basic manners like the Golden Rule before we divert our attention one second from citizen lobbying.
    You seem more intelligent of a Trump supporter, if there exists such a thing, so in response to your comment
    “Koch support legalization”
    Because they own some magazine or donate pocket change to our cause… the lion’s share of their interests are in creating absolutely NO government, NO legalization. What we mean when we say “decriminalization” is specifically stop putting people in jail for small possessions. What the Koch brothers mean is “yeah sure, marijuana decriminalization… look at that while my real policy is to not get prosecuted for poisoning your water supply and paying off your Congress and the American Chemistry Council to make sure plastics are made with my patented petrochemicals, not cellulose hemp oil.”
    Look at what they did in the farm bill. While Mitch McConnel went on a hemp only, no marijuana push for the hemp research amendment, they were shutting the government down just to cash in on oil subsidies. During the chaos, the Kochs slipped in legislation that would prohibit hemp for the use of fuels and plastics. The Koch brothers own nearly half of Georgia Pacific which would compete with donestic hemp for building materials, packaging and paper. They donate mildly to an oposing agenda in order to appear friendly to marijuana and hemp when their real agenda is to pay off Congress to keep from being punished for breaking the law and protecting their toxic patents. Thats why they stole the election through voter caging:

    Still, the hemp farm bill has a chance in this federal legislature if Trump gets off the Koch Cock:

    Contact for a federal lobby day in DC this March.

  11. Hypocrisy, they name is Republican
    Arkansas lawmakers are proposing some big changes to the medical marijuana amendment that voters approved this past November.

    Two bills are in the works that would not allow patients to smoke medical marijuana and a third bill would delay implementing Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Amendment until the federal government legalizes it.
    Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Conway, said the amendment has put state lawmakers in a difficult position because they’re being asked to set up a system that violates federal law.

    He has asked the attorney general to weigh in on that.

    “I believe until the federal government does it’s job and actually changes the law on marijuana that we are in a situation where we cannot honestly move forward because it is an irreconcilable difference. There is disharmony between federal and state laws,” Rapert said.
    On his Facebook page, re Marriage equality:
    “The majority of the population in any state has the freedom to vote for laws, support laws and live under laws that they themselves decide by majority vote are right for their states and that they wish to abide by.” “Throwing out the will of 750,000 Arkansas people who went to the polls and voted for the Arkansas Marriage Amendment is not how representative democracy was meant to work.
    Fifty-five percent of the people in Senator Rapert’s Senate district voted for the medical marijuana amendment 6. Fifty-seven voted for Senator Rapert.

  12. Long time reader of NORML website ,

    The one thing that keeps going through my head is the fact that no one has brought up the university of Mississippi in OXFORD, Mississippi ,

    which senator Sessions will be arriving from if chosen to become the next attorney general of the united states of America ….

    I mean if he is from a state ,that i’m sure collected some form of federal funding for operating a cannabis farm for a certain project,
    (Compassionate Investigational New Drug program or Compassionate IND) then he has to know of the compassion for people and cannabis…….

    I hope that his boundaries are lifted in this matter and we as Americans can take back what should have never even been taken away from us in the first place….

    From Ground to usage without altercation should never be used against consumers……

    Cannabis isn’t and never was the problem
    Education simply by opinion will destroy anything…..


    I feel at this point if cannabis reform isn’t handled properly we will be misleading future chances to utilize cannabis.
    I am Proud of where we are with cannabis , and where we are headed …I just hope our paths turn into roads that may build our future…..

    As always
    Thanks for reading

    1. Thats some bad twisted $#!+ youre rolling up Chris. The government farm at Ol Miss has been a farce: A violation of anti-trust laws at least. The government prohibits marijuana with the Controlled Substances Act while there are a selected few who have been receiving joints for decades from this farm. Meanwhile decades of doctors like Dr Sue Sisley have been trying (now with FDA approval) to get more quality marijuana for research to help our veterans with PTS and those with severe neurodegenerative disease… and all we get is a recent little bump for biopharmaceuticals to make mediocre, synthetic cannabinoids.
      Still think we should credit Sessions just because he came from this University or received federal funding?

  13. Manic bitch and moan may help you but just because you don’t know how to get the person delusionally thought as a good choice voted in, doesn’t mean you can’t open your eyes ears and use your brain and find out how to accomplish viable cannabis law changed to keep Americans working, & plenty for the nation to profit from to feed this major need to keep Americans out of trouble like seizure, prison, death…And pennyless. If you show the truth Trump could see marijuana in states that past laws for medicine and rec…As part of major building up of business. But if you wish to cry bitch and moan…This negative Nancy approach will not work. Solutions people the President needs viable solutions to move forward…The admin is business minded USA building. Sessions a racist? Doubt it…Sessions anti-marijuana yes unfortunately and we need a pro marijuana AG.

    1. Excuse me for interrupting your negative “bitching and moaning” propaganda Jordan, but no one on this blog …much less anyone who has dedicated themselves to the research and lobbying required to legalize marijuana… is in the least bit amused or confused by your bull$#!+.
      Racism is always about the acquisition of property. And if you do your research, you will find that Sessions is all about the asset forfeitures which target black, latino and American Indian communities disproportionately, even though white Americans consume relatively the same amount of weed. Please get educated on this issue, because white communities are falling victim to meth and heroin believing the kind of “victimless” propaganda youre regurgitating.

  14. @ Julian

    Maybe You have mis understood my direction.

    Just pointing out that Mr. Sessions comes form a state that has been in tolerance of growing and distributing cannabis to the sick, with a university to have detailed research.( which ALL who want to research cannabis , should have the same rights)
    I have re read what I posted and no where in the paragraphs did I mention any credit to Mr Sessions,

    only to those who have fought to get this community where its at now.
    ” I am Proud of where we are with cannabis , and where we are headed …I just hope our paths turn into roads that may build our future…..”

    My sole point was that if he allows this type of research to go on after he becomes the united states attorney general then this is where things need to be brought to light…..

    We the people shouldn’t fear our govt. when they aren’t following the same rules they set forth for us…..

    As always
    Thanks for reading

    [Paul Armentano responds: Senator Sessions is from Alabama, not Mississippi. Also, the Mississippi program is a federally compliant program; it has nothing to do with state law.]

    1. Thank you Paul Armentano for my lack of detail. Not sure where I was coming from connecting Mr. Session’s to Mississippi , But yes the program being federal was my point , nothing to do with state level, as he is not being proposed for a state position of government.

      If he says on one hand that cannabis is illegal then how in the world can any program be compliant on a federal level.

      All i’m getting at is, out of the choices Mr. Sessions has to make , but maybe he will seek out to push for the rescheduling off the CSA for cannabis.

      A change is coming , just hope its the story we all want.

      And Again, my apologies for my connection of Mr. Sessions with Mississippi….

      As always
      Thanks for reading

      1. Chris,
        You show good character admitting an error. We all make them, not so many can admit it.
        With that, lets agree to never stop researching:

        There’s too much at stake to speculate on this issue. Many Libertarians should be outraged that Sen. Jeff Flake on the Senate Judiciary would vote for Sessions, who supports asset forfeitures and federal intrusion into our personal lives. Especially after he voted rightfully against Loretta Lynch for the same reason for the same position as AG. If Democrats fail to block a vote let Flake’s Flake-out and betrayal vote for Sessions reveal the pox on a Libertarian conspiracy that leads them to a demoralizing, unprincipled chain to the Koch brothers. No more pretending to support marijuana legalization when the real “decriminalization” agenda among Libertarians is making asset forfeitures, voter caging and other toxic laws “legal.”

      2. @ julian,

        Information is only as good as its distributed……Thanks for the article , alot featured in one article……..

        Respect …….

        As always
        Thanks for reading

  15. I hope chronic nerve pain afflicts someone Sessions loves…someone who’s life diminishing pain is only relieved by cannabis therapy.

    I hope he goes light on them and lets them off with a short Private Prison sentence.

  16. @MSimon: While a very motivated and intelligent individual with above-average reading skills can definitely gain a vast amount of knowledge, up to and including a level of knowledge such as could be attained by means of a formal degree program, that does not make that person an engineer.

    A formal degree degree program, particularly in a professional field like engineering, provides guidance to the student to ensure s/he has complete, accurate, and up-to-date information in his field of study. Formal education also teaches the critical thinking skills, which are absolutely vital to learning, in terms of understanding the information presented and how it all fits into the bigger picture, and this is not something that can be atrained merely by the reading of information. Additionally, a very important aspect of a degree is that employers and other interested parties, as well as the student himself, have a standard by which they can to be assured that s/he has
    attained at least some minimal level of competency in the field. Degree programs include all the basic and advanced information and concepts necessary for the student to attain this competency. They set out all the various subject areas the student must master in order to have a complete grasp of the subject, and serve as a road map to present the material in an order that allows knowledge to build on itself.

    If you never completed a degree program in any Engineering field, then you may possess a great deal of knowledge on the subject, but in no way are you qualified to claim the title of Aerospace Engineer, nor indeed, are you a professional engineer.

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