West Virginia: Lawmakers Approve Amended Medical Marijuana Measure

oil_bottlesWest Virginia legislators on Thursday approved a significantly amended version of Senate Bill 386, which seeks to establish a state-regulated medical cannabis program. The measure now awaits action from Democrat Gov. Jim Justice, who has previously expressed support for permitting qualified patients access cannabis therapy.

If signed into law, West Virginia will become the 30th state to authorize by statute the physicians-recommended use of cannabis or cannabis-infused products.

Under the amended measure, qualified patients will be permitted to obtain cannabis-infused oils, pills, tinctures, or creams from a limited number of state-authorized dispensaries. Cannabis-based medications will be produced by state-licensed growers and processors. Patients will not be permitted to grow their own cannabis, nor will they be able to legally access or smoke herbal formulations of the plant. Similar restrictive programs are presently in place in Minnesota and New York and are awaiting implementation in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

To participate in the proposed program, both patients and physicians would need to be registered with the state. Government officials are not mandated under the legislation to begin issuing patient identification cards until July 1, 2019.

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  1. Good Morning Gov. Jim Justic
    I have not slept for over a week. I have PTSD. 3herinas. I have had 10 surgeries. (A birth) I was in MD pain and Spine clinic for near a year. Now INS. Says oh hell no I can’t go. So I went to Morgantown. They tell me I may NOT be a proper canadite for pain management. Wth??
    I pee clean. I don’t abuse pills. Never done crack, heroin, extasy, etc. I am a grandma,mom and no intent on killing myself cuz I want a better high. I hate the way my beautiful state is now. I don’t like the way ppl talk or think about us being the place to go to for heroin, opiod, etc.
    I have always been proadvcate for medicinal marijuana. In any shape or form. I don’t want the high as much as I want a better quality of life. Functional abilities. You don’t know all the story yet know this…
    My stepdaughter/daughter in law, her mother did die from heroin. I took her in as my son feel in love with her and we can’t help who we love. She was 17 pregnant and her mother could NOT care for her as well as she is special needs young woman.
    Help me. I’m in pain. I have a story to tell. The doctor who made me this way was from an HMO in 1998-99. He left me a colostomy patient for life. Numerous surgeries for parastomal herinas. Then I had gangreen.
    Mesh needs a removal as it got infected and has moved. It sticks me, hurts. Etc.
    Should u be interested in knowing more feel free to contact me.
    PS. With what has happened… Expect the drug use to get worse cuz the pain clinic is gone and my good doctor advised “do not go to a sibixion clinic, or other drug abuse clinics for relief as it will screw up all and future surgeries.
    Anxiously awaiting your reply.
    U have my name and addy

  2. Robin,
    God Bless you and your family; you have been through more than words can say and you represent the Spirit of West Virginia that gets left out of too many stories. Never give up. In the risk of cliche, Big Pharma might take your life but they cant take yiur Freedom. Continue writing to not only your Governor but your state and federal Representatives and Senators. You have a gift of pros that is worth using to help your community and our society at large. There are only predators of synthetic opiates because we refuse to nonviolently disobey bad laws like the CSAct and vote for whole plant marijuana with our own choice of medicine. Resist. And when that doesnt work file a Motion to Supress Evidence. 😉

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