Legalization Takes the Stage in Major Congressional Race

voteWhile most political observers are keeping their eyes on the 2018 midterm elections, there are several important special elections to fill seats vacated by members of Congress who were recently appointed to positions in the Trump Administration. One of the more prominent upcoming races will decide who represents the Montana At-Large Congressional District, a position previously filled by the newly minted Interior Secretary Robert Zinke (R).

The two major party candidates, Montana folk musician Rob Quist (D) and conservative multimillionaire tech entrepreneur Greg Gianforte (R), will be facing off in a special election set to be held on May 25th. This election has been drawing nationwide attention and is expected to be highly contested. Over the weekend, the pair sounded off on a variety of topics in a debate aired by MTN News. Notably, the candidates were forced to go on record with their position on marijuana law reform.

Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

Rob Quist (D): 

“I went into a dispensary because I wanted to ask the proprietor…I said you know who uses this? The people that come in here are people whose bodies are burned out by pharmaceutical drugs and this is the only relief they can get. Quite frankly, I think that the war on drugs has been an abject failure, I think there’s a pipeline of money going into these organizations that can be better spent not incarcerating people, with our whole prison for profit…There are people in jail that don’t belong in jail because of this. I think the money can be better spent for rehabilitation and treatment. I think it’s important, the majority of Americans want to see that this is legalized.

Greg Gianforte (R): 

“One of the things that really came home to me as I travelled around the state was the addiction problems we have to meth, to opiates…The result is over 3,500 kids in foster care here in the state. I believe that marijuana has medicinal benefits and we should support that, but making it available for recreational use would just add to the addiction problem and cause more problems here and I oppose it.

The candidate for the Libertarian Party, Mark Wicks, also stated he supported the legalization of marijuana.

If you live in Montana, no matter who you support, be sure to participate in our democracy and cast your ballot in this special election. You can check your voter registration and find out all other information necessary to participate from the Montana Secretary of State HERE.

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  1. When its on it’s ON!

    Everybody donate here:

    And here for Progressive Democrat Jon Ossof:

    I couldnt find any video of John smoking weed in college but the GOP released some video of him drinking in some terrible impression of Han Solo breaking Georgetown campus alcohol policy and if anything it boosted his polls:

    And last but not least, Representative Beto Orourke, D-El Paso TX who is running a tight race against Senator Ted Cruz!

    Donate here;

    Beto was endorsed by NORML PAC when he ran for Representative of the El Paso, TX district and won. Since then he has fought for veterans and marijuana policy reform. Im proud to support him again as there is nothing more gratifying to my heart than the thought of Beto replacing Ted Cruz for Senator of Texas.

    Senator Cruz, besides being a smug slimeball that wouldnt be kissed by his own 5 year old daughter while on failed campaign for President, flip-flops on policy and… spolier alert… cant be trusted. He promised his support of reducing mandatory minimums then at the last minute voted against the plan.

    Beto says “End the War on Drugs.”

    This race is within a 5-point margin. Whats more, if a 3-judge panel in San Antonio decides the illegal redistricting discriminating against Mexican Anericans and other minorities requires redrawing the electoral districting map of Texas, Beto will win the Senate! This would be a huge victory for marijuana reform.

    Dont throw your vote away on the Libertarians in any of these races. Even Senator Rand Paul voted for Sessions. The only Libertarian left is Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

    1. Another boost for Beto:

      Rep. Joaquin Castro will not challenge Cruz… and therefore Beto either during the primaries… for Senator of Texas.
      Now Federal judges… pleeeease redraw the district maps!

      1. An O’Rourke takedown of Cruz would be a boon to humanity.

  2. I feel like the government should legalize cannabis because it’s what the people want and when you they chose to sit in those seats they promise to be there for the people deciding if it’s legal or not is not up to them because the people have spoken legalization it is to not follow through means you as the government are not being there for the people and it is abuse of your powers is this the land of freedom or the land of dictatorship

  3. Airamis, why don’t you tell that to Trump, Sessions, and Pence. I’m sure they’ll lend you their ears. Don’t count on any meaningful reform until after 2025.

  4. For everyone that is saying that cannabis should be legalized, and I agree it should: why don’t you all tell that to Trump, Sessions and Pence? You think they’ll lend you their ears? And for the people that voted Trump and think that cannabis should be legalized (and again it should be), you are the chickens that voted for Colonel Sanders. You threw it all America, hope you’re happy with the tone deaf drug warriors that you all embraced this passed election. Screw you America!

      1. President Obama signed the Cole memos for the DOJ to back off of state legalization; the only reason we are discussing any state marijuana legalization at all. Trump is putting the Cole memos into question. Thats a night and day difference right there.

      2. Les, have you been asleep for the last 4-5 years? You DO know that eight (8) states legalized recreationally during Obama’s presidency, right? Are you aware of that?

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