President Trump Compliments Leader Who Executes His Citizens for Drug Charges

Duterte_delivers_his_message_to_the_Filipino_community_in_Vietnam_during_a_meeting_held_at_the_Intercontinental_Hotel_on_September_28If the latest comments and memos coming out of Attorney General Sessions’ Department of Justice didn’t raise concerns about the Trump Administration’s potential plans to reignite our nation’s failed war on drugs, his recent call with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte should sound alarm bells.

A reminder: President Duterte has extrajudicially executed thousands of his own citizens on drug charges during his tenure leading the country.

The Washington Post received a transcript of the phone call and describes Trump’s comments on Duterte’s drug “policy” as follows:

…in their call [Trump] praised Duterte for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem.”

“Many countries have the problem, we have the problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that,” Trump said, according to the transcript.

After Duterte replied that drugs are the “scourge of my nation now and I have to do something to preserve the Filipino nation,” Trump appeared to take a swipe at his predecessor, Barack Obama, who had canceled a bilateral meeting with Duterte after the Philippines leader insulted him.

“I understand that and fully understand that and I think we had a previous president who did not understand that,” Trump said.

Read the full story in The Washington Post here.

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  1. Calling Jose Valdez. Calling Jose Valdez. You proud of YOUR president now, Jose? He make you warm and fuzzy all over?

    I’ve got an idea, Jose, Mr. Patriot, you should take a vacation to the Phillipines–as honorary guest of Duterte. Oh, and be sure to pack some weed with ya. Maybe you, the Prince of Orange and Duterte can all share a blunt.

  2. Daaaaaaamn Bud, you called Valdez the Pez OUT!

    The question is when will we as a nation call Trump out for THIS disgrace?

      1. I have read SO MANY comments on news stories AGAINST liberals and progressives, of people who want a better future, people, who do NOT believe in just spending money recklessly, who do have character, who do have a soul…progressive activism is where America’s future should be, on marijuana, cannabis, on every issue! Republicans and conservatives are not the future! WE ARE. Young people ane progressives are, progressive activists who, no, do not believe in careless spending or policies that do not work, we believe rather, in things like clean energy, community policing, in the fight against racism, of FREE education, we are not Marxists or rabid socialists, we want the best for the least of us. We have to figure out a way to do that. On marijuana, Trump’s administration is a scary one. Perhaps not as bad as the Phillipines…but it could be. One thing I could not STAND, is when a police officer stops doing his or her “job,” and NOW starts a moral argument about how we young people should not be smoking weed. When a police officer crosses that line, and starts dictating MORALITY in an investigation, his or her, “job,” THAT is just wrong. Trump is BAD for marijuana and our cause. And we have to do everything we can to stand up and defend legalization, and that is exactly what I am going to do. But I have to say it again: Jeff Sessions is bad news. Bad news.

      2. So much of what you say, Matt, is true. The American people seem to be moving in a progressive direction, even if the politicians and the media keep trying to retard that progress.

        But you can’t keep repressing things forever, as shown by the abrupt collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. Eventually the will of the people will prevail. The GOP’s attempts to keep pot illegal mirror their attempts to repress environmentalism, civil rights, voting rights, etc. Eventually the dam will break (and I hope the prohibitionist rats are swallowed up in the flood).

  3. Slime like Newt Gingrich, Asa Hutchinson, and of course, Trump, love the idea of executing drug users. They want no charges against cops, ever, no matter how blatant the murder, especially when marijuana or other drugs are tangentially involved. They openly laud a “police state” and are presently working to undo what modest progress we have made in criminal justice reform.

    War On Drugs is war on the American People, and all people, worldwide.

      1. Don’t forget — Trump has already demonstrated that the GOP is now an official tool of Putin, by changing the Republican party platform to be less pro-Ukraine, and less pro-Democracy, and more pro-Putin. Trump is a traitor. That’s already happened.

  4. The Dump Trump Song

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    backstabbin that supported you

    1. Correction #2:
      “Traders” should have been spelled “traitors”
      There should have been a (Whaaaa?) in parenthesis after “Douglas doin great”
      And a “Ba-a-aaa” goat sound after “goat herds.”

      All lyrics have a poor mans copywrite with an open source pending patent with the only rule to share the song for passion not for profit.

    2. LMAO… “Baits and Bites?!”
      Oooooh Watch out! Trump’s about baits and BITES!”
      Ok so I officially change that lyric to
      “You aint about states rights
      You cant escape these fights”

    3. Julian,

      You’re rap hits it on the head. Hits the walking-talking Cheeto on his head.

      1. This guy named Nevada Bob
        Thought his job was to sob
        Over “liberal” whatever
        Weed’s legal endeavour
        Was lost when Gov gave him the cob

      2. Geez, Nevada Bob, that’s some pretty deep stuff there. You’re obviously a fan of the Jose Valdez school of oratory persuasiveness–either that or the Donald Drumpf school of intellectual discourse. I mean, “liberal twonfaced . . . ” A “twon” sounds pretty scary.

      3. Says the inbreed GOP supporter from Nevada. I’m guessing you think law and dictatorship makes and ensures freedom; And that freedom can only be granted by governments.

        Keep bowing to those tyrants, you bigot! Like the loyalists to the king, look at where that got them: they lost their empire. I’m also guessing you have no idea what I’m talking about. People with an education will know.

  5. why don’t the people in that country shoot or kill that terrorist? What are they waiting for, a head stone, a mass grave….

  6. By not posting my comments, NORML obviously agrees with Trump’s approach. I will no longer support NORML.

    1. LMAO, Vickie, by now Im sure you realized that it takes aboit 24 hrs to post on this website blog. If you want that done any faster please donate on the “donate” tab because despite what Project SAM or too many in the GOP would have us believe NORML is understaffed and underfunded.

    2. Come on vike1322, don’t you realize that by not supporting NORML you are supporting the likes of Sabet, Sessions, and idiots like Chris Christie???

  7. Politics have never been Black or White but shades of Gray.I’m still waiting for the policies of our new administration for a informed opinion on policies that have yet to be put into practice.Those who support legalization without supporting the many republican voters have slowed the process by many years.Quit dividing the nation and you might get more support from the GOP through political pressure of voters.

    1. @ Wounded,
      Oh please, that is the biggest load of shit I’ve encountered all day, and I’m a janitor, so that’s saying a lot.

      When Republicans start supporting marijuana legalization, and start sticking up for American people instead of Russian oligarchs, and when they turn on Trump and bury him forever… when the Republicans protect the environment, and start respecting human and civil rights…

      …that’s when I’ll start voting Republican.

      1. If you and others supported legalization more than hatred for republicans cannabis would have been legal years ago.

      2. No, Wounded. If you and others stopped voting those Repressives into office, we’d’ve already had legalization years ago. The GOP is doing all it can to stop legalization; when will you open your partisan eyes?

        When Obama was Prez, we were subjected to daily attacks on him on this very website, Cons and Liberts assuring us that he was gonna end legalization with his “jack-booted thugs.” Those attacks came daily, without abatement.

        Even when Dem leaders like Pelosi came out in favor of legalization, the Cons and Liberts, GOPers, attacked them for being “opportunists and hypocrites.” Nothing was accepted by said Cons and Liberts and GOPers as being good for our cause; in their (your) tortured minds there were always ulterior motives.

        So now you’re bummed that your side is getting hit? Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

        The truth is that of the two main political parties in this country it is Dems who are leading the way to legalization; sorry if you can’t handle the truth. Instead of complaining to us, maybe you should call your GOPer reps and complain to them–they’re the ones fighting against legalization.


    Not only did our President praise a mass murderer, but he revealed positions of our nuclear subs, bragging and breaking protocol to make Putin happy:

    “I am a Navy wife, my husband was on subs. WE were never allowed to know where they were or allowed to talk about the dates of deployment.”

    — Kate Jones (@katejns8) May 25, 2017

  9. I took a toke when I wrote this
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    Yet while his mental health sours?
    The GOP cowers.

    Lets save the planet
    Though he cant stand it
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    Because we dont belong to the bandit
    So take another toke
    And expand it
    Im about to break it down
    So even Trump can understand it:

    Step 1:
    Turn off the TV? Done
    Step 2:
    Roll a joint and smoke it till its through
    Step 3:
    Break this viscious lie identity
    Step 4:
    Step out the door
    Feel the nature pour
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    Stop purchasing the store
    Nature offers so much more
    We belong to greater circles so
    Keep the Congressional score:

    1. I might have to start calling you “Cypress Julian!”

      Good stuff. Nice work.

  10. They don’t even say if marijuana is even thought of in the transcript. I would think he is talking about executing cocaine & heroine farmers. I don’t really see any point in housing and feeding cartel members who’s job is making the hard stuff and getting it across the boarders. Those guys aren’t going to get rehabilitated and get out of jail or prison and start making an honest living all the sudden.

    1. First of all Windwalker, it’s spelled “borders.” Unless youre talking about some people boarded up in a ship or perhaps some surf boarders.
      Second, if I indeed perceive you are attempting to defend the mass murders of President Duterte of the Phillipines, you must cease baiting my wrath with your fatal ignorance… which if you continue down that clueless path, will not take very long.
      It takes less time to google a little variety research on Duterte than it did to post your nonsense. Do something useful and click on the Act link.

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