Florida Department Of Health Seeks Changes To Amendment Two and NORML Responds

3410000930_95fc2866fa_zMore than 70 percent of Floridians voted on Election Day in favor of Amendment 2 to regulate patients’ access to medical marijuana. However, newly proposed rules by the Department of Health seek to significantly amend this measure in a manner that undermines the law’s intent and is contrary to patients’ needs.

This week, town hall meetings are being held throughout Florida to discuss proposed rule changes and so far, turnout to these meetings have been so large that WTSP in Tampa Bay reported “The meeting was so full that there wasn’t even enough room for people to stand.”

For example, the rules arbitrarily limit those patients who may qualify for cannabis therapy only to those diagnosed with one of ten specific conditions. This change contradicts the explicit language of Amendment 2, which provides physicians the discretion to recommend medical marijuana in any instance where they believe that its use “would likely outweigh the potential health risks.”

NORML has submitted official comments to the state’s Dept. of Health addressing the need to address the following issues:

  • Physicians Must Be Permitted To Recommend Cannabis Therapy For Chronic Pain
  • Patients Should Have The Legal Option To Obtain Whole-Plant Cannabis
  • Market Demand Requires More Licensed Dispensaries
  • Do Not Mandate Multiple Patient Visits In A Single Calendar Year

It is unfortunate that after the passage of Amendment 2, so many attempts would be made to weaken the ability for patients to be able to obtain access to medical marijuana. If regulators truly intend to implement Amendment 2 in a manner that is in the best interest of Florida’s patient community, then they must revise these rules in ways that focus on serving the sick, not promoting political expediency.

There is still time to submit comments to the FL Department of Health online. For more information and to find out how, click here.


Join NORML of Florida on Facebook and visit their website at http://www.normlfl.org/

8 thoughts

  1. The Florida Department of Health are puppets and would override the public interest by classifying marijuana the same as heroin. That’s job security for them and more. Pills for the retired elderly is big money in Florida.

  2. Government trying to get their hand on everything the people want no matter how we vote, especially if it will make them money & the people don’t benefit.

  3. The huge turn out at the town hall meetings is significant. Hopefully, these were NORML folks.

    Remember Bob Barr blocking the count of votes for one DC initiative? The kind of anti-democratic crap we’ve seen after the election shouldn’t happen in this republic of ours.

    1. I do remember that! He fought like hell to screw DC residents, including denying them a vote they had already cast! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it — suppression of the voters when they are either “black” or “liberal” — Not White Christian Republican voters, anyway!

      Where’s that Libertarian Barr when we need him now? Has he been campaigning for Trump? I’ll find out the answer to that question before I say anything else about him.

  4. No surprises from me. Anyone with decent reading comprehension would conclude what a garbage piece of law John Morgan written for medical marijuana. The medical law Florida voted on is like three or four paragraphs. In a nutshell, the law states medical marijuana is legal for a certain set of conditions and the Department Of Health has six months to draft rules and regulations. That’s it.

    Good Luck!

  5. I believe the main problem is Insurance Companies! That’s what many greedy politians use to justify their actions – liability. I believe efforts should be more concentrated on federal rescheduling.

    1. Florida Congressman are infected with money from overseas pharmaceutical investments to piss testing empires on both sides of the aisles. Washmoney-Shultz is a prime Democratic example. All the Jeb Bush appointees are voter caging cronies and marijuana prohibition is a voter caging machine.

      But one quote from Senator John McCain always sticks to mind when he ran for President against Barack Obama in 2007: The press asked him “Will we ever bring down the cost of health care for us all?” And McCain replied “As long as the Democratic party is run by trial lawyers and the Republican party is run by Big Insurance? No.”

      The fascinating thing about marijuana legalization, even medical or decrim. is that legally taxed whole plant cannabis cuts at the heart of health care costs. It removes the ability of insurance to set costs by directly linking the doctor-patient relationship. And every attempt to patent and synthesize reveals that patients prefer self medication of whole plant cannabis over synthetics every time.

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