Senate Judiciary Advances the Nomination of Marijuana Prohibitionist Jeff Sessions to be the Attorney General

sessfb2Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the confirmation of Jeff Sessions to be the next US Attorney General on a party line vote of 11 to 9.

There a numerous groups in the criminal justice advocacy space, ranging from the NAACP to the ACLU who are opposed Senator Sessions becoming the nation’s top law enforcement officer for various reasons, ranging from his positions on voting rights, capital punishment, and sentencing reform.

Sessions has a storied history of supporting marijuana prohibition, as NORML has well documented. This includes previously declaring that “good people do not smoke marijuana” and  supporting legislation that would have allowed defendants to receive the death penalty if they had received multiple convictions for marijuana distribution.

His confirmation by the full Senate is not certainty, but should the chamber vote along party lines as the committee has, Sessions will likely be confirmed.

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The work of NORML to protect the fragile progress that states have made on marijuana policies will be more crucial than ever and we will continue to stand up for marijuana consumers. We still have time to make our concerns about Senator Sessions known and ask our Senators to further question him on the topic when he appears for questioning on the Senate floor.

Whether he gets confirmed or not, it is imperative that we raise our voices loud at this crucial time. Our Senators need to know that not only do we have concerns over Sessions’ record on this issue, but are willing to stand up for our shared beliefs and defend our marijuana reform victories.

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  1. He will most likely be confirmed, but…..let us still hope he backs off on enforcing an outdated and stupid law that has long needed to go. Perhaps…he will focus his first term on immigration, other issues. I think even Senator Sessions realizes the popularity of marijuana legalization. The question is, will he care?

      1. To your point about racism and voter suppression, here is Coretta Scott King’s letter:

        For Nonviolent Social Change, Inc.

        March 19, 1986

        The Honorable Strom Thurmond, Chairman
        Committee on the Judiciary
        United States Senate
        SD-224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
        Washington, D.C. 20510

        Re: Nomination of Jefferson B. Sessions
        U.S. Judge, Southern District of
        Alabama Hearing, March 13, 1986

        Dear Senator Thurmond:

        I write to express my sincere opposition to the
        confirmation of Jefferson B. Sessions as a federal district
        court judge for the Southern District of Alabama. My
        professional and personal roots in Alabama and deep and lasting.
        Anyone who has used the power of his office as United States
        Attorney to intimidate and chill the free exercise of the
        ballot by citizens should not be elevated to our courts.
        Mr. Sessions has used the awesome powers of his office in a
        shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters.
        For this reprehensible conduct, he should not be rewarded
        with a federal judgeship.

        I regret that a long-standing commitment prevents me from
        appearing in person to testify against this nominee. However,
        I have attached a copy of my statement opposing Mr. Sessions’
        confirmation and I request that my statement as well as this
        letter be made part of the hearing record.

        I do sincerly urge you to oppose the confirmation of
        Mr. Sessions.

        Coretta Scott King


        cc: The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
        United States Senate
        308 Senate Hart Building
        Washington, D.C. 20510

    1. There is no Drug Prohibition Amendment. Federal Prohibition is unlawful.

      I mention that often. Occasionally a conservative will agree. It at least makes them uncomfortable.

      Keep hitting them with it.

    2. @ Matt,
      I agree with you. And, to be clear, I’m not here to hassle you! I would only like to address an issue you raised, which is Jeff Sessions’ potential action on immigration.

      I am of the firm conviction that the marijuana legalization movement must explicitly, loudly, and unconditionally reject racism, xenophobia, and religious and/or ethnic intolerance.

      Here’s why:
      a) We, the people who SUPPORT marijuana legalization and OPPOSE marijuana prohibition, are diverse. We are directly and adversely affected by racism, xenophobia, and religious and/or ethnic intolerance.

      We need ALL OF US.

      b) We, the people who USE marijuana, for our respective reasons, whether medical, recreational, religious, or simply as part of a healthy life-style, we are diverse. We are directly and adversely affected by racism, xenophobia, and religious and/or ethnic intolerance.

      MANY OF US are DIRECTLY AT RISK from Trump and Sessions.

      We need ALL OF US!

      c) The pharmacological facts regarding cannabis, such as they are, apply to people. All people. While individual experiences with cannabis will vary in specific ways, the cumulative evidence through history is very clear — cannabis is safe and effective medicine for human beings.

      Not just for white folks. Not just for christians. Not just for rich folks.

      Cannabis is good medicine for: People. All of us.

      For this reason, Matt, I say, WE get hurt when Sessions goes after “immigration issues,” which is really White Supremacist “racial cleansing,” let’s be clear on that.

      Trump and Sessions get no pass from us on racism and xenophobia.

      1. When I say “We need ALL of us,” one might reasonably ask me: “Would that include Republicans? Would that even include current Trump supporters?”

        My answer is: “Yes. You’re as “in” as you choose to be! I don’t decide that, you do — but you don’t get to kick anyone else out. On that point: No Deal.”

      2. More simply put, Mark;

        Racism is always a decoy distraction for the systematic acquisition of other people’s property.

        There is no small coincidence that Drumph began his campaign with “Mexicans bring their rapists.” And Im not just talking about the rape he is guilty of or Frontline’s “Rape in the Fields,” that clarifies whose doing the raping to who…
        Im talking about how marijuana was originally outlawed in 1937 using racist rhetoric against Mexicans by Harry Anslinger, just so he could set up a beuroceatic department of narcotics to rape our tax dollars.
        Then add the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which blamed all of our socioeconomic inequality on drugs, “Public Enemy Number One.” Even black Congressman voted for the CSAct, unwittingly condemning black Americans to disproprtionate incarceration for consuming the same amount of marijuana as white people do. The worst result, and the reason the GOP is all on board the fascist train, is Voter caging. More felony convictions for Democratic voters is the only way a fascist GOP can “win” another election:

        The CSAct unconstitutionally gave legislative authority to regulate drug policy to the executive branch, like the USAG. What did they do first year when NORML was founded? Amend the CSAct and rake in the Asset forfeitures.

        Racism is always about the acquisition of other people’s property. Or in Trump’s case, O.P.P. stands for all of the above.

      3. At some level within the political structure, at the level where political entities become self-aware and capable of acting with conscious intent and deliberation, racism may be “only” a tactic for enabling forfeitures.

        But growing up in the bible-belt, I’ve known too many racists personally to say that racism is “always” about forfeiture. Most of them dumb-asses wouldn’t even know what I was talking about.

        And racism as a tactic wouldn’t work, if not for the actual individual racists who respond to it. That’s the kind that voted for Trump.

        A guy I know told me recently, with emotion, “I just can’t wait for Trump to start kicking those freeloaders out.” He was talking about Mexicans.

        So that’s Trump’s base. I just made sure he got a good look at my “pussy cap” and looked him in the eye until he grasped the meaning of it. He walked away.

      4. To be clear (if not Clearly Clear), I said “racism is always a distraction for the acquisition of other people’s property.”
        Asset forfeitures is just one active way that institutionalized racism and organized crime have accomplished this goal, by disproportionately targeting minorities of color that are less capable of defending their assets through legal action. Check out TYT’s latest investigation on increased white supremacists, domestic terrorists, infiltrating and recruiting into local law enforcement. Its not just to quash investigations for terrorist activity: just ask any black man arrested how his treatment differed from a detained white man. Did they seize the money? You bet they did.
        Can the black man vote now? What about the white man? Oh, he was aquitted of all charges… (Incidentally, be polite, show your hands, ask if you are being arrested, and when they search without consent and either find or plant a stash, its called a “Motion to Supress Evidence.”)

        Another method of racism are forclosures from toxic loans whose loan officers and Wall Street bankers like John Paulsen actively seek people of color to screw over, then use the Crosscheck program to take their Democratic votes away.
        Whats wrong GOP? Cant win at a fair fight?

      5. Which one of you liberals started the bs about immigration being about racism? If you’re for open borders, you’re ok, but if you believe in a strong border you’re racist! Wtf kind of logic is that, and how have so many of you latched onto it? History of how our country started be damned! If you really think the door should be open to all, you have no concern for your family’s safety. Your non white family. Nobody is entitled to enter this country, and that view does not make me racist or even a nationalist!

        Wake up. Would you like our country to continue another century or two?? If you do, understand we must tighten things up or we are doomed. And this is an obvious concept having nothing to do with Trump, Sessions, or cannabis.

        Sheep! Think for yourselves. You don’t have to share the same view as your favorite main stream media talking head looking to stir the pot for higher ratings or url clicks. Fuck the left, fuck the right, make your own path.

      6. Youre right; we should give all the land back to the First Nations that European-Americans continue to steal it from. You must be Wampanoag? Navajo? Self identified Indian? Nothin?

      7. Clearly Clear,

        You appear to be just one more frightened nativist, frightened of immigrants, frightened of the world.

        You’re more likely to get struck by lightening than killed by a terrorist. In fact you’re 55 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist, and 129,000 times more likely to be killed by another American (with a gun) than a terrorist.

        You’re even more likely to be killed by a toddler with a gun than a terrorist. Hurry, GOP pass some legislation to get the terror babies out of our midst!

        Hell, more likely to be killed by falling out of bed than a terrorist! These stats are present all over the web, from BUSINESS INSIDER and CNN, just to name a couple.

        The number of Americans killed by immigrants from the seven banned countries? ZERO. ZERO.

        Meanwhile, how many of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia? 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. Hmm, wonder why Drumpenfuhrer left the Saudis off the list? Any Trumpenfuhrer devotees care to answer that for us?

        With all due respect, those of you who are so frightened, terrorized by the world, really should take a deep breath. You’ve been manipulated by our glorious press to be frightened of your own shadow.

  2. Libertarian Senators have betrayed their cause. Senator Flake flaked out and at this point if Senator Rand Paul, R-KY votes for Sessions there are officially no Libertarian Senators left.
    People who identify themselves as Libertarian, and believe in states rights, or believe the “We the People” lies these Senators have been dishing out for decades but have no backbone when it comes to a vote like “The government has no business telling us what to put into our bodies” may now call Flake and Paul and let them know they either vote against Sessions during the floor vote or they do not stand up for the principles they claim and cannot be called Libertarians.
    Senator Jeff Flake rightfully voted against Loretta Lynch as AG because she supported asset forfeitures.
    Senator Jeff Sessions IS an asset forfeiture, acquired and branded by the biggest anarchist Libertariafrauds of all, the Koch brothers, who fubded the Crosscheck program that stole this election. Its pretend to be all for marijuana legalization when the truth is no Republican will give up prohibition when it knocks so many Democratic votes off the list.

    Don’t get me wrong; I work with self identified Libertarians regularly for the legalization of marijuana in my state. Jeff Bezos is a Libertarian and he donates heavily to our cause. But anyone who calls themself Libertarian and votes for Sessions as USAG is a lying sack of $#!+ and needs to be called out for their betrayal. That means to identify oneself as Libertarian, we can no longer vote for Senator Flake, and Senator Rand Paul needs to know this.
    Here’s the Senate Switchboard:
    Call now!

      1. Come on MSimon, get off the Koch-Cock. Whadda you edit for Reason Magazine?

        I suppose we can also hope in one hand and $#!+ in the other too; see which one fills up first.

        Or… Follow the money;

        The Kochs dump their chump change into “think tanks” or marijuana advocacy so they can brand their version of “decriminalization” with confused legalization of marijuana support (legalization is not decriminalization, btw). “Support” like with decriminalization of their little “white collar crimes” such as poisoning our water supply or caging Democratic votes so that prohibitionist Republicans can magically win in states that passed marijuana voter initiatives. Or did you even wonder how THAT happened?

        You either need to do your research or stop the propaganda.

      2. We are going to need allies on the right. Even mild ones like the Kochs if we are going end Prohibition Federally.

        Now is your argument going to attract that support or repel it?

        Politics is a game of addition. You are practicing subtraction.

        If you can argue respectfully may I suggest making a point at Republican sites about “The Missing Drug Prohibition Amendment”

        If you can’t be respectful – don’t waste your time.

        You could also try – “Prohibition supports gangsters. We learned that from Alcohol Prohibition. Didn’t we?”

  3. Now I can say it without reservation: Republicans, including Libertarians like Rand Paul, are goddamn racist cracker motherfuckers.

    Prove me wrong, GOP ass-wipes.

    1. Uh. That is no way to convert the opposition.

      You make sales by being sympathetic to the concerns of the prospective customer.

      Remain friendly. Find points of agreement. Win them over.

      Because of the contentiousness of the issue we are not going to win until support gets to the 70% or 80% level. We are only at 60% for ending pot prohibition. We have work to do.

      1. Now on this we somewhat agree MSimon… but we must negotiate openly and with consensus, transparently revealing our sources and agenda. The patent for whole plant marijuana and all of its cannabinoids must be open source.
        I am no advisary of decriminalized marijuana. The perfect must never be the enemy of the good. Its better than prison.
        But we cannot be complacent with those who wish to clothe themselves in decriminalizing marijuana on one hand then shoot down our votes for friendly marijuana state and federal Congressional campaigns on the other.

        While our goal is fairly taxed legal marijuana, we need to work with Republican legislators on their agenda loudly: want to cut government spending? Want to cut out all the red tape$ between the patient and client? Want to finance public schools when revenue from oil prices are stagnant? Boy does NORML have an answer for YOU! Read up on our Reps, find a negotiating angle and lure them in, but read the legislation as well so we can fix all the bad wrenches like “prescribe” instead of “recommend.”
        Remember, the more revenue we can produce, even if it means savings in law enforcement and health care, makes it so much more difficult for Sessions to shut state legalization down.

      2. I’m not a fucking salesman. I’m not trying to be a fucking salesman. I can’t fucking stand fucking salesmen. So never mind that bullshit — I call it like I see it.

        At the moment, the “opposition” is headed up by a bunch of racist, cracker-ass, white-supremacists. There is no “converting” these assholes — I wouldn’t waste my time. They can, and surely will, rot in hell.

        There is only The Resistance. Are you part of that Resistance? No, not if you are pulling for the Republicans. Not if you can’t stand up for EVERYBODY’S right to use, including Muslims, Mexicans, etc. etc. etc. etc.

        MSimon, it’s YOUR credibility that is on the line here: if you can’t acknowledge the racial problems that are an integral, fundamental feature of the War On Drugs — if you can’t say “Black lives matter” without equivocating or arguing about it — YOU’RE PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM!

        (One more thing: Don’t tell me what to do, fool!)

      3. Here I agree with M. Simon, reduce the contentiousness, find points of agreement, win them over. I know M. Mitcham can write reasonably, there’s no need for Shoot/hit and Foot/butt/poke language to sit in your comment for another million internet years usurping attention time and discrediting your cause.

      4. No. I refuse to be held to a double-standard.

        As long as Trump and Sessions continue to be racist, cracker-ass pieces of shit, I will continue to call them racist, cracker-ass pieces of shit.

        It’s important. Let’s keep our priorities straight.

      5. Well, I went to my first anti-racist event in ’62 (Capitol Building – Springfield Illinois). If I had an inkling Trump was racist I couldn’t support him.

        You might want to look at this article I posted on a right wing site about the 60s counter culture (it includes a bit on racism). It was very well received.

        60s Nostalgia.

        The anti-Prohibition movement made a serious mistake by tying itself to a Party instead of a cause. It is suffering because of that.

      6. I keep remembering a line in the Ken Burns documentary on (Alcohol) Prohibition. ” We don’t need a majority, we just need to control the margin”. Most elections are won by less than 5% of the vote. A committed 10 voting bloc would have it’s way.
        And that’s what didn’t happen this time.
        I can’t think of Anything 80% of the American people agree on.

      7. Last year, a CBS poll found %92 of Americans favor background checks on gun purchases, including %87 of Republicans.

        And yet this new GOP coup just passed a bill yesterday to permit severely mentally ill patients to purchase guns. Meanwhile theyll do nothing for anyone in posession of marijuana who will be hit with a felony if caught with weed and a gun.

        Im telling you, its all about the voter caging. It just amazes me that white people who voted Republican dont see the collateral damage to themselves or our nation. Ironically, mental illness and opiate addiction is reduced in states with legalized marijuana.

      8. MSimon,

        I have to weigh in here on this comment. If the GOPers and libertarians have to be converted on this issue, they are on the wrong website. I’m guessing most of them are here because they believe in legalization, and I have to believe that they’re (you’re) gonna want legalization whether or not we’re having Kumbaya moments on this forum.

        One thing I’ve learned about conservatives through the years of debating/discussing/arguing with them is that they only ask for unity/togetherness when they’re losing. When they are in the ascendancy they usually go for the jugular.

        I’ve said it before, the conservatives need us one hell of a lot more than we need them on the issue of legalization. You want us to play nice; start by playing nice yourselves. Your side has savaged Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other Dems on this forum and elsewhere; you can’t now demand we show respect for Drumpenfuhrer and the GOP rats who now control most of our Fed govt.

      9. Bud,

        They are not being converted anywhere from what I see. And the root cause is as I stated.

        I’ll believe that the movement really wants change when I’m not the only one countering Prohibitionist arguments on Breitbart and elsewhere.

        Otherwise all I see is virtue signaling. And that may make you feel good. It changes nothing.

        Stop crying and get to work.

        Trump is a populist. He responds best to some segments of the population more than others. It is past time to stop whining and change some minds. So Trump get the message. From his supporters.

        Too tough a job for you?

        My condolences.

    2. Now would be a good time for Jesus Christ or his dad to litigate with Satan- and defend Genesis 1:11 at the Supreme Court Of The United States.

      1. Modern republicans wouldn’t listen to Jesus Christ himself. They would ask for his ID or passport, fingerprint him, and throw him in prison awaiting deportation as an undocumented immigrant. Then when they realized he was actually Jesus, arrest him for manufacturing because he put cannabis, opium, and coca plants on this earth.

      2. Tell me about it. I had to cover my nativity scene last Christmas every time Drumph was on TV.

      3. Yeah. And who could blame him for not wanting to go through all that shit… again? We’ve already been advised.

  4. Sadly he will be confirmed. He will authorize full blown asset forfeiture again. He will use the Irs to assess the $100 per oz that no one has collected or paid from the growers to the retailers, which means massive penalties and interest. The states have made it easy for him because of the records that growers and retailers must keep. By doing so he can destroy Rec. and Med without violating any state rights. Will he do so, I hope not, but he bring some form of draconian action against pot.

      1. “Only?”
        As in, “Whatever; no biggie?” These endless implications of yours, this constant background noise of yours, saying, “You are getting sleepy… Your eyelids are getting heavy… There is no problem, there is no Trump. There is nothing to resist… go back to sleep…”

        Not me, pal.

      2. Mark,

        You would have more effect if you had arguments that could change the minds of Trump supporters.

        So far all I see is “they are no good”. Not an effective sales technique.

        BTW IMO the legal cannabis sellers in legal states are just a new branch of oligarchs using government to hold down the competition.

        Good to see you supporting those fellers. They want/need all the support they can get.

        Tax and regulate?

        No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

        Let us get the police out of the business. Totally.

  5. To be honest, sessions is not here to enforce marijuana laws. Trump is going to have him more focused on vetting & illegal immigration.

    Sessions will also tackle the heroin & major drug problems that results in deadly violent crimes. I highly doubt he will mess with marijuana..

    Thank you Norml for helping us all legally and fighting for the cause.

    Medical patients are safe & will be just fine, recreational states can’t be stopped legalizing. They can be stone-walled when it comes to passing regulations to make the market work.

    1. NJMMJGuy, you said ” Medical patients are safe and will be just fine.”
      In my ‘never to be humble opinion’, you are extremely ignorant (that’s my polite way of saying you are an idiot)! I am a resident in the state of Minnesota and have been certified to use medical cannabis for intractable pain. However I am not “safe”, nor am I “just fine” as your ignorant comment implies. I am unable to enjoy the pain relief that medical cannabis would provide because I am a professional driver and hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Thus said, my employer can subject me to random drug testing at any time. If I were to enjoy the pain relieving benefits of medical cannabis, I would fail said random drug test and the Department of Transportation, a Federal Agency who considers medical cannabis to be a schedule 1 substance, would pull my Commercial Driver’s License, and I would be unable to find employment in my lifelong profession. So you see, nobody with a Commercial Driver’s License who is certified to use medical cannabis is currently “safe” or “just fine”, nor will we be, until cannabis is removed from the schedule 1 substance list, and that’s not likely to happen if Jeff Sessions is appointed as Attorney General!

  6. I read in The Cannabist that the National District Attorney’s Association could advise Sessions to acquiesce in legalization rather than take a hardline prohibitionist approach:

    As the U.S. Attorney General, undoing legalization makes his job all the harder to fight the (Mexican) cartels because in cracking down on legal cannabis he’s simply putting more money in their pockets.

    1. Interesting article, thanks for the link Oracle.

      Im very concerned with Garnett’s identifucation of “especially marijuana policy” representing “liberal” views. This is a losing strategy in a Trump administration, but whats more it isnt true.

      Marijuana legalization or even decriminalization is a conservative strategy:

      1). Conserves wasteful spending on nonviolent posession detainment, legal fees and incarceration.
      2) hemp conserves more water and top soil than any other US crop as it requires less fertilizer and less water, because it is not genetically engineered to resist Round Up; hemp requires no pesticides.
      3). Medical marijuana cuts out wasteful spending in health care by cutting out the price-hiking middle men in the patient-doctor relationship with more effective, safe and affordable treatment.
      4). Medical marijuana can save the VA and veterans lives by reducing opiate addiction and the waste of tax payer dollars that contribute to opiate suicide.
      5). Decriminalization creates jobs by eliminating criminal records on otherwise productive citizens.
      6). Legalization creates revenue which can finance law enforcement to persue real crimes like rape and murder instead of incentivizing nonviolent posessions for asset forfeitures.
      7). Legalized hemp and marijuana will balance the defecit and create an export market for innovative products for everything from cellulose plastics to more weather-resistant and efficient building materials.
      8). Hemp is drought resistant.

  7. This thing with Jeff Sessions is very difficult. President Trump wants Jobs and this is a marijuana movement strength. Also the administration is most likely looking for extra funds for programs to strengthen the USA, this is another marijuana movement strength.
    Yes I also keep reading and hearing that Jeff Sessions has a desire or tried in the past to push unconstitutional civil forfeiture. Along with attempts to push death penalty for second drug offenses. Not sure about facts or truth on these issues but should be brought up. Unfortunate can’t get Dianne Feinstein to bring anything up except for the delusional movement.. obstructions.. not to better our nation. Not to return our country to freedom and liberty…have you listen to these clowns …they are jokes and destroy freedom and liberty they care not for your personal freedom. Something should be considered the Supreme Court nominee “Gorsuch” stands for constitutional government and small government and this could be key to finally get the 10th Amendment enforced.
    I don’t know how anyone would support Clintons and bitch about this election when the Clintons should of been graded D- by norml and or even F. They were not good before and were always for sale by biggest bidders. Liars.
    Now back to Sessions I have read and heard many think Sessions is a good guy and gets things done. But again I don’t know for sure.
    We must get rid of these fake Dems/Reps…they have done so much harm. We must end this drug war but we need people to come together end the bitching war of delusions. They call people who want constitutional gov and small gov deplorables I’d rather be that than “The Delusionals” or “The Nation Destroyers”.
    Enough is enough.
    We need politicians and citizens to end there trouble making and lies.
    Get on board find real solutions.

    1. One truest statements ever uttered was Jon Stewart to Rick Perry on the Daily Show a few years ago. ” You want small govt. for the things your for. You want big govt. for the things your against.”
      Now he could have said that to Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or to Obama, certainly to me and probably to you, and it would have been just as true.

      1. I’m not so sure… “Size” seems to be a Republican obsession, with everything — and I mean everything, including the Republican candidates’ dick size! If you can believe that, or just recall it, that was a legitimate debate topic for the Republicans. They’re really warped.

        They must hold their conferences in the “locker rooms” they’re always defending and talking about. How else you going to settle it?

      2. As impossible as it is not to laugh about Drumph’s hair or penis envy, its a rather serious matter;

        Aside from side effects like having a “small penis and testicles” all jokes aside the finasteride that Drumph’s doctor recently disclosed the President is taking can cause neurosis and psychosis. This is clear evidence to depose the President under the 25th amendment.

        I think about people in West Virginia on meth explaining why a Democratic Senator Manchin will vote for Sessions as USAG. Its a relief to laugh at first, but the underlying truth requires taking attentive action with Congress…. that is, if they arent all taking finasteride and meth too…

      3. Small d*** guy? He sure see4ms to attract more than a few ladies. Some of them may have even voted for him.

        Funny enough you can make these generalizations.

        The Democrats are the woman’s party
        The Republicans are the man’s party.
        Women voters tend to favor Prohibition.
        Men voters are against it.


  8. The GOPers are showing once again that if they don’t like the rules, they simply change them. Unfortunately for those of us who aren’t billionaires or multi-millionaires, we will shortly begin to feel the consequences of the GOP draconian tactics.

    Orrin Hatch’s hissy-fit over the Dems’ unwillingness to rush all of Drumpenfuhrer’s appointments thru illustrates the GOP’s privileged elitist attitudes. They’re not used to the Dems fighting back, and are reacting as any privileged elitist would.

    They’re railroading der Drumpenfuhrer’s appointees through, just as der Drumpenfuhrer himself is doing with his executive orders. I suspect, however, that the GOP’s naked attempts at a full hostile takeover of our government will fail. The reactions to Drumpenfuhrer’s authoritarian tactics have already been massive, and I believe even took the elitist GOPer politicos by surprise.

    I also suspect that the GOP, which now runs virtually the entire Fed, will have to own their draconian decisions, and after the American people experience the consequences of their vicious policies, will in fact feel the wrath of said people.

    Like virtually everyone else here, I’m holding my breath when it comes to Sessions and the MJ issue.

  9. Something I posted to The Cannabist, but which I decided to share. I could say so much more, our future is before us, and, if he is confirmed, we MUST resist Jeff Sessions if he starts abusing and destroying our progress. I am so afraid, but I am hoping too that he will decide otherwise and look the other way, despite what he has said. My post to The Cannabist, really wanted to share: t is possible Sessions will ignore the marijuana STATE issue and focus on more pressing issues like immigration enforcement for Americans his FIRST term. Enforcing marijuana laws is NOT a popular issue at all at this point. The question is whether or not he will care. He could steamroll everything we have done, shut us down, but I hope Sessions takes a step back, and sees the BIG, billion-dollar state revenue picture. How much of America is dying for legalization, and an end to a STUPID law, a law that needed to go a long time ago. Did I forget common sense? Sessions will be confirmed, it is obvious. I just hope he leaves the cannabis issue ALONE. That Fed law is what, the CSA is 1970, the cannabis ban, 1937? Old man needs to just leave it alone at this point. Eight rec. states, 28 medical, majority American support, but still FEDERAL LAW prevails, the law of our land. Going to be interesting. Going to be… interesting. Tell Jeff Sessions, this time, BACK OFF, and cut us a BREAK. When is it going to be legal to get high or seek potentially real medicine in this country? WHEN? When will America join the INEVITABLE FUTURE? That is, drug use LEGALIZATION? Thank you.

  10. Earlier today, I posted to The Cannabist, but accidentally forgot my Name and Mail on here. I wanted to share another post again. I will say that, although his appointment seems painfully likely, I am hoping he will take that step back and not enforce marijuana laws. I had a passionate post the first time, but my point remains. I am deeply concerned with our fight, but, if he is confirmed, we MUST stand strong, he could isolate and destroy much of our progress….we also should worry President Trump might adopt a “good ol boy” mentality to his administration, meaning if someone like Sessions or perhaps Mike Pence says, marijuana is bad, we need to enforce Federal law, Trump might just, out of nowhere, agree with them. Mallebility. Here is my orginal post on The Cannabist. I had a different, more passionate post earlier for NORML but hit submit before Name and Mail and it did not go through. Nevertheless, I hope sincerely that this posts. To The Cannabist (for the record, I could say….so much more): t is possible Sessions will ignore the marijuana STATE issue and focus on more pressing issues like immigration enforcement for Americans his FIRST term. Enforcing marijuana laws is NOT a popular issue at all at this point. The question is whether or not he will care. He could steamroll everything we have done, shut us down, but I hope Sessions takes a step back, and sees the BIG, billion-dollar state revenue picture. How much of America is dying for legalization, and an end to a STUPID law, a law that needed to go a long time ago. Did I forget common sense? Sessions will be confirmed, it is obvious.

  11. I just hope he leaves the cannabis issue ALONE. That Fed law is what, the CSA is 1970, the cannabis ban, 1937? Old man needs to just leave it alone at this point. Eight rec. states, 28 medical, majority American support, but still FEDERAL LAW prevails, the law of our land. Going to be interesting. Going to be… interesting. Tell Jeff Sessions, this time, BACK OFF, and cut us a BREAK. When is it going to be legal to get high or seek potentially real medicine in this country? WHEN? When will America join the INEVITABLE FUTURE? That is, drug use LEGALIZATION? Thank you.

  12. oops, sorry, I did post “To the Cannabist,” which is when my post to them really actually begins, followed by (for the record…..) sorry, NORML, but I hope you still post this, 🙂

  13. It doesn’t really matter much,, even if some mobilization denied Sessions confirmation,, Trump would just nominate someone else just as bad if not even worse…
    It doesn’t really even matter if you impeach Trump… Pence wouldn’t be any better,,, not on weed..
    You’ve got a Republican Administration and it has to fill probably thousands of Cabinet posts, Judgeships, Administrators, Ambassadors, Directors..
    And there’s like what. 2 pro weed Republicans, I can only name one..
    We’re going to have to circle the wagons,, and hire some good lawyers.

  14. If Senator Sessions wants to start another cold war on Marijuana by back-stabbing pot smoking conservatives who had voted for Trump because they believed in him to become a great president, that would become a major down fall. If that happened, hopefully Trump would fire him and fired the guy who recommended Senator Sessions.

  15. What little I know of Senator Sessions suggests a man on a holy war against the finest of grasses.

    Remember who did this to us, fellow NORML fans, when the next election comes around in two years.

    Vote NORML first!
    Stay thirsty my friends.

  16. Session will have an attempt at clamping down – I am pretty sure. He is a stupid, bigoted, naive man whose mind is stuck in the politics of the 1980s (at the height of drugs war hysteria).

    At the very least it will be a huge fight with 100s of thousands or jobs, Billions of dollars and millions of consumers involved. This will inevitably draw the attention of those who oppose the Trump regime. Suddenly the cannabis legalisation movement will have the backing of all those people, globally, who have been protesting against Trump so far in his presidency. Just think about it I cannot really see the trump haters suddenly agreeing with him on this issue.

    It will also give a massive boost to legalisation movements in many countries around the world. Protesters will find themselves defending legal cannabis in America – the next thing will be “why can’t we have it in our own country?”. I can definitely see this happening in my country – the UK.

    Some people will suffer in this but their sacrifices will be worth while and very much appreciated for what it will do to advance the cause in the long term. Every cloud – now matter how dark – has a silver lining.

    Good luck with the fight – you will win !

  17. Virginia had the chance to show a bit of common sense and decency regarding our marijuana laws. Unfortunately, any and all bill aimed at reducing the super-harsh penalties here have been squashed by narrow-minded Republicans…

    Virginians, indeed Americans in general, really need to wise up and stop voting for these facists!

  18. What little I know of Senator Sessions suggests a man on a holy war against the finest of grasses.

    Remember who did this to us, fellow NORML fans. When the next election comes around in two years,
    vote NORML first!

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  19. I dont usually read US News, but they have a rather positive take on Sessions under a Drumphfhurer administration:

    The take is on marijuana job creation as part of the Drumph agenda. But that wont stop asset forfeitures on recreational when Drumph spins the media on medicinal creating even more jobs as he warms up to Big Pharma and quasi prohibition under schedule II.

    I would almost join the optimism if we werent watching the GOP roll back recent marijuana voter initiatives. Think about it: the GOP knows better that voter caging of Democratic votes “won” them the election. But if so many Democratic votes were eliminated, who legalized marijuana? It wasnt dead people or illegal immigrants! (Answer: Republican voters). That means that in Arkansas, N. Dakota, Maine, Montana and Florida those were Republican votes that tipped the scales for those initiatives to pass. And yet the Republicsn prohibitionists in state and federal Congress are scaling back their own constituents votes anyway. And were supposed to back down and say “maybe Sessions will listen to Drumph and create jobs?!” How delusional is that?
    As delusional as expecting those same Republicans to vote for them again? Sure, I mean, theres more voter caging to go around but Meth only lasts so long… (although it sure makes dead people voting look surrealistic).

    Better idea; how bout call up Senators Rand Paul and Jeff Flake and call them out for pretending to be Libertarians (that is, the backstabbing spineless cowards they are) if they dont stand up to the a$$et forfeiture machine on the Senate floor right now and vote against Sessions?


    1. I took a look at the link you provided, thanks… I don’t doubt that these cannabis business owners have their “ear to the ground,” and have probably given this a lot more thought than I have; however, if I werer in their position, I doubt I would share their optimism. Here’s a quote from the article:

      “You would have to deliberately go against the will of the people. And to what end? I just don’t see it happening,” says Steven Gormley, CEO of Los Angeles-area cannabis investment group Seventh Point, about a hypothetical crackdown.
      (end of quote)

      Really??? Has he turned on the TV lately? Trump wouldn’t deliberately go against the will of the people????? Toward “ends” that are fascist and authoritarian? I mean, talk about alternative facts! Sheesh!

      Nevertheless, I hope he’s right!

      Our only hope may be to get Trump and Sessions SOOOOOO HIGH that they will become flower-children, and unilaterally free the weed! Yeah, that’s a long shot…

      1. Meanwhile, my predictive model for Trump behavior is holding up fairly well. My hypothesis is: Aside from his various misogynies and bigotries, his only guiding principle is to increase his own personal wealth.

        On that premise, and based on his other actions to date, I have a working theory that, with regard to marijuana, Trump will try to corner the marijuana market. Legal, illegal, whatever. He wants it all. He doesn’t give a fuck about legalization, and he needs meat to throw to Sessions for forfeiture purposes, so he won’t legalize it.

        But he wants to profit from it. He could go to schedule II, which would allow him to profit from legal cannabis sales, while he simultaneously corners the illegal market via his mob connections, makes a profit there, too; and still has plenty of stoners left over to toss into Sessions cage for raw meat.

        Or any balancing act of the above factors, so long as he’s getting his royal cut.

        So far, I appear to be right. Can’t say I’m happy about that. Kind of like waking up into a worse nightmare than the one you just came out of.

    2. Chances those same smokers will vote Republican again? Excellent..
      I talk to a lot of Republicans who are very much for legalizing marijuana, and raising the minimum wage, and universal healthcare, and thank god they finally have a president who cares about the forgotten man..
      And that State Senator who wants to ban smoking medical marijuana,, and eating medical marijuana, and postpone the Arkansas medical program until the Feds completely legalize anyway… Probably going to be the next Governor.

  20. More evidence of widespread Repubican fascism regarding state-level voter initiatives, from Huffingtonpost:

    “South Dakota Senate Repeals Voter-Backed Anti-Corruption Law

    “WASHINGTON ? Amid protesters’ shouts of “Shame!” and “Respect our votes!” the South Dakota Senate voted Wednesday night to repeal an anti-corruption law that voters passed as an initiative on Nov. 8, 2016.

    “Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) plans to sign the repeal bill as part of an emergency push by state Republicans to prevent the voter-approved ethics and campaign finance reform from going into effect.

    “The Republican-led state Senate voted to repeal the law by a 27-8 margin. Only two Republicans, state Sens. Lance Russell and Stace Nelson, voted with the chamber’s six Democrats to keep the law in place. The state House of Representatives previously voted to repeal the law by a 54-13 margin.

    “South Dakota voters approved the initiative last year with 52 percent support. This was the same electorate that gave Donald Trump 62 percent of the vote.

    “Protesters began chanting after HB1069 was passed.

    “We shined an actual spotlight on a corrupt institution in need of reform,” stated Doug Kronaizl, president of the South Dakota chapter of national anti-corruption group Represent.Us that championed the law.

    “We voted, we testified, we showed up at townhalls, we called and wrote letters, we’ve tried all the traditional routes to show our support for the Anti-Corruption Act and have our voices heard, but lawmakers did not listen,” Kronaizl said. “The legislature is showing complete disrespect for the people of South Dakota.”

    “Republicans pushed to repeal the law under emergency rules so the public couldn’t challenge the repeal on the ballot, as South Dakota law normally allows.”


    Put your head phones on while working or just relax and smoke a bowl and listen to this. NORML founder and legal council Keith Stroup has been M.I.A. on this blog since a Trump administration took over, but we sure miss his wisdom. Laying low yet remaining active with our state NORML chapters is the take away from Stroup.

    What Keith has to say about Sessions is fascinating. Certainly, this isnt the time to make billboards and promote commercial sales. However, If and when Sessions creates an injunction in Federal Court under the Supremecy Clause to shut down or “Trump” state commercial operations, there is nothing stopping states from their right to implement their own criminal regulations. In other words, in states that have legalized there will continue to be no penalties for possession, there just wont be a legal market. This kind of action would hurt state revenue from a legal marijuana market (ehemm.. KILL JOBS!) and create an enormous vacuum for black market sales and as a result increased violence from cartel competition, ultimately overwhelming state and federal resources to enforce federal law. If Trump thinks the DOJ can dominate this anarchy with organized crime he’s out of his mind. (Problem is he IS out of his mind). The pressure on Congress to both maintain prohibition while simultaneously legalize marijuana at the federal level would be immediate and intense. And Republicans own the chaos with their vote, right up to 2018.
    Legalization has revealed who the prohibitionists are on multiple levels, from synthetic drug producers to money-laundering billionaires who cage votes for cash… to the revelation of our Congressman with the vote for Jeff Sessions as USAG. This vote will be remembered as a defining point in our history of who we are. The question is then who will turn off the TV, get off the couch, vote, find their Reps office and take the message to state and Federal Congress?

  22. The simple fact is There is Two main reasons Than Cannabis should not be a sceduled drug.They already agree that we should have medical Cannabis Trump Said that him self. The other reason is Our Civil Liberty to be able to Have the Right to Say I want to smoke a Joint instead of doing something that is more Dangerus and alot Worse for my Health! Why is Alchol my only choice ? Why cant i set down with my friends and Pass a joint around instead of drinking ? As Adults we should Have that right Plane and Simple !!!!!!

  23. Shure looks as though all this has become is a crying place for democratic loosers,instead of a place to try to legalize weed in all aspects.

    1. More like a place for an old fart to take a dump. Do something useful and click on the Act tab. Find a Republican who will support renewing the Rorhabacher-Farr amendment.

      1. Well, old hippie is either a cop or simply a redneck with long hair.

        I went to high school with guys like him: the only thing they took away from the 1960s and early ’70s were the long hair and marijuana smoking. Otherwise, just your typical dyed in the wool redneck, too dumb to understand that their elitist GOP bosses are gonna screw them like they will everyone else. The GOP motto: keep the redneck hating so he doesn’t realize he’s getting the KY treatment, too.

  24. I think President Trump will truly be a great president. I don’t think he would ever allow Jeff Sessions to go after the marijuana market since that would harm America. He wants to make America great again and he could do this by finally doing what the last several presidents have failed to do; and that is to legalize the herb and create tremendous job growth and prosperity. As a side benefit he could ease the unreasonably high prison population.

    In so doing, he will become the most popular president ever!!!

    We all need to show him love and he will respond in kind!

      1. NO!!! You don’t understand! If you hit him he hits back ten times harder. We must show him love and respect or else face his wrath.

      2. So you’re saying, “The beatings will continue until morale improves,” is that it? No thanks. I’ve got a better idea: Let’s just bury the asshole with Resistance.

      3. Judy, I couldn’t help but get the impression that you have less loyalty for Trump than fear of him!

        However, having watched his bumbling steps on so many fronts just two weeks into his presidency, I see a dictator-wannabe who puts emotions over logic. (And I’ve never seen the level of opposition to a president in such short a time.) He’s turning many of our allies around the world against him in record time too. I don’t believe his presidency will end well.

      4. In all honesty I was mocking him while simultaneously speaking a bit of truth. One thing seems to be clear and that he is vindictive and will go on the offense if attacked.

      5. Sorry Judy, that skipped past my forehead. Now, having read it again, I see your sarcasm. You’re definitely right about the vindictiveness. I think that will aid in his inevitable downfall.

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